Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2014-Aug-06 to 2014-Aug-10

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A Collaborative Approach to Experiential Learning in Journalism Newswriting and Editing Classes: A Case Study
 Parks, Perry.

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Campaign Tweets in the 2012 U.S. and South Korean Presidential Elections
 Kim, Yeojin., McLemore, Dylan., Greer, Jennifer., Blankenship, Justin. and LEE, AH RAM.

A Fusion of Stereotypes? How Fusion Network Handles Hispanic Representation
 Biolo, Brooke.

A Journey from Nepal to Exploitation: A Comparative Analysis of Labor Rights Coverage in the Guardian, Gulf Times, and The Kathmandu Post
 Lance, Elizabeth. and Vasic Chalmers, Ivana.

A Look of Horror: Perceptions of Frightening Content Based on Character Expression
 Lynch, Teresa. and Weaver, Andrew J..

A Quarter-century of Reliability in Communication Content Analyses: Simple Agreement and Chance-corrected Reliability in Three Top Journals
 Lovejoy, Jennette., Watson, Brendan., Lacy, Stephen. and Riffe, Daniel.

A Re-conceptualization of Lumpenproletariats: The Collective Organization of Poverty for Social Change via Participatory Media
 Vincent, Cindy.

A Way of Life at Risk: Taxes, Borders and the Myth of the Country Store
 Watts, Richard. and Morse, Cheryl.

A tale of two newsrooms: How market orientation influences web analytics use
 Tandoc, Edson. and Ferrucci, Patrick.

Acceptance of American Values among Croatian Adolescents: A Test of Cognitive-Functional Theory of Television Effects
 Imre, Iveta. and Pjesivac, Ivanka.

Accessibility-heuristic and changes of media frames
 Kim, Byung Wook. and Paul, Subin.

Active Viewing:Chinese Audiences’ Interpretation of American Television Dramas
 Liu, Yang.

Activist Message Discrepancy and Value-Involvement
 Hong, Seoyeon. and Jahng, Rosie.

Added in Translation: Adapting Hollywood Movies to Bollywood
 Roy, Enakshi.

Addressing the Under-Representation of Hispanics in Public Relations: An Exploratory Quantitative Study
 Radanovich, David.

Agenda-Setting and Visual Framing in Media Coverage of the Guttenfelder Instagram Photographs from North Korea
 Holiday, Steven., Lewis, Matthew J.., Nielsen, Rachel. and Anderson, Harper.

Alternative Spaces for Feminist Voices: Social Media’s Influence on CNN's Steubenville Rape Coverage
 Grimm, Josh., Loke, Jaime. and Harp, Dustin.

America’s front pages: A 30-year update
 Morris II, David L.. and Haught, Matthew.

An Analysis of How Social Media Use is Being Measured in Public Relations Practice
 Wright, Don. and Hinson, Michelle.

An Emotional Opinion Page: Editorial Mood and the Dynamics of Public Opinion
 Wagner, Mike. and Gruszczynski, Michael.

Anti-Corruption Movement on Sina Weibo: Chinese Social Media and Citizen Empowerment
 Wu, Yin.

Antitrust Exemptions, Football, and an (anti)Competitive Marketplace: An Analysis of the Future of the Relationship Between NFL Sunday Ticket and DirecTV
 Anderson, Lauren. and Looney, Erin.

Assessing Brand Personality on Social Media: An Analysis of External Perceptions of University Twitter Activity
 Watkins, Brandi. and Lewis, Regina.

Attacks by “Anons”: A Content Analysis of Status Negotiations in Aggressive Posts, Victim Responses, and Bystander Interventions on a Social Media Site
 Young, Rachel. and Miles, Stephanie.

Attributions of Obesity Stigmas and News Source in Two Leading Newspapers in the United States and South Korea
 Kim, Hyang-Sook., Gear, Emily., Chung, Mun-Young. and Kang, Hyunjin.
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2014-Aug-06 to 2014-Aug-10
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