Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2014-Aug-06 to 2014-Aug-10

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Campaigning Subtle Exclusionism: The Effects of Right-Wing Populist Positive Ads on Attitudes toward Foreigners
 Marquart, Franziska. and Matthes, Joerg.

Can Ghost Blogging Disclosure Help an Organization? A Test of Radical Transparency
 Hopp, Toby. and Gallicano, Tiffany.

Can Social Media Change Your Mind? SNS Use, Cross-cutting Exposure and Discussion, and Political View Change
 Lee, Jayeon.

Casting Youth as Information Leaders: Social Media in Latino Families and Implications for Mobilization
 McDevitt, Michael. and Sindorf, Shannon.

Cat Tales in the New York Times
 Ehrlich, Matthew.

Cause and Effect: The Free Speech Transformation as Scientific Revolution
 Russomanno, Joseph.

Chinese Milk Companies And The 2008 Chinese Milk Scandal: An Analysis Of Crisis Communication Strategies In A Non-Western Setting
 Zhou, Lijie., Zeng, Li. and Fowler, Gilbert.

Clarifying Journalism’s Quantitative Turn: A Typology for Evaluating Data Journalism, Computational Journalism, and Computer-Assisted Reporting
 Coddington, Mark.

Colombian Journalists on Twitter: Objectivity, Gatekeeping and Transparency
 Garcia, Victor.

Communicating Ethical Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study
 Edwards, Heidi Hatfield.

Comparing National Scholastic Press Association Pacemaker Finalists to the Average School with Student Media
 Cavanah, Sarah.

Competency-Based Education: Is it the Future of Journalism?
 Dailey, Rocky.

Connecting Across Space: Toward a Theory of Media Dispersion
 Creech, Brian.

Connecting Science to Advertising: How John B. Watson Laid the Foundation of Behavioral Targeting
 Bartholomew, Abigail. and Hachtmann, Frauke.

Considering Certification?: An Analysis of Universities' Communication Certificates and Feedback from Public Relations Professionals
 O\'Neil, Julie. and Lambiase, Jacqueline.

Controlling The Conversation: The Availability Of Commenting Forums By News Topic In Online Newspapers
 Santana, Arthur.

Converging on Quality: Integrating the St. Louis Beacon and St. Louis Public Radio Newsrooms
 Russell, Frank Michael., Thorson, Esther., Duffy, Margaret. and Choi, Heesook.

Country Reputation Management: Developing a Scale for Measuring the Reputation of Four African Countries in the United States
 Kiambi, Dane. and Shafer, Autumn.

Country Reputation as a Moderator of Tourism Advertising Effectiveness
 Fullerton, Jami. and kendrick, alice.

Covering A Multi-Action Conflict As It Develops: An Examination of the Dynamic Framing of the Jos Crisis in Three Nigerian Newspapers
 Agwaziam, Ngozi. and Zeng, Li.

Covering Africa (2004-2013): U.S. linkages in New York Times coverage of Nigeria, Ethiopia and Botswana
 Sobel, Meghan. and Riffe, Daniel.

Crisis Communication in Context: Cultural influence and institutional impact underpinning Chinese public relations practice
 Huang, Yi-Hui., Wu, Fang. and Cheng, Yang.

Crisis communication strategies at social media and publics’ cognitive and affective responses: A case of Foster Farms salmonella outbreak
 Chung, Surin. and Lee, Suman.

Critically Analyzing Media System Structure: A Comparison of the Origins of U.S. and British Broadcasting, 1927-1935
 Ashley, Seth.

Cultivating and Sustaining a Business’s Community of Practice: How Content Influences Responses on Facebook Pages
 Harn, Ren-Whei.

Culture Clash in Hawai’i: reader comments debate locals vs outsiders in federal agent’s murder trial
 Auman, Ann. and Ching, Kapi‘olani.

Culture, Power and Political Opinion: A New Model of Media Effects
 Guardino, Matt.
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2014-Aug-06 to 2014-Aug-10
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