Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2014-Aug-06 to 2014-Aug-10

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Participatory Expressions in Blogs and Microblogs: A content analysis of bloggers’ posts in two Chinese news portals
 Li, Xigen. and Xia, Jing.

Partisan Consequences of Partisan News Media
 Kim, Minchul.

Patterns of paper productivity and thematic content in the Public Relations Division of AEJMC 2003-2012
 Auger, Giselle.

Perceived Source Similarity and Processing of Social Media Health Messages: Extending Construal Level Theory to Message Sources
 Young, Rachel.

Photos of the Day Galleries: Representing a More Nuanced World
 Midberry, Jennifer.

Picturing Health and Community: A Visual Perspective of Photovoice Missouri
 Karaliova, Tatsiana., Choi, Heesook., Christensen, Mikkel., Russell, Frank Michael. and Thomas, Ryan.

Picturing Kennedy: Photographic framing in the 50-year commemorative coverage of the assassination of JFK
 Dahmen, Nicole. and McLain, Hannah.

Political Participation and Newspaper Coverage of Municipal Elections In Small-Town America
 Thorson, Esther., Swafford, Scott C.. and Kim, Eunjin (Anna).

Positive news websites and extroversion: Motives, preferences, and sharing behavior among American and British readers.
 McIntyre, Karen. and Sobel, Meghan.

Post-television news: Perceptions of three online forms of news video production
 Beatty, John. and Matos, Jon.

Predicting Retweet Behavior in Breast Cancer Social Networks: Network and Content Characteristics
 Kim, Eunkyung., Hou, Jiran., Han, Jeong-Yeob. and Himelboim, Itai.

Predictors of Male Players’ Harassment Behavior in Online Video Games
 Tang, Wai Yen. and Fox, Jesse.

Press Freedom in the Enemy’s Language: Government Control of Japanese-Language Newspapers in Japanese American Camps during World War II
 Mizuno, Takeya.

Professionalism under the threat of violence: journalism, self-reflexivity, and the potential for collective professional autonomy
 Gonzalez de Bustamante, Celeste. and Relly, Jeannine.

Properly Preggers: Media Representations of Celebrity Mommies and the Social Capital of the Ideal Pregnant Body
 Reynolds, Chelsea.

Psy-zing Up the Mainstreaming of “Gangnam Style”: Embracing Asian Masculinity as Neo-Minstrelsy?
 Park, Michael.

Punctuation professionals: A historical analysis of newsroom copy editing
 Appelman, Alyssa.
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2014-Aug-06 to 2014-Aug-10
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