Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2014-Aug-06 to 2014-Aug-10

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Saying Goodbye to Men: Southern Feminists Publishing News While Challenging Patriarchy
 Araiza, Jose.

Seeing Through the User’s Eyes: The Role of Journalists’ Audience Perceptions in Their Use of Technology
 Coddington, Mark.

Seeking and Learning: Examining Selective Exposure to Media Coverage of A Controversial Scientific Issue
 Liang, Xuan. and Akin, Heather.

Sharing means everything: Friend group perceptions and parenting behaviors on Facebook
 Britten, Bob. and Troilo, Jessica.

Silicon Valley and Hollywood: Newspaper Coverage of Regional Business Clusters
 Russell, Frank Michael.

Sisterhood is powerful: A model for how women’s lifestyles magazines foster a distinct intimate relationship
 Hall, Andrea.

Skepticism, Partisan Post-Debate News Use, and Polarization: Examining a Moderated Mediation Model of Debate Attention and Partisan News Use on Polarized Attitudes
 Kim, Sungsu., Hmielowski, Jay., Hutchens, Myiah. and Beam, Michael.

Social Media, Risk Perception, and the Third Person Effect: The Case of Fukushima Radiation
 Kim, Ji Won., Chock, Makana., Chung, Myojung. and Jung, Soyoung.

Social News Use, Social Talk: Facebook and the Social Mediation Model of Political Participation
 Veenstra, Aaron., Lyons, Benjamin., Park, Chang Sup., Iyer, Narayanan., Hossain, Delwar. and Kang, Cheeyoun.

Social media use during natural disasters: Using Q Methodology to identify millennials’ surveillance preferences
 Meadows, Kristen. and Moore, Jensen.

Socialized into using or avoiding news: Family communication, personality, motivations and news exposure among teenagers
 Valenzuela, Sebastian., Bachmann, Ingrid. and Aguilar, Marcela.

Southern Values and the 1844 Election in the South Carolina Press
 Pribanic-Smith, Erika.

Speaking Truth to Sorkin: Interpretive Community and the Critical Response to The Newsroom
 Powers, Rachel.

Stability or Rigidity: Management, Boards of Directors and the Newspaper Industry’s Financial Collapse
 Soloski, John.

Strengthening the Core: Examining Interactivity, Credibility, and Reliance as Measures of Media Use
 Kaye, Barb. and Johnson, Tom.

Summer for the Scientists? The Scopes Trial and the Pedagogy of Journalism
 Parks, Perry.
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2014-Aug-06 to 2014-Aug-10
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