Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2014-Aug-06 to 2014-Aug-10

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TV takes in Social: Psychological predictors of social TV viewing motivations and audience activity on SNSs
 Shim, Hongjin., Lee, Yeonkyung. and Song, Hyunjin.

Take a break: Examining College Students’ Multitasking Activities During a Study- or Work-Related Task
 Yuan, Shupei. and Kononova, Anastasia.

Taking it one game at a time: Prevalence of temporary work in North Carolinian newspapers' sports departments
 Reed, Sada.

Teach Like They Build It: A User Experience Approach to Interactive Media in Advertising Education
 Wagler, Adam.

Testing the buffering and boomerang effects of CSR practices on corporate reputation during a crisis: An experimental study in the context of an obesity campaign by a soft drink company
 Kim, Hark-Shin. and Lee, Sun-Young.

The Absence of Women in Media Representations: The Psychological Effects of Symbolic Annihilation of Gender
 Corsbie-Massay, Charisse L\'Pree. and Read, Stephen.

The Adoption of Pinterest by Local Newspapers in the U.S.
 Greer, Clark. and Ferguson, Douglas.

The Case of Female Genital Cutting: Newspaper Coverage in Ghana, The Gambia, Kenya and the United States
 Sobel, Meghan.

The Caste of the Cast: The South Asian "Model Minority" on Broadcast Television Sitcoms
 O\'Boyle, Jane.

The Cognitive and Affective Effects of Brand Categorization and Evaluation on Brand Extension Purchase Intent
 kang, Jungsuk. and Lin, Carolyn.

The Cognitive and Affective Effects of Country-of-Origin: How Consumers Process Country-of-Assembly and Country-of-Design for High and Low Involvement Products
 Wu, Linwan. and JU, ILYOUNG.

The Corporate Medicine Show
 Kim, Hyosun.

The Cultural Capital of Ethnic Immigrant Newspapers in the U.S.
 Vos, Tim. and Medvedeva, Yulia.

The Effect of “Headless Fatties” vs. Whole Beings in Obesity Health Campaign Imagery
 Young, Rachel., Subramanian, Roma. and Hinnant, Amanda.

The Effects of the Valence of National Events on Persuasion in Patriotic Message : Regarding the Goal Framing
 Bang, Hye Jin., Choi, Dongwon. and Yoo, Jinnie Jinyoung.

The Elections in 140 Characters: How Obama and Romney Used Twitter in the 2012 Presidential Race
 wasike, ben.

The Era of the Pseudo-Intellectual: Think tanks, market logic, and ideological rationalism
 Benn, Jesse.

The Extended iSelf: The Impact of iPhone Separation on Cognition, Emotion, and Physiology During Cognitive Tasks
 Clayton, Russell. and Leshner, Glenn.

The Globalization of Chinese News Programs: Challenges and Opportunities—A Country of Origin Perspective
 Yang, Kenneth C.C.. and Kang, Yowei.

The Governmental Discourse on Food and Its Articulation of Koreanness
 Jeong, Jaehyeon.

The Internet in Public Relations Research: An Analysis and Critique of Its Temporal Development
 Huang, Yi-Hui., Wu, Fang. and HUANG, Qing.

The Journalist Who Knew Too Much: John W. White’s Tumultuous Tenure as The New York Times Chief South American Correspondent
 Stoker, Kevin. and Rahimi, Mehrnaz.

The Journalist and the Gangster: A Devil's Bargain, Chicago Style
 Gorbach, Julien.

The More Informative, The Better: The Effect of Message Interactivity on Product Attitudes and Purchase Intentions
 Ott, Holly., Kumble, Sushma., Vafeiadis, Michail. and Waddell, Thomas.

The Myth and Ritual of "The Room": The birth of a cult classic
 Benn, Jesse.

The Need to Achieve: Players’ Perceptions and Uses of Meta-Game Rewards for Video Game Consoles
 Cruz, Carlos., Hanus, Michael. and Fox, Jesse.

The Networked Interpretive Community: Online viewing of American late-night talk shows by young Chinese audience
 Cui, Di.

The News Agenda Online: Hyperlinks on Traditional Prestige Media and Internet-Only Websites
 Russell, Frank Michael.

The Past as Persuader in The Great Speckled Bird
 Hume, Janice.

The Princess: Heterosexism in Animated Films
 Bogarosh, Nichole.

The Professional Fan Fiction of Chuck
 Gleason, Timothy R..

The Russian diva and the American golden girl in NBC’s 2012 Olympic Gymnastics Coverage
 Poniatowski, Kelly.

The Sabbath and the ‘Social Demon’: Sunday Newspapers as Vehicles of Modernity
 Rodgers, Ronald.

The Scramble for African Media: Reuters, Thomson and Britain in the 1960s
 Jenks, John.

The Social News System: Examining the Relationship between Psychological Sense of Community, Social Network Site Use, and News Sharing Behaviors
 Olsen, Natalie.

The Untold Story of An American Journalism Trailblazer: Carr V. Van Anda’s Methods as Contemporary Guidance
 Unus, Wafa.

The Usage and Consequence of Twitter as a Communication Medium Among Collegiate Student-Athletes
 Dryer, Jacob. and Dailey, Rocky.

The Use of Twitter in Sports Image Repair: A Case Study of Ex-Heisman Reggie Bush
 Mason, Hannah. and Moody-Ramirez, Mia.

The Wedding Video as Personal Interaction: Extending Dramaturgy to the Social Media World
 O\'Donnell, Michael.

The Women’s Magazine Diet: A Content Analysis of Nutrition and Fitness Articles in Women’s and Women’s Health Magazines
 Reynolds, Chelsea. and LoRusso, Susan.

The displacement effect between competing social network services: Examining uses-and-gratifications of WeChat and Weibo in China
 Cui, Di. and Huang, Guangsheng.

The docu-soap formula: multi-layered backstage, performed liminoid and therapeutics of the self
 Cui, Xi.

The effect of correction impact on news perceptions: An analysis of Democratic Theory
 Appelman, Alyssa. and Hettinga, Kirstie.

The effects of online news package structure on attitude, attention, and comprehension
 McIntyre, Karen., Barnes, Spencer. and Ruel, Laura.

The moderating role of discussion in the relationship between SNS network heterogeneity and political participation
 Ahn, Hyon Jin. and Lee, Jae Kook.

The “Boomerang Effect” of Disclosures: How Placement Disclosures Affect Brand Memory, Persuasion Knowledge, and Brand Attitude
 Matthes, Joerg. and Naderer, Brigitte.

The “eloquent Dr. King”: How E. O. Jackson and the Birmingham World Covered Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Bus Boycott
 Mangun, Kimberley.

Theorizing the ‘Risks Sphere’: Cultural Theory of Risk, Communication and Public Policy
 Ofori-Parku, S. Senyo.

Too good to care: The effect of skill on hostility and aggression following violent video game play
 Matthews, Nicholas.

Tracking the Blizzard: Justifying Propaganda Leaflet Psyop during the Korean War
 Collins, Ross. and Pritchard, Andrew.

Traitor or a whistleblower: How newspapers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia framed Edward Snowden?
 Garud, Nisha.
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2014-Aug-06 to 2014-Aug-10
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