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'We just can’t talk about mental health:' Analysis of African American urban community leader interviews
 Porter, Jeannette. and Bajkiewicz, Tim.

“I’m a news junkie. … I like being informed...” Uses & Gratifications and Mobile News Users
 Incollingo, Jacqueline.

“The Best of Both Worlds”: Student Perspectives on Student-Run Advertising and Public Relations Agencies
 Haley, Joyce., Ritsch, Margaret. and Smith, Jessica.


A Strong Sense of Outrage: Stan Strachan, The National Thrift News and The Savings and Loan Crisis
 Wells, Rob.

Africa rising: An analysis of emergent mass communication scholarship in Africa from 2004 - 2014.
 wasike, ben.

Aggregation and Virtue Ethics
 Diel, Stan.

Analysis of moral argumentation in newspaper editorial contents with Kohlberg's moral development model
 Feng, Yayu.


Best Practices for Student Learning Assessment In Smaller-Sized Undergraduate Mass Communication Programs
 Swanson, Douglas.


Charismatic rhetoric, integrative complexity and the U.S. Presidency: An analysis of the State of the Union Address (SOTU) from George Washington to Barack Obama.
 wasike, ben.

Citizen Journalists' Views on Traditional Notions of Journalism, Story Sourcing, and Relationship Building
 Johnson, Kirsten. and St. John, Burton.

Closing of the Journalism Mind: Anti-Intellectualism in the Professional Development of College Students
 McDevitt, Michael. and Benn, Jesse.


Depiction of Chinese in New Zealand journalism
 Hannis, Grant.

Digital Subscribers' Engagement with a Legacy Newspaper Company's Mobile Content
 Incollingo, Jacqueline.


Evangelical Christian Crisis Responses to Same-Sex Sex Scandals
 Spaulding, Cylor.

Examining Receptiveness to Personalized Advertising Through Perceived Utility and Privacy Concerns
 Brinson, Nancy.

Examining global journalism: how global news networks frame the ISIS threat
 Zhang, Xu. and hellmueller, lea.


Female Representation In The Communication Arts Advertising Annual
 Mallia, Karen. and Windels, Kasey.

FoIA in the Age of “Open. Gov”: A Quantitative Analysis of the performance of the Freedom of Information Act under the Obama and Bush Administrations.
 wasike, ben.

Framing moral evaluations: newspaper coverage of Islamic spaces in the U.S.
 Bowe, Brian J..

Frances Buss, “Television’s Playgirl”: The Groundbreaking Career and Divergent Receptions of Television’s First Female Director
 Conway, Mike. and Hitchcock, Alexandra B..


Guilt by Disassociation: Millennials’ Opinions Regarding News Consumption and the Prevalence of “Should”
 Blackstone, Ginger.


Health News Coverage in Kentucky Newspapers
 Burchett, Molly., Cross, Al. and Patrick, Melissa.

High Stakes in the High Plains: Attitudes of Rural Editors and Publishers in Areas Facing Depopulation
 Guth, David.

How the American News Media Address the n-Word
 Harris, Frank.


Illinois Governor Otto Kerner: A Well-liked, Respected Media Critic
 Hrach, Thomas.

Image, Issues and Advocacy in White House E-mail Newsletters
 Graf, Joseph.

Is the Protest Paradigm Relevant? Nuisance in the Age of Occupy and the Tea Party
 Lorenzano, Kyle.


Local Television Newsgathering Models: Are Two Heads Better than One?
 Perez, Simon. and Cremedas, Michael.


Media Dependency and Parental Mediation
 Grant, August., Webster, Larry. and Zhu, Yicheng.

Media personality Projection in the Digital Age: Revisiting Parasocial Interaction and Local Television News
 Gimbal, Ashley.

Medium Matters – Examining Television, Newspaper and Online News Definitions on Facebook and Twitter
 Cox, Jennifer.

Migrant Worker of News vs. Superman: Why Local Journalists in China and the U.S. Perceive Different Self-Image
 Liu, Zhaoxi.

Mobile Technology and Public Engagement: Exploring the Effects of College Students’ Mobile Phone Use on Their Public Engagement
 Wang, Yuan.


One “pin” closer to the image of health: The medicalization of makeup discourses on Pinterest
 Weare, Andrea.


Pleasantly Deceptive: The Myth of Main Street and Reverse Mortgage Lending
 Tubbs, Willie.

Predicting Changes in Giving and Receiving Emotional Support within a Smartphone-Based Alcoholism Support Group
 Yoo, Woohyun., Chih, Ming-Yuan., Shah, Dhavan. and Gustafson, David.


Revisiting "Entering the Game at Halftime:" Engaging students in internships and co-curricular activities.
 Vicker, Lauren.


Sharing the Pain? An Examination of CEO and Executive Compensation of Publicly Traded Newspaper Companies
 Soloski, John. and Martin, Hugh J..

Social Identities and the Illinois Pension Problem: Constructing a “Just-in-Time” Model of Belief Development
 Veenstra, Aaron S.., Lyons, Benjamin., Kang, Cheeyoun Stephanie. and Sapienza, Zachary.

Social Motives to Interact with a Brand on Social Networking sites: Focus on Social Identify and Network Externality
 Kim, Okhyun. and Kim, Taemin.

Social Pressure for Social Good? Motivations for Completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
 Brickman, Jared.

Spotlight on Qatar: A framing analysis of labor rights issues in the news blog Doha News
 Lance, Elizabeth., Vasic, Ivana. and Hejaze, Rhytha Zahid.


The Effect of Message Valence on Recall and Recognition of Prescription Drug Ad Information
 Ball, Jennifer. and Kim, Taemin.

The Fish Sticks Logo: The Doomed Rebranding of the New York Islanders
 Hirshon, Nicholas.

The Historical Impact of City, State, Regional and National Scholastic Press Associations To High School Journalism
 Konkle, Bruce.

The Impact of Distraction on Spotting Deceptive Reviews
 Ryu, Sann. and Vargas, Patrick.

The Importance of Authenticity in Corporate Social Responsibility
 Ferguson, Mary Ann. and Song, Baobao.

The Influence of News Overload on News Consumption
 Chen, Victoria.

The Need for Surveillance: A Scale to Assess Individual Differences in Attention to the Information Environment
 York, Chance.

The Spiral of Silence on the new media environment
 oz, Mustafa.

The significant other: A longitudinal analysis of significant samples in journalism research, 2000 – 2014
 wasike, ben.

To Pray or Not to Pray: Sectarian Prayer in Legislative Meetings
 Drummond, Mallory.

Towards effective CSR in controversial industry sectors: Effect of industry sector, corporate reputation, and company-cause fit
 Song, Baobao., Wen, Jing (Taylor). and Ferguson, Mary Ann.


Visual Expressions of Black Identity: African American & African Museum Web sites
 Johnson, Melissa. and Pettiway, Keon.


Weekly Newsmagazines’ Framing of Obesity, Responsibility Attribution, and Moral Discourses
 Pokhrel, Lok.
AEJMC 2015-Aug-06 to 2015-Aug-10
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