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"Guns don't kill people...selfies do": The narcissism fallacy in media coverage of selfie-related deaths
 Hennenfent, Jessica.

#IfTheyGunnedMeDown: An analysis of mainstream and social media in the Ferguson, Missouri Shooting of Michael Brown
 Everbach, Tracy., Clark, Meredith. and Nisbett, Gwendelyn.

‘Taking the J out of the J-School’ Motivations and processes of program name changes
 Haught, Matthew. and Willis, Erin.

‘We don’t cover suicide … (except when we do cover suicide)’
 Beam, Randal., Lockett John, Sue. and Mead Yaqub, Michael.

“Caught up in the Times”: Women in Sports Newsrooms, 1975-1990
 Antunovic, Dunja.

“Her” Photographer: The Roanoke Live Shot Murders and Visual Communication’s Place in the Newsroom
 Bock, Mary Angela., Lough, Kyser. and Fadnis, Deepa.

“I Don’t Think it’s Worth The Risk”: Media Framing of the Chris Borland Retirement in Digital and Print Media
 Cassilo, David. and Sanderson, Jimmy.

“It’s like a bar journalists hang out at:” Social Media’s erosion of walls between journalists and their Twitter followers
 Johnson, Rich.

“I’m not a fan. I’m a journalist”: Measuring American sports journalists’ sports enthusiasm
 Reed, Sada.

“Two Cheers for ‘Doing It All’: Skills and Newspaper Reporting Jobs”
 Russial, John.

“Warrior Moms”: Audience Engagement and Advocacy in Spreading Information About Maternal Mental Illness Online
 Smith-Frigerio, Sarah.

“When India was Indira”: Indian Express’ Coverage of the Emergency (1975-77)
 Paul, Subin.

“You Made Me Want to Smoke”: Adaptive and Maladaptive Responses to Tweets from an Anti-Smoking Campaign using Protection Motivation Theory
 Alpert, Jordan. and Desens, Linda.


A Genuine Sense of Helplessness: Newsroom Ethnography and Resistance to Management Change at The New York Times in 1974
 Lerner, Kevin.

A History of Fallen Broadcast Journalists: Dying in the Line of Duty, at Home and Abroad and on Live TV
 McCaffrey, Raymond.

A Longitudinal Analysis of the Gender Income Gap in Public Relations From 1979 to 2014
 Dozier, David., Place, Katie., Vardeman-Winter, Jennifer., Fussell Sisco, Hilary. and Sha, Bey-Ling.

A Meta-Analysis of News Media’s Agenda-Setting Effects, 1972-2015
 Luo, Yunjuan., Burley, Hansel., Moe, Alexander. and Sui, Mingxiao.

A Network Agenda-Setting Study: Opinion Leaders in Crisis and Non-Crisis News on Weibo
 Wang, Qian.

A case study examining how reporters deal with the challenges of the economy and technology
 Dean, Jenny.

A disturbed relationship? Politicians’ view of journalists’ effect on democracy in German-speaking democracies
 Maurer, Peter.

Abstract or Concrete? A Construal-level Perspective of Climate Change Images in U.S. Print Newspapers
 Duan, Ran., Takahashi, Bruno., Zwickle, Adam., Duffy, Kevin. and Nissen, Jack.

Ada Patterson: “The Nellie Bly of the West”
 Peko, Samantha.

Adolescent perceptions of objectifying magazine ads and feelings of body consciousness
 Wheeler, Jason., Hust, Stacey. and Rodgers, Kathleen.

Alan M. Thomas’ Concept of the Active Audience in People Talking Back
 Salamon, Errol.

Aluta 2.0: A Qualitative Exploration of the emergence of social media as space for social movement contention in Ghana
 Boachi, Henry.

An Enhanced Theory of Planned Behaviour Perspective: Health Information Seeking on Smartphones Among Domestic Workers
 Liew, Hattie. and Choy, Hiu Ying Christine.

An Impolite Conversation: The Interaction between Anonymity and Online Discourse on Political Blogs
 Erkkinen, Meghan.

Anchor Appearance: Matters of Gender
 Newton, April. and Steiner, Linda.

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Beyond Hybridity: Intralocal Frictions in Music Video Production, Distribution, and Reception in Kenya
 Ekdale, Brian.

Beyond Transparency: Linking CSR Authenticity to Organizational Trust
 Song, Baobao.

Black Panther and Black Agency: Constructing Cultural Nationalism in Comic Books Featuring Black Panther, 1973-1979
 Schulte, William. and Frederick, Nathaniel.

Blurring the Boundaries between Journalism and Activism: A Transparency Agenda-building Case Study from Bulgaria
 Camaj, Lindita.

Boosters or watchdogs? American sports journalists’ perception of their professional roles
 Reed, Sada.

Border Crossing: Sean Penn's Interview with El Chapo
 Egin, Oray., Quiñones, Alexander. and Steiner, Linda.

Building a media community at NPR member stations through news programming
 Kasko, Joseph.

Building-Up and Breaking-Down Metaphoric Walls: A CDA of multimodal-metaphors in front-runner Super Tuesday victory speeches.
 Page, Marguerite.


Can breaking news coverage fix lack of government openness? A case study of content strategies at Egypt’s increasing popular Youm7 online newspaper
 Orabi, Ahmed. and Meyer, Eric.

Challenging Read: How Regulatory Non-fit can Increase Online News Audience Engagement
 Lee, Yu-Hao., Getz, Bruce. and Xiao, Min.

Characteristics of Exemplary Conflict Coverage: War and peace frames in Pulitzer Prize-winning international reporting
 Horvit, Beverly. and Foster, Kimberly.

Clarifying the Concept of Journalistic Integrity: A concept explication
 Foster, Kimberly.

Communicating effectively about social causes: Congruence between prosocial motives and CSR attributions
 Song, Baobao. and Ferguson, Mary Ann.

Complexity Theory and State Emergency Preparedness
 Tills, Claire.

Conceptualizing the Bolivarian Revolution: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Chávez’s Rhetorical Framing in Aló Presidente
 Cabas, Ayleen.

Consumer Socialization through Social Media: Antecedents of Acceptance of Native Advertising on Social Networking Sites
 Chung, Yoo Jin. and Kim, Eunice.

Cowboy Songs from the Cold War Adversary: Listening to RIAS as portrayed in the East German Press
 Grieves, Kevin.

Cross National Newspaper Coverage of Transit Migration: A Community Structure Approach
 O\'Brien, Kevin., Ouellette, Madison., Gottfried, Maria., Kovacs, Petra. and Pollock, John.

Cultural Cognition, Psychological Sense of Community, and Offshore Oil Risk Perceptions in Ghana: A Scale Development and Adaptation Study
 Ofori-Parku, S. Senyo.


Data Analysis with Topic Models for Communications Researchers
 Boehm, Frederick.

Decade of Deceit: English-Language Press Coverage of the Katyn Massacre in the 1940s
 Gleason, Timothy Roy.

Defining the Christian Journalist: Ideologies, Values and Practices
 Schultz, Brad. and Sheffer, Mary.

Differently Pitiless: Representations of Immigrants in Episodic and Thematic Frames. A Transatlantic Comparative Analysis
 Somaini, Francesco.

Digital Excellence in U.S. Magazines: An Analysis of National Magazine Award Categories and Calls
 Gallagher, Aileen.

Digital News Sharing: The Role of Influence and Habits in Social Media News Sharing
 Tham, Samuel.

Discourse and Localization of Children’s Rights in Youth-Produced Digital Media in the Global South
 Asthana, Sanjay.

Divvying Up How We Spend Time With News Devices and Channels
 Thorson, Esther. and Tham, Samuel.

Does Image Brightness Matter?: How Image Brightness Interacts with Food Cues When Viewing Food Pictures of Healthy and Unhealthy Foods
 Liu, Jiawei. and Bailey, Rachel.

Does the Political Apple Fall Far from the Tree? Agenda-Setting in Tweens’ and Teens’ Agreement with Parental Political Beliefs
 Thorson, Esther. and Zhu, Di.

Doing Journalism and Sex Research: A Sociology of Knowledge Approach
 Reynolds, Chelsea.

Dolphins and Deviants: News Framing and the Birth of a Global Prohibition Regime
 Alabaster, Jay.

Domestic violence and sports news: How gender affects people’s understanding
 Willis, Erin., Ferrucci, Patrick., Tandoc, Edson. and Painter, Chad.

Driving Las Vegas: News Coverage of Uber’s Clash with Unions in Sin City
 Strauss, Jessalynn. and Bratslavsky, Lauren.

Dualities in journalists’ engagement with Twitter followers
 Johnson, Rich.

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Effects of Mass Surveillance on Journalists and Confidential Sources: A Constant Comparative Study
 Waters, Stephenson.

Effects of Music Pacing in a Nutrition Game on Flow, and Explicit and Implicit Attitudes
 Aviles, Jose., Kumble, Sushma., Schmierbach, Michael., Bailey, Erica., Waddell, Frank., Dardis, Frank., Huang, Yan., Orme, Stephanie., Seeber, Kelly. and Wu, Mu.

Effects of News Framing on Reader’s Opinion of E-Cigarettes
 Wu, Lu. and Gibson, Rhonda.

Effects of Perceived Social Distance on Consumer Attitudes and Purchase Intentions among College Students
 Lin, Carolyn. and Dam, Linda.

Enabling Tailored Message Campaigns: Discovering and Targeting the Attitudes and Behaviors of Young Arab Male Drivers
 Dun, Susan., Ali, Syed Owais. and almeghaiseeb, Rouda.

Enhancing writing quality with virtual reality technology: 360° images give journalists information for vivid descriptions
 Bentley, Clyde., Jenkins, Joy. and Balakrishnan, Bimal.

Escaping the “Bondage of Irrational Fears”: Brandeis, Free Speech and the Politics of Fear
 Russomanno, Joseph.

Establishing an EMA-style Collection Method for Intervention Message Testing
 Brickman, Jared. and Willoughby, Jessica.

Even a Celebrity Journalist Can't Have an Opinion: Post-Millenials' Recognition and Evaluation of Journalists and News Brands on Twitter
 Carr, D. Jasun. and Bard, Mitchell.

Examining the Differential Effects of Emotions: Anxiety, Despair, and Informed Futility  
 Hmielowski, Jay., Donaway, Rebecca. and Wang, Yiran.

Expanding TV’s Measurement Monopoly: Nielsen’s Inclusion of New Media Subfields
 Yost, Andrew. and Taneja, Harsh.


Factoring media use into media system theory -- An examination of 14 European nations (2002-2010)
 Meilan, Xabier. and Wu, Denis.

Framing Domestic Violence: How Gender Cues and News Frames Impact Attitudes
 Seely, Natalee.

Framing EU borders in the news: An analysis of three European news websites
 Cvetkovic, Ivana.

Framing Ferguson: Duty-Based Ethical Discourse in the Editorial Pages of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
 DeWalt, Christina.

Framing Occupy Central: A Content Analysis of Hong Kong, American and British Newspaper Coverage
 Yu, Mengjiao., Shan, Yan. and Liu, Scott.

Framing and Agenda Interaction of Epidemics under the Globalization Era: A cross-national study of news coverage on Ebola virus disease in China, U.S, Japan, and UK

Framing the same-sex marriage ruling: How audience ideology influences newspaper coverage
 Szuminsky, Brandon. and Sherman, Chad.

Free Speech v. Fair Disclosure: Does Citizens United Create a Constitutional Challenge for the SEC?
 Bovio, Sonia.

From Scientific Evidence to Art: Guidelines to Prevent Digital Manipulation in Cell Biology and Nanoscience Journals
 Reaves, Shiela. and Nolan, Steven.

Fundraising on Social Media: How Message Concreteness and Framing Influence Donation Outcomes
 Xiao, Anli., Huang, Yan. and Bortree, Denise.


Gain-Loss Framing and Emotional Imagery: Testing Valence and Motivational Rules for Matching
 Seo, Kiwon.

Gendered Discrepancies in Educational Messages on Television Channels Targeted at Boys vs. Girls
 Grumbein, Adriane., Hunting, Kyra. and Cahill, Maria.

George G. Foster's Urban Journalism as an Antecedent to Muckraking
 Yotova, Denitsa.

God’s Authority! A Frame Analysis of Kim Davis’ Refusal to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
 Speakman, Burton. and Garud, Nisha.

Good Crop, Bad Crop: Composition and Visual Attention in Photojournalism
 Yaschur, Carolyn. and Corts, Daniel.

Groundbreaking Storytelling or Dancing Hamsters? What Eyetracking Tells Us About the Future of Longform Journalism
 Marino, Jacqueline., Jacobson, Susan. and Gutsche, Robert.


Help Wanted: Expanding Social Media, Mobile and Analytics Skills in Journalism Education
 Wenger, Debora. and Owens, Lynn.

Home computing's halcyon days: Discourse frames in computer magazines in the mid-1980s
 Britt, Terry.

How Can Media Users Feel Presence by Fictional Media Content?
 Ahn, Euijin. and Chung, Hwiman.

How Do Parents Manage Children’s Social Media Use? Development and Validation of a Parental Mediation Scale in the Context of Social Media Across Child and Parent Samples
 Ho, Shirley. and Chen, Liang.

How Organizations Built and Framed the National News Media Agenda for Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy
 Weissman, Paula.

How Social Indicators on Discussion Webpages Influence Interpretations of Conversation Norms
 Silva, David.

How the West was lost: Geographic bias on sports network highlight shows
 Johnson, Rich. and Romney, Miles.

Human Control or Machine Control - Which do we Trust? The Role of Control and Machine Heuristics in Online Information Disclosure
 Kim, Jinyoung. and Sundar, S. Shyam.


I Like You, You’re Like Me: Influences of Partisan Media Use on Ideological Primary Voting
 Veenstra, Aaron.

I want to be like her: Celebrity lifestyle brands on Pinterest
 Conlin, Lindsey., Rae, Coral. and Lewis, Richard Anthony.

Important Tweets Matter: Predicting Retweets in the #blacklivesmatter Talk on Twitter
 Keib, Kate. and Himelboim, Itai.

In Twitter We Trust? Testing the Credibility of News Content from Twitter Sources
 Oeldorf-Hirsch, Anne., Schmierbach, Michael., Appelman, Alyssa. and Boyle, Michael.

Information policy as a force at the gate
 Bird-Meyer, Matt.

Inseparable Duos: The Effects of Message Framing and Presentation on College Students’ Responses to Flu Vaccine Public Service Advertisements
 Lee, Yen-I., Jin, Yan. and Nowak, Glen.

Is That News Story an Ad? News Homepage Design May Mislead Consumers into Sponsored Content
 Keib, Kate. and Tatge, Mark.


Journalism and the Fight for Democracy: Framing the 2015 Myanmar Election
 Myint, Zin Mar. and Kaye, Bondy.

Journalists’ Normative Discursive Constructions of Political Viewpoint Diversity
 Vos, Tim. and Wolfgang, David.

Journalists’ Use of Knowledge in an Online World: Examining Reporting Habits, Sourcing, and Institutional Norms
 Wihbey, John.

Journalists’ and Journalism Students’ Conceptions of Journalistic Roles: Potential for Change?
 Vos, Tim., Hendricks, Marina. and Wolfgang, David.


Labor’s Rejection: How the National Basketball Players Association blocked management before Congress
 Anderson, Bill.

Latino is the New Black: Racial Disparities in Network Television Coverage of Major League Baseball Games.
 Rada, James. and Wulfemeyer, K. Tim.

Libel by the Numbers: The Use of Public Opinion Polls in Defamation Lawsuits
 Robinson, Eric.


Managing Disclosure through Social Media: How Snapchat is Shaking Boundaries of Privacy Perceptions
 Velten, Justin., Arif, Rauf. and Moehring, Delane.

Media Use and Antimicrobial Resistance Misinformation and Misuse: Survey Evidence of Information Channels and Fatalism in Augmenting a Global Health Threat
 Groshek, Jacob., Katz, James., Cutino, Chelsea. and Zhong, Qiankun.

Media Use, Risk Perception and Precautionary Behavior toward Haze Issue in China
 Wu, Xiaohua. and Li, Xigen.

Mediated hookup: gratifications and psychological attributes as predictors of Chinese college students’ hookup behavior via “People Nearby Applications” (PNAs) use
 Zhao, Yuchao. and Wang, Yuan.

Mediating the President’s American Otherness from ‘Birthers’ to bin Laden: Television-news representations of Barack Obama, false balance, and power
 Chuang, Angie. and Ngene, Anwulika.

Message Framing Effects on Increasing Donation for Nonprofit Organizations
 Chun, Jung Won.

Mismatch vs. Magnitude: Defining and Testing Overresponse and Overreaction
 Page, Tyler G.

Missing the story
 Mueller, James.

Monica Lewinsky and Shame: 1998 Newspaper Framing of “That Woman”
 Everbach, Tracy.

Moral Exemplars in Advertising: A Rhetorical Criticism of WPP Websites
 Schauster, Erin., Walker, Tara. and Duffy, Margaret.

Motivations and Uses of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat: Which platform wins the challenge among college students?
 Ma, Mengyan., Artis, Victoria., Bakle, Maggie., Uwimbabazi, Florence. and Alhabash, Saleem.

My News Feed is Filtered? Awareness of News Personalization Among College Students
 Powers, Elia.


National Issues and Personal Choices, Agendamelding in Iran: A Study of Traditional Media and Twitter in 2015
 Minooie, Milad.

National Outlook on Transnational News Event: Comparative Audience Framing on Malaysian’s MH370 Plane Incident
 Setianto, Yearry. and Luo, Qianni.

Need for Autonomy as a Motive for Valuing Fairness in Risk Communication
 Song, Hwanseok.

Negotiation of Sexual Identity in Gay On-Air Talent on West Texas Mainstream Media
 Rodriguez, Nathian.

Networked narratives on Humans of New York: A content analysis on social media engagement
 Wang, Ruoxu., Kim, Jinyoung., Xiao, Anli. and Jung, YoungJu.

New Digital Dialogue? A Content Analysis of Chinese Political Elites’ Use of Sina Weibo
 Liu, Jiawei. and Yan, Wenjie.

News of the future: Journalism organizations’ members look at content, news practice, their jobs and their organizations
 Vultee, Fred.

Not agreeing with Nat: major party hegemony, minor party marginalization in the UK Election debate
 Hughes, Ceri.


Obsessing Over the White: The Effects of Fairness Cream Commercials on Pakistani-American Women.
 Bashir, Aqsa.

On the Unfortunate Divide Between Media Ethics and Media Law
 Glasser, Theodore L.. and Weiland, Morgan.

Only Other People Post Food Photos on Facebook: How Social Media Fits into Our Lives and The Third Person Effect
 Pham, Giang., Shancer, Matthew., Guo, Danyang., Jailin, Tao., Peng, Yi., Wang, Yanyun. and Nelson, Michelle.

Organic Literacy, Involvement, Information Processing, and ‘Green’ Consumer Behavior: A Preliminary Investigation
 Ofori-Parku, S. Senyo.

Overcoming Skepticism toward Cause-Related Marketing Claims: The Role of Consumers' Attributions of Company Motives and Consumers' Perceptions of Company Credibility
 Bae, Mikyeung.


Parasocial Interaction and Newscast Viewing: Extending the Effect from English Language to Spanish Language TV News
 Gimbal, Ashley. and Pellizzaro, Kirstin.

People Power and Media through the Eyes of Late Night Comedy Viewers
 Steinberg, Edo.

Perceived Agenda-Setting Effects: Factors Impacting Awareness of Media Influence
 Su, Linsen. and Wanta, Wayne.

Perceptions of Credibility and Likeability in Broadcast Commentators of Women’s Sports
 Pratt, Angela., Tadlock, Morgan., Watts, Lauren., Wilson, Taylor. and Denham, Bryan.

Perennial Performance and Fan Identification: Beyond BIRGing and CORFing Theory
 Diel, Stan.

Picture Perfect: How Photographs Influence Emotion, Attention and Selection in Social Media News Posts, TOP Faculty Paper
 Keib, Kate., Espina, Camila., Lee, Yen-I., Wojdynski, Bartosz., Choi, Dongwon. and Bang, Hyejin.

Pledge Now (To Benefit Yourself)! A Content Analysis of Pubic Radio Fundraising
 Bentley, Joshua.

Predicting voting intentions using congruity theory and stereotypes related to political party and race/ethnicity
 Hoewe, Jennifer.

Processing Capacity in Visual Search: The Impact of Visual Salience and Involvement on Attention
 Gong, Zijian. and Cummins, Glenn.

Propaganda Pros: The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria's Crusade to a Caliphate
 Luchsinger, Alex. and Mckeever, Robert.

Proposing Social Cue as a New Social Media Ad Tactic in Unfamiliar Product Adoption
 Kim, Hyejin., Park, Keonyoung. and Eighmey, John.

Psychological determinants of college students’ adoption of mobile health applications for personal health management
 Dong, Chuqing., Gray, Lauren. and Xu, Hao.

Public Support for Energy Portfolios in Canada: How Cost and National Energy Portfolios Affect Public Perception of Energy Technologies
 Larson, Jens., Liu, Jiawei., Zena Edwards, Zena., Wakulich, Kayla. and Boyd, Amanda.


Read, share, discuss: Examining the relationship between news processing, face-to-face, and online political discussion
 Donaway, Rebecca., Hutchens, Myiah., Beam, Michael. and Hmielowski, Jay.

Redefining Rational and Emotional Advertising Appeals as Available Processing Resources: Toward an Information Processing Perspective
 Gong, Zijian. and Cummins, Glenn.

Redefining the News through Social Media: The Effect of Policy, Organization, and Profession on Journalistic Impact
 Guth, Kristen., Hagen, Christina. and Steves, Kristen.

Relationship cultivation strategies on global art museums’ Facebook fan pages
 Lee, Joongsuk. and Kim, Woojin.


Sampling Strategy for Conducting Content Analysis of Digital Native Sites
 Wu, Lu. and Hester, Joe Bob.

Saving Face: How The University of Georgia Survived the Integration Crisis and Maintained Its Image through Stakeholder Management
 Eaddy, LaShonda.

Searching in a State of Automaticity: How Students Access, Filter, and Evaluate Digital News
 Powers, Elia.

Selling to Soldiers: A Cultural Shift from Class Division to Warrior Heroes in Stars and Stripes
 Elmore, Cindy.

Sexual Health Intervention Messaging: Proof Positive that Sex Negative Messages are Less Persuasive
 Brickman, Jared.

Sharing or Showing Off? Reactions to Mapped Fitness Routines Posted on Social Media
 Brickman, Jared., Nam, Yujung., Liu, Shuang., YU, QIAN. and Niu, Zhaomeng.

Should There Be an App for That? An Analysis of Interactive Applications within Longform News Stories
 Jacobson, Susan., Gutsche, Robert. and Marino, Jacqueline.

Simulacra-A Concept Explication
 Stone, Leah.

Social Media As A Marketing Tool: Why Kuwaiti Women Entrepreneurs Prefer Instagram To Sell Their Fashions, Food, And Other Products
 Alghaith, Shaikhah. and Kodrich, Kris.

Social Media as a Resource in Social Movements: An Online Resource Mobilization Study of the formation of Social Movement Organizations
 Tham, Samuel.

Sources of Information About Emergency Contraception: Associations with Women’s Knowledge and Intentions to Use
 Garrett, Kyla., Widman, Laura., Nesi, Jacqueline. and Noar, Seth.

Space, Otherness, And Public Intimacy: An Observation Of The Current Lgbt Activism In Mainland China
 Chen, Li.

Spanning the Decades: An Analysis of Monica Lewinsky’s Image Restoration Strategies During a 2015 TED Talks Appearance
 Moody, Mia., Fassih, Elizabeth. and Hernandez, Macarena.

Sports Team Identity & Sports Media Consumption Motivations as Predictors of Total Sports Media Consumption
 Krier, Daniel.

Spreading the News – Examining College Students’ Awareness of Their Participatory News Habits
 Cox, Jennifer.

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Teaching Media Relationships: What's in the Textbooks?
 Pettigrew, Justin. and Heflin, Kristen.

Teaching with Tech: Supplemental Journalism Instruction for the Millennial Generation
 Luchsinger, Alex. and Hull, Kevin.

Television’s Masculinities: "New Man" Portrayals in NBC’s "Parks and Recreation"
 Engstrom, Erika.

Telling Compelling Stories for Worthy Causes? A Content Analysis of Philanthropy Ads
 Hong, Ji Mi., Lee, Wei-Na., Cho, Hwanjong. and Sung, Chohee.

Testing the Integrated Crisis Mapping (ICM) Model as a Predictive Tool for the NFL's Concussion Crisis
 Myers, Danielle. and Wilbur, Douglas.

The Aesthetics of Historiophoty: Ken Burns and the Origins of Visual Effects in the Historical Documentary
 McDaniel, Kyle.

The Best Medium for the Story: A Case Study of Integrated Student Media
 Howe, Patrick.

The Disappearance of the Front Page: Measuring Heterogeneity of Newspaper Stories in Print, Online and Mobile
 Santana, Arthur.

The Effect of Collaborative Filtering on Online News Processing
 DeVoss, Christina. and Oeldorf-Hirsch, Anne.

The Effects of Environmental Risk Perception, and Beliefs in Genetic Determinism and Behavioral Action on Cancer Fatalism
 Hong, Soo Jung.

The Establishment of Psychological Contracts in Online Fan Marketing in China --- Based on the Psychological Continuum Model
 Mao, Bingjing.

The Framing of Online Commenting: Commenting Effects on Audiences’ Perceptions of a Public Health Issue in the Context of Social Media
 Bi, Chang.

The Golden Touch: How Screen Touches Influence Product Attitude and Purchase Intention
 Hu, Xiaohan.

The Invisible Moderators: Homophily Thesis and Agenda-Building Role of State-Owned media in the 2014 Hong Kong Protest
 Zhang, Tianduo., Kim, Ji Young., Schweickart, Tiffany., Myslik, Barbara., Khalitova, Liudmila., Neil, Jordan., Carroll, Craig., Golan, Guy. and kiousis, spiro.

The Labor Market for University Journalism and Mass Communication Graduates: The Role of the Media Industries
 Becker, Lee., Hollifield, C. Ann. and Vlad, Tudor.

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Understanding Entman’s Frame Functions in American International News
 Lukito, Josephine.

Understanding information encountering: A case of newspaper reporting behavior at Midwestern metropolitan-area newspapers
 Bird-Meyer, Matt.

Understanding motivations and engagement outcomes of social TV participation: A case study of the Super Bowl 2016
 Wu, Di. and Kim, Eunice.

Unmasking The Anonymous Cyberbully: A New Approach
 Holden, Ben.

Uses and Gratifications of Space
 CLark, Carl., Mullins, Jeremy., Yu, Qian. and Woods, Colin.

Using Visual Metaphors in Health Messages: A Strategy to Increase Effectiveness for Mental Illness Communication
 Lazard, Allison., Bamgbade, Benita., Sontag, Jennah. and Brown, Carolyn.

Using media literacy to counter stereotypical images of Blacks and Latinos
 Erba, Joseph., Chen, Yvonnes. and Kang, Hannah.


WDBJ: When TV News Becomes the News, A Social Network Analysis
 Lipschultz, Jeremy Harris.

War Advertising: Themes in Argentine Print Advertising During the Malvinas / Falklands War
 Mundel, Juan. and Nieves-Pizarro, Yadira.

War of Perception: A Habermasian Discourse Analysis of Human Shield Newspaper Reporting During the 2014 Gaza War
 Graber, Shane.

War of Words: A Comparative Contextual Analysis of newspaper coverage of the Battle of Kontum
 Boyle, Kris.

Weekly Newspapering: How Small-Town News Workers Decide What is News
 Smith, Christina.

What Do Students Need To Know About Technology And Idea Generation: Voices From The Agency
 Blakeman, Robyn., Taylor, Maureen. and Lambert, Robert.

What Trauma? Social Invention and a Pedagogy of Compassion for Teaching Reporting and Writing about the Pain of Others
 Longinow, Michael.

What’s Wrong with Being #Confident? Female Celebrity Identity on Twitter
 Pluretti, Roseann.

When It Just Feels Right: The Impact of Regulatory-Fit on Consumer Responses to Fundraising Campaigns
 Hong, Ji Mi. and Lee, Wei-Na.

When gaps become huuuuge: Donald Trump and beliefs about immigration
 Saldana, Magdalena., Cueva Chacon, Lourdes Miri. and Garcia-Perdomo, Victor.

When “News Experts” Became “Showmen”: The 1948 National Conventions and the Roots of Live Coverage
 Greenwald, Marilyn.

Who Sets the News Agenda on "Chinese Twitter"? The Interaction between the Media and Opinion Leaders on Weibo
 Wang, Qian.

Who Uses Dewey and Why? Remembering and Forgetting John Dewey in Communication Studies
 Rakow, Lana.

Witness to War: Newsreel Photographer Arthur Menken
 Hayden, Joe.
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