AEJMC 2017-Aug-09 to 2017-Aug-13

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"Ice cream is worse, and joblessness is not an option": Gendered experiences of freelancing
 Antunovic, Dunja., Grzeslo, Jenna. and Hoag, Anne.

"Not Proud of It": Candidate Arguments and Newspaper Coverage of the Second 2016 Presidential Debate
 Wirzburger, Andrew.

"Sources Say ... He May Have Been Depressed and Angry"
 Fellows, Jacqueline.

"The Vilest Man in the Newspaper Business": F. G. Bonfils's Libel Case against the Rocky Mountain News
 Ward, Ken.

"Tremendously Irritated": Media Trust among Urban Brazilian News Consumers
 Milhorance, Flavia. and Singer, Jane B..

#Hijab or #Haram? Revealing Visuals and Semantics Associated with Muslim (Self-)Representation Online
 Frissen, Thomas., Ichau, Elke., Boghe, Kristof. and d\'Haenens, Leen.

#Sponsored #Ad: An Agency Perspective on Influencer Marketing Campaigns
 CARPENTER CHILDERS, COURTNEY., Lemon, Laura. and Hoy, Mariea.

: “‘Sight Beyond My Sight’ (SBMS): Concept, Methodology, and a Tool For Seeing”
 Tait, Gabriel.

'Jack and Jill' Be Nimble: Acknowledging the Historic Use of Nontraditional Advertising in an “Adless” Children’s Magazine
 Holiday, Steven.

'Love and courage': Resilience strategies of journalists facing trauma in northern Mexico
 Choice, Stephen.

‘Engaging’ the Audience: Journalism in the Next Media Regime
 Nelson, Jacob.

‘Famous in a Small Town’: Indeterminacy and Doctrinal Confusion in Micro Public Figure Doctrine
 Bunker, Matthew.

‘It’s like birth control for HIV’: Communication and stigma for gay men on PrEP
 Schwartz, Joseph. and Grimm, Josh.

‘We can’t win:’ The Emotional Politics in the Black Lives Matter Movement
 Grant, Rachel.

‘Where are the children?’: The framing of adoption in national news coverage from 2014 through 2016
 Morton, Cynthia. and Shelton, Summer.

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A Comparative Content Analysis of Argentine and British Print Advertising During the Malvinas/Falkland Islands War
 Mundel, Juan., Nieves-Pizarro, Yadira., Wickham, Douglas. and Aiello, Melinda.

A Comparative Examination of Haze-related Content on Traditional Media and Social Media in China: Using the Extended Parallel Process Model and Network Agenda-setting
 Chen, Liang., Zheng, Weijie. and Wang, Jing.

A Comparison between Scientists’ and Communication Scholars’ Views about Scientists’ Engagement with the Public
 Yuan, Shupei.

A Conceptual Model of Watching Social Live Streaming in China: Who Are the Users and How About Their Psychological Well-Being?
 Wan, Anan. and Wu, Linwan.

A Contributing Factor to the Obesity Paradox: Biological Food Cues in Food Advertisements and Packaging
 Bailey, Rachel., Liu, Jiawei. and Wang, Tianjiao.

A Gap in the Shield? Reporter’s Privilege in Civil Defamation Lawsuits 2005-2016
 Menard-McCune, Meghan.

A Global Election: Analyses of Arabic, Chinese, and Russian News Coverage of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
 Stokes, Ethan.

A Guide to Landing Your First Job
 Barnes, Justin., Tallent, Rebecca., Blevins, Katie., Rhee, Yong Chae. and Barnicle, Scott.

A Pivotal Moment: How Press Coverage of a The Port Chicago Disaster Helped Reveal Racial Inequalities
 Walck, Pamela.

A Qualitative Analysis of How People Assess the Credibility of Sources Used by Public Relations Practitioners
 O\'Neil, Julie., Eisenmann, Marianne. and Holman, Maggie.

A Qualitative Analysis of Themes in the Global West and the Global South Coverage of the Ebola Outbreak
 Duru, Adaobi.

A Secret Police: The Lasting Impact of the 1986 FOIA Amendments
 Wagner, A.Jay.

A Seven-Letter Word for Leaving People Out: E L I T I S M in The New York Times Crossword
 Graber, Shane.

A Slap or a Jab: An Experiment on Viewing Uncivil Political Discussions on Facebook
 Wang, Meredith. and Silva, David.

A Textual Analysis of Fake News Articles on Facebook Before the 2016 Election
 Bard, Mitchell T..

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Barriers and Facilitating Conditions for parents’ mobile communication with adolescent children in resource-constrained contexts
 Velasquez, Alcides.

Behavior notwithstanding: Person perception and news photographs of the 2016 presidential election
 Dahmen, Nicole.

Behind the Music: How Music Journalists Understand Their Roles and Their Readers
 Whipple, Kelsey.

Beyond Passive Audience Members: Online Public Opinions in Transitional Society
 Zhang, yafei. and Dong, Chuqing.

Beyond “I Agree:” Users' Understanding of Web Site Terms of Service
 Robinson, Eric. and Zhu, Yicheng.

Binge-Watching: A Concept Explication
 Warren, Stephen.

Blackish: Deconstruction and the changing nature of black identity
 Berry, Venise.

Bleeding the Team Colors: An Examination of Fan-Team Emotional Brand Attachment and Identification on Instagram
 Deis West, Hollie. and Price Schultz, Cindy.

Bless or Curse: How Chinese Strategic Communication Practitioners Use Social Media in Crisis Communication
 Kong, Sining. and Chen, Huan.

Blinded by the Blu light: Consumer perceptions and electronic cigarette advertising strategies
 Haught, Matthew. and Willis, Erin.

Blowing smoke: Uncovering and addressing college students perceptions, use and knowledge of e-cigarettes
 Treise, Debbie., Shelton, Summer., Karimipour, Nicki. and James, Vaughan.

Blurred lines: The local view of federal responsibilities
 Hernandez, Miriam.

Brand Extension Strategies in the Film Industry: Factors behind Financial Performance of Adaptations and Sequels
 Kim, Dam Hee.

Brand Sponsorship of Sport Officiating Technology: Effects of Social Identity and Schadenfreude on Attitude toward Sponsoring Brand
 Kim, Jihoon (Jay). and Kim, Jooyoung.

Bridging the Divide Between Reason and Sentiment: Exploring the Potentials of Emotionality in Journalism
 Zou, Sheng.

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California Newspapers' Framing of the End-of-Life Option Act
 Lauffer, Kimberly., Baker, Sean. and Quinn, Audrey.

Can Immersive Journalism Affect Presence, Memory, Credibility, Empathy and Sharing? An Experimental Comparison of VR Stories, 3600 Videos and Text
 Sundar, S. Shyam., Kang, Jin. and Oprean, Danielle.

Can Inspiring Advertisements Bust the Social Media Blues? The Effect of Inspirational Advertising on Consumer Attitudes and Sharing Intentions
 Bailey, Amanda. and Waddell, Frank.

Cancer Selfies: Implicit Representations of Cancer and Gender on Instagram
 Lazard, Allison., Holton, Avery., Wilner, Tamar., Zenner, Shannon. and Cannon, Alexandra.

Catching Eyes: Dissecting Ad Disclosures of Native Advertising
 Heo, Jun., Kim, Soojin. and Jung, A-Reum.

Challenging a Boy’s Club: Reputation management and the case of pay inequity in professional women’s sport
 Rentner, Terry. and Burns, David.

Challenging the Narrative: The Colin Kaepernick National Anthem Protest in Mainstream and Alternative Media
 Wolfgang, David. and Jenkins, Joy.

Changing the Story: Implications of Narrative on Teacher Identity
 Pressgrove, Geah., Janoske, Melissa. and Madden, Stephanie.

Chaos, Quest and Restitution Narratives of Depression on Tumblr
 Hussain, Ali.

Characteristics of High-Engagement Facebook Ads: A Data-Analytics Approach to Engagement, Content and Sentiment Analysis
 Chap, Chetra.

Characteristics of Online Health Misinformation and Corrective Messages: information source, encoding system, content feature and frame
 Wu, shiwen., zheng, xia. and Nie, Di.

China's personal information protection in a data-driven economy: A privacy policy study of Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent
 Fu, Tao.

Choosing the Best Name: The Effectiveness of Brand Name Localization on Consumers’ Attitude toward a New Foreign Product
 Liang, Xuan. and Chen, Huan.

Citizen Journalism as a Supplement to Reporting on Environmental Issues: Examining the Viewpoint Diversity of Arctic Oil Drilling in Citizen-Involved News
 Huang, Kanni.

Citizen news podcasts, carnivalism, and the formation a counter-public sphere in South Korea
 Park, Chang Sup.

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Dad, Where Are We Going? Analyzing the Popular Chinese Reality TV Show from a Communication Perspective
 Liu, Sixiao. and Wang, Hua.

Danger or Fear? Examining Consumers’ Blocking Intention of Online Behavioral Advertising: Integration of the Persuasion Knowledge Model and the Extended Parallel Processing Model
 Ham, Chang-Dae., Lee, Joonghwa. and Kim, Soojung.

Debating What's Natural: A Qualitative Framing Analysis of "Natural" Food Label News Coverage
 McGinnis, Melissa.

Decoding Engagement: Chinese Advertising Practitioners’ Perspective
 Chen, Huan., Wang, Rang. and Liang, Xuan.

Deconstructing the communication researcher through the culture-centered approach
 Borron, Abigail.

Defining and Communicating Diversity: A Content Analysis of the Websites of the Top PR Agencies
 Xiao, Anli., Kim, Jinyoung., Mohammed, Wunpini., Erica, Hilton. and Pease, Colleen.

Delivering social support online: Implications of verbal-centeredness for mass-mediated health communication
 Pham, Giang. and Wirtz, John.

Depictions of Obscene Content: How Internet Culture and Art Communities Can Influence Federal Obscenity Law
 Linfante, Austin.

Developing a Blueprint for Social Media Pedagogy: Trials, Tribulations, and Best Practices
 zhang, ai. and Freberg, Karen.

Development of Conceptual and Attitudinal Advertising Literacy and Influencing Factors among College Students in China
 Gao, Fangfang., Liu, Yusi. and Shan, Tao.

Diasporic vs. national media in covering an international deal: An investigation of how American and Iranian diasporic media covered the Iran Nuclear Deal
 Rahimi, Mehrnaz. and Pennington, Rosemary.

Dibs on that Sexy Piece of Ass: Hegemonic Masculinity on TFM Girls Instagram
 Rodriguez, Nathian. and Manley, Terri.

Did the Media Get Her Charisma Wrong? A Systematic Examination of Hillary Clinton’s Charisma During the 2016 Elections.
 wasike, ben.

Differences in the Network Agendas of #Immigration in the 2016 Election
 Kim, Jisu. and Jang, Mo.

Different fragments mean different texts: Replacing reception with construction
 Morrison, Joshua.

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Editorial Influence Beyond Trending Topics: Facebook's Algorithmic Censorship and Bearing Witness Problems
 Maddox, Jessica.

Effect of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show Media Critiques on Declining Public Trust in News Media
 Steinberg, Edo. and Fox, Julia.

Effects of Brand Placement in Mobile Applications on Consumer Responses
 Park, Haseon.

Effects of Cosmetic Surgery Advertisements on Surgery Intention and Attitudes Toward Surgeons
 Park, Sung-Yeon. and Allgayer, Sasha.

Effects of Customized Ratings on User Evaluations of Television Shows
 Saks, Jeremy. and Wagner, Carson.

Effects of Multicultural Advertising Strategies on Consumer Attitudes and Purchase Intentions
 Lin, Carolyn, A.. and Dam, Linda.

Effects of Self-Presentation Strategies and Tie Strength on Facebook Users’ Subjective Well-Being
 Jang, Wonseok (Eric)., Chun, Jung Won. and Kim, Jihoon (Jay).

Effects of Social Media Use for Sports Events and Discussion Network Heterogeneity on College Students’ Identification and Collective Self-esteem
 Kim, Bumsoo.

Effects of Weight Loss Reality TV Show Exposure on Adolescents’ Explicit and Implicit Weight Bias
 Karsay, Kathrin. and Schmuck, Desirée.

Effects of virtual reality news video on transportation, attitudes, fact-recall and intentions to act
 Hijazi, Jennifer. and Cuillier, David.

Emotional News, Emotional Counterpublic: Unraveling the Mediated Construction of Fear in the Chinese Diasporic Community Online
 Zou, Sheng.

Emotions, political context and partisan selective sharing on Facebook
 Chen, Yingying. and Thorson, Kjerstin.

Empowerment in the Information Age: How usable are college campus websites for sexual assault survivors?
 Corwin, Dawn. and Whiteside, Erin.

Enhancing Employee Sensemaking and Sensegiving Communication Behaviors in Crisis Situations: Strategic Management Approach for Effective Internal Crisis Communication
 Kim, Young.

Enhancing Empowerment and Building Relationships via Social Media Engagement: A Study of Facebook Use in the U.S. Airline Industry
 Li, Zhiren. and Men, Rita Linjuan.

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Facebook Organic Reach Has Viral Marketers Down: Post Content That Drives Shares, Likes And Comments.
 Quesenberry, Keith. and Coolsen, Michael.

Facebook and newspapers online: Competing beings or complimentary entities?
 Chen, Victoria. and Pain, Paromita.

Facebook vs. YouTube Manners: Effects of Pseudonymity on Posting Politeness
 Yun, Gi Woong. and Allgayer, Sasha.

Facebook: Antidote or poison? A study of the relationship between Facebook, depression, and older adults
 Anthony, Katie.

Factors Affecting the Performance of China’s Advertising Agencies: A Time Series Cross-Sectional Analysis
 Feng, Guangchao., Zhang, Yuting., Hu, Qiuyu. and Cheng, Hong.

Faith and Reason: A Cultural Discourse Analysis of the Black & Blue Facebook Pages
 Bock, Mary Angela. and Figueroa, Ever.

Fake News Is Not the Real Problem
 Nelson, Jacob.

Fake News, Framing and Birtherism: New Media’s Role in Propagating President Obama’s Birth Certificate Controversy
 Gallop, J.D.. and Edwards, Heidi Hatfield.

Fake News, Real Cues: Cues and Heuristics in Users’ Online News Credibility Judgments
 Keib, Kate. and Wojdynski, Bartosz.

Falsity, fakery and carbon monoxide: A typology of fake news and an ethical approach
 Vultee, Fred.

Families in transition: News coverage of transgender lives and issues within a family context
 Gibson, Rhonda. and Dwyer, Deborah.

Fans and Victims: Understanding Audience Attitudes Toward Athletes and Crime
 Suggs, Welch. and Keib, Kate.

Feel-Good Smoking Prevention Messages – Nostalgia vs. Fear vs. Disgust
 Hussain, Ali., Deng, Tao. and Alhabash, Saleem.

Fighting Facebook: Journalism’s discursive boundary work with the “trending,” “napalm girl,” and “fake news” stories of 2016
 Johnson, Brett. and Kelling, Kimberly.

Fire, ice or drought? Picturing humanity in climate change imagery
 Sheehan, Kim., Dahmen, Nicole. and Morris II, David.

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Gaming the News: Examining the Effects of Online Political Quizzes on Interest in News and Politics
 Chen, Gina., Ng, Yee Man Margaret., Chen, Victoria. and Riedl, Martin J..

Gatecrashing: Exploring how Indian journalists tweet breaking news and what type of tweets attract followers

Gender Differences Through the Lens of Rio: Australian Olympic Coverage of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games
 Xu, Qingru., Scott, Olan., Billings, Andrew., Lewis, Melvin. and Sharpe, Stirling.

Gender Differences in Sports Media Consumption
 Krier, Daniel.

Gender Profiling in Local News
 Pritchard, David. and Wright, Emily.

Gender representation and occupational portrayals in primetime television: Has there been any progress?
 Smith, Brittany. and Wicks, Jan.

Gender, Parasocial Interaction, and Nonverbal Communication: Testing the Visual Effect of Sports Magazine Cover Models
 wasike, ben.

Giving from the heart: Exploring how ethics of care emerges in corporate social responsibility
 Formentin, Melanie. and Bortree, Denise.

Global Collaboration to Teach Research Methods for Advertising, Public Relations, and Communication Majors: Review of Student Reflections and a Plan
 Morris, Pamela.

God on our side: Presidential Religious Rhetoric, Issue Ownership and Competing Gospels
 Hughes, Ceri.

Going Viral: User Engagement with Sensationalistic News on Facebook During an Infectious Disease Outbreak
 Ali, Khudejah. and Johns, Lisa.

Grade Incentivized Peer Editing: An Account of Student Perceptions
 Holt, Jessica.


Half the Spectrum: A Title IX Approach to Broadcast Ownership Regulation
 Carlson, Caitlin.

Health Belief Model Applied to Medicare Enrollment: Using Theory to Better Reach the Rural Poor
 Kaufhold, Kelly. and Seed, Daniel.

Here’s What BuzzFeed Journalists Think of Their Journalism
 Tandoc, Edson. and Foo, Cassie Yuan Wen.

High Brand Loyalty Video Game Play and Achieving Relationships with Virtual Worlds and Its Elements Through Presence
 Palomba, Anthony.

How Activism and Ethics Intersect in Public Relations: A Pilot Study
 Choi, Minhee.

How Athletes’ Health-related Messages on Social Media Affect Exercise Attitudes and Behaviors
 Boehmer, Jan. and Clavio, Galen.

How Interactivity Influences Evaluations of Product Choice Among Consumers with Different Levels of Desire for Control
 Wu, Linwan. and Walker, Denetra.

How Should Organizations Communicate with Mobile Publics on Social Messengers: An Empirical Study of WeChat
 Men, Rita Linjuan. and tsai, sunny.

How U.S. Newspapers Frame Animal Rights Issue: A Content Analysis of News Coverage in U.S.
 Choi, Minhee. and Zhang, Nanlan.

How great can Greater China be? A comparative study of the consumption of mobile apps in the Greater China area
 SU, Chris CHAO. and Kuang, Hang.

How many biscuits can you eat this mornin'?Martha White's sponsorship of country music radio and TV shows
 Kinney, Lance.

How the Serialization of News Affects Recipients’ Attitudes Toward Politicians Involved in Scandals
 von Sikorski, Christian. and Knoll, Johannes.

How to Communicate University Reputation: In-depth Interviews of Parents to Understand Their Perceived University Reputation and Communication Behavior
 Lee, Youngah. and Burkholder, Christa.

How to Respond to Right-Wing Populism? Investigating the Effects of Three Government Response Strategies on Anti-Immigrant and Anti-Government Attitudes
 Heiss, Raffael.


Identification and negative emotions lead to political engagement: Evidence from the 2016 U.S. presidential election
 Hoewe, Jennifer. and Parrott, Scott.

Ideological Objectivity or Violated Expectations? Testing the Effects of Machine Attribution on News Evaluation
 Waddell, Frank.

Immersive Journalism and Telepresence: How Does Virtual Reality News Use Affect News Credibility?
 Kang, Seok., O\'Brien, Erin. and Villarreal, Arturo.

Immersive narratives, 360 video, and VR: A pilot experiment examining 360 video and narrative transportation
 Atkins, Aaron., McLean, Dave. and Canter, William.

Impact of Exposure to Fruit-Flavored Electronic Cigarette Advertisements on Craving for Electronic Cigarettes: Evidence from an Online Experiment
 Kim, Joon., Mckeever, Robert. and Cho, Yoojin.

Impacts of television humor on viewers’ engagement, attitudes, and memory.
 Banu, Nafida. and Leshner, Glenn.

In Contempt of Court?: Unintended Consequences of Watching Courtroom Shows
 Ejaz, Khadija., Kim, Joon., Bhalla, Nandini. and Weatherred, Jane.

In the Crosshairs: The Tucson Shooting and the News Framing of Responsibility
 Telleen, Matthew., Karlis, Jack. and Kim, Sei-Hill.

In the Name of the Fact-Check: Sponsoring Organizations, Analysis Tools, Transparency/Objectivity of Fact-check
 Kim, Bumsoo.

Individualizing depression responsibilities on Chinese social media: Analyzing the Weibo framing of three key players
 Zhang, Yuan., Lu, Yifeng., Jin, Yan. and Wang, Yubin.

Influence of Foreign News Programs on the International News Agenda of Rwandan Television and Newspapers
 Bakina, Wellars.

Integrating the Theory of Planned Behavior and Uses and Gratifications to Understand Music Streaming Behavior
 Bolduc, Heidi. and Kinnally, William.

Intellect and Journalism in Shared Space: Social Control in the Academic-Media Nexus
 McDevitt, Michael.

Interfaith Monologue: A study of UK-based interfaith work on Twitter
 Hersher, Sofi.

International News Coverage and Source Selection in U.S. Foreign Policy Debates: The Case of Iran Deal in Broadcast News
 Semati, Mehdi., Cassidy, Bill. and Khanjani, Mehrnaz.

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Journalist-Student Collaborations: Striking Newspaper Workers and University Students Publish the Peterborough Free Press, 1968-1969
 Salamon, Errol.

Journalists Don’t Do Math: Journalism Student Perceptions and Myths About Data Journalism
 Schmitz Weiss, Amy. and Retis, Jessica.

Journalists primed: How professional identity affects moral decision making
 Ferrucci, Patrick., Tandoc, Edson. and Schauster, Erin.

Just how they drew it up: How in-house reporters fit themselves into the sport-media system
 Mirer, Michael.


Kept at arm’s length but not silent: African-American reporters and the 1962 Ole Miss integration crisis
 Wickham, Kathleen.

Killer Apps: Vanishing messages, encrypted communications, and the challenges to freedom of information laws
 Stewart, Daxton.

Killing the Comments: Examining the Demise of Online Comments Sections
 Riedl, Martin J..

Knowledge Will Set You Free (from Censorship): Examining the Effects of Legal Knowledge and Other Editor Characteristics on Censorship and Compliance in College Media
 Trego, Lindsie.

Knowledge-based Journalism in Science and Environmental Reporting: Opportunities and Obstacles
 Van Witsen, Anthony. and Takahashi, Bruno.


Language and Social Distinctions Among Journalistic Cultures: The 2016 US Election Coverage on Spanish and English-Language TV Networks
 hellmueller, lea. and Arias, Santiago.

Latino News Media Engagement, Opinion, and Political Participation
 Coffey, Amy Jo. and Blackstone, Ginger.

Learning to lead: Factors in leadership development for communication students in co-curricular organizations
 Hannam, Ben., Sturgill, Amanda., Furnas, Kelly. and Vincent, Harold.

Life as a club: the careers of junior reporters in U.S. newsrooms from 1920 to 1960
 Mari, William.

Life in Black and White: Racial framing by sports networks on Instagram
 Johnson, Rich. and Romney, Miles.

Lincoln’s Messengers: Norman Hapgood’s and Ida Tarbell’s Biographies at the Dawn of the Progressive Era
 Rodgers, Ronald.

Location, Location, Location: Visual Properties and Recognition of Video Game Advertising.
 Williams, Russell.

Lock or Key: Does FOIA Sufficiently Open the Right to Information?
 Prime, Tyler. and Russomanno, Joseph.

Locker Room Talk or Sexual Assault: A Struggle for Meaning in the Mediated Public Discourse
 Harp, Dustin.

Louis Decimus Rubin, Jr.: The History of Algonquin Books From Personal Correspondence
 Weatherred, Jane.

Love Your Mother: How the 1970s Launch of a News Magazine Defines Environmental Journalism
 Terracina-Hartman, Carol.


Making Space in Social Media: Activism and Argumentation around #MuslimWomensDay
 Pennington, Rosemary.

Making the unfamiliar the familiar: A qualitative framing analysis of disabilities as inspiration in advertisements
 Shelton, Summer.

Management of Journalism Transparency: Journalists’ perceptions of organizational leaders’ management of an emerging professional norm
 Gade, Peter., Dastgeer, Shugofa., Childs DeWalt, Christina., Nduka, Emmanuel-Lugard., Kim, Seunghyun., Hill, Desiree. and Curran, Kevin.

Measuring Information Insufficiency and Affect in the Risk Information Seeking and Processing Model
 Chu, Haoran. and Yang, Janet.

Measuring the Content Characteristics of Augmented Reality Advertising
 Feng, Yang. and Xie, Quan.

Media Exposure, Nationalism and Policy Evaluation on South China Sea News: Examining the Mediation Role of Third-Person Effect and Online Participation
 Xueqing, Li. and Lei, Guo.

Media Exposure, Situation Awareness and Protective Behaviors in a Public-Health Emergency
 Li, Xigen. and Cao, Bolin.

Media Framing Effects of Public Service Announcements About The HPV Vaccine
 Xu, Yiwei.

Media Relations Instruction and Theory Development: Relational Dialectical Approach
 Pettigrew, Justin.

Media Violence and Aggression: A Meta-Analytic Approach to the Previous 20 Years of Research
 Moe, Alexander., Provencher, Joseph. and Burley, Hansel.

Media coverage, environmental conditions, and climate change policy: An examination of their effect on awareness of consequences
 Takahashi, Bruno. and Tandoc, Edson.

Mediated Food Cues: A Theoretical Framework for Sensory Information
 Bayliss, Lauren.

Meeting the New Players: A Study of Digital Native Journalists’ Professionalism
 WU, LU.

Melodramatic Animation, Presence, and Sympathy for Crime Victims in News: An Experiment with Adolescents in Hong Kong
 Cheng, Ka Lun Benjamin. and Lo, Wai Han.

Mentors and minority advertising students: A survey of the 2017 Most Promising Multicultural Student class
 Kendrick, Alice. and Fullerton, Jami.

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NGOs’ humanitarian advocacy in the 2015 refugee crisis: A study of agenda building in the digital age
 Yang, Aimei. and Saffer, Adam.

Narcissism or Willingness: The way college students use Facebook and Instagram
 Lee, Sangki.

National Biases of World Games: Local and International Media Coverage of the “Lochtegate”
 Aruth Sturm, Heloisa.

Native Advertising on Social Media: the Effects of Company Reputation, Perceived Relevanc and Privacy Concerns
 Xiao, Anli., Li, Ruobing., Yang, Guolan. and VAFEIADIS, MICHAIL.

Navigating Alma’s gang culture: Exploring testimono, identity and violence through an interactive documentary
 McIntosh, Heather. and Churcher, Kalen.

Negative Emotions to Western Media and Reception of Mediated Public Diplomacy
 Zhu, Yicheng., Wei, Ran. and Golan, Guy.

Networked photographic repertoire and capital : Prosumption of selfies among Taiwanese gay men on Instagram
 Shiau, Hong-Chi.

News Dynamics, Frame Expansion and Salience: Boko Haram and the War against Terrorism
 Akinro, Ngozi.

News Gatekeeping and Socially Interactive Functions of Twitter: An Algorithmic Content Analysis
 Russell, Frank., Yaeger, Katie. and Para, Jennifer.

News Media, Body Image and Culture: Influence on Body Image and Body Attitude in Men
 Azocar, Cristina. and Markova, Ivana.

News Organizations' Link Sharing on Twitter: Computational Text Analysis Approach
 Pak, Chankyung.

News under Pressure: Journalists Views about the Impact of Corporate and Political Ownership of News Media in India
 Masood, Zara.

Newspaper Coverage of Mars in the United States and the United Kingdom 2011-2016
 Mace, Mikayla.

No Comments, but a Thumbs-down: Estimating the Effects of Spiral of Silence on Online Opinion Expression
 Wu, Tai-Yee., Oeldorf-Hirsch, Anne. and Atkin, David.

No Love for the Enemy: American Evangelicals and the Hostile Media Phenomenon
 Watson, Brian.

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Of "Tomatoes" and Men: A Continuing Analysis of Gender in Music Radio Formats
 Crider, David.

Off the record: The popularity, prevalence, and accuracy of unnamed sources in NBA trade coverage
 Reed, Sada. and Harrison, Guy.

On the Cover of the Rollin’ Stone: How Rolling Stone Magazine Frames Politics and News
 Walter, Ashley.

One Liners and Catchy Hashtags: Building a Graduate Student Community Through Twitter Chats
 Janoske, Melissa., Byrd, Robert. and Madden, Stephanie.

Online Conversations during an Emergent Health Threat: A Thematic Analysis of Tweets during Zika Virus Outbreak
 Moe, Alexander., Gerdes, Julie., Provencher, Joseph. and Gomez, Efren.

Online Coverage of Brittany Maynard’s Death: Visual and Verbal Information
 Arnold, Kelsie. and Lauffer, Kimberly.

Over Half a Century After Independence: Press Freedom in Zambia at the Crossroads
 Pitts, Gregory. and Kasoma, Twange.

Overrun by Emotion: How Emotional Reactions Predict News Sharing to Social Media
 Cotter, Kelley., Fennell, Chris. and Peng, Zhao.


Parasocial Interaction and YouTube: Extending the Effect to Online Users
 Pellizzaro, Kirstin. and Gimbal, Ashley.

Parental perceptions of USA Football's Heads Up campaign
 Meeks, Judson., Anderson, Harper., Moe, Alexander., Norman, Mary. and Seltzer, Trent.

Partisan News Media and China’s Country Image: An Online Experiment based on Heuristic-Systematic Model
 Yang, Chen. and Yun, Gi Woong.

Partisan strength and social media use among voters during the 2016 Hong Kong Legislative Council election: Examining the roles of ambivalence and disagreement
 Chan, Michael.

Pedagogy of the Depressed: An Examination of Critical Pedagogy in Higher Ed’s Diversity-Centered Classrooms Post-Trump
 Rodriguez, Nathian. and Huemmer, Jennifer.

Peer-Citation and Academic Social Networking: Do Altmetrics Affect Peer-Citation and Article Readership in Communication Research?
 wasike, ben.

Perceived Online Friendships and Social Networking Sites
 Chen, Yi-Ning (Katherine).

Perceptions of Advertising with Interracial Couples: The Influence of Race and Attitudes Toward Interracial Dating
 Young, Taylor.

Performing the Host: A Textual Analysis of Lesbian Representation in The Ellen DeGeneres Show
 Lee, Jasmina.

Personal ties, group ties and latent ties: Connecting network size to diversity and trust in the mobile social network WeChat
 Shen, Cuihua. and Gong, He.

Picturing the solution? An analysis of visuals in solutions journalism
 Midberry, Jennifer. and Dahmen, Nicole.

Pilot study: How do Chinese students change their social media habits after moving to the United States, and what factors motivate this change?
 Jiang, Liefu.

Playing for Health: Using Games for Journalism to Engage Audiences in Health Insurance
 Champlin, Sara. and James, Juli.

Playing the mad scientist? Depictions of science professionals in video games
 Turng, Catherine.

Playing the right way: In-house sports reporters and media ethics as boundary work
 Mirer, Michael.

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Queer Feminisms in the Chicago DIY Zine Community
 Reynolds, Chelsea.


Raising Political APPtitude: Examining the influence of mobile platforms on offline, online and social media participation
 Aruth Sturm, Heloisa., Tenenboim, Ori., Kilgo, Danielle. and Johnson, Thomas.

Rapid Organizational Legitimacy: The Case of Mobile News Apps
 Kosterich, Allie. and Weber, Matthew.

Raymond Simon: PR Educational Pioneer
 Swann, Patricia.

React to the Future: Political Projection, Emotional Reactions, and Political Behavior
 McLaughlin, Bryan., Velez, John., Krause, Amber. and Thompson, Bailey.

Read All About It: The Politicization of “Fake News” on Twitter
 Brummette, John., DiStaso, Marcia., VAFEIADIS, MICHAIL., Messner, Marcus. and Flynn, Terry.

Real or Ideal: Millennial Perceptions of Pornographic Media Realism and Influence on Relationship Assessments
 Mazandarani, Farnosh.

Reevaluating Regulation: Exploring Shifts In Public Perceptions Across Different Regulatory Domains
 Jun, Hyoyeun., Cacciatore, Michael., Scheufele, Dietram., Corley, Elizabeth., Xenos, Michael. and Brossard, Dominique.

Reforming the Lifeline Program: Regulatory Federalism in Action?
 Jayakar, Krishna. and PARK, EUN-A.

Relational Maintenance and the Rise of Computer-Mediated Communication: Considering the Role of Emerging Maintenance Behaviors
 Makki, Taj.

Remote Control: Producing the Active Object
 Corn, Matthew. and Heflin, Kristen.

Reporting the Future of News: Constructing Risks and Benefits for Journalism, Silicon Valley, and Citizens
 Russell, Frank.

Representation of Women Behind the Camera and the Power Play in Nollywood Industry

Resignifying Alan Kurdi: News photographs, memes, and the ethics of visual representation
 Durham, Meenakshi.

Responding to Racism: Bystander Responses to Racist Posts on Social Media
 Young, Rachel., Alhabash, Saleem., Nelson, Michael., Barnes, Maddie. and Torres, Alex.

Revisiting copyright theories: Democratic culture and the resale of digital goods
 Sang, Yoonmo.

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SNL and the Gendered Election: The Funny Thing About Liking Him and Hating Her
 Weinhold, Wendy. and Fisher Bodkin, Alison.

Say this, not that: government regulation and control of social media
 Brown, Nina. and peters, jon.

Scare’em or Irritate’em: Congruity between Emotions and Message Framing Promotes Advertising Engagement and Message Evaluation
 Wen, Jing (Taylor).

Schadenfreude, Chagrin, and Deliberation: Discussing the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election in Online News Comments
 Riedl, Martin J.., Chen, Gina., Brown, Jordon., Shermak, Jeremy. and Tenenboim, Ori.

Searching for Citizen Engagement and City Hall: 200 Municipal Homepages and Their Rhetorical Outreach to Audiences
 Lambiase, Jacqueline.

Selective Exposure and the Hostile Media Effect Among Post-Millennials
 Bard, Mitchell T.. and Carr, D. Jasun.

Self-Presentation Strategies’ Effect on Facebook Users’ Subjective Well-being Depending on Self-Esteem Level
 Jang, Wonseok (Eric)., Bucy, Erik. and Cho, Janice.

Self-Reported vs. Digitally Recorded: Partisanship and Ideology in Facebook Networks
 Haenschen, Katherine.

Self-mockery as an Alternative Social Strategy: Gratifications-sought, Need for Humor, Narcissism, and Self-Mocking Meme Usage
 LU, Miao. and FAN, Hua.

Self-tracking with cell phones: Exploring the effects of self-monitoring and perceived control in mHealth applications
 Bellur, Saraswathi. and Devoss, Christina.

Selfie-posting on social media: The influence of narcissism, identification, and gender on celebrity followers
 Chen, Li. and Liebler, Carol.

Service at the intersection of journalism, language, and the global imaginary: Indonesia's English language press
 Carpenter, John. and Ekdale, Brian.

Sex, Nudity, and Humor: A Content Analysis of Condom Advertisements and Taboo Content on YouTube
 Struss, Matthew., Storch, Sharon. and Beekman, Mark.

Sharing Health Risk Messages on Social Networking Sites: How Cognitive and Affective Elaboration Affects Behavioral Intention
 Zhang, Xueying.

Sharing Values vs. Valuing Shares: A Communication Model a Social-Financial Capital
 Odegard, Paige., Gallegos, Thomas., DeRosier, Chris., Folsom, Jennifer., Tilak, Elizabeth., Boehm, Nicholas., Eddington, Chelsea. and Christen, Cindy.

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TV and Web Cultivating Health Perceptions among older Latinos in Texas
 Higgins Joyce, Vanessa., James, Jessica L.. and Khani, Zahra.

Tablet Uses and Gratifications: Support, Attitude, Self-efficacy, and Anxiety
 zhang, chenjie. and Magsamen-Conrad, Kate.

Taking the white gloves off: The portrayal of female journalists on Good Girls Revolt
 Painter, Chad. and Ferrucci, Patrick.

Talking about clinical trials: News framing of clinical trial stories in the United States
 Li, Jo-Yun Queenie., Kim, Sei-Hill., Friedman, Daniela., Tanner, Andrea., Foster, Caroline. and Bergeron, Caroline.

Teaching Ad Tech: Assessing Collaborative Teaching in an Advertising, Computer Science, and Design Course
 Newell, Jay., Tavanapong, Wallapak. and Berghefer, Sherry.

Teaching Journalism Ethics Through “The Newsroom”: An Enhanced Learning Experience
 Peterlin, Laveda. and Peters, Jonathan.

Technologies and Social Fitness: Examining Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy as Predictors of Health Monitoring, Goal-Setting, and Results Sharing
 Baker, Kim., Pember, Sarah., Zhang, Xueying. and Bissell, Kimberly.

Technology and the public: The influence of website features on the submission of UGC
 Speakman, Burton.

Television and the role model effect: Exposure to political drama and attitude towards female politicians
 Rasul, Azmat. and Raney, Arthur.

Television for Good? An Examination of Depictions of African American Families in Situation Comedies
 Jefferson, Brittany.

Television, emotion, and social integration: Testing the effect of media event with the 2017 US Presidential Inauguration
 Cui, Xi. and Xu, Qian.

Tell Me More: The Effects of Mobile Screen Size on Self-disclosure
 Wang, Jinping., Cho, Eugene. and Neupane, Bikalpa.

Ten years after The Professional Bond: Has the academy answered the call in pedagogical research?
 Weed, Amanda.

Terry Pettus and the 1936 Seattle Newspaper Strike: Pivotal Success for the American Newspaper Guild
 Elmore, Cindy.

Testing Perceptions of Organizational Apologies after a Data Breach Crisis
 Bentley, Joshua. and Ma, Liang.

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U.S. Law Enforcement Social Media and TV News: What are Agencies Posting and How is it Being Reported?
 Grygiel, Jennifer. and Lysak, Suzanne.

UnVaxxed: A Cultural Study of the Online Anti-Vaccination Movement
 Stansberry, Kathleen. and DiRusso, Carlina.

Under the Dome: How Chinese Newspapers Frame “Haze”
 Fan, Minghui. and Xu, Qingru.

Understanding Political Brand Communities from a Social Network Perspective: A study of the GOP 2017 Primary Elections
 Lin, Jhih-Syuan Elaine. and Himelboim, Itai.

Understanding Public Engagement in Sustainability Initiatives: The Situational Theory of Publics and the Theory of Reasoned Action Approaches
 Roh, Soojin.

Understanding Scientists’ Willingness to Engage
 Besley, John., Dudo, Anthony. and Yuan, Shupei.

Understanding antecedents of civic engagement in the age of social media: from the perspective of efficacy beliefs
 Chung, Siyoung., Shim, KyuJin. and Kim, Soojin.

Understanding the Donor Experience: Applying Stewardship Theory to Higher Education Donors
 Harrison, Virginia.

Understanding the Effectiveness of Meaningful Advertisements: The Influence of Mortality Salience and Age Difference
 Wu, Linwan.

Understanding the Effects of Emphasis Frames on Public Engagement with Climate Change: Evidence from a Meta-Analysis
 Li, Nan. and Su, Leona Yi-Fan.

Understanding the Persuasive Potential of Group Comparison Information in the Promotion of Bone Marrow Donation for African Americans
 Lee-Won, Roselyn J.. and Park, Sung Gwan.

Understanding why American Christians are intolerant toward Muslims: Christian nationalism and partisan media selection
 Mun, Kwansik.

Undisclosed information – Serial is My Favorite Murder: Examining Motivations in the True Crime Podcast Audience
 Boling, Kelli.

Unearthing the Facets of Crisis History in Crisis Communication: Testing A Conceptual Framework
 Eaddy, L..

Unhealthy Fun: Food References in Comedy Series
 Mayrhofer, Mira., Naderer, Brigitte. and Binder, Alice.

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Vapor and Mirrors: A Qualitative Framing Analysis of E-Cigarette Reporting in High-Circulation U.S. Newspapers
 James, Vaughan. and Simpson, Paul.

Veiled hyper-sexualization: How the Women’s Tennis Association deciphers collective identity through advertising.
 Bell, Travis R.. and Applequist, Janelle.

Virtual Tours Promote Behavioral Intention and Willingness to Pay via Spatial Presence, Enjoyment, and Destination Image
 Kim, Jihoon (Jay)., Shinaprayoon, Thitapa. and Ahn, Sun Joo (Grace).

Visual Framing of Dieselgate: A Content Analysis of Global News Coverage
 Morris II, David.

Visual media, radicalization and Islamic youth: Socially constructed meaning in Indonesia
 Longinow, Michael., Welter, Tamara. and Setijadi, Naniek.

Visuals, Inferences, and Consumers' Biased Information Seeking
 Ryu, Sann., Vargas, Patrick. and Ryu, Sang.

Voting Booth or Photo Booth?: Ballot Selfies and Newsgathering Protection for User-Generated Content
 Patrow, Kristen.


Wading into Water Scarcity: How Information Source, Politics and Curiosity Impact Response to Water Messaging
 Callison, Coy. and Holland, Derrick.

Walking a Tight-Rope: Intimacy, Friendship, and Ethics in Qualitative Communication Research
 Gachau, James.

Watching the watchdogs: Online news commenters’ critiques of journalistic performance during Boston Marathon terror attack
 Coman, Ioana.

Weeding out the differences: Market orientation’s effects on the coverage of marijuana legalization
 Ferrucci, Patrick., Painter, Chad. and Kalika, Angelica.

Weibo for Wellbeing Modeling Predictors of Health Behavior Intentions on a Social Media Site in China
 Niu, Zhaomeng., Liu, Jiawei. and Brickman, Jared.

What Components Should Be Included in Advertising Media Literacy Education?: Effect of Component Types and the Moderating Role of Age
 Jeong, Se-Hoon. and Hwang, Yoori.

What Drives Facebook and Instagram Users’ Emotional Attachment and Continuing Use? A Comparative Analysis of Internal and Socio-Cultural Factors
 Kim, Bumsoo.

What Makes Employees Stay Silent? The Role of Perceptions of Problem and Organization-Employee Relationship
 Lee, Yeunjae.

What Makes a Meme a Meme? Five Essential Characteristics
 Molina, Maria.

What is there? What is not?: A thematic analysis of social norms campaigns about binge drinking for college students
 Koh, Hyeseung Elizabeth., Mabry-Flynn, Amanda., Li, Xiaoshan., Ahn, Jisoo. and Mackert, Michael.

What makes a president? The role of gender, emotion, ideology, and sexism in predicting candidate evaluations.
 Donaway, Rebecca., Hutchens, Myiah. and Storm, Colin.

What’s in your school? A content analysis of school persona creation using online messages
 Horn, Dakota.

What’s the “Right” Thing to Do? How Ethical Expectations for CSR Influence Company Support
 Austin, Lucinda., Miller, Barbara. and Kim, Seoyeon.

Wheat free for wrong reasons? College students’ perceptions and sources pertaining to the gluten-free diet
 Walker, Anne. and Abrams, Katie.

When Cognition Engages Culture and Vice Versa: Conflict-Driven Media Events from Strategy to Ritual
 Liang, Limin.

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Yoga for Every (body)? A Critical Analysis of the Evolution of Yoga Representation across Four Decades in Yoga Journal
 Bhalla, Nandini. and Moscowitz, Leigh.

Yoga in Media! Using Theory of Planned Behavior to Examine Media Influences on Intention to Practice Yoga
 Bhalla, Nandini.

Young Muslims’ Responses to Anti-Islamic Right-Wing Populist Campaigns: Discrimination, Social Identity Threats, and Hostility
 Schmuck, Desirée., Matthes, Jörg. and Paul, Frank Hendrik.

Young vs Old: How Age Impacts Journalists’ Boundary Work Shift in Social Media Innovation (ACES and MacDougall awards)
 Wu, Yanfang.
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