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"I Don't Consider Myself a Corporate Fundraiser": Understanding the Nonprofit Perspective in CSR Relationships
 Harrison, Virginia.

____ Lives Matter: The Impact Of Exemplar Race and Story Frame on Percieved Issue Severity
 Jones, Robert.

‘Boyfriending In’: Violence and Romance in News Narratives about Sex Trafficking
 Johnston, Anne. and Friedman, Barbara.

‘Tell me something good’: Testing the longitudinal effects of constructive news using the Google Assistant
 McIntyre, Karen.

“I Love Weather More Than Anybody”: A Digital Ethnography of The Weather Channel’s Online Fan Community
 Shermak, Jeremy. and Whipple, Kelsey.

“Not one of us”: Social Identity and American Metajournalistic Discourse Surrounding Glenn Greenwald
 Johnson, Courtney.

“Pivoting” With the President's Gaze: Exploring New York Times Foreign-Policy Coverage Across Nine Administrations
 Adams, Kirsten., Riffe, Daniel., Sobel, Meghan. and Kim, Seoyeon.

“This Corporation Cares”: Considering Ethics in Communicating Nonprofit CSR Relationships Online
 Harrison, Virginia.

“We Are a Neeeew Generation”: Early Adolescents’ Views on News and News Literacy
 Tamboer, Sanne.

“We matter”: The launching of a counter-narrative Black public affairs program in Columbia, S.C.
 Boling, Kelli.


A Community that has Lost its Way: Framing the Sherman Park Unrest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
 Italiano, Rachel.

A Conceptual Model on Black Consumer-Brand Identity Congruence and Personal Care Purchase Intentions
 Addie, Yewande., Ball, Brett. and Adams, Kelsy-Ann.

A Meta-Analysis of Cause-Related Advertising Effects on Global Consumers
 Rego, Michelle., Rogers, Dana. and Hamilton, Mark.

All the News That Tweets: Newspapers’ Use of Twitter Posts as News Sources from 2009 to 2016
 Heim, Kyle.

Analysis of Photographic Representation of Refugees in France
 Warner, Anna., Welter, Tamara. and Brunt, Jason.

Authenticity in Public Relations: The Effects on Organization-Public Relationships
 Lee, Ejae.


Barriers in Communicating Science for Policy in Congress
 Akerlof, Karen., Lemos, Maria Carmen., Cloyd, Emily T.., Heath, Erin., Nelson, Selena., Hathaway, Julia. and Timm, Kristin.

Biting The Hand: Accountability Journalism in the Trade Press
 Wells, Rob.

Black Masculine Scripts in Hip-Hop Media
 Smith, Christin.

Breaking Babel: Understanding the Dark Side of Digital News
 Berman, David.

Bringing the community to the journalism: A comparative analysis of Hearken-driven and traditional news at four NPR stations
 Poepsel, Mark. and Cox, Jennifer.


Colin Kaepernick, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Diversion in Sports Crisis
 Harrison, Virginia. and Erlichman, Sara.

Considering Fair Use: DMCA’s Takedown & Repeat Infringers Policies
 Reid, Amanda.

Controversy, Collisions, and Cries: Contrasting Chinese and U.S. Short Track Speed Skating Television Coverage in the 2018 Winter Olympics
 Xu, Qingru., Broussard, Ryan., Guo, Sitong. and Abdallah, J.C..


Data Journalism Education in Canada: Scaffolding of Skills for the Future
 Leask, Jennifer.

De-Westernizing Journalism Curriculum in Africa through Glocalization and Hybridization.

Debatable sphere: major party hegemony, minor party marginalization in the UK Leaders’ debate
 Hughes, Ceri.

Discursively Empowered and Distrustful: The Impact of the Taxpayer Framing on Political Trust
 Kananovich, Volha.

Do Ethics Matter? Investigating Donor Responses to Primary and Tertiary Ethical Violations
 Browning, Nicholas., Yang, Sung-Un., Park, Young Eun., Lee, Ejae. and Kim, Taeyoung.

Does your PR course syllabus excite, intrigue, and motivate students to learn?
 Ekachai, Gee., Kim, Young. and Olson, Lauren.

Donald Trump in Visual Dimension: Content Analysis of Cross-National Intermedia Agenda Setting
 Sofiya, Tarasevich., Khalitova, Liudmila., ALBISHRI, OSAMA., Kiousis, Spiro. and Myslik, Barbara.


Emotional expression and social media practices: A social identity-based perspective
 Cui, Xi.

Errors and Corrections in Digital News Content
 Hettinga, Kirstie. and Appelman, Alyssa.

Evolution and Issue Ownership of the issue of digital privacy
 Shafi, Ashik.

Examining the Impact of Motivational Salience and Involvement on Visual Attention to Scientific Information
 Fischer, Laura., Meyers, Courtney., Cummins, Glenn., Gibson, Courtney. and Baker, Mathew.

Exploring Country-of-Origin Perceptions and Ethnocentrism: Implications for PR Efforts to Introduce U.S. Dairy Products to China
 Xu, Xiaohan., Comello, Maria Leonora., Lee, Suman. and Clancy, Richard.

Exploring Negative Peer Communication of Companies on Social Media and Its Impact on Organization-Public Relationships
 Qin, Yufan. and Men, Rita.

Exploring Publics’ Expectations for Crisis Outcomes: A Communication Mediated Psychological Mechanism in Social Media Era
 Ji, Yingru.


Facebook Groups as Affective Counterpublics
 Gachau, James.

Fact-checking and Facebook users’ engagement: Debunking fake news and verifying Trump’s claims
 Mena, Paul.

Field and Ecological Explanations of Data Journalism Innovation: A Focus on the Role of Ancillary Organizations
 Lowrey, Wilson., Sherrill, Lindsey. and Broussard, Ryan.

Framing Obesity: Effects of Obesity Labeling and Prevalence Statistics on Public Perceptions
 Liu, Jiawei., Lee, ByungGu., McLeod, Douglas. and Choung, Hyesun.

Framing and Persuasion: A Frame-building Perspective
 Liu, Jiawei. and McLeod, Douglas.


HIV and Anniversary Journalism: Susceptibility and Severity Messaging in News Coverage of World AIDS Day
 Grimm, Josh. and Schwartz, Joseph.

Health Behavior Intention: A Concept Explication
 Dockter, Ciera.

How "activist" ethics at the New York Times overcame the "chilling effects" of libel
 Mohamed, Ali.

How do Lebanese television channels engage with Twitter? An exploratory study into its uses
 Kozman, Claudia. and Cozma, Raluca.

Human-like vs. Robot-like Voices: The Impact of Voice Cues of a Virtual Health Assistant and Health Information Sensitivity on Users’ Perception and Behavioral Intentions
 Yang, Hyun. and Shao, Ruosi.


Identifying the Motivations of Political Donors using Social Media Data
 Dahlke, Ross.

Immigrant frames and responses to mass media identity positioning
 Kelley, Debra.

In the Crosshairs: The Perils of Environmental Journalism
 Freedman, Eric.

Individual differences in second-level agenda setting
 Coleman, Renita. and Wu, Denis.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: International Journalism Students' Interpretive Repertoires for a Changing Occupation
 Singer, Jane B.. and Broersma, Marcel.

It Costs a Lot to Look This Cheap: Preference for Low Quality Graphic Design
 Zenner, Shannon.


Make It Fit: The Effects of Brand-Game Congruity in Advergames on Brand Recall, Attitude, and Purchase Intent
 Dardis, Frank., Schmierbach, Michael., Aviles, Jose., Bailey, Erica., Orme, Stephanie. and Kang, Jin.

Manifestations of Authoritarianism in 2016 U.S. Primaries: Factors Triggering Innate and Latent Authoritarian Tendenceis
 Browning, Nicholas.

Measuring quality dialogue: Unproductive, uncivil discourse dominates news commenting forums
 Santana, Arthur.

Media Framing of the Movement for Black Lives: Tone and Changes Over Time
 Perkins, Michelle.

Mediating Empathy: The role of news consumption in mitigating attitudes about race and immigration
 Kaufhold, Kelly.

Mediatized rituals: De-reify the media in the age of deep mediatization
 Cui, Xi.

Mobile Augmented Reality through the Lens of Eye Tracking
 Josephson, Sheree. and Myers, Melina.

Moderating Effects of Perceived Government Controllability over Crisis Outcomes and Consumer Collective Efficacy on Responsibility Attribution and Demands for Regulatory Interventions
 Ji, Yingru.


Needle, not sword: How Nackey Scripps Loeb used editorials to build audiences and influence conservative presidential politics
 Heckman, Meg.

News Finds Them, and Then What? How Post-Millennials Engage with Social and Mobile Media News
 Oeldorf-Hirsch, Anne. and Srinivasan, Preeti.

Newspapers as Quasi-Stationery in Nineteenth Century America: The Economic Role of the Letter-Sheet Price-Currents
 Scharlott, Bradford. and Baker, Matthew.


Overriding the Threat Dynamic: Facebook Sociability for Trust and Perceptions of Difference
 Bouchillon, Brandon.


Parachuting into a hurricane: Twitter interactions between government entities and the public during Hurricane Irma
 Shermak, Jeremy.

Pardon My Critique: Using comedy to critique — and reinforce — masculine norms in sports in popular sports media
 Storm, Colin.

Personalized news in the age of distraction
 Farman, Lisa.

Political Campaigning Meets Digital Engagement: “Old" Failures and "New" Triumphs
 McMiillan, Sally., Childers, Courtney., Brotman, Stuart., Lee, Jinhee., Huang, Jian. and Bogda, Natalie.

Pro-Vaxxers Get Out: Anti-Vaccine Advocates Influence Questioning First-Time, Pregnant, and New Mothers on Facebook
 Bradshaw, Amanda., Shelton, Summer., Wollney, Easton., Treise, Debbie. and Auguste, Kendra.


Real Time Political Deliberation on Social Media: Can Televised Debates Lead to Rational and Civil Discussions on Broadcasters' Facebook Pages?
 Camaj, Lindita.

Repurposed Geo-data and the Counterpublic: Folk Theories of Remote Check-ins to Standing Rock on Facebook
 Baik, Jeeyun.

Risk Factors for Cyberbullying Victimization: A Survey of Adult Internet Users in 19 Countries
 Cahill, Tiernan., Mays, Kate., Donegan, John., Gil de Zúñiga, Homero. and Liu, James H..

Risky Business: A Case Study of a Leader's Framing of News Coverage of Organizational Risk-Taking
 Watson, Josh.


Sentiment Contagion in the 2016 U.S Presidential Election Media Tweet Networks
 Joa, Claire Youngnyo. and Yun, Gi Woong.

So they claim: A content analysis of magazine food advertising techniques and branding.
 Craig, Clay., Flynn, Mark. and Bergstrom, Andrea.

Speaking in a woman’s name: Gender difference of political expressive participation on Twitter
 Hu, Lingshu. and Kearney, Mike.

Stuck in the myth of Model Minority: Representation of self in Asian Indian ethnic newspapers
 Pande, Somava.

Switchers & Seniors: Evaluating technology versus cohort-based changes in TV news consumption, 1984 -2008
 Parsons, Patrick. and Jayakar, Krishna.


The Alternatives to Being Silent: Exploring the Opinion Expression Avoidance Strategies for Discussing Politics on Facebook
 Wu, Tai-Yee., Xu, Xiaowen. and Atkin, David.

The Amateurs’ Hour: South Carolina’s First Radio Stations, 1913-1917
 Armstrong, John.

The Digital Couch: The Therapeutic Potential of a "Gay Hookup App"
 Huesca, Robert.

The Effects of Constructive Television News Reporting on Prosocial Intentions and Behavior in Children
 Van Venrooij, Iris., Sachs, Tobias. and Kleemans, Mariska.

The Effects of Expectation Fulfilment of Likes on Anxiety and Depression: The Role of Perceived
 Tang, Lipei.

The Effects of Hostile Media Perception and Third Person Perception on Political Participation in the Partisan Media Context
 Hyun, Ki Deuk. and seo, mihye.

The German-American Press and Anti-German Hysteria during World War I
 Grieves, Kevin.

The God card: Strategic employment of religious language in U.S. presidential discourse
 Hughes, Ceri.

The Impact of Source Credibility and Risk Attitude on Individuals’ Risk Perception toward GM Foods: Comparing Young Millennials in the U.S. and China
 Sun, Ruoyu. and Meng, Juan.

The Local-Mobile Paradox: Missed Innovation Opportunities and The Future of Local News
 Heckman, Meg. and Wihbey, John.

The Politicizing of ESPN: A Content Analysis of its Perceived Partisanship
 Grubic, Adrianne.

The danger of words: Major challenges facing Myanmar journalists on reporting the Rohingya conflict
 Lynn, Nyan.

True Believers, Poseurs, and Becoming "Woke": Portrayals of Religion in Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black"
 Engstrom, Erika. and Valenzano, Joseph.

Tsunamis on the U.S.-Mexico Border? Use of metaphors in news coverage of unaccompanied minors
 Reynolds, Christa. and Gonzalez de Bustamante, Celeste.


U.S. News Media's Framing of the 'North Korean Crisis' Under the Trump Administration: The New Ideological Foreign Affairs Paradigm
 LABBE, BRETT. and Park, SangHee.

Understanding the Role Performance of Native Advertising on News Websites
 Li, You.

Uniting for a collaborative protest: How NFL in-house media covered athlete activism, a case study
 Mirer, Michael.


What about Our Cause? The Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility on Nonprofit Reputation
 Harrison, Virginia., Vafeiadis, Michail., Diddi, Pratiti. and Conlin, Jeff.

What would Jesus do in Cyberspace?
 Scott, Ddavid.
AEJMC 2018-Aug-06 to 2018-Aug-10
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