AEJMC 2019-Aug-07 to 2019-Aug-11

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"I am Enough": (Re)Constructions of Gendered and Racialized Subjectivities in Crazy Rich Asians
 Fritz, Marianne.

"Slutty ambitious monsters": The cultivation of female journalists in pop culture
 Husnick, Kelsey.

"Toward the benefit of the Allies": Patriotism, Propaganda, and the Government-Press Relationship of the Great War
 McCune, Meghan.

#Ageism: Exploring aging issues on Twitter
 Walkner, Tammy.

#Blocked: Engaging with Politicians on Social Media in the Age of Trump
 Masullo Chen, Gina.

#Donatenow!: A computer-assisted analysis of musician’s political engagement on Twitter
 Lukito, Josephine., Loya, Luis., Davalos, Carlos., Li, Jianing. and Tong, Chau.

#JoinTheAlliance: A Network Exploration into Hashtag Brand-Building by an Emerging Sports League
 Harker, Jennifer.

(Re)centering human experience: A provocation for a critical humanistic orientation for public relations
 Ciszek, Erica.

25 Years of Thematic and Episodic Framing Research on News: A Disciplinary Self-Reflection through an Integrative Process Model of Framing
 Major, Lesa Hatley. and Meihaus Jankowski, Stacie.

'Fight the Power’: Themes of Racial Tension in Different Rap Music Eras – A Content Analysis
 Mozie, Dante.

'Life Is Harder:" The Perceived Impact of a Newspaper Closure on a Community
 Mathews, Nick.

¨We have to stand out to blend in¨: Ordinary transgender people in the news
 Fink, Katherine. and Palmer, Ruth.

‘Funding Secured:’ A Forty Million Dollar Tweet that Highlights First Amendment Issues Associated with Regulating Speech on Social Media
 Cohn, Samuel.

‘Live Fast, Die Young’: Programming Strategies of the Phonograph, FOX, and CBS
 Aupperle, Anna.

“A Woman's View-point and a Man's Pen-point": The Continued Struggle for Gender Equity in Journalism
 Dick, Bailey.

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A Concept Explication of Stance: The Leading Strategy to an Organization’s Crisis Response
 Boman, Courtney D..

A Different Kind of Public Sector Practice: Local Law Enforcement Public Relations
 McCluskey, Lindsay.

A Fifty Year Evolution: A Content Analysis of Miss USA Pageant Questions
 Bouchacourt, Lindsay.

A Human Touch and Content Matter for Consumer Engagement
 Park, Hyojung. and Jiang, Yangzhi.

A Meta-analysis on mHealth Physical Activity Interventions for Weight Loss: Technology Use, Behavior Change Theories and Techniques
 Qin, Yan., Wang, Xiaojing. and Namkoong, Kang.

A New Kind of Journalistic Paradigm Repair: How U.S. News Outlets Rejected the Label "Enemy of the People"
 Thornton, Leslie-Jean., Keith, Susan. and Robinson, Sue.

A Picture of Health: How News Stories’ Terminology Correlates with Mental Illness Stigma
 Goldstein, Emily.

A President, a sportsman and a rhetorical vision
 Nyamandi, Varaidzo.

A Qualitative Study of the Perceptions of Physically Disabled Public Relations Practitioners
 Sebesta, Amanda. and Vardeman, Jennifer.

A Shaky Bet: Legalized Sports Gambling in the U.S.
 Petrotta, Brian.

A Structural Imperative: Freedom of Information, the First Amendment and the Societal Function of Expression
 Wagner, A.Jay.

A Territorial Dispute or An Agenda Battle? A Cross-National Examination of the Network and Intermedia Agenda-Setting Effects between Newspapers and Twitter on Diaoyu Islands Dispute
 Su, Yan. and Hu, Jun.

A crisis in pictures: Visual framing of the opioid epidemic by the Cincinnati Enquirer
 Haught, Matthew., Willis, Erin. and Alaimo, Kathleen I..

A devil's dissection: Thematic analysis of the discussion of the Mexican documentary The Devil's Freedom on Twitter
 Dominguez Partida, Gabriel.

A lion or a lone wolf? Developing a visual measure of archetypal personality for communication research
 Brickman, Jared.

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Battle of the Frames: Perspective Collision and Hyper-Mediation at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.
 Bonser, Chelsea., LAN, DI. and McConnell, Stephen.

Between subject and object: How mass media industries have enabled sexual misconduct and harassment—and how they also exposed them
 Lambiase, Jacqueline., Everbach, Tracy. and Bronstein, Carolyn.

Beyond the Differential Gains Model: The Effects of Authoritarian Orientation, Social Media Use, and Political Discussion on Political Participation in Taiwan and South Korea
 Su, Yan. and XIAO, XIZHU.

Beyond the What to the Who: Advancing Archetype Theory to Improve Branded Communication
 Wiliams, Katie., Skerda, Karissa. and Brickman, Jared.

Biased Optimism: Online Fake News and Their Influence on Third-Person Perception and Corrective Action
 Gill, Hyungjin. and Choi, Moonhoon.

Binge Watching: Motivations, Demographics, and Television Program Genres
 Cha, Jiyoung. and Chan-Olmsted, Sylvia.

Black Twitter Representations of #Kavanaugh Hearings
 Bland, Dorothy. and Moody-Ramirez, Mia.

Black bad men or bad niggers: Popular culture and hypermasculinity in Black Greek letter fraternities
 Matos, Rafael.

Bollywood Diplomacy: A critical Analysis of the Role of Hindi Film Industry in International Public Relations
 Asim, Mian., Rasul, Azmat. and Ehab Rasul, Muhammad.

Border Patrol: The Rise and Role of Fact-Checkers and Their Challenge to Journalists' Normative Boundaries
 Singer, Jane B..

Breaking the Stigma of Depression: The Underlying Mechanisms of the Persuasiveness of Narrative Health Messages
 Zhang, Nanlan. and Wen, Taylor Jing.

Breasts and bodies: A content analysis of women's representation in contemporary images
 J. Robyn, Goodman. and Lu, Lincoln.

Buying Blackness: Black Audience Decoding of Nike Advertisements
 Stacker, Diamond.


CSR Communication on Twitter: How Influential Are Socially Responsible Companies Communicating CSR Issues on Twitter
 Jiang, Yangzhi.

Can Newsroom Values Coexist With Native Advertising? Navigating Boundaries For a New Revenue Model
 Batsell, Jake.

Can Visuals Mislead? A Test of the Visual Superiority Effect in Advertising
 Kim, Kyongseok. and Kim, Hyang-Sook.

Caste Culture as Caste Power: Lifestyle Media and the Culturalization of Caste in India’s News Ecology
 Rao, Pallavi.

Cautionary Tales: Social Representation of Risk in News Coverage of Cyberbullying Victims
 Young, Rachel., Chen, Li., Zhu, Ge. and Subramanian, Roma.

Challenging the Gender Dichotomy?: Examining Olympic Channel Content Through a Gendered Lens
 Xu, Qingru. and Billings, Andrew.

Changing Body Ideals of Marginalized Identities and the Proliferation of Social and Entertainment Media
 Azocar, Cristina. and Markova, Ivana.

Children and Unboxing Videos Online: Implications for Advertisers and Policy Makers
 Khedekar, Deepti. and Gangadharbatla, Harsha.

Children’s Fear Responses to News: A Survey on Fear Evoked by Children’s Television News
 Kleemans, Mariska., Ebbinkhuijsen, Ming. and Daalmans, Serena.

Children’s Views of Media Ratings in the Context of a Media Literacy Program
 Scharrer, Erica., Warren, Stephen., Olson, Christine. and Twishime, Porntip Israsena.

Climate frame dynamics over time: Computer-assisted detection and identification of news frames
 Chen, Yingying., Thorson, Kjerstin. and Lavaccare, John Andrew.

Co-constructing a Media Narrative: Interviews with LGBT Activists from the 1960s and 1970s in New Zealand
 Kenix, Linda-Jean. and Bandhopadyaya, Suvojit.

Cognitive and Affective Processing of Interactive Infographics on the web
 Kim, Narae., Pitluk, Adam. and Leshner, Glenn.

Cognitive and Behavioral Factors of Online Discussion as Antecedents of Deliberation and Tolerance: Evidence from South Korea, United Kingdom and United States
 Jeong, Irkwon. and Khang, Hyoungkoo.

Collaboration and Teaching about Liquid Media Literacy: New Challenges
 Beliveau, Ralph.

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Darker cloud or silver lining? News framing of the opioid crisis and organ donation
 Bajalia, Alexis. and Bradshaw, Amanda.

Deciding Fair Use
 Reid, Amanda.

Deep participation in underserved communities: A quantitative analysis of Hearken’s model for engagement journalism
 Cox, Jennifer. and Poepsel, Mark.

Demystifying Data: A Constructivist Approach to Teaching Statistical Concepts Using SPSS
 Bayliss, Lauren.

Desirable or feasible? How psychological distance influences climate change engagement
 Chu, Haoran. and Yang, Janet.

Developing critical consciousness about coverage of Latinx communities: a service-learning approach in journalism education
 Burns, Alison.

Diagnosing Newsjunkies: Fielding and Validating a Measure of Intrinsic Need for Orientation in Three Arab Countries
 Martin, Justin.

Difficult Conversations and Para-Social Relationships in Medical Shows: Analysis of Real-Time Tweets from Viewers of New Amsterdam Medical Drama
 Ndone, James.

Diffusion of Video Advertising on Community Newspaper Websites?
 Speakman, Burton. and Carey, Michael Clay.

Disposition Theory and Protest: The Influence of Media Frames and Individual Disposition on Audience Response to Protest
 Steele, Hailey Grace.

Distinguishing the Foreign from Domestic as Defensive Media Diplomacy: Media Accessibility to Credibility Perception and Media Dependency
 Zhu, Yicheng.

Do Students Know the Code? How Coding is (and isn’t) Taught in Accredited Journalism Programs
 Foust, Jim. and Bradshaw, Katherine.

Do Women Get Wings? Representation of Female Action Sports Athletes in Red Bull Media Coverage
 Kerns, Charli. and Whiteside, Erin.

Does In-Stream Video Advertising Work? Effects of Position and Congruence on Ad and Brand-Related Responses
 Freeman, Jason., Wei, Lewen., Yang, Hyun. and Shen, Fuyuan.

Does Internet Access Still Matter?: A Lesson from China - How VPN Usage Influences People's Attitude towards China-US Trade War
 hu, yezi.

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E-cigarette Communication on College Websites: The Risk, Campus Policy, and Cessation Support
 Jun, Jungmi. and Kim, Joon Kyoung.

East Asian man ideal types in contemporary Chinese society: fluidity and multiple parameters of masculinity
 Wong, Janice.

Effective Targeting of Youth through Online Social Networks in Diverse and Multicultural Marketplaces: New Developments and Perspectives.
 Asim, Mian.

Effects of Candidate Lateral Location and Eye Gaze Direction in Political Ads: Evidence from Self-Report and Eye Movement Patterns
 Alhabash, Saleem., Thorson, Esther., Chen, Weiyue., Deng, Tao., Kanver, Duygu., Ma, Mengyan., Park, Na Rae., Hirsch, Jessica. and Smith, Alan.

Effects of Cultural, Social, and Technological Influences on Snapchat Usage: A Cross-Cultural Study Comparing United States, Germany, and South Korea
 Park, Haseon., Lee, Joonghwa. and Kim, Soojung.

Effects of Developmental Communicative Feedback
 Price, Malena. and Lee, YoungAh.

Effects of Disclosing Ads on Instagram: The Moderating Impact of Similarity to the Influencer
 Naderer, Brigitte., Matthes, Joerg. and Schäfer, Stephanie.

Effects of Intergroup Comparison and Online Comments on the Promotion of Bone Marrow Donation for African Americans: The Mediating Role of Discrete Emotions and the Moderating Role of Group Identification
 Lee-Won, Roselyn. and Park, Sung Gwan.

Effects of Message Presentation Type on GM food Risk Perception, Similarity Judgement, and Attitude
 Lee, Namyeon., Dockter, Ciera. and Lee, Sungkyoung.

Effects of Reported Hurricane Behaviors and Outcomes on Efficacy, Threat Perceptions and Future Evacuation Behavior
 Cleve, Moritz. and Li, Zhaoying.

Effects of Self-Persuasion and Referencing on Attitudes Towards Smoking: A Cross-Cultural Examination
 Liu, Xuan Jim., Lee Jia Le, Charmaine., Bin Muhammad Shahiddin, Muhammad Syafiq. and Lim, Kai Xing.

Effects of celebrity, social media influencer, and peer endorsements on attitude and behavior towards a celebrity-owned brand: The role of source credibility and the concept of congruence
 Tian, Shiyun.

Elite Company: Sourcing Trends in 2014-2017 Prestige Press Climate Change Editorials
 Garcia, Christopher. and Proffitt, Jennifer.

Emotional Contagion on Facebook: An Experiment Examining Facebook News Comments, Affective Response, and Posting Behavior
 York, Chance., Paul, Newly., Turcotte, Jason. and Bi, Nicky.

Empowered giving: Understanding the role of psychosocial empowerment in charitable giving behavior to mental health organizations
 Wen, Taylor Jing. and Li, Jo-Yun.

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FEMA, media, or search engine? Rumor validation on social media
 Yang, Janet., Chu, Haoran., Liu, Sixiao. and Zhuang, Jun.

Facebook Birthday Fundraising as an impression management tool: The mediating role of altruistic motive on prosocial behavior
 Kim, Hyosun.

Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Patriotic Advertising to Ethnic Minorities
 Kim, Gawon. and Heo, Jun.

Fear and Hope, Bitter and Sweet: Emotion Sharing of Cancer Community on Twitter
 Wang, Jinping. and Wei, Lewen.

Fear of Missing Out: Components of the Experience and Experiential Variations In Different Contexts
 Neumann, Dominik. and Thorson, Esther.

Fighting the tide: How U.S. health organizations use Twitter to address the opioid crisis
 Jun, Hyoyeun., SEO, YOUNGJI., Briscoe, Andrea., Ramachandran, Charan. and Wojdynski, Bartosz.

Follow the Heart or the Mind? Examining Cognitive and Affective Attitude on HPV Vaccination Intention

For whom do we do this work and in whose voice? Examining the role of International Communication in Africa
 Gondwe, Greg. and van-der-Merwe, Rachel.

Formative Research on Promoting Car-Free Youth Transportation
 Shafer, Autumn. and Macary, Jared.

Forum Delegation: The Birth and Transposition of a New Approach to Public Forum Doctrine
 Johnson, Brett. and Epping, Shane.

Framing Effects of Numerical Information in Communicating Risk
 Lee, ByungGu., Liu, Jiawei., Choung, Hyesun. and McLeod, Douglas.

Framing Environmental Risks: Thematic and Episodic Framing, Need for Cognition, and Public Engagement

Framing Immigration: Criminal Frames of Latinx Immigrants and Social Distancing
 Hurst, Elizabeth. and Barbati, Juliana L..

Framing Me Too: A Visual Analysis of the Social Movement’s News Coverage on Twitter
 Cowart, Holly.

Framing Newsworthiness on Twitter: Analysis of Frames, News Values, and Tweet Popularity in Lebanese Media
 Kozman, Claudia.

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Gatekeeping and the Panama Papers: an analysis of transnational journalism culture
 Naskidashvili, Nana., Horvit, Beverly., Benoelken, Astrid. and Fidarova, Diana.

Gender Expression and Contribution Amounts in Social Responsibility Advertising for Pride Collections: Does Doing More Make a Difference?
 Champlin, Sara. and Li, Minjie.

Gender Portrayals in Adverts in the Gulf: A Content Analysis of Gender Portrayals in Television Advertising
 Khalil, Ali. and Dhanesh, Ganga.

Gendered #selfie? An analysis of Selfies, Face-ism, and Sexual Self-Identification on Instagram
 Ryan, Erin. and Nichols, Cynthia.

Getting Bi: An Analysis of Bisexual Characters’ Depiction on the Television Network the CW
 Mandell, Lyric. and Ervin, Francesca.

Global media and human rights: Teaching the Holocaust across national fault-lines
 reese, stephen. and melki, jad.

Going Native on Instagram: The Effects of Product Type and Endorser Congruity on Native Advertising Effectiveness
 Lee, Susanna., Chen, Huan. and Lee, Yu-Hao.

Grab your bags: Exploring destination branding through Instagram
 Santiago, Jaisalyn., Edwards, America., Senter, Michelle., Pursglove, Katherine. and Bui, My.

Guarding against complacency:  A multi-industry analysis of attitudes toward Title IX and gender equity in sport
 Whiteside, Erin. and Kerns, Charli.

Guilt by association: How chum box advertising affects news readers’ perceptions
 Molyneux, Logan. and Wojdynski, Bartosz.

Gun Control Debate on Twitter: Social Media Advocacy & Advocacy Communication
 Choi, Minhee.

Gun violence as a public health issue: Where do we go from here in terms of media advocacy?
 McKeever, Brooke., Choi, Minhee., Walker, Denetra. and McKeever, Robert.


Hacker groups and social movements: A systematic review of literature
 Xia, Yiping.

Hacking Culture not Code: Qualitative Analysis of How the Russian Government Used Facebook Social Ads During the 2016 Presidential Election
 Foster, Bobbie., Nasrin, Sohana. and Vasudevan, Krishnan.

Hashtag Justice: Implications of Social Media Engagement on Social Movement Perceptions
 Barnett Cosby, Nadine.

He Said, She Said: The Role of Gender in Influencer Marketing in Saudi Arabia
 Alharbi, Khalid.

Health information sharing for a social exchange on WeChat in China
 Fan, Lu.

Hegemonic Masculinity in the 2016 Presidential Campaign: How Breitbart Framed Trump as the "Uber" Male
 Soloski, John. and Kor-Sins, Ryan.

Here’s what to know about clickbait: Effects of image, headline and editing on audience attitudes
 Vultee, Fred., Burgess, Scott., Frazier, Darryl. and Husnick, Kelsey.

Highlights of Two U.S. Presidential Debates: Identifying Candidate Insults that Go Viral
 Lukito, Josephine., Sarma, Prathusha., Foley, Jordan., Pevehouse, Jon., Abhishek, Aman., Shah, Dhavan., Bucy, Erik. and Wells, Chris.

Hill & Knowlton's Smoke Machine: Campaigning for Labor Law Reform
 Curtin, Patricia. and Russial, John.

Hostile Media Bias and Third-Person Effect in Film and Television: A Study of Diversity
 Meyer, Michele.

How Age-Morphed Images Make Me Feel: The Role of Emotional Responses in Building Support for the Elderly Among Millennials and Generation Xers
 Lee, Ah., Kim, Eunice., Hon, Linda. and Chung, Yoo Jin.

How CEO Disclosure and Gender Affect Perceived CEO Attributes, Relationship Investment, and Engagement Intention
 Yue, April., Chung, Yoo Jin., Bradshaw, Amanda., Kelleher, Tom. and Ferguson, Mary Ann.

How Narrative Engagement with Young Adult Literature Influences Perceptions of Anorexia Nervosa
 Collins, Meredith. and Lazard, Allison.

How institutional pressure influences corporate crisis communication practice?: A comparative case study from China
 He, Qijun.

How to Promote Health Products Online
 Kim, Gawon., Yang, Chun. and Jeong, Yongick.


I am a Doctoral Student: A Content Analysis of Doctoral Students’ Online Self-Disclosure and Support-Seeking on Weibo
 Chen, Haoyang., Jia, Qiushi. and Du, Jiawei.

ICTs Intrusion: The Effects of Using Communication Technology after Hours on Employees’ Counterproductive Work Behaviors
 Kim, Katie.

ICTs in Educational Contexts: Digital Storytelling in Journalism Education
 Fu, Tao. and Babcock, William.

Identification with stereotyped social groups: Counter-stereotyped protagonists and stereotyped supporting casts influence on symbolic racism
 Dunn, Joshua. and McLaughlin, Bryan.

Impact of Facebook Networks on Election Outcomes: Case of 2016 Taiwan Legislative Election
 Tan, Yue.

Improving the Generalizability of Inferences in Quantitative Communication Research
 Long, Jacob.

India’s Mediated Public Diplomacy on Social Media: Building Agendas in South Asia
 Garud Patkar, Nisha.

Information Seeking and MSM’s Attitudes Toward HIV and Condoms
 Schwartz, Joseph. and Grimm, Josh.

Information vetting as a key component in social-mediated crisis communication: An exploratory study
 Lu, Xuerong., Jin, Yan. and Kim, Taeyeon.

Informing the Prescription Drug Cost Debate: What Consumers Want From Journalists Covering Prescription Drug Policy
 Walsh-Childers, Kim. and Ezeh Aruah, Diane.

Inter-Agency Collaboration: Account and Creative Teams Speak Out About Their Relationship
 Blakeman, Robyn., Haley, Eric. and Taylor, Maureen.

Interacting with the Ordinary People: How Populist Messages and Styles Trigger Engagement on Social Media
 Hameleers, Michael., Schmuck, Desiree., Bos, Lieke. and Ecklebe, Sarah.

Interaction Effects of Source Type and Message Valence in Instagram-Based Advertising Messages About Veganism
 Phua, Joe., Jin, Seunga Venus. and Kim, Jihoon.

Intercultural competencies needed for evolving media professions: Educating the next generation of globally minded communicators
 Mino, Pablo. and Gibson, Rhonda.

Interdependent Self-Construal and System-Generated Cues: Causal Attribution in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Campaigns
 Joo, Jinho., Lee, Yoon-Joo. and Yoon, Hye Jin.

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JMC Deans of Color Lead with a Purpose: A Qualitative Study
 Coleman, Keonte.

Johnny Neill’s Lonely Defense of Press Freedom in 1893 Texas
 Frasca, Ralph.

Journalism Practice in a Digital Age: Utilization of Social Media in Online News
 Pantic, Mirjana. and Cvetkovic, Ivana.

Journalism during global disasters: Healing, coping and recovery
 McCluskey, Michael. and Keefer, Lacey.

Journalism’s Backstage Players: A Population Ecology and Roles Analysis
 Sherrill, Lindsey., Zhang, Jiehua., Deavours, Danielle., Lyu, Yuanwei., Towery, Nathan., Singleton, William., KUANG, KEQING. and Lowrey, Wilson.

Journalism’s visual construction of place in environmental coverage
 Lough, Kyser. and Ashe, Ivy.

Journalistic compatibility: How social networking sites fit with users’ preferences for consuming hard, soft news
 Bien-Aime, Steve. and Wu, Mu.

Journalists, Newsmakers and Social Media in East Africa
 Collins, Steve., Merrill, Kelly., Collins, Chad., Ireri, Kioko. and Gamboa, Raul.

Just One More Episode: Binge-Watching Poetics and Big Data in Non-Linear Television Portals
 Stoldt, Ryan.


Keepers of the comments: How comment moderators handle audience contributions
 Wolfgang, David., Blackburn, Hayley. and McConnell, Stephen.

Keeping Up with the In-Crowd: The Extent and Type of Substance Use in Celebrity Gossip on Twitter
 zwarun, lara.

Keeping up with influencers: Exploring the impact of social presence and parasocial interactions on brands
 Kim, Hyosun.

Key Trends Visualizing Green and CSR on Skin Care and Cosmetic Websites
 Seelig, Michelle., Sun, Ruoyu., Pal, Sanchary. and Deng, Huixin.

Knowledge and risk perceptions following an an infectious disease outbreak
 Thompson, Esi.

Korean Popular Culture Consumption as a Way among First-and-a-half Generation Korean Immigrant Children in the United States to Develop Their Ethnic Identities
 Park, Jiwoo.


Latina Millennials in a Post-TV Network World: ‘Anti-stereotypes’ in the Web-TV Series East Los High
 Gonzalez de Bustamante, Celeste. and Retis, Jessica.

Laugh till I seek: A re-assessment of the gateway hypothesis
 Myers, Michaele. and Hmielowski, Jay.

Learning to be Inclusive? Testing the Effects of Media Diet on Attitudes toward LGT Equality
 Lee, Tien-Tsung. and Hicks, Gary.

Learning to be More or Less Prejudiced? How News Media Moderate the Effects of Ideologies and Partisanship on Attitudes toward Migrants
 Lee, Tien-Tsung. and Fujioka, Yuki.

Legitimizing the journey: National Signing Day and the public relations pseudo-event as cultural moment
 Emmons, Betsy. and O\'Hallarn, Brendan.

Liking and Physical Attraction offer Promising Pathways to Policy Persuasion despite Potentially Negative Narrative Influence
 Cannon, Julie.

Linking Judgments of Network Characteristics With Political Social Media Use via Perceived News Trustworthiness
 Neo, Rachel.

Listicles vs. Narratives: The Interplay Between Mood, Message Type and Disclosure on Native Advertising Effectiveness
 Noland, Chris.

Local civic information beyond the news: Computational identification of civic content on social media
 Chen, Yingying., Rodgers, Kourtnie., Thorson, Kjerstin., Cotter, Kelley. and Baykaldi, Sevgi.

Long Run: How Nick News with Linda Ellerbee stayed on TV for 25 years
 Burns, Alison.

Looking at future and seeking alternatives: An exploratory study on the uses of Team-Based Learning (TBL) in media ethics pedagogy
 Hossain, Dr. M. Delwar. and Estis, Julie.

Looking through the selfie: An analysis of Snapchat Filter/Lens Use in the Context of Objectification Theory and Uses and Gratifications
 Cruz, Angelina., Brown, Amanda., Legrout, Elise., Coyle, Edward Matthew. and Kinnally, William.

Losing the Newspaper Building: Collective Nostalgia as Periodization and Preservative
 Gilewicz, Nicholas.

Lost in translation: The disturbing decision to limit access to audio court files for podcasters
 Boling, Kelli.


Maidens, Bosomy Belly Dancers and Black Magic Vamps: A Qualitative Content Analysis of the Portrayal of Middle Eastern Women in American Children’s Films
 Bakry, Amal., Givens-Carroll, Dedria. and Alhashimi, Nadia.

Mainstream media, social media, and attitudes toward immigrants: A comparative study of Japan & South Korea
 Lee, Heysung., Li    , Gaofei., Sun, Yibing. and Rojas, Hernando.

Majority or Success: How Other’s Online Behaviors Shape Perceptions of Descriptive Incivility Norms
 Silva, David.

Making Race Relevant in Southern Political Reporting: A Critical Race Analysis of 2018-2019 Storylines
 Daniels, George.

Making sense of Harvey: An exploration of how journalists find meaning in disaster
 Dworznik-Hoak, Gretchen.

Malaysia and the Rohingya: Media, Migration, and Politics
 Ehmer, Emily. and Kothari, Ammina.

Mapping Representations of the Subaltern: The case of Indigenous Environmental Activists Bertha Caceres & Isidro Baldenegro
 Montiel Valle, Dominique.

Mapping the Corporate Social Responsibility Research in Communication: A Network and Bibliometric Analysis
 Ji, Grace., Tao, Weiting. and Rim, Hyejoon.

Meaning Co-creation and Social Influencers in Race-relevant Crisis: A Social Network Analysis Study of Starbucks’ Crisis in Philadelphia
 Xiong, Ying. and Cho, Moonhee.

Media Coverage of the Pakistan Super League (Cricket)
 Coombs, Danielle. and Cassilo, David.

Media Literacy among Public Relations Students: An Analysis of Future PR Professionals in the Post-Truth Era
 Fullerton, Jami., McKinnon, Lori. and Kendrick, Alice.

Media Literacy to Rebuild Trust in Journalism: A Typology for a Changing News Audience
 Robinson, Sue., Nelson, Kelly. and Davalos, Carlos.

Media Participation When Nothing and Everything Is at Stake: Creative, Consumptive Influences on Political Engagement
 Bucy, Erik., Groshek, Jacob. and Zhang, Li.

Media coverage of the Sino-Vietnamese War of 1979
 Nguyen, Hoa.

Media strategy analysis of the “new star” in 2019 Thai Election: linguistic perspective
 Guo, Yuqi.

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Naming names or no? How Germany fits in an international comparison of crime coverage
 Smith Fullerton, Romayne. and Patterson, Maggie Jones.

Nasty Writers: Uses and gratifications of private, online space in the age of Trump
 Husnick, Kelsey. and Jahng, Rosie.

Native CSR Advertising: How Does Advertising Recognition Influence Public’s Responses to Proactive and Reactive CSR?
 Wu, Linwan. and Overton, Holly.

Natural Disasters and Community Uses of Media and Information: How Hurricane Maria Impacted Puerto Ricans
 Chavez, Manuel., Takahashi, Bruno. and Graciano, Luis.

Navigating the External Realities: A Case Study of Bangladeshi Media Managers
 Nasrin, Sohana.

Neither Public Nor Private: Inventing PBS television, 1965- 1967
 Reyes, Camille.

Neutrality and Nonverbal Expression in Sandy Hook Coverage
 Deavours, Danielle.

News About Victims’ Delayed Sexual Harassment Accusations and Effects on Victim Blaming: A Mediation Model
 von Sikorski, Christian. and Saumer, Melanie.

News Media Credibility Ratings and Perceptions of Fake News Exposure among Internet Users in Five Countries
 Martin, Justin. and Hassan, Fouad.

News media apologies for racism
 Hoecker, Robin.

Newspaper coverage of Colorado’s 2016 End of Life Options Act
 Lauffer, Kimberly., Baker, Sean. and Seely, Natalee.

Newspaper editors’ interactions with journalistic serendipity
 Bird-Meyer, Matthew.

Night and day: A visual diptych of hate and horror in Charlottesville
 Keith, Susan. and Thornton, Leslie-Jean.

No, Memes No! Digital Persuasion in the #MeToo Era
 Fahmy, Shahira. and Ibrahim, Omneya.

Not as Innocent as They Seem: A Content Analysis on Gender Stereotyping in Memes
 Hong, Crystal., Robinson, Fiona Mei., Goh, Sherlyn. and Toh, Abigail.


Of nature, trust, and health: Understanding public risk perceptions of genetically engineered foods
 Rose, Kathleen., Brossard, Dominique. and Scheufele, Dietram.

On Kichiku as Film and Television Subculture and Its Influences in China
 NG, Yu King.

Online Harassment of U.S. Women Journalists and its Impact on Press Freedom
 Carlson, Caitlin. and Witt, Haley.

Online Media Use and HPV Vaccination Intentions in Mainland China: Integrating a Market Perspective with Media and Behavioral Theories
 Yang, Guolan. and Myrick, Jessica.

Opinion Leaders as Persuasion Agents: Integration of Persuasion Knowledge Into the Theory of Opinion Leadership
 Mueller, Alexander.

Out of the Shadows: Female Representation in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
 Howell, Jordin.

Overcoming the Fear of Death: Applying Terror Management Theory in An Organ Donation Campaign
 Kong, Sining.


Participatory Journalism in China: 
An Extended Newsroom and Power, Network, State
 Wang, Luxuan.

Partisan media or political organizations? Rethinking right-wing media in the disinformation order
 Yang, Yunkang.

Past Imperfect: Packingham, Public Forums, and Tensions Between Media Law's Present and Internet Regulation's Future
 Fargo, Anthony.

Pathways to Polarization: Mediated Social Comparison, Affective Polarization and the 2016 U.S. Election
 Alvarez, German.

Pen and Dagger: America’s Journalist Spies in Soviet Russia, 1920-21
 Atwood, Elizabeth.

Performing Identity on Social Media: How the “Pan-African Network” Facebook Group Affords its Members an Oppositional Identity
 Gachau, James.

Perpetual foreigners: negotiating the framing of Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans via Twitter after Hurricane Maria
 DeMoya, Maria. and Bravo, Vanessa.

Personal Influence in Public Relations
 Sriramesh, Krishnamurthy. and Fisher, Jolene.

Personality factors differentiating selective exposure, selective avoidance and the belief in the importance of silencing others: Further evidence for discriminant validity
 Tsfati, Yariv.

Photographs’ Role in Creating an Online Social Movement in Kuwait: A Case Study of Manshoor Blog Using Visual Frame Alignment Process
 Al-Duaijani, Noura. and Mortensen, Tara.

Picturing the President: Visual analysis of the Donald Trump presidency on U.S. magazine covers between 2016 and 2018
 Paul, Newly. and Perreault, Gregory.

Plastics and Polar Bears: Measuring Environmental Framing Effects on Perceived Distance and Sense of Motivation
 Quichocho, Danielle. and Alaimo, Kathleen I..

Political Polarization and Digital Discourse: Cross-National Analysis of Negativity in Facebook News Comments
 Humprecht, Edda. and Hellmueller, Lea.

Political Talk Shows in Taiwan: Attitudinal Antecedents and Consequences of First- and Third-Person Effects
 Liu, Scott., Hsieh, Shou-Chen. and Chang, Lei.

Political personalization and gender: 2015 Nigerian presidential candidates on Twitter
 Aromona, Olushola.

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Reacting Against Climate Change Denial: Role of Anger and Anxiety in the Backfire Effects of Censoring Climate Change

Real-world relationships matter: Attachment theory as a framework for explaining loneliness on social media
 Heo, Yu-Jin.

Realtime Distributed Cognition: A Conceptual Framework
 Hartley, Wes.

Reassessing the Variables Used to Measure Public Perceptions of Scientists
 Besley, John., Lee, Nicole. and Pressgrove, Geah.

Reconsider Media Multitasking and Counterarguing Inhibition: Empirical Evidence of Underlying Mechanism and Offline-to-Online Advertising Effects
 Chang, Yuhmiin.

Regulating Mood and Arousal: The Benefits of Interactivity as Information Control
 Wen, Taylor Jing., Wu, Linwan. and Sar, Sela.

Relative efficacy of differentiation and bolstering in mitigating the negative spillover effect from a rival brand’s product-harm crisis: A study of market leader and market challenger
 Zhang, Jun.

Religiosity as a Concept in Communication Research
 Hwang, Taisik.

Remember My Name: Basketball Writers’ Attitudes Towards Branding and Promotion Via Social Media
 Stamm, Jason. and Whiteside, Erin.

Repeat After Me, This Pill Will Make You Smarter: Exploring the Truth Effect in Websites Promoting Herbal Supplements
 Boehm, Nicholas. and Sivakumar, Gayathri.

Report for America, report about communities: local news capacity and community trust
 Wenzel, Andrea., Ford, Sam. and Nechushtai, Efrat.

Reporting (ethno)political conflict in former colonies: An exploration of British and French press coverage of the Cameroon Anglophone crisis
 Ngwe Ali, Pechulano.

Reporting on transgender victims of homicide: Practices of misgendering, sourcing and transparency
 Seely, Natalee.

Rescuing a legacy: The professionalization of local television digital news producing
 Henderson, Keren.

Resilient Aging: Examining how AARP Constructs Public Resilience Through its #DisruptAging Campaign
 Anderson, Lindsey. and Guo, Sylvia (Jiankun).

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Science Fiction, God, and Nature: A Textual and Frequency Analysis of Facebook Comments about Environmental Applications of Gene Editing
 Walker, Brittany.

Seeing is believing? Ethical implications for AR, VR, and 360º technologies in journalism
 Duffy, Margaret. and Page, Janis.

Serena Williams: From Catsuit to Controversy
 Love, Jessica. and Maxwell, Lindsey.

Serial Tweeters: The individuals and organizations that sustain attention to the climate issue on Twitter
 Wang, Luping., Yang, Aimei. and Thorson, Kjerstin.

Severe allergies and price increases: Framing the 2016 EpiPen crisis and U.S. pharmaceutical pricing
 Markovich, Hayley.

Shakin’ the Delta: The Evolution and Misrepresentation of Hill Country Blues in Print Journalism

Shared Vulnerability as a Virtuous Frame for Poverty Journalism
 Borden, Sandra L..

Shared space: How North American Olympic broadcasters framed gender on Instagram
 Johnson, Rich., Romney, Miles., Hull, Kevin. and Pegoraro, Ann.

Sharing Knowledge and “Micro Bubbles”: Epistemic Communities and Insularity in US Political Journalism
 Usher, Nikki. and Ng, Yee Man Margaret.

Sharing Native Advertising on Twitter: Evidence of the Inoculating Influence of Disclosures
 Amazeen, Michelle. and Vargo, Chris.

She's not one of ours: Social identity, black sheep effects and transgressive female athletes
 Kinney, Lance., Teal, Dylan. and Flamerich, Amanda.

Signal Interruption in Baldwin City: Filling a Communication Vacuum in a Small-Town 'News Desert’
 Smethers, Steve., Mwangi, Samuel. and Bressers, Bonnie.

Similarities and Differences in Western Media Portrayals of the Greek Economic Crisis
 Boukouvidis, Tryfon.

Smartphone Addiction on Bullying in Schools in Early Adolescence in South Korea
 Kim, Jaeyop., Jang, Daeyeon., Park, Sookyung., Park, Namkee. and Lee, Yujin.

Snap at me! Self-disclosure, Maintenance Expectations, Entrapment and Relationship Satisfaction on Snapchat: Experience Sampling Method
 Srinivasan, Preeti.

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TL;DR and TC;DU: An Assessment of the Length and Complexity of Social Media Policies
 Obar, Jonathan. and Hatelt, Andrew.

TV Anchors and Reporters use of Emotional Labor: Professional Control Over Personal Health Disclosures Online
 Pellizzaro, Kirstin.

Teaching Diversity through Satire Literacy
 Corsbie-Massay, Charisse L\'Pree. and Bennett, Kiah.

Technology Power Usage and Health Portal Acceptance among Chinese Cancer Patients and Their Families
 Chen, Chan., Nam, Yujun. and Guo, Hang.

Testing the Spiral of Silence Model: The Case of Government Criticism in India
 Roy, Enakshi.

The Aftermath of 2019 Pulwama Terror Attack
 Sreepada, Nihar., Coman, Ioana. and Singh, Simranjit.

The Carnivalesque in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
 Trumpbour, Bob. and Mohammed, Shaheed.

The Commodification of the Presidency: The Role of Mass Media
 Alshehab, Ahmad.

The Effect of Corporate Media Ownership on Depth of Local Coverage and Issue Agendas
 Blankenship, Justin. and Vargo, Chris.

The Effect of Verbal and Visual Product Information on Cognitive and Affective Responses
 Hu, Xiaohan. and Chen, Chen.

The Effects of Framing and Advocacy Expectancy on Belief Importance and Issue Attitude
 Liu, Jiawei., Su, Min-Hsin., McLeod, Douglas. and Abisaid, Joseph.

The Emergence of Social Justice Journalism
 Steinke, Allison.

The Exception is the Rule: Structural Factors and the 21st Century Television Audience
 Barrett, Marianne. and Mantas, Harrison.

The Hostile Media Effect in Coverage of International Relations: Testing the Relationship Between Source, Nationalism and Perceived Source Bias
 Golan, Guy., Waddell, T. Franklin. and Barnidge, Matthew.

The Ideal Advertising Professor
 Anghelcev, George., Naqvi, Shageea (Gia)., Sar, Sela. and Moultrie, Jasmine.

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U.S. front-pages: Visual news values in wire versus non-wire photographs
 Lough, Kyser. and Mortensen, Tara.

Uncertainty Salience in Prospect Theory: Assessing the Persuasive Effect of Goal Framing and Response Efficacy on the Elderly's Influenza Vaccination Decisions
 Luo, Meiyin.

Uncover the magic of visual contrast in print advertisements
 Park, Sung Eun.

Understanding the Church of Scientology’s Interpretation of Effective Public Relations
 Formentin, Melanie. and Spaulding, Cylor.

Understanding the Typology of Native Advertising on News Websites
 LI, You. and Wang, Ye.

Untangling the Contribution of Training on Scientists’ Willingness to Participate in Public Engagement: A Test of Parallel Multiple Mediation
 Copple, Jacob., Bennett, Nichole., Moon, Won-Ki., Dudo, Anthony., Newman, Todd., Leavey, Nicole., Lindenfeld, Laura. and Volpe, Chris.

User Experience (UX) Matters: What are the Most Desired Skills in the UX Designer and UX Researcher Job Ads?
 Wang, Ruoxu., Yang, Jin. and Asser, Louis.

Users, Topics and Content Strategies: Content Analysis of Twelve Climate Change Event Spikes on Twitter
 Wang, Luping.

Users’ Responses to Public Discourse of HPV Vaccination on YouTube
 Sun, Yanqing., LU, Fangcao. and Chia, Stella.


VR as Community News Solution - Connecting communities, helping audiences trust community journalists more with immersive technology
 Atkins, Aaron., Meyer, Hans. and Peko, Samantha.

Venus, Mars and the Sun: Gender Differences in the Persuasive Efficacy of GIFs with Positive and Negative Emotional Valence on Promoting Sunscreen Use
 Lee, Bianca Ann., Lee, Lena Cheng Yeng., Liang, Tessa Su En. and Ang, Zandra Rui Yi.

Victorian Eyes: Examining Nineteenth-Century American Journalism Through Three Major English Travel Writers
 Kperogi, Farooq.

Video Convergence: Factors Affecting Photojournalists’ Satisfaction and Adoption
 Assaf, Christopher T..

Virtual Diffusion: Psychometric Predictors of Consumer-Level VR Device Adoption and Usage
 Cummings, James., Cahill, Tiernan., Wertz, Blake. and Zhong, Qiankun.

Visual Sovereignty: Six Questions Applied to an Indigenous Video Game
 Clotfelter, Susan.

Visualizing Candidates and Graphicating the News: Evidence from US Presidential Campaign Coverage, 1992-2012
 Bucy, Erik. and Richards, Othello.

Visualizing the finish line: Exploring capstone courses in visual communications programs
 Haught, Matthew. and Morris II, David.

Voices of the Gatekeepers: Examining the Olympic Channel Production Through a Gendered Lens
 Xu, Qingru. and Billings, Andrew.

Volunteer motivation fulfillment: The antecedents and outcomes
 Xiao, Anli., Harrison, Virginia. and Buckley, Christen.


Walk Me Through my Social World: The Uses and Gratifications of News Values on Social Media
 Karlis, Jack.

Washington, DC-based Religious and Secular Media Coverage of the District’s Death with Dignity Act
 Baker, Sean. and Lauffer, Kimberly.

WeChat or We Set? Examining the Intermedia Agenda-Setting Effects between WeChat Public Accounts, Party Newspaper and Metropolitan Newspapers in China
 Su, Yan.

Welcome to Canada: The challenge of information connections for resettled Syrian refugees
 Wall, Melissa.

What do scientists look like? Race, Gender, and Occupation in Children’s STEM-Focused Educational Television
 Alade, Fashina.

What's in a name?: Cultural meanings of the X-marker
 Dreiling, Michelle.

What’s in a job posting? : A content analysis of legacy media job listings
 Aupperle, Anna. and Grzeslo, Jenna.

When Art & Culture Becomes the Symbol of Resistance: An Analysis of Creative Protests During the Political Unrests of Pakistan, Egypt and Tunisia
 Arif, Rauf.

When Online Behavioral Advertising Mistargets: The Underlying Mechanism of its Negative Impact
 Lim, DongJae (Jay)., Sun, Shuoya. and Wojdynski, Bartosz.

When a Plan Comes Together: An Analysis of Assessment Plans from Accredtied US Broadcast Journalism Programs
 Bajkiewicz, Timothy. and Nash, Katherine.

When do people share fake news online? The effect of social network size and homophily
 Sun, Ruoyu., Li, Cong., Millet, Barbara., Ali, Khudejah. and Petit, John.

Where's the Beef? How One Woman Rocketed to Leadership in Advertising's Creative World
 Olsen, Katie.

Whistleblowing, leaking, or both? A text-mining analysis of definitional discrepancies in major metro newspapers
 Waters, Stephenson.

Who do we Trust More? Analyzing Public Trust to Determine which Government entities are more Trustworthy, and how Communication Techniques Might Build Confidence
 Kowalewski, Jennifer., Maghiar, Marcel., Aasheim, Cheryl., Maldonado, Gustavo. and Elwood, Meg.

Who is Writing About What? A Content Analysis of Science News in The New York Times and the Washington Post
 Jordan, Joshua.

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You Are What You Post: The Interaction of Personality Traits and Visual Content on Instagram
 Liu, Yuchen.

You Can’t Handle the Lies!: How the Gamson Hypothesis Explains Third-person Perceptions of Being Fooled by Fake News
 Lee, Taeyoung., Johnson, Tom. and Sturm Wilkerson, Heloisa.

YouTube’s content influence on college-aged Black women’s decision to transition to natural hair
 Jackson, Cameron. and Bravo, Vanessa.
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