American Historical Association 2006-Jan-05 to 2006-Jan-08

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Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder: Images of Women from the United States and Great Britain During World War II
 Hoyt, Marguerite.

Biology Textbooks After Scopes 1925-1931
 Shapiro, Adam.


Counting foreigners and locals in Alexandria, 1880-1914
 Hanley, Will.


Defining Democracy: Political Activism, Electoral Reform, and the Struggle for Power in the New York City, 1935-1947
 Prosterman, Daniel.


Forget Perspiration Annoyance: Advertising and Athletic American Women, 1890-1920
 Rosoff, Nancy.


How the Mighty Have Fallen: The Foundation and Fate of Dublin’s Imperial Monuments
 Keane, Elizabeth.


Memory and the Production of Historical Knowledge: the Case of French Enlightenment
 Pekacz, Jolanta.


Nationalist Socialism and Social Democracy. The Junge Rechte in Weimar Social Democracy and the Rise of National Socialism.
 Vogt, Stefan.

Nationhood and Gay Marriage in Scandinavia
 Rydström, Jens.


Race to the Bottom Line: John Barrett and Dean Worcester, Rivals in Knowledge Production and Modes of Communication
 vaughan, Christopher.

Regional Identities and Sectional Messages: The Print Media’s Stories of Emmett Till
 Mace, Darryl.


Schools like Factories: Exploring Connections between Philosophy and Structure
 Steeves, Kathleen.

Selling the Nation: The Role of Racialized Advertisements in Creating National Identities in the US and Germany, 1893 to 1933
 Cserno, Isabell.

Singing against apartheid: ANC cultural groups and the international anti-apartheid struggle
 Gilbert, Shirli.


The Atlas of Wisconsin Indian Land Cessions
 Oberly, James.

The Book of the World: Early English and French World Atlases
 York, Laura.

The Manuscript Tradition of the ‘Law of God’ (Lex Dei or Collatio Legum Mosaicarum et Romanarum)
 Frakes, Robert.

The People and the Poor: Continuity in Ideas and Practices of Poverty in Rhode Island, 1780-1888
 Loiacono, Gabriel.

The Politics of World Federation
 Baratta, Joseph.


Wartime Catalyst: Patriotism, Nationalism, and Isolationism in the Making of the US Synthetic Organic Chemicals Industry, 1910-1930
 Steen, Kathryn.

American Historical Association 2006-Jan-05 to 2006-Jan-08
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