American Historical Association 2007-Jan-04 to 2007-Jan-07

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"The Growing Economic Independence of Woman": Married Women's Work in the United States, 1875-1940
 Doyle, Debbie. and Roberts, Evan.

“All I ask is a chance to play”: Sports and Early Twentieth-Century American Schoolgirl Stories
 Rosoff, Nancy.


African American Marriage Formation, 1880-2000
 Doyle, Debbie. and Fitch, Catherine.


Bittersweet Harvest: The Bracero Program, 1942-1964
 Doyle, Debbie. and Lilienfeld, Bonnie.

Built to Suit the Sub-Tropical Climate: Selling Radios in the Levant, 1930s-1940s
 Stanton, Andrea.


Children Under the Microscope: Interrogating medical Research Using Children in Early Colonial Nigeria (1900-1960)
 Doyle, Debbie. and Bivins, Mary.

Civil War and Civil Rights, Gender and Race, in South Carolina's Statues and Monuments
 Synnott, Marcia.

Constructing Joseph Smith: Documents and Debates
 Underwood, Grant.


Descriptions of Cities within the Texts of the Early Medieval Muslim Writers
 Etemad Yousefi, Arash.

Doing Business in Unsettled Times: Europe’s Insurers and the Fate of Jewish Insurance Policies During World War II
 Glazer, Susan.

Drawing Fire: Political Cartoons of the Iranian Revolution in the United States


Film As Evidence: From the Nuremberg Experience to the Eichmann Trial
 Doyle, Debbie. and Delage, Christian.


Historical Counstructions of Contemporary Notions of Identity in Postcolonial Africa: Case Study - The Upper Zambezi Valley
 Doyle, Debbie. and Flint, Lawrence.

Hospitality in Southwestern Tazmania 300 CE - 1900 CE: Gauging Historical Change Without Written Records
 Doyle, Debbie. and Fourshey, Catherine.

How Segregated Was the South in the 1880s? Columbia, South Carolina as a Case Study
 Rubin, Hyman.


In Search of the American Pimp
 Doyle, Debbie. and Long, Alecia.

Internationalization – and History – in the Training of K-12 Teachers
 Schneider, Ann.


Lawrence Pope, Texas Prison Reform, and the Changing Context of Confinement
 Andrews, Norwood.

Lot Cary, Liberia, and the Politics of Slavery
 Doyle, Debbie. and Burin, Eric.


Mapping St. Louis: Urban Policy History with GIS
 Doyle, Debbie. and Gordon, Colin.

Material Cultures of Filth and Cleanliness: The American Bathroom at the Turn of the Last Century
 Boggs, Jeremy.

More than Just a Fireplace: The Hearth, the Kitchen, and Frank Lloyd Wright
 OConnor, Allison.


News from the Margins: Using the Mather Library in a Digital Age
 Doyle, Debbie. and Peterson, Mark.


Object of History: Teaching High School American History with Artifacts
 Doyle, Debbie., Leon, Sharon. and Hurter, Stephanie.


Privileged Moves: Migration, Race, and Beteran Status in Post-WWII America
 Doyle, Debbie. and Hall, Patricia.


The Concept of "Ancient Imperialism" in the Modern Age of "Globalization"
 Sviatoslav, Dmitriev.

The Game of Life: Teaching the History of the 1950s through Primary Source Research
 Absher, Amy.

The Rise of an Industry: Tennessee Marble Comes to the Nation's Capitol
 Doyle, Debbie. and Knowles, Susan.

The Stuff of Memory (and of Forgetting)
 Doyle, Debbie. and Auslander, Leora.


Unstable Women: Eminent Domain and Womanhood in 20th Century Los Angeles
 Walsh, Eileen.

Urban Exploration: The Search for Authenticity in a Postmodern Metropolis
 Doyle, Debbie. and Lambert, Elizabeth.
American Historical Association 2007-Jan-04 to 2007-Jan-07
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