American Historical Association 2008-Jan-03 to 2008-Jan-06

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"Mapping Development": From Venice to China, Turkey and Brazil, Early Modern Visions of Development
 Zanalda, Giovanni.


Beyond Margaret Sanger: Commercial Interests in Early Birth Control Policy
 Balz, John.

Building the Better Worker: Prosthetics and Working-Class Disability
 Williams-Searle, John.


Consuming Visions: Print Advertising, Gender and New Media in Interwar France
 Neulander, Joelle.

Cooperation and Trading in the First Global Age, 1400-1800: An Application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
 Owens, J..

Crossing Paths in the Middle East: Cultural Struggles of Jewish-Kuwaiti Musicians in the 20th Century
 Urkevich, Lisa.


Dionysiac traditions, drama and the development of a Buddhist culture in Gandhara
 Liu, Xinru. and Brancaccio, Pia.

Doing Good While Doing Well: The Decision to Manufacture Products that Supported the Abolition of the Slave Trade
 Katz-Hyman, Martha.


Fitness and Fashion for Medicine: Images of American Women Physicians, 1870-1920
 Reinhard, Diana.


History Gaming: The Texas Course Redesign Project
 McMichael, Kelly.


Identity Construction and Visual Representation: Visual Transfigurations of a Culture Hero in Modern Turkey
 gurkas, hakki.


Liturgical Exorcisms in Early Medieval Europe: From Demons to Desk Job
 Dendle, Peter.


Mapping the United States Slave Trade in the Age of Abolition: Views from the Chesapeake, 1790-1860
 Schermerhorn, J..


Nazi Germany and Soviet Union in the Struggle for Hearts and Minds of the Soviet Moslems during WW2
 Feferman, Kiril.

New York’s Union Square: A Landscape Shaped by Conflict
 Shapiro, Michael.


Passionate Anxiety: Gay and Lesbian Voices from the 1950s
 Loftin, Craig.


Satellite Communications, The Cold War, and the Global Context of Entrepreneurial Activity
 Slotten, Hugh.

Sexualized Violence and Slavery Politics: Representations of Rape in Bleeding Kansas
 Swenson Arnold, Brie.

Spanish-Language Movie Theaters on Texas' Gulf Coast, 1920-1975: Culture, Class, and Nation at the Cinema
 Serna, Laura.


The Carolingian Canon Law Project
 Firey, Abigail. and Porter, Dorothy.

The Image of Padre Antonio José Martínez and the American Conquest of the Southwest
 Damico, Denise.

The Warrior Image: Visual Representations of American Soldiers, 1941-1973
 Huebner, Andrew.

The Word Became Kigambo: Literacy and Language in Buganda 1875-1935.
 Manarin, Tim.

Through a Native Lens: The American Indian Boarding School Experience, 1890-1920
 Goude, Nicole.


Visionary Experiences and the Construction of Mind in the Nineteenth-Century South Pacific: The Encounter between Christian Missionaries and Tahitian Prophets
 Merie, Mioara.

Visualizing “Frontier Justice” in 1890s Illustrated Sporting News: An Annotated Slide Show
 Frisken, Amanda.


Well Founded Fear: A Social and Legislative History of the Refugee Act of 1980
 O\'Flaherty, Katherine.


Youth in the Fatherless Land: War Pedagogy, Nationalism, and Authority in Germany, 1914-1918
 Donson, Andrew.
American Historical Association 2008-Jan-03 to 2008-Jan-06
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