Association for Jewish Studies 48th Annual Conference 2016-Dec-18 to 2016-Dec-21

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"And seek the peace of the city:" Constructing Jewish Identity through Urban Processions in the Late Medieval Crown of Aragon
 Aguilar, Susan.

"From Shoah to Son of Saul: an Intergenerational Dialogue"
 Portuges, Catherine.

"Geltungsjuden" and Jewish Community in Berlin, 1943-45
 von der Heydt, Maria.

"Hachi Garsinan" – All Known Textual Witnesses of the Babylonian Talmud at Your Fingertips

"Halakhicized" and "Relicized": The Transformations of the Sambatyon Legend in the Early Modern Period
 Stein Kokin, Daniel.

"Happy Yom Kippur": Televising Atonement.
 Rubel, Nora.

"New Writings That Have Come Into My Possession:" On the Origins and Development of the Corpus of Teachings Attributed to the Maggid of Mezritsh
 Moseson, Chaim.

"Night Will Fall" (2014) and the Holocaust Simulacrum
 Carr, Steven.

"Only the will of the people is needed": Gymnastics, Sport and the Zionist Body in the Jewish Community in Palestine, 1906-1939
 Idels, Ofer.

"The devil take your books!": Sholem Abramovitsh, Jules Verne, and the Limits of Translation
 Price, Joshua.

"The simple believeth every word": Hasidic counterpublic discourse and the Yiddish newspaper hoax
 Bleaman, Isaac.

"To Have It in Their Hearts": PJ Library and American Jewish Religion
 Gross, Rachel.

"Too bad Malkah isn't a boy" - The Life of Communist Esther Frumkin in Lili Berger's NISHT FARENDIKTE BLETLEKH (Unfinished Pages)
 Chiritescu, Sandra.

"'Procession of the Doomed': Alexander Askoldov's Reimagining of the Holocaust"
 Grinberg, Marat.

4QMMT: A Contextual Reading
 Baumgarten, Albert.

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A Digital Tool for Teaching the Holocaust with Jewish Primary Sources
 Kerenji, Emil.

A Dual Identity: Tuvia Rübner’s Poetry and the Art of Self-Translation
 Seelig, Rachel.

A Hebrew Literary Response to the Holocaust in Fortress America
 Katz, Stephen.

A Kibbutz's Mizrahi: Amnon Shamosh's "Name of the Author" and the Israeli Consensus
 Abazon, Lital.

A Makeshift Scripture: Early Rabbinic Doubts Concerning the Status of the Biblical Text in Light of Late Antique Christian Parallels
 Wollenberg, Rebecca.

A Matter of Importance: Impure Bodies and Objects in Rabbinic law
 Veto, Agnes.

A PurposefulProcess of Paternal Chastisement
 Levine, Zachary.

A Rose(n) By Any Other Name: How Distinctive Are Distinctive Jewish Names?
 Boxer, Matthew. and Rieser, Micha.

A Second Temple Literature Mythology in a Babylonian Talmud Agadda
 Feintuch, Yonatan.

A Strange New World: David Bergelson and 1917
 Murav, Harriet.

A Tale of Two Narratives: Absorption of Holocaust Survivors as Told to Jewish Children in the US versus Palestine
 Darr, Yael.

A Zoharic Commentary on the Sinew of the Thigh: Did a Late Aramaic Translation of a Castilian Literary Interpretation enter the Printed Book of the Zohar?
 Sachs Shmueli, Leore.

Affectivity and Audience: Locating Hasidic Homilies
 Amshalem, Jeffrey.

Aggressive Matriarch or Passive Maiden? How Jewish and Christian Writers Interpreted the Rebecca Stories of Genesis in the Greco-Roman World
 Zeiger Simkovich, Malka.

Aharon Shabtai and the Repudiation of the Lyrical "I"
 Gluzman, Michael.

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Back to Mitzrayim: Croatian Jews in the Yugoslav Refugee Camp, El Shatt, Egypt, 1944-1946
 Abramac, Gabi.

Becoming Elisha Once Again: Ethical Reading and Conversion Narratives in Late Antiquity
 Picus, Daniel.

Belated Rapprochement? Chaim Weizmann and Judah Leib Magnes in the 1940s
 Barak-Gorodetsky, David.

Bernhard Brilling and the Reconstruction of Jewish Archives in Postwar Germany
 Lustig, Jason.

Between Lament and Hope: Affect and Politics in the Work of Y. H. Brenner and Yehuda Amichai
 Haim, Mazalit.

Between Minority and Majority: The Figure of the Jew in Postcolonial Studies
 Hesse, Isabelle.

Between Poseqim and Dayyanim: Competing Perspectives on Legal Decision-Making in Early Modern Ashkenaz
 Berkovitz, Jay R..

Between Yitzhak Baer and Leo Strauss: The Rediscovery of Isaac Abravanel's Political Thought in the late 1930s
 Cohen-Skalli, Cedric.

Beyond Genealogies: Rethinking Literary Historiography through Hebrew Women’s Poetry
 Kronfeld, Chana.

Beyond Israel: Hebrew dystopia and the failure of Zionism
 Cohen, Uri.

Billy Graham Receives the Ten Commandments: The American Jewish Committee’s National Interreligious Award and American Evangelical and Jewish Zionist Relations
 Weiss, Amy.

Bodily Purification and Bodies of Water: Medieval Views of Ritual Immersion in Rivers, Seas, and Oceans
 Fishkin, Dana.

Books of Aggada in Late Antiquity?
 Hirshman, Marc.

Botany and Art in Israel Today: The Works of Tirtsa Valentine
 Valentine, Tirtsa.

Brazilian Jewish Students and the Opposition to the Brazilian Military Dictatorship, 1964-1985
 Rom, Michael.

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Campus Realities: Undergraduate Experiences of Anti-Israel Sentiment and Activity
 Chertok, Fern.

Can Philosophy Be Positive? The Place of Schelling in the Thought of Emil Fackenheim
 Bernstein, Jeffrey.

Canonizing Jewish Difference
 Eichler-Levine, Jodi.

Changes in "Federation Judaism"? The case of the UJA-Federation of New York
 Shaul Bar Nissim, Hanna.

Changing Homes, Reconsidering Homelands: Jewish Refugee Youth and Mobility, 1940-1955.
 Doron, Daniella.

Chasing the Dragon: Sephardi Jews in the Opiate Trade
 Mays, Devi.

Circulated Secrets: Rescaling Interiority in Antwerp’s Hasidic Enclave Economy
 Shuman, Sam.

Classics in the classroom: Sallah Shabati a half-century later
 Horowitz, Sara.

Cleopatra’s Roots: The Polish Zionist Imprint on Raphael Lemkin's Legal Thought
 Loeffler, James.

Communal Engagement with Organizations on Twitter: An Exploration of Groups on the Margins
 Manchester, David.

Composing a New Self: Assimilation and German-Jewish Identity in Post-Emancipation Musical Circles
 Stein, Amanda.

Converts in the Yishuv: Conversion as Boundary of a Secular Nation
 Perez, Anne.

Coping with Communism: A Comparative Study of Jewish Leadership in Hungary and Romania
 Kelemen, Agnes.

Corporal Studies of this Terrestrial Canaan :Mapping the Jewish Body onto the Holy Land
 Shoulson, Jeffrey.

Creating Public Exhibits in Courses on the Urban Experience and Holocaust Memory
 Kranson, Rachel.

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Dancing at Two Weddings: The Russian Bund between Nationalism and Socialism in 1917
 Meyers, Joshua.

Danish-Jewish Relief Work: Between Particularistic and Universalistic Claims (1904- 1914)
 Zuckerman, Maja.

Dathan and Aviram? The Power & Political Strategies of Rabbis in Communist Czechoslovakia
 Labendz, Jacob.

David Frishman’s Review of AHAVAT YESHARIM by Sarah Feiga Meinkin: Literary Purism or Hidden Agenda?
 Cohen, Michal.

De-Accessioning Congregational Property: Synagogue Buildings in 21st Century America
 Cooper, Alanna.

Defiance and Protest. Police Log Books and Video Testimonies as New Sources for Jewish Responses in Nazi Germany
 Gruner, Wolf.

Defining Jewness in a Post-Imperial Age
 Rabinovitch, Simon.

Diluted or Decluttered? Reform Judaism in a Secular Age
 Merwin, Ted.

Dirty Jews: Amy Schumer and Other Vulgar Jewesses
 Hammerman, Shaina.

Dissent, Democracy and Civil Liberties: The challenge of a left socialist Jewish voice to the mainstream Jewish community and the state
 Reiter, Ester.

Distinctive Community, Universal Values: How Jewish Millennials Think about Jewish Identity
 Bernstein, Rachel.

Do “the Poor of Your Town Take Precedence”? Considerations for Prioritizing the Provision of Public Services for Local Residents
 Avnery, Nechemia.

Doing Lishmah: Art for Art's Sake & Torah Lishmah
 Marcus, Gad.


Eastern European Jewish Consumer Culture at the Back Page of Ha-zefira at the Late 19th Century
 Bauer, Ela.

Elie Wiesel’s Work in Educational Perspective: A Christian Reception
 Boschki, Reinhold.

Elijah the High Priest? On the Absence of the Phinehas-is-Elijah Motif from Rabbinic Literature
 Miller, Yonatan.

Emil Fackenheim’s Way from Presence to History: Its Grounding in a Critique of Franz Rosenzweig on Revelation
 Green, Kenneth.

Enumerating the Commandments at the End of the Eastern Maimonidean Controversy
 Herman, Marc.

Episodes of Life: The Tales of Tzadikim and the Hasidic Communal Consciousness
 Edrei Mandel, Chen.

Eschatological Perspective in the Heikhalot Rabbati
 Sweeney, Marvin A..

Esoteric Writing in SEFER HA-BAHIR
 Dauber, Jonathan.

Evacuation Animation: The Jewish Refugee in the Islamic World, 1943-44
 Balakirsky Katz, Maya.

Exegesis and Appropriation: Reading Rashi in Medieval Spain
 Lawee, Eric.

Exile and Arab Jewish Identity: Edmond Amran El Maleh’s Moroccan Jewish Palimpsests
 Heckman, Alma.

Exile in the Shadow of the Holocaust: Violence, and Gender in the works of Simone de Beauvoir and Anna Langfus, 1960-1963
 Sanos, Sandrine.

Exile, Expulsion, and Exegesis – GALUT in Moses Alsheikh’s Biblical Commentaries
 Williams, Benjamin.

Exposing Robert Capa? From iconoclasm to ethnic slur
 Berkowitz, Michael.

Expressions of Belonging and Identity in Mizrahi Social Justice Protests 1948 – 1958
 Roby, Bryan.


Fackenheim’s Jewish Correction of Kant’s Quasi-Christian Eschatology
 Yaffe, Martin.

Feeling Nothing, Knowing Nothing: Martin Buber and affect
 Atlas, Dustin.

Fellow Travelers: From the Popular Front to the Cold War
 Sampson, Elissa.

Frankism in America
 Goodman, Nan.

Freedom Written Upon the Tablets: Law and Spirit in the Teachings of Three Twentieth-Century Mystics
 Mayse, Ariel.

Freud’s Moses and Césaire’s Louverture
 Réjouis, Rose.

From Decline to Dismissal: Chaim Weizmann, the United States and American Zionism in the 1940s
 Segev, Zohar.

From Glikl of Hameln to Franz Rosenzweig’s Grandmother: Matrices of Difference and Coherence in German Jewish Life Worlds
 Baader, Benjamin.

From Mom's Mortuary to The Schmoozy Reaper: Roz Chast and the Frail Comedy of Death
 Oksman, Tahneer.

From Mythology to Modernity: Two Soviet Yiddish Posters of the 1920s
 Chaver, Yael.

From Nineteenth-Century Benevolence to Twenty-First Century Philanthropy: The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati in the Arc of Cincinnati Jewish History
 Goldman, Karla.

From Religious Precept to Illegal Trade: The Smuggling of Etrogim during World War One
 Kolbe, Constanze.

From Scholarly Handbook to Yiddish Bestseller: The Evolution of a Medieval Minhagim Book
 Mincer, Rachel.

From Secular Zionism to Religious Fundamentalism: Religious Imagery in Contemporary Israeli Film and Television
 Peleg, Yaron.

From Synagogue Sermon to Literary Homily The Early Stratum of Tanhuma-Yelammedenu Literature
 Bregman, Marc.

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GESCHICHTE DER JUDEN as ZEITGESCHICHTE: Heinrich Graetz’s Evolving Characterization of his Contemporaries
 Kessler, Samuel.

Gender-based Aggression in the Work of Shoshana Shababo
 Szobel, Ilana.

Genetifying Jewishness: The Attempt to De-blur the Boundary of Jewishness and its Ramification into Israeli–Jewish Citizenship
 Kranz, Dani.

German Refugee Rabbis in the United States: Building a Legacy with History and Memory
 Wilhelm, Cornelia.

Girls of the Eastern Communities': The Intersectionality of Female Arab Jewish Immigrants, Israel-Palestine 1947-1960
 May, Chelsie.

Graetz as Exegete
 Zirkle, Alexandra.

Grigorijus Kanovicius: Memory of Jewish Lithuania
 Paulauskiene, Ausra.


Halakhic Anecdotes in the Bavli Introduced by Hava Qa'imna or Ashkeheih
 Hauptman, Judith.

Halakhic guidance for Israeli soldiers: characteristics of the post-1948 rabbinic corpus
 Cohen, Stuart.

Hated no Longer: The Historical Reasons for the Redemption of Leah in Medieval Kabbalah
 Koren, Sharon.

Hermann Cohen between Philosophy and WISSENSCHAFT DES JUDENTUMS: The Centrality of Philo to Cohen's Ethical and Religious Thought
 Billet, Shira.

Hillel’s Hermeneutics in the Context of Sectarian Polemics and Greco-Roman Rhetoric
 Hidary, Richard.

Hitler Rants on Netanyahu: Satirical Holocaust Memes as a Political Struggle
 Steir-Livny, Liat.

Hitler Studies and/or Jewish Studies: Zionism, Nazism, and the Limits of Representation
 Brahm, Gabriel.

Holding Kings Accountable: The Tension between Apologetics and Peshat in Medieval Jewish Commentary to the David Narrative
 Keiter, Sheila.

Holocaust Memory and Refugee Experiences in Argentina
 Miller, Abigail.

Holocaust Research in Yiddish as a Study in Jewish Continuity
 Smith, Mark.

How Samson Raphael Hirsch Became Orthodox
 Gottlieb, Michah.

How to Run an Empire in Hebrew
 Dynes, Ofer.

Hélène Berr and Marc Bloch: Jewish Unity and the Union Générale des Israélites de France (UGIF)
 Curtis, Lara.


Immodest Modesty: The Halakhic Dress Codes for Women and their Talmudic Sources
 Bloch, Emmanuel.

In quest of Rachel Morpurgo (Trieste 1790-1871): Filling the gaps in the biography of the first Hebrew woman poet.
 Cohen, Tova.

In the Shadow of the Inquisition: Judaism and Communism in Yiddish Poetry of the Spanish Civil War
 Glaser, Amelia.

Inanimate Objects and Mishnaic Legal Innovation: “A Cover Tied Upon It”
 Schofer, Jonathan.

Inciting Desire: The Evolution of an Idea and the Production of a Discourse
 Septimus, Zvi.

Indigeneity and the "Decolonization" of Jewish Peoplehood: The Anatomy of an Emerging Movement
 Berkman, Matthew.

Innovating a New Jewish Style: The Growth of Cantors and Synagogue Music in Los Angeles
 Kligman, Mark.

Insects in America: Chabon, Estrin and Kafka's "The Metamorphosis"
 Schor, Esther.

Inventing Jewish Music, Again. Reuben Rinder in San Francisco (1913-1962)
 Spagnolo, Francesco.

Investing Jewish Literature with Prestige: Harold Strauss and Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
 Lambert, Joshua.

Is it Magic at All? How to Come to Terms with the Rabbinic Attitude towards Magic.
 Amsler, Monika.

Is the Body Chattel or Person?: Rape and the Rabbinic Approach to Personal Injury Law
 Richman, Aviva.

Isaac Abravanel and the Spinozistic Maimonides
 Davies, Daniel.

Isaac Israeli’s Yesod Olam and Euclid's Elements
 Wartenberg, Ilana.

Israel Attitudes in a Longitudinal Study of American Jewish Young Adults
 Sasson, Theodore.

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James Marshall and Israel’s Palestinian Questions: An American Jewish Civil Rights Attorney Ponders Palestinian Rights
 Levin, Geoffrey.

Jeremiah the Scribe: A Socio-historical Study of the Scribal Milieu Portrayed in Jeremiah 36
 Moore, James.

Jew/Gentile in the Mythic World of Rebbe Nahman
 Lewis, Justin Jaron.

Jewish American Poetry and the Difference It Makes
 Shreiber, Maeera.

Jewish Culture and Civil Society in Interwar Vilna: Rethinking Secularism and Secularity
 Koss, Andrew.

Jewish Historicism and the Music Collection of Sara Levy (1761–1854)
 Cypess, Rebecca.

Jewish Identities in a Post Secular Context: The Religious Mutations of Latin American Jewry
 Fainstein, Daniel.

Jewish Messianism and the Influence of Spanish Colonial Literature: The Case of Menasseh ben Israel’s Esperanza de Israel
 Matzkevich, Hernán.

Jewish Mysticism in a Latin American Key
 Huberman, Ariana.

Jewish Responses to Project Paperclip, 1945-50: The Case of State Department Official Samuel Klaus
 Crim, Brian.

Jewish Studies and the Bible: Toward a Fuller Canonical Criticism
 Lambert, David.

Jewish Suburban Warriors: Contending with Racial Integration in the San Fernando Valley
 Baumgarten, Max.

Jewish communities in São Paulo - their idiosyncrasies and their common features.
 Kogan, Andrea.

Jewish economic life in the post-war Moscow suburbs: Adaptation to the Soviet “planned economy” (based on field research in the settlements of Malakhovka and Saltykovka)
 Kushkova, Anna.

Jewish-Christian Reconciliation and Its Discontents: Contemporary Halakhic Perceptions of Christianity
 Ben-Johanan, Karma.

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Kohenet’s Spiritual Materials: Altars, Archaeology and “Sacred Clutter Busting”
 Rock-Singer, Cara.


LASHON and LA'AZ: Jewish Multilingualism in the Medieval Mediterranean
 Sienna, Noam.

Language, Plasticity, Modernism: Patterns of Monolingual Writing in Debora Vogel’s Poetics
 Lyubas, Anastasiya.

Late Antique Jewish Polemic in the Greco-Roman Context: Rhetorical Cohesiveness Despite Diversity of Genres
 Hom, Matthew.

Late Usury: the Tanhuman Midrashim on Lending at Interest in Context
 Gvaryahu, Amit.

Latin American Jewish immigrants in the US: Americanization and distinctiveness
 DellaPergola, Sergio.

Law, Prophecy and Aristotelian Ethics in Saʿadyah Gaon’s Commentary on the Biblical Proverbs
 Lahmann, Almuth.

Leaving Orthodoxy: A Process that is less About Faith and more about Embodied Transformations
 Davidman, Lynn R..

Linguistic Renewal, Sacred Dialectics, and Modern Jewish Poetry
 Finkelstein, Norman.

Literature, Musar, and the Brokenness of Jewish Modernity: Reading Chaim Grade’s Fiction as Modern Jewish Thought
 Schwartz, Ethan.

Lithuanian Jewry and Antanas Smetona’s Authoritarian Regime, 1926-1940
 Casper, Michael.

Longing and Belonging: Betrayal Narratives in Holocaust Witnesses’ Accounts
 Klein, Dennis B..

Losing My Religion: Teaching Religious Fluidity through Creative Worldbuilding
 Caplan, Jennifer.

Lost in translation? Altanlena swinging between Nation-State and Empire
 Dubnov, Arie.

Luxury, Decoration, and Display in Weimar Germany
 Wallach, Kerry.


Mad Women: The Feminization of the Hebrew Secretary, 1948-1977
 Weiss, Shayna.

Man-as-consumer? Gender division in the Yishuv, image vs. reality
 shoham, hizky.

Mastery, Honor, and Desire: Jewish Slave Owning in Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century Cairo
 Perry, Craig.

Maurice Sendak and the Queerness of Postmemory
 Moskowitz, Golan.

Melancholy and the Broken Heart: Affective Textures in Hasidism and Misnadgism
 Schwartz, Joshua.

Memorializing the Shtetl: The Yiddish poems of David Fram (1903-1984) and the Paintings of Marc Chagall (1887-1985)
 Frankel, Hazel.

Menasseh Ben Israel: The Second (or First?) Jewish Copernican
 Adler, Jacob.

Minority Rights, Population Transfers and the Predicament of the 1940s: Vladimir Jabotinsky’s Last Year
 Rubin, Gil.

Modest Dress, Modern Appearance: Haredi Women and (a Bit of) Feminism
 Tabory, Ephraim.

Moses like David: A Deuteronomistic Prophet
 Joseph, Alison.

Motherhood and Trauma in Israeli Film
 Gillman, Abigail.

Mother’s Milk: Childrearing and the Production of Jewish Culture
 Aranoff, Deena.

Multilingual Experience Rendered Monolingually in the Poetry of Abraham Sutzkever
 Evrona, Maia.

Multiple Discourses and the Poetics of Membership
 Wolosky, Shira.

Mystical Autobiography
 Fishbane, Eitan P..


Narboni's Commentary on GUIDE 3:12 and the Question of Job's (Im)perfection
 Shemesh, Yonatan.

 Kashua, Sayed.

Negotiation & Design: Young Couples and Jewish Life
 Mattenson, Pearl.

New Ultra-Orthodox celebrities in the New Media age
 Mann, Rafi.

New Ways of Measuring Jewish Engagement
 Kadushin, Charles. and Aronson, Janet.

No Way Home: The Struggle to Rebuild Jewish Lives in Postwar Displaced Persons Camps in Germany, 1945-1957
 Crago-Schneider, Kierra.

No prophet like Moses – the ideal of infinite mercy in Seder Eliyahu’s depiction of the prophet Elijah
 Lehmhaus, Lennart.

Nostalgic Narratives: Memory and Jewish Summer Camp
 Avni, Sharon. and Krasner, Jonathan.

Not Just a Walk in a Park: Andy Goldsworthy’s Garden of Stones
 Goldman, Natasha.

Not by Might: the use of violence in Josephus’ Autobiography
 Spielman, Loren R..


Obligation in Ashes
 Millet, Kitty.

Occupying the Space “Below the Line”? The Feuilleton in Jewish Literature
 Pinsker, Shachar.

Of Coherence and Desire: Holocaust Memory and Narratives of Belonging in the Post-Soviet Jewish Diaspora
 Zaretsky, Natasha.

Off the Beaten Path: Hayyim Shoshkes as an Object and Subject of Folklore
 Kugelmass, Jack.

One Case, Two Answers: ‘Pairs’ of Teshuvot
 Ackerman-Lieberman, Phillip.

One City, Two Viennas: (Re-)Writing Jewish-Hebrew Diaspora
 Peles-Almagor, Michal.

Opportunity and Conflict: Chassidic Cantors and "Modern" Synagogues
 Lockwood, Jeremiah.

Orientalism, Religion and Nationalism in the Attitude of Religious Zionists towards Mizrahim in Israel
 Katz, Malka.

Orphan Words: The Search for (Jewish) Speech in Two 1948 Films
 Pollin-Galay, Hannah.

Ottoman Jews’ Competition for Financier Positions in the Seventeenth Century
 Goldish, Matt.

Out of the Camps and into the Margins: The Ethics of Third-Generation Holocaust Writing
 Osborne, Monica.

Over the Bodies of Women: How the Jewishness of the State of Israel is Being Constructed
 Weiss, Susan.


Past Traumas and Contemporary Identities: Jewishness, Gender, Genetics, and History
 Gillerman, Sharon.

People of the Scrolls: Book History and the Psalter in Rabbinic Literature
 Berkovitz, Abraham.

Perceptions of Jewishness and Philanthropic Practice
 Brookner, Matthew.

Performing "Jewishness" in Polish Small Towns
 Shapiro, Eleanor.

Piyut and Mizrahiyut: Reconfiguring Cultural Practice in a Global Era
 Dardashti, Galeet.

Piyyut and Religious Experience
 Novick, Tzvi.

Piyyut andas Ritual Theory: The Case of the Shofar
 Zinder, Ariel.

Playing (with) Reality: Choreographing Livability in Contemporary Israel
 Melpignano, Melissa.

Poet of the Shoah: PRIMO LEVI
 Levi-Senigaglia, Elizabeth.

Poetry and the Sacred
 Rothenberg, Jerome.

Poetry from the Nazi Ghettos and Camps, or Poetry before Poetry ‘after Auschwitz’
 Rose, Sven-Erik.

Pre-classical Piyyut and the Economics of Poetry
 Swartz, Michael D..

Preambles: An Insight into Rabbi Avraham Danzig’s Hayei Adam
 Fishbane, Simcha.

Prison Letters from Velizh: The Dynamics of Religious Faith in a Russian Border Town
 Avrutin, Eugene.

Protecting the Beneficiaries: Advocating for the Retention of "Aryanized" Property in Postwar Austria
 Anthony, Elizabeth.

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Rabbi Shimon Huberband’s Response to the Holocaust
 Horowitz, Rosemary.

Rabbis as JURISPRUDENTES? Rabbis, Romans, and REGULAE
 Moscovitz, Leib.

Rabbis, Doctors and Patients: Conceptions of Medical Expertise and Knowledge in Rabbinic Literature
 Shinnar, Shulamit.

Rashi on Isaiah 53: History, Theology, and Pshat
 Berger, David.

Rationales for the Commandments in Sound and Vision: Medieval Kabbalistic Rituologies of the Ram’s Horn
 Brown, Jeremy.

Re-seeing the importance of Jewish Ritual in TRANSPARENT
 Rosenberg, Roberta.

Reading Flaubert in Jewish
 Schachter, Allison.

Reading Nineteenth-Century Responsa on Rival Publishers’ Disputes: Secular Copyright Law and the Decline of Rabbinic Authority
 Netanel, Neil.

Reading, (Re)Writing, and Revelation: Exodus 34 and the Temple Scroll
 Levinson, Bernard M..

Redaction and Codification: On the Appearance of Halakhic Conclusions in the Talmuds
 Zuckier, Edmond.

Refugee Claims as Diasporic Practice
 Zamkanei, Shayna.

Regulating the Reading of the Torah: Rabbi Yudel Rosenberg’s Guide to the Law and Etiquette of the Synagogue
 Robinson, Ira.

Relief and Rescue on the Margins of Europe and the Holocaust: The JDC in Teheran
 Grossmann, Atina.

Religion, Race and Politics – Gerhard Kittel and the Jewish Question
 Segev, Alon.

Relocation of Latin America’s Jews to the US: From periphery to complexity?
 Bokser Liwerant, Judit.

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SAXA JUDAICA: Delving Digitally into Jewish Inscriptions
 Lembi, Gaia.

SON OF SAUL: The Ethics of Witnessing
 Wallen, Jeffrey.

Saying of the desert fathers, Sayings of the rabbinic fathers: Avot deRabbi Natan and the Apophthegmata Patrum
 Bar-Asher Siegal, Michal.

Science and Silence: A Comparative Analysis of the Approach of Saadya Gaon and Al-Ash'ari to the Limitations of Human Knowledge
 Hegedus, Ginger.

Scripture Personified: Torah as Character in the Hymns of Marqah
 Lieber, Laura.

Searching for a Progressive Jewish Identity after the Demise of the JPFO
 Teal, Orion.

Second Slayings: The Binding of Isaac, Interpretations of Sacrifice, and the Formation of "Midrashic Memory"
 Gottlieb, David.

Second Temple Jewish Law in light of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Widening the Paradigm
 Schiffman, Lawrence.

Secondhand Polish Bookstores, Jewish Owners and Polish Patrons in Modern Yiddish Literature
 Auerbach, Karen.

Self as Other: Uncanny Spaces and Faces in Christian Petzold’s Phoenix (2014)
 Hirsh, Jennie.

Self-Translation and the Case of Hebrew/Yiddish Literature
 Herskovitz, Yaakov.

Setty and Rebecca’s Excellent Adventure: The Question of Jewish Identity Abroad
 Klapper, Melissa.

Sex, Medicine, and Feeling in the Sefer Bahir
 Segol, Marla.

Shtarkers and the Trial of the Seven Cloakmakers; Yiddish Crime and Labor in the Progressive Imagination, 1912 -1916
 Welt, Aaron.

Shuffling, Collation, and Repurposing: 1 Esdras and The Evolution of a Genre in Early Biblical Interpretation
 Bernat, David.

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TA'AMEI HA-MIZVOT in Medieval Ashkenaz: How Exceptional were the German Pietists?
 Kanarfogel, Ephraim.

Tanks of Survival: On the Militarization of Hebrew
 Stern, Adam.

Teaching Competing Narratives: Exodus (1960) and Kedma (2002)
 Gershenson, Olga.

Teaching Mass Murder in the Country of the Mass Murderers: Holocaust Representations in East German, West German and Italian Schoolbooks, 1960-1989
 Weiner, Daniela.

Temporality, People, and Politics: Talking about the Holocaust in Contemporary France
 Arkin, Kimberly.

The "Catastrophe Jew" and German-Jewish Symbiosis: Jean Améry’s AT THE MIND’S LIMITS as a Source for Modern Jewish Thought
 Erlewine, Robert.

The "Lebanon Trilogy" and the post-political turn in Israeli Cinema
 Kaplan, Eran.

The (Hidden) European Roots of American Consumer Culture: From the Ringstrasse to the Food Court
 Lerner, Paul.

The (Trans)National Poetry of Israel/Palestine: Chaim Nachman Bialik, Mahmoud Darwish, & Yehuda Amichai
 Talpaz, Sheera.

The Alchemy of Illusion in Sholem Aleichem and Geoffrey Chaucer
 Steinberg, Theodore.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee’s Material Support of Jewish Religious Life in the Soviet Union after the Second World War
 Beizer, Michael.

The Arab-Jew and the Exiled Intellectual in the Work of Shimon Ballas
 Ben-Or, Aviv.

The Artist and the Nation: The Literary Politics of Vladimir (Ze'ev) Jabotinsky
 Natkovich, Svetlana.

The Battle of Warsaw’s Jews: The Meaning of the Revolt during and after the War
 Patt, Avinoam.

The Children of Death Never Die: Awlad al-Mayyita and the Specters of the Early Zionist
 Halperin, Liora.

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UNESCO’s 1974 Israel Crisis
 Kurz, Nathan.

Understanding Historical Documents by Forging Them
 Joskowicz, Ari.

Universalizing the Exodus: Humanity and Inhospitality in the WISDOM OF SOLOMON
 Kraus, Matthew.

Using Scavenger Hunts in Writing, Exploration, and Class Cohesion
 Zarrow, Sarah.


Victimhood & Israeli Foreign Policy: Hegemonic Discourse?
 Peleg, Ilan.


Walking Through the Bible: Four Moments of Mythmaking in the Desert
 Ronis, Sara.

Walter Benjamin, Poet of Franco-Jewish Modernity
 Freedman, Jonathan.

Walter Tausk's contested Identities between Judaism and Buddhism
 Musch, Sebastian.

Watershed or continuity? Jewish Territorialism and the post-1945 world order (1945-1960)
 Almagor, Laura.

We Have Struck the Enemy a Hard Blow: Ghetto Diarists’ Perceptions of Allied Rescue
 Simon, Amy.

Weizmann – Ben-Gurion relations and the Decision to Establish the State of Israel
 Chazan, Meir.

Western Pride: Seymour Fromer and a Berkeley Jewish Museum
 Kahn, Ava.

What Happened to Jewry Law When Muslims Became “Jewish”?
 Freidenreich, David.

What the PLO Learned from Reading the Soncino Translation of the Talmud
 Gribetz, Jonathan.

What the Pictures Don’t Tell You: Post-Holocaust Images and Realities of Child Survivors
 Cohen, Beth.

Whatever Happened to Old South Portland? Constructing a New Oregon Jewish History
 Eisenberg, Ellen.

Where were the women? The first ezrat nashim
 Mann, Vivian.

Who took the pictures of the Kishinev Pogrom?
 Zemel, Carol.

With and Without Precedent: Rashi on Abraham's Observance of the Entirety of Rabbinic Law
 Eisenstat, Yedida.

Women’s seclusion among Jews in medieval Egypt
 Krakowski, Eve.

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Yankev Glatshteyn’s Attempted Escape from FISHKE THE LAME: The Rise, Fall and Aftermath of Modernist Yiddish Poetry
 Stern, Zehavit.

Yemeni Jewish Food, Movement and Memory
 Ariel, Ari.

Yeshiva TOMKHE TEMIMIM in Warsaw and the birth of modern Habad
 Tworek, Wojciech.

Yiddish Press Reactions to the Revolutions of 1917
 Portnoy, Edward.

Your Sex is on Fire: Marian Imagery and the Defilement of Israel in the Sefer Zerubbabel and Toledot Yeshu
 Latteri, Natalie.

Yugoslav Sephardim as Jewish Other: Selected Literary Testimonies
 Pekov, Alexey.


Zero Motivation (2014)
 Katz, Dalit.

Zhidkes and Mayufes-yidn: The Polish (Jewish) Complex of Yiddishists in the Interwar Period
 Szymaniak, Karolina.
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