Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators 2014-Feb-06 to 2014-Feb-09

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A Clinical Elementary Education Program: Impact on Mathematical Knowledge and Teacher Efficacy
 McCoy, Ann.

Actions Elementary Mathematics Teacher Educators Use to Develop Prospective Teachers’ Awareness of the CCSSM
 Taylor, Cynthia., Buchheister, Kelley. and Jackson, Christa.

An Analysis of Mathematical Tasks Using a Lens of Problem Solving
 Barber, Krystal.

Assessing the Mathematical Learning Needs of Students at Consistently Low Performing Elementary Schools
 Kazemi, Elham., Gibbons, Lynsey. and Conforti Preszler, Noelle.


Collaborating and Advocating for a Strong and Vibrant Mathematics Teaching Profession
 Beckmann, Sybilla.

Conceptualizing Culturally Responsive Teaching: Issues and Challenges for the Preservice Teacher
 Grassetti, Mary. and Brookby, Silvy.

Creating and Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Two-Course Sequence of Elementary Mathematics Methods
 Tuft, Elaine. and Ilieva, Vessela.


Developing Mathematical Knowledge for Equitable Teaching
 Goffney, Imani.

Developing Understanding: Preservice Elementary Teachers' Landscape of (Re)Learning Fractions as Operators
 Stienstra, Wendy.


Enhancing Preservice Teacher Field Experiences with Mentor Guided Lesson Study
 Nimtz, Jennifer.

Equitable Spaces in Early Career High School Mathematics Teachers' Classrooms
 Perry, Ayanna.

Evolving Prompts to Elicit Preservice Teachers' Conceptions of Equity in Mathematics Education
 Salinas, Alejandra., Jackson, Christa. and Roberts, Sarah.


Geometric Habits of Mind, Dynamic Geometry Software and the Concept of Angles
 Yigit, Melike. and Richardson, Sue Ellen.


How Do Preservice Teachers Pursue Students’ Mathematical Thinking in Formative Assessment Interviews?
 Lee, Mi Yeon.


Increasing Preservice Teachers’ Anticipation of Students’ Thinking in Algebra
 Rhine, Steve.

Instructional Activities in Secondary Mathematics Teacher Education: Learning through Practice in Only Twenty Minutes
 Harper, Frances.

iPad Apps Utilized in Middle School Mathematics Classrooms with a 1:1 Setting
 Olson, Travis., Shih, Jeffrey., Thomas, Amanda., DeVaul, Lina. and Adkins, Amy.


Learning about Implementing CCSS-Mathematics through Lesson Study
 Prince, Kyle., Schmidt, Teresa. and Barlow, Angela.


Managing the Open Discussion of Contrasting Ideas in Video Clubs
 Dobie, Tracy.

Mathematics Teacher’s Perceptions of the Nature of Mathematics
 Hale, Jessica., Tosmur-Bayazit, Nermin. and Cross, Stephanie.

Mathematics Teaching for a Growth Mindset
 Sun, Kathy.

Models for Implementing Lesson Study in a Secondary Mathematics Methods Course
 Bismarck, Stephen. and Abney, Angel.


Navigating an Education Transformation: How Novice Teachers Respond to Implementation of the CCSSM
 Darrough, Rebecca. and Spain, Vickie.


Oklahoma Elementary Mathematics Specialist (EMS) Statewide Certification
 Sarani, Saeed.


Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Understandings of Mathematical Discourse
 Lynch, Sararose.

Preservice Teachers' Conceptions in Context: Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice
 Jong, Cindy. and Hodges, Thomas.

Preservice Teachers' Knowledge of Functions
 Perez, Arnulfo.

Preservice Teachers’ Understanding and Representations Involving Multiplication of Fractions
 Son, Ji-Won.


Reasoning with and about Definitions: Learning Opportunities Afforded by Rehearsal in a Secondary Methods Course
 Baldinger, Erin. and Selling, Sarah.

Retaining and Supporting Nontraditional Future High School Mathematics Teachers
 Quander, Judith. and Sack, Jacqueline.


Supplementing Ongoing Inservice Mathematics Teacher Professional Development Using Collaborative Online Tools
 Lundholm, Christopher.

Supporting Teachers’ Attention to Student Conjectures, Generalizations and Justifications: Opportunities and Challenges in Professional Development
 Lesseig, Kristin.


Teachers’ Use of Student Thinking in Collaborative Lesson Planning
 Richardson, Sue Ellen. and Bofferding, Laura.

The Algebra Ready Project: Developing Online Professional Development to Address the Rational Numbers Problem
 Olson, Amy., Calderon Vriesema, Christine. and Sobolevs\'ka, Ganna.


Understanding the Factors that Mediate the Effects of Professional Development
 Prasad, Priya.

Using the iPad to Develop Preservice Teachers' Understandings of the CCSSM
 Brookby, Silvy. and Grassetti, Mary.


What Do They See? An Inside Look into Preservice Teacher Noticing in a Mathematics Classroom
 Estapa, Anne.
Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators 2014-Feb-06 to 2014-Feb-09
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