Twenty-Second Annual Conference of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-08 to 2018-Feb-11

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“It Was Like Being a First Year Teacher”: Doctoral Students’ Experiences Becoming Mathematics Teacher Educators
 Jurgenson, Kari.


A Learning Trajectory of Prospective Teachers’ Conception of Mathematical Modeling
 Zhao, Wenmin. and Haines, Cara.

Addressing the Need for Measurement and Validity in Elementary Mathematics Coaches and Specialist Research
 Livers, Stefanie., Harbour, Kristin. and Hjalmarson, Margret.

Authority Dynamics of Preservice Middle School Teachers During Group Work Pencasts: Authority vs. Influence
 Dibbs, Rebecca.


Being "Challenged" and Masking My Own Uncertainty: My Parallel Journey With Elementary Prospective Teachers
 Simpson, Amber.

Building Rural K-8 Math Teachers' Confidence, Knowledge, and Skills
 Cope, Liza.


Changing Times in Mathematics Teaching Resources and Strategies: A National Survey of Student Teachers
 Rothrock, Katrina. and Gay, Susan.

College Algebra Students’ Understanding of Rational Functions Through the Use of MyMathLab Learning Aids
 Kar, Avijit.


Deepening the Impact of Early Field Experiences
 Anderson, Karen. and Marin, Kate.

Developing K-8 Preservice Teachers’ Informal Statistical Inference in a Dynamic Software Environment
 Abu-Ghalyoun, Omar.

Developing Preservice Teachers’ Beliefs and Knowledge about Problem-Based Learning through Task Comparisons
 Layton, Rebecca. and Cady, Jo.


Elementary & Middle School Preservice Teachers’ Understanding of Variability and the Use of Dynamical Statistical Software
 Lu, Yaomingxin.

Exploring Mathematical Modeling in relation to Secondary Preservice Teachers' Content Knowledge
 Abassian, Aline. and Safi, Farshid.

Exploring Pedagogies of Practice: The Development of Preservice Teachers’ Capacity to Enact Mathematical Teaching Practices
 Nitta, Kathleen.

Exploring the Racialized Experiences of Black Mathematics Teachers
 Frank, Toya.


Features that Support Enacting Changes in Geometric Discourse
 Wiles, Peter. and Anderson, Rick.

Five Free College and Career Ready Math Resources Your Teacher Candidates Should Know and Love
 Beske, Barbara.

From Research to Practice and Back Again: Developing High School Teachers’ Action Research Capacity
 Steele, Mike.


History of Mathematics Meets Ethnomathematics
 Beene, Laura.

How Veteran Mathematics Teachers (Learn to) Act for Equity and Social Justice
 Chen, Grace. and Garner, Brette.


Implementing a Coteaching Model in an Early Mathematics Field Experience
 Montgomery, Mark. and Akerson, Adam.

Implementing a Site-Based Course: Integrating Rehearsals and Enactments with Student Thinking and Funds of Knowledge
 Virmani, Rajeev.

Increasing Mathematical Efficacy in Preschool Teachers
 Geary, Cynthia.

Instructional Practices Used in Mathematics Content Courses for Preservice Teachers: A Large Scale Survey Study
 Callis, Laura.

Integrating Chemistry and Mathematics to Foster Conceptual Understanding of Logarithms
 Glassmeyer, David. and Smith, Andrew.

Interpreting and Representing Students’ Thinking in the Moment: Preservice Teachers’ Initial Multiplication Lessons
 Chen, Lizhen.

Investigating the Use of Hypothetical Learning Trajectories with a Graduate Teaching Assistant
 Duncan, Ashley.

Issues That Emerged in the Process of Designing, Implementing and Reflecting on Lessons
 Gonzalez, Marggie.


Learning from a Mathematics Lesson Taught in Bengla: Impacting Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Support for ELLs
 Adams, Anne.

Lesson Study at a Professional Development School: Working Together to Develop Shared Goals and Practice
 Barber, Krystal.

Lessons Learned From an Integrated Mathematics and Science Professional Development Partnership
 Dingman, Shannon.


Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching and Mathematical Quality of Instruction of Novice Elementary School Teachers
 Lee, Jiwon. and Santagata, Rossella.

Mathematics Intervention for Students with Autism: A Single Case Study
 Miles, Ja\'Bria.

Mathematics Projects for Elementary Preservice Teachers: Applications to the K-8 Classroom
 Mallam, Winifred.

Mathematics Teacher Preparation for Candidates with Undergraduate STEM Degrees
 Thrasher, Allyson. and Sturgill, Derek.

Mathematics Teachers’ Enactment of Cognitively Demanding Tasks and Students’ Perception of Racial Differences in Opportunity
 Munter, Charles. and Haines, Cara.

Mathematics Teachers’ Reflections on Teaching about Societal Inequality as Lessons for Teacher Education
 Raygoza, Mary.

Micro-Lesson Study, Self and Peer Editing and Teaching Through Problem Solving
 Mills, Kadisha.


Number Talks with Preservice Teachers to Develop Three Levels of Unit for Fractions
 Gerstenschlager, Natasha. and Barlow, Angela.

Number Talks: Supporting Teachers to Develop Math Talk Communities
 Woods, Dawn.


Patterns in Elementary Teachers’ Selection, Use, and Perceptions of Materials for Teaching Mathematics
 Webel, Corey., Engledowl, Christopher. and Yeo, Sheunghyun.

Preservice Elementary Teachers' Post Lesson Analyses: A Longitudinal Investigation
 Whitehead, Ashley. and Walkowiak, Temple.

Preservice Mathematics Teachers’ Attitudes about Statistics: Pilot Study of a New Instrument
 Whitaker, Douglas.

Preservice Secondary Mathematics Teachers Exploring a Coteaching Model During Their Clinical Experiences
 Junor Clarke, Pier. and Moldavan, Alesia.

Preservice Teachers Critique Children’s Trade Books About Shapes to Improve Their own Knowledge
 Nurnberger-Haag, Julie.

Preservice Teachers Thoughts on the Practice of Making Connections
 Foster, Jonathan. and Lee, Hwa Young.

Preservice Teachers’ Content Knowledge After Completing Mathematics for Teachers Courses
 Werner, Judy. and Long, Mike.

Principles to Research Practice: A Systematic Review of Meta-Analysis in Mathematics Education to Promote Equity
 Young, Jamaal.


Reflecting on Beliefs about Teaching Mathematics: Draw a Mathematics Teacher Test and Rubric
 Utley, Juliana., Reeder, Stacy. and Redmond-Sanogo, Adrienne.

Reflecting on the Act of Defining
 Cox, Dana., Keiser, Jane. and Harper, Suzanne.

Responsive Middle Level Mathematics Teaching: Converging Developmentalism and Cultural Responsiveness in Middle Level Mathematics
 Vomvoridi-Ivanovic, Eugenia.


Secondary Mathematics Methods Course Goals and Activities
 Smith, Ryan. and Taylor, Cynthia.

Secondary Mathematics Programmatic Coursework Effects on Praxis II and edTPA
 Zelkowski, Jeremy. and Campbell, Tye.

Selecting Examples: Preservice and Inservice Teacher Knowledge and Practice
 Snider, Rachel.

Shifting the Experience: De/Reprogramming Preservice Teachers’ Mathematics Knowledge Needed for Teaching
 Howse, Tashana. and Dupree, Lakesia.

Supporting Preservice Teachers to Learn Probability and Statistics Topics through the Context of School Choice
 Eisenreich, Heidi. and Nguyen, Ha.

Supporting Teacher Reflection on Unconscious Bias Through Classroom Observations
 Reinholz, Daniel. and Herbel-Eisenmann, Beth.

Survey Report on Pedagogical Practices for Online Mathematics Teacher Education
 Huang, Dinglei.


Teachers of Color and Their Needs to Support Equity in Mathematics Education
 Lee, Ji Hye.

Teachers’ Journey in Implementing the Five Practices to Facilitate Meaningful Discussions about Proportion
 Steinthorsdottir, Olof. and Hughes, Elizabeth.

Teachers’ Validity Arguments for Mathematical Modeling: Competency Measures and Connections
 Ekici, Celil. and Alagoz-Ekici, Cigdem.

Teaching Elementary Methods Courses Through Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI)
 Maldonado, Luz.

The Challenge of Recruiting Middle Level Mathematics Teachers in Rural Communities
 Roy, George. and Irvin, Matthew.

The Influence of Growth Mindset Characteristics on a Teacher's Mathematical Learning Goals
 Willingham, James. and Gibson, Jennifer.

The Nature of Student Thinking Available in a Secondary Mathematics Classroom
 Ochieng, Mary., Ruk, Joshua., Van Zoest, Laura., Leatham, Keith. and Peterson, Blake.

Transformative Learning Experiences: Professional Learning from the Teacher’s Perspective and Implications for Professional Development Programs
 McGraw, Rebecca. and Neihaus, Aubrey.


Using Children’s Literature to Foster Mathematical Ideas: Research and Practice
 Gupta, Dittika.

Using Meaning Fields to Understand Students’ Mathematical Drawings
 Savich, Theodore. and Jacobson, Erik.


What Knowledge Resources are Teachers Using to Solve Proportional Reasoning Tasks?
 Brown, Rachael. and Orrill, Chandra.

Writing Word Problems to Match Mathematical Expressions: Not So Easy for All Future Teachers
 Hicks, Sarah.
Twenty-Second Annual Conference of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-08 to 2018-Feb-11
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