American Psychology - Law Society 2008-Mar-05 to 2008-Mar-08

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"She Should Have Been More Upset..." Expectancy Violation Theory and Jurors' Perceptions of Child Victims
 McAuliff, Bradley., Maurice, Kelly. and Neal, Eric.

1st Place 2006 Dissertation Award Winner: The Reliability of Intuitive Lie Detection Performance
 Leach, Amy-May.

1st Place 2007 Dissertation Award Winner: Static and Dynamic Predictors of Institutional Misconduct
 Haun, Jeffrey.

2nd Place 2006 Dissertation Award Winner: Age of Onset of Psychopathic Traits in Adolescent Offenders
 Klaver, Jessica.

2nd Place 2007 Dissertation Award Winner: Underlying Processes of Antisocial Decisions: Adolescents Versus Adults
 Modecki, Kathryn.

3rd Place 2006 Dissertation Award Winner: Criminal Interrogation with Juveniles: A National Survey of Police Practices and Beliefs
 Meyer, Jessica.

3rd Place 2007 Dissertation Award Winner: "Evolving Standards of Decency": Public Opinion of Non-Capital Sentencing Options for Juvenile Offenders
 Fass, Tracy.

“I Don’t Buy It.” Investigating the Jury Deliberation Process.
 Güss, C. Dominik., Torres, M. Florencia., Burgos, Michelle. and Foley, Linda.

“Show Me on the Drawing Where She Touched You”: The Impact of Interview Technique and Delay on Children’s Recall of Bodily Touch
 Brown, Deirdre., Lewis, Charlie., Lamb, Michael., Pipe, Margaret-Ellen. and Orbach, Yael.

“You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but…” Expert Testimony, Witness Suggestibility, and Juror Decisions
 McAuliff, Bradley., Ainsworth, Andrew. and Nicholson, Elizabeth.


A Collaborative Study of the Effects of Transfer to Adult Court
 Mulvey, Edward., Schubert, Carol. and Loughran, Tom.

A Comparison of the Conviction Rates and Sentence Length of Male and Female Sexual Offenders
 Vo, Erica., Guyton, Michelle., Brown, Christopher., Buchanan, Pamela., MacMahon, Blaithin., Marshall, Kathryn. and Means, Jacqueline.

A Mediation Model of Age, Cognitive Control, and Decision Making
 Leistico, Anne-Marie., DeCoster, Jamie. and Salekin, Randall.

A Multi-sample Investigation of the Construct Validity of the LPS and PPI
 Wilson, Catherine., Douglas, Kevin., Weir, John., Poythress, Norman. and Epstein, Monica.

A New Look at Antisocial Children Grown Up: Health, Heritability and "Hell to pay"?
 Odgers, Candice.

A Statistical Model of Generic Prejudice: Biased Judgments Independent of General Attitudes
 Holtje, Michael., Wiener, Richard., Nichols, Stacie. and Cantone, Jason.

A Study of Subtypes of Psychopathy in Adolescent Offenders
 Spidel, Alicia., Gretton, Heather. and Herve, Hugues.

A Survey of Forensic Mental Health Directors on the Clinical Role and Duties of Master's Students
 DiCataldo, Frank., Whitworth, Donald., Russo, Jr., Robert., Hanagan, Bridget., MacHardy, Marykate., Berman, Garrett. and Zaitchik, Matt.

A Time-Series Analysis of New York State’s Sex Offender Registration and Notification Law
 Sandler, Jeffrey., Freeman, Naomi. and Socia, Kelly.

Ability of Severely Mentally Ill Individuals to Successfully Exaggerate Cognitive Impairment
 Pivovarova, Ekaterina.

Abuse Disclosure by Children with Mental and Physical Disabilities
 Hershkowitz, Irit. and Lamb, Michael.

Accountability and Prejudice: When Careful Trial Processing Heightens Racial Bias in Mock-Jurors’ Decision-Making
 Eisenstadt, Donna. and Leippe, Michael.

Accuracy of and Confidence in Earwitness Memory for a Perpetrator’s Account of a Crime
 Boydell, Carroll. and Read, J..

Adaptation to Other-race Faces: Implications for Examining the Contact Hypothesis of Cross Racial Identifications
 Stone, Ben., Peterson, Dwight., Chowdhry, Osman., Small, Landon., MacLin, M.. and MacLin, Otto.

Adjudication Psychology: Should Psychologists be Trained Like Judges?
 Walker, Lenore.

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Believing Children’s False Reports: Influence of Disclosure Pattern and Expert Information on Perceptions of Children’s Testimony
 Laimon, Rachel. and Poole, Debra.

Betrayal of Trust: Jurors’ Reactions to Priest- and Teacher-Perpetrated Child Sexual Abuse
 Wiley, Tisha., Bottoms, Bette., Szczech, Maria., Johnson, Serena. and McCartney, Scott.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: The Effect of Language of Testimony on the Reasonable Doubt Standard
 Smith, Brooke. and Hosch, Harmon.

Blaming the Mother: Determinations of Blame and Responsibility in Fatal Child Neglect
 Hanson, Bridget. and Terrance, Cheryl.

Boosting Eyewitnesses’ Identification Confidence by Adding Dissimilar Fillers: Examining the Dud-alternative Effect in Lineups
 Charman, Steve. and Wells, Gary.

Bridging the Gap Between Doctoral Programs and Internships: What Makes One a Successful Applicant
 Croysdale, Allison. and Malesky, Alvin.

Building a Better Mouse Trap: The Importance of a Laboratory Science for Improving Practice in the Interrogation Room
 Meissner, Christian.

But the Kids I Interrogate Are Different from Normal Kids!
 Kostelnik, Jessie., Meyer, Jessica. and Reppucci, Nicholas.


Can I change my identification? How Confessions Corrupt Eyewitness Identifications
 Hasel, Lisa. and Kassin, Saul.

Can the Investment Model be Applied to the Study of Alibis?
 Jolly, Kevin. and Hosch, Harmon.

Case Law on the Admissibility of Expert Testimony about Miranda Competency and Interrogative Suggestibility
 Fulero, Solomon.

Change in Suspect’s Memory as a Result of Deception
 Corbett, Lasha., Uerz, Elizabeth., Colwell, Kevin., Anisman, Cheryl., Memon, Amina. and Miller, Joan.

Changing the Response Criterion for Free Recall and Recognition Tasks Affects Acceptance of Information from Co-Witnesses
 Wright, Daniel., Gabbert, Fiona., Memon, Amina. and London, Kamala.

Characteristics of a Forensic Psychiatric Population After Legislative Changes in Canada to the NCRMD Defence
 Sahlstrom, Kimberly., Spidel, Alicia., Nicholls, Tonia. and Brink, Johann.

Child Maltreatment and Adult Criminal Behavior: Criminal Thinking as a Mediator
 Cuadra, Lorraine., DeGue, Sarah., DiLillo, David. and Scalora, Mario.

Child Psychopathy and Recidivism: A Prospective Study
 Salekin, Randall.

Child Welfare Placement and the Criminal Consequences of Childhood Maltreatment
 DeGue, Sarah. and Widom, Cathy.

Children's Perceptions of Lie-telling
 Rufino, Katrina., Buonaugurio, Andrea., Arruda, Cindy., Brunet, Megan., Talwar, Victoria. and Crossman, Angela.

Children’s Disclosure of Sex Abuse: A New Approach to Answering Elusive Questions
 Dickinson, Jason., Del Russo, Joseph. and D\'Urso, Anthony.

Children’s Eyewitness Descriptions and Identification Accuracy For Two Culprit Crimes
 Dempsey, Julie. and Pozzulo, Joanna.

Children’s Memory and Understanding of Being Touched
 Bruck, Maggie.

Children’s Memory for a Routine and Deviation from the Routine
 Gordon, Heidi., Connolly, Deborah. and Price, Heather.

Choosing and Rejecting: Reported Strategies for Lineup Decisions Vary in Accuracy
 Groft, Stephanie., Lane, Sean. and Roussel, Cristine.

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Daubert in the Juryroom: Jury Decision Making about Expert Testimony Reliability
 Groscup, Jennifer., Copple, Ryan., Tallon, Jennifer., Murray-Forbes, Alexis. and Mandelbaum, Jason.

Death Be Not Proud: Is a Life Sentence Harsher than the Death Penalty?
 Smith, Amy.

Decision-Making in Stalking Risk: The Role of Victim Vulnerability Factors
 Reeves, Kim. and Douglas, Kevin.

Deconstructing Treatment Amenability and Public Safety in Juvenile Decisions: A National Survey of Relevant Statutes
 Lyons, Sarita. and Heilbrun, Kirk.

Defendants Get Hurt, Too! The Effects of Defendant Injury Severity on Liability Decisions in Negligence Cases
 Robicheaux, Timothy. and Bornstein, Brian.

Defense Attorneys’ Concerns about the Legal Capacities of Juvenile Defendants
 Viljoen, Jodi., Wingrove, Twila. and McLachlan, Kaitlyn.

Defining the Lawyer-Self: Using Therapeutic Jurisprudence to Define the Lawyer’s Role and Aid the Child Client
 Henning, Kristin.

Describing, Diagnosing, and Naming Psychopathy: How do Youth Psychopathy Labels Influence Decision Makers?
 Murrie, Daniel. and Boccaccini, Marcus.

Designating Health Care Decision-Makers for Patients Without Advance Directives
 Kohn, Nina. and Blumenthal, Jeremy.

Detecting Children’s Lies: Does Experience Help?
 Talwar, Victoria., Crossman, Angela. and Muir, Simone.

Detecting Deception in Real-Life Preinterrogative Interviews
 Carlucci, Marianna., Schreiber Compo, Nadja. and Alonso, Tanya.

Detecting Identification Accuracy: The Impact of Viewing the Identification Procedure on Belief of an Eyewitness
 Beaudry, Jennifer., Lindsay, Rod. and Leach, Amy-May.

Detection of Deception in Alibi Statements
 Kehn, Andre., Culhane, Scott., Wohdal, Eric. and Wempen, Lisa.

Developing Roles for the Expert Witness in Administrative Law
 Stock, Harley.

Development and Initial Validation of the Miranda Statements Scale
 Blackwood, Hayley., Rogers, Richard., Shuman, Daniel. and Sewell, Kenneth.

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Ecological Validity Issues in Jury Simulation Research: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Eyewitness Expert Testimony
 Avila-Mora, Elizabeth., Sperry, Kathryn. and Pezdek, Kathy.

Educational Outcomes of Previously Incarcerated Female Youth
 Oudekerk, Barabara., Chauhan, Preeti., Marston, Emily. and Reppucci, Nicholas.

Effect of Interview Modality on Report Consistency: A Novel Approach to Deception Detection
 Leins, Drew. and Fisher, Ronald.

Effectiveness of Content Analysis in Assessing Suspect Credibility
 Chang, Grace., Scalora, Mario., Schoeneman-Morris, Katherine., McLawsen, Julia., Darrow, Charles., Barksdale, Larry. and Plank, Gary.

Effects of Distinctiveness on Simultaneous and Sequential Lineup Performance
 Carlson, Curt. and Gronlund, Scott.

Effects of Human Figure Drawings on the Clarity of Alleged Victims’ Descriptive Accounts of Touches
 Yang, Pei-Jung., Teoh, Yee-San. and Lamb, Michael.

Effects of Parole Instructions on Jurors’ Non-Capital Sentence Recommendations
 Perez, Valerie. and O\'Neil, Kevin.

Effects of Sexual Orientation on Perceptions of Domestic Abuse
 Enright, Sirena., Seelau, Sheila. and Seelau, Eric.

Effects of Training on Risk Assessment for Suicide
 McNiel, Dale., Fordwood, Samantha., Weaver, Christopher., Chamberlain, John., Hall, Stephen. and Binder, Renee.

Effects of Trial Venue and Juror Bias on the Evaluation of Juvenile Defendants
 Tang, Connie., Nunez, Narina. and Bourgeois, Martin.

Empirically Informed Intervention for Battered Women with BWS in Jail
 Walker, Lenore., Karilshtadt, Maria. and Jimenez, Sandra.

Estimating Mental Disorders and Service Need Components in Federal Offenders
 Magaletta, Philip., Diamond, Pamela., Dietz, Erik., Daggett, Dawn., Camp, Scott. and Baxter, John.

Estimating Treatment Effects in the Pathways to Desistance Study
 Brame, Robert.

Estimating a Dose-Response Model of Sanctioning Effects Using a Longitudinal Dataset of Serious Juvenile Offenders
 Loughran, Tom.

Estimating the Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised and the Psychopathic Personality Inventory from the Personality Assessment Inventory
 Douglas, Kevin., Edens, John., Lilienfeld, Scott., Poythress, Norman. and Skeem, Jennifer.

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Factor Structure and Construct Validity of the Psychopathic Personality Inventory in a Forensic Sample
 Gonsalves, Valerie., McLawsen, Julia., Huss, Matthew. and Scalora, Mario.

Factor Structure of the Miranda Rights Comprehension Instruments-II
 Zelle, Heather., Goldstein, Naomi., Riggs Romaine, Christina., Serico, Jennifer. and Taormina, Stephanie.

Factorial Structure and Metric Equivalence of the PCL:SV across Gender and Cultural Site
 Lavoie, Jennifer. and Douglas, Kevin.

Failure to Replicate a Pathological Dissociative Taxon in a Large Offender Sample
 Marcus, David., Poythress, Norman. and Ruscio, John.

False Confessions Among Serious Juvenile Offenders
 Malloy, Lindsay., Kaasa, Suzanne. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

Family Structure and Mental Health among Juvenile Offenders: Implications for Treatment
 Caldwell, Roslyn M.., Martinelli, Stacy., Sauer, Christy. and Hansen, Audrey.

Fast and Confident: Postdicting Eye-witness Identification Accuracy in a Field Study
 Sauerland, Melanie. and Sporer, Siegfried.

Female Forensic Psychiatric Inpatient Aggression: Do Prevalence, Incidence, and Severity Differ by Gender?
 Greaves, Caroline., Nicholls, Tonia., Brink, Johann., Lussier, Patrick. and Verdun-Jones, Simon.

Female Sexual Perpetrators: Is It More Than Just a Gender Difference?
 Johansson-Love, Jill. and Fremouw, William.

Female and Male Sex Offenders: A Comparison of Recidivism Patterns and Risk Predictors
 Freeman, Naomi. and Sandler, Jeffrey.

Field Survey of Juror Misconduct
 Smith, Kelloir. and Penrod, Steven.

First possession: An assumption guiding inferences about ownership across the lifespan
 Friedman, Ori.

Flashbulb Memory of 9/11 Terrorist Attack: Recall Consistency
 Parker, Janat.

Forensic Implications in the Use of the PAI with Victims of Domestic Violence
 Swanson, Lena.

Forensic Psychology Program Rankings
 Helms, Jeffrey.

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Gender, Offense Type, and Caution Scores on MAYSI-2 Scales: Implications for the Juvenile Justice System
 Maney, Shannon., Vincent, Gina. and Grisso, Thomas.

Generalization of Helping the Underdog: Effects of Prior Pro-social Advocacy on Trial Judgments
 Leippe, Michael. and Eisenstadt, Donna.

Generic Prejudice in Students and Community Members: Is There a Difference?
 Nichols, Stacie. and Wiener, Richard.

Good Lawyers Should Be Good Psychologists: Insights for Interviewing and Counseling Clients
 Sternlight, Jean. and Robbennolt, Jennifer.


How Accurate Are Determinations of Competence to Stand Trial?
 Mossman, Douglas.

How Accurate are Interviewers’ Recollections of Investigative Interviews: Examining Omissions from Interview to Report.
 Hyman, Amy. and Schreiber Compo, Nadja.

How Death Qualification Systematically Excludes Jurors Based on Religious Characteristics, Justice Philosophy, Cognitive Processing, and Demographics
 Miller, Monica., Hayward, R.. and Summers, Alicia.

How Do Jurors Reason About Science?
 Salerno, Jessica., Veilleux, Jennifer. and Bottoms, Bette.

How Expert Are Jurors at Detecting Internal Validity Threats in Expert Evidence?
 Maurice, Kelly., Neal, Eric., McAuliff, Bradley. and Diaz, Amy.

How Judges Describe their Evaluations of Credibility of Delayed and Timely Child Sexual Abuse Prosecutions
 Connolly, Deborah., Price, Heather. and Gordon, Heidi.

How Jurors Discuss a Defendant’s Childhood Maltreatment When They are Deliberating on Death
 Stevenson, Margaret., Bottoms, Bette., Diamond, Shari., Stec, Irmina. and Pimentel, Pamela.

Hypothesis Testing in Voir Dire: Information Gathering and Inference
 Crocker, Caroline., Busso, Julia., Greathouse, Sarah. and Kovera, Margaret.


IPV in the Context of Divorce Mediation
 Beck, Connie., Mechanic, Mindy. and Walsh, Michele.

Identifying Probationers with Mental Disorder: Validating a Mental Health Screening Questionnaire
 Eno Louden, Jennifer., Costino, Erin., Blevins, Alishia., Fu, Julie., Dillman, Jenni. and Skeem, Jennifer.

Implementing Atkins: Evidence-based Malingering Assessment and Mental Retardation
 Farkas, Melanie.

Improved Methodological Standards for Field Evaluations of Eyewitness Identification Procedures.
 Ross, Stephen. and Malpass, Roy.

In Their Own Words and From Multiple Viewpoints: Eyewitness Confidence and Identification Accuracy
 Neal, Eric., McAuliff, Bradley. and Cutler, Brian.

Incorporating Stakeholders into Research Planning: PATHWAYS - Evaluating the closure of a tertiary psychiatric hospital
 Nicholls, Tonia., Gagnon, Nathalie., Douglas, Kevin., Brink, Johann., Ross, Deborah. and Hart, Stephen.

Influence of Predecisional Distortion and Bias on Juror Decision Making
 Daftary, Tarika., Smith, Kelloir. and Penrod, Steven.

Initial Validation of the Interrogation Acquiescence Questionnaire (IAQ)
 Harrison, Kimberly., Rogers, Richard. and Hazelwood, Lisa.

Inpatient Aggression at the BC Forensic Psychiatric Hospital: A Profile of Dynamic Risk
 Greaves, Caroline., Nicholls, Tonia., Brink, Johann., Lussier, Patrick. and Verdun-Jones, Simon.

Inside Interrogation: The Outright Lie, the Bluff, and False Confessions
 Torkildson, Jennifer. and Kassin, Saul.

Instructing Away the Cross-Race Effect: Does Timing Matter?
 Laub, Cindy., Bornstein, Brian., Susa, Kyle., Marcon, Jessica. and Meissner, Christian.

Interrater (Dis)Agreement on Risk Measure Scores Completed by Opposing Evaluators in Sexually Violent Predator Trials
 Murrie, Daniel., Boccaccini, Marcus., Turner, Darrel. and Meeks, Meredith.

Intimate Partner Violence and Social Support Peer Networks in Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Students
 Jones, Cassandra., Tuller, Abbie. and Raghavan, Chitra.

Ironic Effects of Racial Profiling: Increased Transgressions by the Non-Profiled Group
 Hackney-Hansen, Amy. and Glaser, Jack.

Is "More" Mitigation "Better?" A Comparison of the Additive and Averaging Models in Capital Cases
 Butler, Brooke. and Moran, Gary.

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Judges’ Knowledge of Developmental Differences Between Youth and Adults
 Mordell, Sarah., Viljoen, Jodi. and Wingrove, Twila.

Judges’ Perspectives on Stress and Safety in the Courtroom: An Exploratory Study
 Flores, David., Miller, Monica., Chamberlain, Jared., Richardson, James. and Bornstein, Brian.

Juror Perceptions of Expert Witness Credibility in SVP Hearings
 Turner, Darrel., Boccaccini, Marcus. and Murrie, Daniel.

Jurors and the Law: Evidence from the Arizona Filming Project
 Diamond, Shari., Murphy, Beth. and Rose, Mary.

Jurors' Background Knowledge and Beliefs
 Simon, Dan., Stenstrom, Douglas. and Read, Stephen.

Jurors’ Assessment of the Scientific Limitations of Forensic Identification Science
 McQuiston-Surrett, Dawn., Buttrum, Kathryn. and Saks, Michael.

Jury Pool Members' Beliefs about Deficits in Adaptive Functioning
 Kan, Lisa., Caillouet, Beth., Boccaccini, Marcus., Turner, Kim., Noland, Ramona. and Clark, John.

Juvenile Justice Anger Management (JJAM) Manual for Girls: Sessions and Activities
 Serico, Jennifer., Goldstein, Naomi., Zelechoski, Amanda., Riggs Romaine, Christina., Kemp, Kathleen. and Kalbeitzer, Rachel.

Juvenile Justice Anger Management Manual for Girls: Initial Trial Data
 Kemp, Kathleen., Riggs Romaine, Christina., Goldstein, Naomi., Freeland, Rachel., Serico, Jennifer. and Heilbrun, Anna.

Juvenile Mental Health Symptoms: Relation between Setting, Race, Gender and Age
 Terry, Anna., Maney, Shannon., Vincent, Gina. and Grisso, Thomas.

Juvenile Psychopathy and Judicial Decision Making
 Jones, Shayne. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

Juvenile Psychopathy and Mock Juror Sentencing: Do Diagnostic Labels Impact Juvenile Offenders Transferred to Adult Court?
 Williams, Casey. and Jones, Shayne.

Juveniles' Comprehension of the Miranda Warnings in the 21st Century
 Goldstein, Naomi., Riggs Romaine, Christina., Zelle, Heather., Kalbeitzer, Rachel., Serico, Jennifer. and Wrazien, Lindsey.


Lay Prototypes Underlying the Perceptions of Stalking and Sexual Harassment
 Daftary, Tarika., Ranjan, Sheetal., Phillips, Lorraine. and O\'Connor, Maureen.

Legal Questions for the Psychology of Home
 Barros, D. Benjamin.

Legal and Practical Aspects of Youth Interrogation: A View from the Prosecutor’s Office
 Jarvis, William. and Woolard, Jennifer.

Lineup Issues: Double-blind Administration and the Post-identification Feedback Effect
 Dysart, Jennifer., Rainey, Anna., Owens, Jessi., Chong, Kristin. and Lawson, Victoria.

Linking Serial Rapes: A Comparison of Similarity Coefficients
 Emeno, Karla., Bennell, Craig., Jones, Natalie. and Melnyk, Tamara.

Look No Further! Presenting a New and Complete Guide for Graduate Programs in Psychology and Law
 Berman, Garrett., Hall, Terese., Cook, Nathan., Birmingham, Sarah. and Williamson, Lauren.

Lost in Translation, or Simply Mistranslated? The Influence of Mistranslations on Bilingual and Monolingual Jurors
 Joy, Stephen. and Winter, Ryan.


Maltreated and Nonmaltreated Children’s Legal Knowledge
 Cooper, Alexia., Quas, Jodi., Wallin, Allison. and Lyon, Thomas.

Maltreated and Nonmaltreated Children’s Perceptions of the Consequences of Disclosing an Adult’s Wrongdoing
 Malloy, Lindsay., Quas, Jodi., Lyon, Thomas. and Ahern, Elizabeth.

Mandated Community Treatment: An Overview
 Monahan, John.

Mandated Treatment as a Condition of Probation: Coercion or Contract?
 Skeem, Jennifer. and Eno Louden, Jennifer.

Marilyn Monroe, Psychology, and Property Law: An Overview
 Blumenthal, Jeremy.

Mate Selection in Nontraditional Romantic Relationships: Why Women Seek Incarcerated Men as Romantic Partners
 Slavikova, Marcela. and Ryba, Nancy.

Measuring Attitudes Toward the Insanity Defense: Scale Development and Validation
 Monier, Amanda., Andersson, Catrin., Daftary, Tarika. and Groscup, Jennifer.

Measuring Police Attitudes toward Persons with Mental Illness to Inform First Responder Training
 Clayfield, Jonathan., Fletcher, Kenneth. and Grudzinskas, Jr., Albert.

Media Portrayals of the CSI Effect: Does Media Reflect Reality?
 Smith, Steven., Stinson, Veronica. and Patry, Marc.

Mental Illness as a Distinguishing Factor in Problematic Contact Behavior toward Legislators
 Golba, Larry., Scalora, Mario. and Darrow, Charles.

Mixing Faith-based and Cognitive Behavioral Interventions in Juvenile Corrections
 Akers, Ronald., Lanza-Kaduce, Lonn., Lane, Jodi. and Schrage, Carrie.

Mock Jurors’ Evaluations of Victim Fault across Different Crimes and Intoxication Levels
 Evans, Jacqueline., Schreiber Compo, Nadja. and O\'Neil, Kevin.

Motivating Instruction’s Effect on Coerced and Voluntary Confessions in Judicial Decision-Making
 Swanner, Jessica., Lawson, Deah., Beike, Denise. and Neuschatz, Jeffrey.


Negotiating Memorial and Extra-Memorial Information: The Effect of Social Information on Eyewitness Identification Accuracy
 Hasel, Lisa. and Wells, Gary.

Neighborhood Disadvantage, Violence Exposure, and Antisocial Behavior among Female Juvenile Offenders
 Chauhan, Preeti., Reppucci, Nicholas. and Burnette, Mandi.

Neural Correlates of Aggression and Lack of Insight
 Antonius, Daniel., D\'Angelo, Deb., Shiva, Andrew., Ardekani, Babak. and Hoptman, Matthew.

Neuropsychological Deficits and Psychopathy: A Systematic Literature Review
 Shah, Sanjay. and DeMatteo, David.

Neuropsychology and Dusky: The Use of Neuropsychological Assessment in Determining Juvenile’s Adjudicative Competence
 Gurley, Jessica. and Hugonnet, Mitchell.

Non-Maltreated and Maltreated Children’s Attitudes about Transgression Secrecy: Parents vs. Strangers
 Ahern, Elizabeth., Lyon, Thomas., Quas, Jodi. and Malloy, Lindsay.


Observing Jury Interaction: Pretrial Publicity Affects the Qualitative Nature of Mock-Jury Deliberations
 Ruva, Christine. and LeVasseur, Michelle.

Offenders with Co-occurring Disorders: Treatment and Recidivism
 Dillman, Jenni., Eno Louden, Jennifer., Manchak, Sarah., Turner, Susan. and Skeem, Jennifer.

Offending Among High-risk Substance-using Veterans: General Patterns and Effectiveness of Standard Treatment
 Sullivan, Campbell., Weaver, Christopher. and Trafton, Jodie.

Old Dogs and New Tricks: Demographic Variables and Interest in Technology Implementation in the Courtroom
 Griffin, Michael.

On A Narrowly Tailored Actuarial Model of an Affirmative Action Plan in Higher Education
 Maeder, Evelyn. and Wiener, Richard.

One State’s Attempt to Increase Juvenile Knowledge of the Court Process
 Driver, Christine. and Brank, Eve.

Online Predator Sting Operations: Entrapment?
 Peters, Christopher., Williams, Dara. and Malesky, Alvin.

Optimizing Children's Memory for an Event: Does Metacognitive Ability Matter?
 Fritz, Kristina. and Howie, Pauline.

Outpatient Commitment in the Context of Other Treatment Mandates
 Monahan, John.


PTSD and Intimate Partner Violence: Impact of Type and Content of Abuse Incidents
 Duros, Rachel.

Packaging Property: The Effect of Paradigmatic Framing of Property Rights
 Nash, Jonathan.

Pants on Fire? Detecting Children’s Lies
 Renaud, Sarah-Jane., Gulmi, Jessica., Crossman, Angela. and Talwar, Victoria.

Parental Involvement in Juvenile Interrogations: Review of State Statutes and Implications for Research and Practice
 Cruise, Keith., Pitchal, Erik. and Weiss, Rebecca.

Parents’ and Children’s Deception in a Deliberately Deceitful Task: How do They Compare?
 Popliger, Mina., Talwar, Victoria. and Na, Sumin.

Patrolling the Borders: Will Police Officers Perform Better than Bank Employees and Students with Out-group Faces?
 Sporer, Siegfried. and Gehrke, Juergen.

Patterns of Age and Recidivism among Clergy Sexual Abusers
 Perillo, Anthony. and Mercado, Cynthia.

Perception of Criminal Justice Risks: Dread, Uncertainty and Mental Illness
 Mills, Jeremy.

Perceptions of Adolescent Autonomy, Judicial Culpability and Political Value Judgments
 Reppucci, Nicholas., Scott, Elizabeth. and Antonishak, Jill.

Perceptions of Self-Defense as a Function of Expert Testimony, Sexual Orientation, and Gender.
 Russell, Brenda., Ragatz, Laurie. and Kraus, Shane.

Perceptions of ‘Just Deserts’ & Juvenile Recidivism in Florida's Faith & Community Based Delinquency Treatment Initiative
 Schrage, Carrie., Lane, Jodi. and Lanza-Kaduce, Lonn.

Perceptual Differences in the Own Race Bias: A Multidimensional Scaling Analysis
 Finklea, Kristin., Huber, David. and McKenzie, Craig.

Perceptual Discontinuities in the Perception of Other Race Faces: Implications for Examining the Cross-race Effect
 Joshi, Priyanka., Peterson, Dwight., Lane, Erin., Leslie, Devon., MacLin, M.. and MacLin, Otto.

Perceptual Identification and the Cross-Race Effect in a Visual Search Task
 Marcon, Jessica., Meissner, Christian., Susa, Kyle., Frueh, Michael. and MacLin, Otto.

Personality Traits in Juvenile Prostitution: Aren’t All Delinquents the Same?
 Brathwaite, Nina. and Warren, Cortney.

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Racing Against the Clock: An Examination of a Curfew Ordinance That Holds Parents Accountable.
 Kolnes, Ashley. and Brank, Eve.

Rapport-Building and Susceptibility to Misinformation in an Investigative Mock-Crime Interview
 Vallano, Jonathan., Schreiber Compo, Nadja., Wood, Steve., Perry, Alejandra., Lobos, Ana., Villalba, Daniella., Kemp, Daniel. and Cochran, Jeremie.

Reactions to Perceived Bias in Restorative Justice Conferencing
 Clark, Stephanie., Sivasubramaniam, Diane. and Fondacaro, Mark.

Recent Decisions of the United States Supreme Court about Law and Psychology
 Whitebread, Charles.

Recent US Research on Assisted Outpatient Treatment
 Swartz, Marvin.

Recommending False Confession for the Innocent
 Davis, Deborah., Leo, Richard., McVean, Aaron. and Follette, William.

Relationship Between Mental Health Symptoms and Violent vs. Delinquent Forms of Aggression among Female Adolescent Offenders
 Grover, Tara., Chauhan, Preeti., Marston, Emily., Owen, Jessica. and Reppucci, Nicholas.

Reliability and Validity of the Miranda Rights Comprehension Instruments-II
 Kalbeitzer, Rachel., Goldstein, Naomi., Riggs Romaine, Christina., Mesiarik, Constance. and Zelle, Heather.

Representative Payeeship, Competency to Manage Finances, and Family Conflict in Psychiatric Disabilities
 Elbogen, Eric., Swartz, Marvin. and Swanson, Jeffrey.

Representing Criminal Defendants in Incompetency and Insanity Cases: Some Therapeutic Jurisprudence Dilemmas
 Perlin, Michael.

Respect and Threat: Authority-Subordinate Disparities in Responses to Transgressions
 Sivasubramaniam, Diane., Heuer, Larry., Becker, Sarah., Hobgood, Chelsea. and Newkirk, Leah.

Risk Status or Risk State? Overlap between Problematic Personality Traits and Risk State Scores
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Risk and Resilience Factors for Suicide with Adjudicated Adolescent Substance Users
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Risk, Need, and Recidivism in Adolescent Sex Offenders: A Comparison of Intrafamilial and Extrafamilial Offenders
 Elkovitch, Natasha., Bader, Shannon., Viljoen, Jodi., Scalora, Mario. and Ullman, Daniel.


School and Peer Influences on Delinquent Related Behavior among African American, Caucasian, and Latino Adolescents
 Caldwell, Roslyn M.., Penna, Brianna. and Ohara, Stacie.

School-Associated Violent Deaths: A Faceted Model of Homicide in Schools
 Melnyk, Tamara. and Bennell, Craig.

Science and Pseudoscience in Law-Enforcement: The Role of Psychology in Identifying Valid Police Methods
 Lilienfeld, Scott. and Landfield, Kristin.

Science in the Law School Curriculum: Meeting the Needs of Law Students through Science Education
 Merlino, Mara., Richardson, James. and Chamberlain, Jared.

Screening for Feigned Incompetence to Stand Trial: An Examination of the ECST-R
 Norton, Kerri. and Ryba, Nancy.

Self and Peer Perceptions of Bullying and Aggression in a Community Sample of Boys and Girls with Callous-Unemotional Traits
 Crapanzo, Annie., Frick, Paul. and Terranova, Andrew.

Semantic and Emotional Processing among Psychopathic Female Inmates: Results of a Lexical Decision Task.
 Phillips, Melissa. and Hatzenbuehler, Linda.

Sequential Lineup Advantage: Lineup Fairness and Suspect Position
 Carlson, Curt., Gronlund, Scott., Clark, Steven. and Dailey, Sarah.

Serial Clergy Abusers: Characteristics and Patterns of Priests with Multiple Allegations of Sexual Abuse
 Mercado, Cynthia., Tallon, Jennifer. and Terry, Karen.

Serial and Single-Victim Rapists:Differences in Crime-Scene Violence, Interpersonal Involvement, and Criminal Sophistication
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Sex Offender Perceptions of Community Notification and Residency Restrictions: An Analysis of Narrative Responses
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Sex Offender Registries: Curiosity, not Caution, as a Motivation for Viewing
 Jones, Christa. and Harrington, Evan.

Sexual Homicide Offenders Who Penetrate Their Victims: A Comparative Study
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Sexual Violence of Female Prisoners: A Public Policy Analysis of Midwestern Rape Statistics
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Shhhh! Miranda (Mis)Comprehension in the General Populace
 Cooper, Virginia. and Zapf, Patricia.

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Targeted Violence Against Political Figures: A Descriptive Analysis of Thought/Control Override Delusions and Mentally Ill
 Darrow, Charles.

Taxometric Analysis of Psychopathy in a Female Incarcerated Population
 John, Siji., Henderson, Craig., Miller, Holly. and Marcus, David.

Temporal Mediators of Cross-Race Face Recognition
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Temporal Patterns of Arrest in a Cohort of Adults Receiving Mental Health Services
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Testing Policy Assumptions Regarding Service Provision to Serious Adolescent Offenders
 Schubert, Carol., Mulvey, Edward. and Chung, Helen.

Testing for the Camera Perspective Bias in the Civil Trial Context
 Worthington, Debra.

The CSI Effect: Mock Jurors’ Sensitivity to the Reliability of Forensic Evidence
 Jenkins, Gwen., Do, Cindy., Movshovich, Karin. and Schuller, Regina.

The Civil Commitment of Juvenile Sexual Offenders as Sexually Dangerous Persons
 Crooks, Michael. and Quinones, Barbara.

The Co-occurrence of Psychopathy and Sexual Deviance as Risk Factors for Sexual Violence
 Jackson, Karla., Read, J.. and Hart, Stephen.

The Criminalization and Dehumanization of Blacks in the Modern Era
 Eberhardt, Jennifer.

The Derivation of a Set of Risk Factors for a Sample of Juvenile Offenders
 Magnotti, Allison. and DiCataldo, Frank.

The Development of The Cyber Stalking Scale (CSTS)
 Jones, Cassandra., Reardon, Lauren. and Raghavan, Chitra.

The Effect of Apologies on Potential Litigant Legal Reasoning
 Drew, Erica. and Greene, Edith.

The Effect of Crime Type on Perceptions of Harsh Interrogation Techniques
 Narchet, Fadia., Russano, Melissa. and Griffin, Jenny.

The Effect of False Confession Type on Juror Decision-Making
 Peterson, Emily. and Russano, Melissa.

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Understanding Barriers to Re-entry for Parolees with Mental Disorder
 Skeem, Jennifer.

Understanding of Mental Health Court Procedures and Requirements
 Redlich, Allison., Hoover, Steven., Summers, Alicia. and Steadman, Henry.

Understanding the Development and Implications of Attitudes Toward Sex Offenders
 Miller, Sarah., Wakeman, Emily., Clements, Carl. and Church, Wesley.

Use and Misuse of Scales and Tests for Miranda Competency and Interrogative Suggestibility
 Frumkin, Bruce.

Use of Morphed Faces in Criminal Investigations
 De Leon, Dannette., Munoz, Anna., Malpass, Roy., Topp, Lisa. and Ross, Stephen.

Use of the MMPI-2-RF (Restructured Form) in Forensic Practice Illustrated through a Competency/Sanity Case
 Stafford, Kathleen.

Using Lineup Composition to Distinguish Between Absolute and Relative Decision Rules
 Rush, Ryan. and Clark, Steven.

Using Statistical Evidence to Prove Causality to Non-statisticians
 Morrel-Samuels, Palmer. and Jacobson, Peter.

Using the MMPI-2 Fake Bad Scale (FBS) with Psychiatric Patients
 Green, Debbie.

Utility of the MMPI-2-RF (Restructured Form) Validity Scales in Criminal and Civil Forensic Settings
 Wygant, Dustin., Ben-Porath, Yossef., Stafford, Kathleen., Berry, David., Gallagher, Robert., Freeman, David. and Heilbronner, Robert.

Utility of the SIMS and the ADI in Screening for Malingering Among Disability Seeking Outpatients
 Clegg, Carl., Thomas, Tracy. and Fremouw, William.


Validity of the M-PULSE Validity Scales: Correlation to MMPI-2 Validity Measures
 Topchyan, Avetis., Leark, Robert. and Skidmore, Sherry.

Validity of the MMPI-2-RF (Restructured Form) in Forensic and Correctional Settings
 Sellbom, Martin., Ben-Porath, Yossef., Stafford, Kathleen. and Gartland, Diane.

Victim Impact Statements in Capital Trials: Examining the Influence of Negative Emotions on Jury Sentencing Decisions
 Kehn, Andre., Johns, Michael., Wempen, Lisa., Nunez, Narina. and Myers, Bryan.

Victim Impact Statements: The Role of Expectations in Juror Judgments
 Weidemann, Emalee., Hart, Heather., Tar, Maria., Zimmerman, David. and Myers, Bryan.

Violence and Psychopathy: Examination of the PPI and Past Violence in a Female Correctional Sample
 Gonsalves, Valerie., Walsh, Kate., Scalora, Mario., Cantone, Jason. and Giresi-Ficarra, Michelle.

Visually Representing Crime Prototypes: Can Multidimensional Scaling Explain the Prototypicality of Child Sexual Abuse Attributes?
 Tallon, Jennifer. and Groscup, Jennifer.

Voice Identification as a Unique Contributor to Eyewitness Identification: Exploring the Cross-accent Effect.
 Kopelovich, Sarah., Dysart, Jennifer. and Rainey, Anna.


What Judges Know about What Jurors Know: Consistency of Beliefs about Eyewitness Memory
 Lane, Sean., Groft, Stephanie. and Alonzo, Jill.

What Makes One A Successful Applicant to Pre-doctoral Forensic Internships?
 Malesky, Alvin. and Croysdale, Allison.

When is the Post-identification Feedback Effect Reversable?
 Lawson, Deah. and Wells, Gary.

Which Batterers are the Most Dangerous Stalkers? The Link between Stalking and a Batterer Typology
 Huss, Matthew. and Norris, Sarah.

Why Ordinary People Comply with Environmental Laws: A Structural Model on Normative and Attitudinal Determinants
 Martín, Ana M.., Hernández, Bernardo. and Frías, Martha.

Will Adam Walsh Work? A Preliminary Examination of SORNA as Applied to Juveniles.
 Caldwell, Michael., Vitacco, Michael. and Ziemke, Mitch.

Witness Self-Efficacy: Development and Validation of the Construct
 Cramer, Robert., Brodsky, Stanley., DeCoster, Jamie. and Neal, Tess.
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