American Psychology - Law Society 2009-Mar-04 to 2009-Mar-10

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"Surely, you can pick him out!" The Effects of Pre Identification feedback on Choosing Rates and Certainty
 Quinlivan, Deah., McClung, Joy., Harker, Devin., Neuschatz, Jeffrey., Wells, Gary., Cutler, Brian. and Wilford, Miko.

'Parallel Assessment' of Competency to Stand Trial
 Torres, Angela., Stredny, Rebecca. and Wolber, Gregory.

“Can Edwards, Godinez and Faretta be Reconciled?”
 Slobogin, Christopher.

“Everyone Knows Their Miranda Rights:” Implicit Assumptions and Countervailing Evidence
 Rogers, Richard., Rogstad, Jill. and Blackwood, Hayley.

“It’s more complicated than that!” Lessons from the Evanston IL field data
 Steblay, Nancy.

“Mental Illness, Self Representation and Human Dignity”
 Bonnie, Richard.

“The Implications of Edwards for Forensic Examiners”
 Grisso, Thomas.

“Unwept, Unburied?”: Towards a Communicative Theory of Closure
 Madeira, jJdy.

“…And justice for all”? Public perceptions of wrongful conviction.
 Takarangi, Melanie., Newman, Eryn. and Garry, Maryanne.


A Bi-Adaptive Model for Treating Mentally Disordered Offenders
 Kroner, Daryl.

A Comparative Analysis Across Levels of Harassment and Problematic Approach Towards Legislators
 Marquez, Allissa. and Scalora, Mario.

A Meta-Analytic Review of Competency to Stand Trial Research: Preliminary Findings
 Pirelli, Gianni., Zapf, Patricia. and Gottdiener, William.

A Multi-method Assessment of Juvenile Psychopathy: Comparing the Predictive Utility of the PCL:YV, YPI, and NEO-PRI
 Cauffman, Elizabeth., Kimonis, Eva., Dmitrieva, Julia. and Monahan, Kathryn.

A Naturalistic Evaluation of Mediator Assessment, Documentation, and Disposition of Child Custody Cases Involving IPV.
 Beck, Connie., Walsh, Michele., Mechanic, Mindy. and Taylor, Caitilin.

A New Measure of Lineup Fairness & Choice: 100-point Estimate of Effective Size and Identification Accuracy
 Dailey, Sarah., Gronlund, Scott., Carlson, Curt. and Goodsell, Charles.

A Structural Equation Model for the Prediction of Problematic Approach Toward Political Figures
 Scalora, Mario.

A confirmatory factor analysis of the SAVRY in a sample of youth who have sexually offended
 Mordell, Sarah., Viljoen, Jodi., Crosby, Allison., Elkovitch, Natasha., Scalora, Mario. and Ullman, Dan.

Ability of malingering measures to differentiate simulated versus genuine mental retardation
 Farkas, Ph.D., Melanie.

Accented Speech and Culpability Attributions for a Civil Case with Minority and Non-Minority Defendants
 Martinez, Leslie., Willis Esqueda, Cynthia. and Cantone, Jason.

Actuarial Prediction of Institutional Maladjustment in Severe Male Juvenile Offenders
 Freedman, Melanie.

Adolescent Offenders Perceptions of Chances for Success and Engagement in Behaviors Accomplishing Goals
 Leistico, Anne-Marie., Mulvey, Edward., Loughran, Thomas. and Chung, He Len.

Adolescent Psychopathic Traits: Is There Evidence for Primary and Secondary Subtypes?
 Lee, Zina., Salekin, Randall. and Leistico, Anne-Marie.

Adverse Childhood Events, Violence Perpetration and Sex Trade Involvement among Men and Women
 Burnette, Mandi., Schneider, Renee., Ilgen, Mark. and Timko, Christine.

After Innocence: Perceptions of the Wrongfully Convicted
 Clow, Kimberley. and Leach, Amy.

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Behind Closed Doors: Pretrial Publicity Affects the Nature and Quality of Mock-Jury Deliberations
 Ruva, Christine., LeVasseur, Michelle. and Frei, Autumn.

Believe me…Believe me not: Investigating the possibility of a dual standard in the evaluation of alibi and eyewitness evidence
 El-Sibaey, Sami. and Burke, Tara.

Beyond Introspection: Mock-jurors' Perceptions of Eyewitness Identifications
 Beaudry, Jennifer., Lindsay, Roderick., Leach, Amy., Mansour, Jamal., Bertrand, Michelle. and Kalmet, Natalie.


Camera Perspective and Amount of Detail Interact to Affect Jurors’ Evaluations of a Retracted Confession
 Warner, Todd. and Pickel, Kerri.

Can Cross-Examination and Deliberation Improve Jurors’ Evaluation of Scientific Expert Testimony?
 Salerno, Jessica., Bottoms, Bette., Larkin, Amber. and Vaca, Jr., Roberto.

Can the MMPI-2 improve interpretation of invalid protocols on the VIP?
 Pivovarova, Ekaterina. and Frederick, Richard.

Causation in the New Restatements of Torts
 Sanders, Joseph.

Changing Lives and Changing Outcomes: Treatment Targets and Specified Mechanisms
 Morgan, Robert.

Changing your alibi: For better or worse?
 Culhane, Scott., Hosch, Harmon. and Wollman, Kyle.

Character Evidence as a "Backdoor" for Racial Stereotypes: How Stereotype-Consistent Information Affects Jurors
 Hunt, Jennifer.

Child Internet Victimization:Project Development & Preliminary Results
 Coward, Anna., Gabriel, Adeena., Schuler, Ann. and Prentky, Robert.

Children’s and Adolescents’ Eyewitness Identification Accuracy: The Role of Stress at Encoding and Retrieval
 Kellstrand, Elizabeth., Quas, Jodi., Larson, Rakel., Clark, Steven. and Sumaroka, Mariya.

Clinical Judgment and Rater-Agreement for Risk Measure Items
 Rufino, Katrina. and Boccaccini, Marcus.

Co-witness Information Influences Whether an Eyewitness Chooses from a Lineup
 Levett, Lora.

Coding children's event memory reports
 Chae, Yoojin. and Goodman, Gail.

Coding group deliberation across multiple cases: Jury behavior in 50 different real trials
 Diamond, Shari Seidman. and Rose, Mary.

Coding jurors' deliberations about a defendant's childhood maltreatment and alcohol abuse
 Stevenson, Margaret., Bottoms, Bette. and Diamond, Shari Seidman.

Coding the effect of pretrial publicity on jury deliberations
 Ruva, Christine. and Donaldson-Guenther, Christina.

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Deciding What to Do After an Accident
 Thimsen, Sarah., Bornstein, Brian. and Robbennolt, Jennifer.

Decision making strategies in traditional and non-traditional lineups
 Topp, Lisa. and Malpass, Roy.

Defining psychosocial maturity: A risk factor for offending and aggression in adolescents and young adults
 Mordell, Sarah., Viljoen, Jodi. and Roesch, Ronald.

Deictic words and jurors' perspective taking in a self-defense case
 O\'Neil, Kevin.

Demographic, Criminal History and Mental Health Predictors of Institutional Offences in Adolescent Offenders
 McDougall, Ainslie., Campbell, Mary Ann. and Santor, Darcy.

Detection of Overreporting of Psychopathology on the Personality Assessment Inventory: A Meta-Analytic Review
 Hawes, Samuel. and Boccaccini, Marcus.

Development and Persistence of Specific and Comorbid Disorders in Detained Youths
 Abrams, Naomi., Bassett, Elena., Teplin, Linda., Abram, Karen. and Washburn, Jason.

Developmental Precursors of Psychopathic Traits in Adolescents
 Penney, Stephanie. and Skilling, Tracey.

Diagnostic Comorbidity and Multiple Adverse Outcomes: Violence, Victimization and Suicide-Related Behavior
 Bonci, Alina. and Douglas, Kevin.

Did He Just Say What I Think He Said? The Effect of Testimony Mistranslations on Bilingual and Monolingual Jurors
 Joy, Stephen. and Winter, Ryan.

Differential Predictive Validity of the Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth (SAVRY) by Race
 Chapman, John., Vincent, Gina. and Cook, Nathan.

Differential Prevalence Rates of Deviant Sexual Fantasy in an Undergraduate Sample
 Maile, Christian. and Jeglic, Elizabeth.

Dispelling the Myths: Can Psychoeducation Change Public Attitudes about Sex Offenders?
 Kleban, Holly. and Jeglic, Elizabeth.

Dissonance Reduction in Jurors' Post-Verdict Decisions
 Rodriguez, Dario. and Berry, Melissa.

Do Some Evaluators Report Consistently Higher or Lower PCL-R Scores than Others?
 Boccaccini, Marcus., Turner, Darrel. and Murrie, Daniel.

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Early Victimization and the Relationship to Adult Sexual Offense Patterns
 Robilotta, Stephanie., Ackerman, Alissa. and Calkins Mercado, Cynthia.

Effect of Military Service and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder on Prosecutors’ Pre-trial Offers and Blameworthiness Ratings
 Kelly, Jennifer. and Brodsky, Stanley.

Effect of stigma of mental disorder and substance abuse on probation officers’ risk assessment and case management decisions
 Eno Louden, Jennifer., Gillig, Benjamin. and Skeem, Jennifer.

Effectiveness of Calibrated vs. Default Distance Decay Functions for Geographic Profiling: Examination of Geographic Region
 Emeno, Karla. and Bennell, Craig.

Effects Of A Cultural Relativist Argument On Juror Decision Making In A Sexual Harassment Trial
 Schwartz, Samantha. and Hunt, Jennifer.

Effects of Biased Lineup Administrators on Correct and False Identifications
 Brower, Gwendolyn., Clark, Steven., Rosenthal, Robert. and Godfrey, Ryan.

Effects of Ethnicity & SES and Salience of Mitigating & Aggravating Circumstances for Capital Decisions
 Espinoza, Russ., Alvarez, Nadia., Perry, Amanda., Peterson, Sonja. and Willis, Sheilesha.

Effects of False-Evidence Ploys and Expert Testimony on Jurors’ Decisions
 Forrest, Krista. and Woody, William.

Effects of harassment severity and reporting behavior on juror decision making in sexual harassment cases
 Greathouse, Sarah., Crocker, Caroline. and Kovera, Margaret.

Emotion, Judgment, and Punitive Sanctions: Expressions of Vengefulness and Institutions of Social Control
 Pearce, Marc., Brank, Eve., Groscup, Jennifer. and Wiener, Richard.

Emotional Processing in Primary and Secondary Subtypes of Psychopathy
 Kimonis, Eva., Cauffman, Elizabeth. and Goldweber, Asha.

Empathetic Mirroring: Acknowledging Mock Jurors’ Negative Reactions to a Trial Participant as a Means of Bias Correction
 McCabe, John. and Krauss, Daniel.

Estimating Mental Disorders and Mental Health Needs in the Criminal Justice System
 Bauer, Rebecca.

Ethical Considerations for Psychotherapy in Short Term Juvenile Detention Settings
 Coleman, Alicia.

Ethics and Privacy in the Use of Social Networking Sites for Jury Selection
 Neal, Tess., Brodsky, Stanley., Cramer, Rob. and Ziemke, Mitchell.

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Facilitating Disclosure of Deviant Sexual Fantasy in a Non-offending Undergraduate Sample
 Maile, Christian. and Jeglic, Elizabeth.

Factor Structure of the Miranda Rights Comprehension Instruments—II
 Zelle, Heather., Kemp, Kathleen., Riggs Romaine, Christina. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Factors Associated with Exonerations in Capital Cases
 Garcia-Dubus, Eugenia., Piekut, Ewelina. and Kucharski, Thomas.

False confessions: A Content Analysis
 Appleby, Sara., Hasel, Lisa., Shlosberg, Amy. and Kassin, Saul.

Female Sex Offender Recidivism: A Large-Scale Empirical Analysis
 Sandler, Jeffrey. and Freeman, Naomi.

For Whom Does Jail Diversion Work?: Results of a Multi-Site Longitudinal Study
 Steadman, Henry., Dupuis, Seth. and Morris, Laura.

Forensic Individuation: Modern Day Snake Oil or Infallible Science? What do Jurors think?
 Lawson, Kelly. and Winter, Ryan.

Forensic Psychology Journal Rankings
 Helms, Jeffrey.

Forget about it: Do directed forgetting instructions influence recall of a personally experienced event?
 Gordon, Heidi. and Connolly, Deborah.

Formal Psychiatric Civil Commitment Decisions
 Scurich, Nicholas. and John, Richard.

Free will versus determinism: An examination of contested confessions and judicial decision making in appellate court cases.
 Rainey, Anna., Lawson, Victoria. and Kassin, Saul.

From trial to verdict: A comparison of timely and delayed complaints of child sexual abuse
 Lucyk, Jennifer., Gordon, Heidi., Connolly, Deborah. and Read, Don.


Gender Differences in the Evaluation of evidence and the CSI Effect.
 Marsil, Dorothy. and Joseph, Karen.

Gender Disparity in the Prediction of Recidivism: The Accuracy of the LSI-R Modified
 Evans, Stephanie.

Gender Stereotypes and the Weapon Focus Effect
 Pickel, Kerri.

General Acceptance of Pretrial Publicity Phenomenon
 Kennard, Julia., Zimmerman, David. and Kovera, Margaret.

Generic Prejudice and Emotions: The Effect of Emotion Focus on Verdicts in Sexual Assault Cases
 Nichols, Stacie., Beringer Jones, Megan. and Cantone, Jason.

GeoProfile: Developing and establishing the reliability of a new geographic profiling software system
 English, Wesley.

God in the Courtroom: Religion’s Role at Trial
 Bornstein, Brian. and Miller, Monica.

Graphic Photographic Evidence and Arousal: Investigating Need for Affect in Information Processing of Emotional Evidence
 Adams, Desiree., Neal, Tess., Griffin, Michael. and Titcomb, Caroline.


Harmless Error Analysis: Judges’ Performance with Confession Errors
 Wallace, Brian. and Kassin, Saul.

Hate Symbols and the First Amendment: Can We Prime Constitutional Values?
 Richter, Erin. and Wiener, Richard.

Health Outcomes for High-Risk Girls Transitioning to Adulthood
 Marston, Emily., Odgers, Candice., Reppucci, Nicholas. and Moretti, Marlene.

Hemispheric Lateralization in the Processing of Same- and Cross-race Faces
 Moore, Abigail.

Homicide-Suicide: The identification of risk indicators for prevention
 Murray, Lucy., Gozna, Lynsey. and Boon, Julian.

How Religious Appeals in Death Sentence Phases of Trials May Affect Jurors: An Empirical Analysis
 Chavez, H. Lyssette. and Miller, Monica.

How a Prisoner’s Religious Conversion Affects Release Decisions of Actual and Mock Parole Board Members
 Miller, Monica., Lindsey, Samuel. and Shamblin, Stacy.

How research on SVP juries should—and should not—inform expert testimony in SVP trials
 Murrie, Daniel., Boccaccini, Marcus. and Turner, Darrel.


I Can Explain! Effects of Memory and Social Based Explanations for Changes in Eyewitness Confidence.
 Paiva, Melissa., Weipert, Ryan., Berman, Garrett. and Cutler, Brian.

I Spy with My Little Eye: Jurors’ Detection of Internal Validity Threats in Expert Testimony
 McAuliff, Bradley. and Duckworth, Tejah.

Imagine you made the computer crash.
 Horselenberg, Robert.

Implications of Juveniles’ Assertion or Waiver of the Right to Silence
 Penner, Erika. and Viljoen, Jodi.

Improving Miranda: Achieving Legal Change via Appellate and Statutory Reform
 Shuman, Daniel.

Inaccuracies in facial recogntion: Examining facial processing methods
 Wilford, Miko., Wells, Gary., Knight, Melissa. and Quinlivan, Deah.

Inconsistent Self-Reports of Exposure to Violence from Children and Adolescents
 Beneteau, Jennifer.

Influence of description quality and case attributes on the likelihood of suspect nomination or arrest.
 Wright, Sara., Schwartz, Shari. and Ross, Stephen.

Initial Findings from an Investigation of Sex Offender Risk, Selection for Treatment, and SVP Commitment
 Calkins Mercado, Cynthia., Jeglic, Elizabeth. and Robilotta, Stephanie.

Initial Outcomes of the MacArthur Mental Health Court Study
 Redlich, Allison., Steadman, Henry., Callahan, Lisa. and Robbins, Pamela.

Innocent (and Straight) until Proven Guilty (and Gay): How U.S. Laws Affect Sexual Minority Teenagers
 Farr, Rachel.

Institutional Elder Neglect: Perceptions in Civil Court
 Wasarhaley, Nesa., Golding, Jonathan., Dunlap, Emily. and Hodell, Emily.

Integrating Science and Practice in Juvenile Transfer Evaluations: The Role of the University-Based Forensic Clinic
 Heilbrun, Kirk.

Interpersonal Characteristics of Male Criminal Offenders: Personality, Psychopathological, and Behavioral Correlates
 Edens, John.

Intervention research in residential juvenile justice facilities: Practical recommendations to getting it done.
 Lane, Christy., Goldstein, Naomi., Serico, Jennifer., Kemp, Kathleen., Riggs Romaine, Christina. and Zelechoski, Amanda.

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Judicial Appointment of Experts by Docket and Evidence Type
 Domitrovich, Stephanie., Merlino, Mara. and Richardson, James.

Judicial Discourse about Perceptions of Procedural Justice and the Use of Court-Appointed Experts in State Trial Courts
 Merlino, Mara., Domitrovich, Stephanie. and Richardson, James.

Juror Instruction on Earwitness Testimony
 Hamm, Joseph., Bornstein, Brian. and Laub, Cindy.

Juror Knowledge of Eyewitness Issues: A Synthesis of 30 Years of Surveys
 Desmarais, Sarah. and Read, Don.

Juror Perceptions of Child Eyewitness Testimony in a Sexual Abuse Trial with Group Deliberation
 MacQuoid, Amanda., Mason, Tera. and Jacquin, Kristine.

Juror Perceptions of Expert Influence and Credibility in SVP Hearings
 Meeks, Meredith., Boccaccini, Marcus. and Turner, Darrel.

Juror Race, Juror Bias, Jury Selection Over an Eight Year Period
 Woods, Carol., Varela, Jorge., Boccaccini, Marcus. and Clark, John.

Juror Sensitivity to Witness Age and Weapon Focus: A Jury Simulation Study
 Robicheaux, Timothy., Christiansen, Ashley. and Bornstein, Brian.

Jurors Perceptions of Mental Illness and its Treatability in Capital Sentencing Decisions
 Villalba, Daniella., Evans, Jacqueline., Schreiber Compo, Nadja. and O\'Neil, Kevin.

Jurors’ perceptions of mentally ill defendants: Empathy for the sick or anger for the “faking”?
 Singer, Julie.

Juror’s Beliefs About Recanted Confessions
 Anderson, Haley., McQuiston-Surrett, Dawn., Bartholomew, Mitchell. and Valenti, Richard.

Jury Decision Making and the Story Model
 Reardon, Margaret.

Jury Racial Composition, Juror Race, and Defendant Race Impact Decisions in a Mock Homicide Trial
 Brodeur St-James, Marilyn., Masilla, Audrey., Alford, Sarah. and Jacquin, Kristine.

Justice or Entrapment: Venirepersons’ Opinions Regarding Online Sting Operations
 Peters, Christopher., Crumley, Jamie. and Malesky, L..

Juvenile Transfer Laws: An Effective Deterrent to Delinquency?
 Redding, Richard.


Lay Knowledge of Legal Evidence and Procedures: An Instrument and Some Data
 Caspers, Heather., Morales, Joseluis., Tapscott, Ryan., MacLin, Kim. and MacLin, Otto.

Lay prototypes underlying the perceptions of stalking
 Daftary Kapur, Tarika., Phillips, Lorraine., Ranjan, Sheetal. and O\'Connor, Maureen.

Lead and Child Conduct Problems: A Meta-analytic Review
 Marcus, David., Clarke, Erin. and Fulton, Jessica.

Legal Issues in Interjurisdictional Practice
 Fulero, Solomon.

Lies, Damn Lies, andVoir Dire: Uncovering Prospective Juror Bias in Highly Publicized Cases
 McGinley, Katherine. and Hamilton, Mykol.

Linking Serial Sexual Assaults: The Taxonomic Similarity Index versus Jaccard's Coefficient
 Melnyk, Tamara., Gauthier, Donna., Gauthier, Donald. and Bennell, Craig.


Male on male harassment: Power, blameworthiness and assertiveness
 Beringer Jones, Megan., Wiener, Richard., Cantone, Jason., Richter, Erin. and Skovran, Leah.

Malingering and Virtuous Responding on the Psychopathic Personality Inventory Revised.
 Foellmi, Melodie. and Douglas, Kevin.

Maltreated and nonmaltreated children’s evaluations of disclosing an adult’s wrongdoing
 Malloy, Lindsay.

Managing a Multi-State Practice: A Practical View
 Cunningham, Mark.

Mental Health Courts: A Redefinition of Tasks and Goals
 Miller, Sarah. and Perelman, Abigayl.

Mental Health Symptomatology and Perceptions of Coercion among Family Dependency Treatment Court Participants
 Gonzalez Jr., Ernie., Young, M. Scott. and Moore, Kathleen.

Mental Illness and Recidivism: Assessing the Relationship Among Probationers
 Vidal, Sarah., Manchak, Sarah., Ho, Anh., Dillman, Jenni. and Skeem, Jennifer.

Mental Illness and the Death Penalty: A National Survey
 Dahl, Ron., Shapiro, David., Walker, Lenore. and Marker, Craig.

Mental health consequences of women’s sexual victimization across the lifespan and during incarceration
 Buchanan, NiCole. and Kubiak, Sheryl.

Mental health symptoms and treatment needs among adolescents incarcerated in adult prison
 Murrie, Daniel., Henderson, Craig. and Vincent, Gina.

Mindfulness in Prison: An Examination of the Influences of Vipassana Meditation
 Perelman, Abigayl., Miller, Sarah., Rodriguez, Amy., Clements, Carl. and Allen, Kathryn.

Mock Jurors’ Responses to Sexually Aggressive Behavior
 Reiter, Marissa. and Bennett, Elizabeth.

Moving Beyond Ford, Atkins, and Roper: Jurors’ Attitudes Toward the Execution of the Elderly and the Physically Disabled
 Butler, Brooke.

Moving into Management: An Examination of the Transition to Police Supervisor
 Taylor, Alyssa., Hogan, James., Bennell, Craig. and Lavergne, Catherine.

Multiple Identification Attempts with Simultaneous and Sequential Lineups
 Steblay, Nancy. and Benson, Samantha.


Narcissism as a Predictor of Aggression and Conduct Problems in Juveniles
 Lyons, Oliver. and Falkenbach, Diana.

National Survey of Mental Health Services for Mentally Ill Offenders in Prison
 Bewley, Marshall.

Necrophilia and Sexual Homicide
 Stein, Michelle., Schlesinger, Louis. and Pinizzotto, Anthony.

Need for Cognition and Jurors' Use of Opposing Expert Testimony.
 Monier, Amanda., Brown, Michael., Tallon, Jennifer. and Groscup, Jennifer.

New version of the HCR-20 violence risk assessment scheme: Evaluation of a draft of the revised Historical scale.
 Strub, Diane. and Douglas, Kevin.


On Improving Forensic Evaluation Practices
 Otto, Randy.

Once a Criminal, Always a Criminal? A Statistical Comparison of International Rehabilitation Programs and Recidivism
 Shaw, Julia. and Hart, Stephen.

Oral Arguments before the Supreme Court: An Empirical Analysis
 Wrightsman, Lawrence.

Outpatient Commitment: History, Current State, and Future Directions
 Anumba, Natalie. and DeMatteo, David.

Own-Race Bias Elimination in Face Recognition
 Husband, Karen., Tabernik, Holly., Nungaray, Kristina. and Anastasi, Jeffrey.


Parent and Youth Views on Interrogation Choices: Age Differences in Consistency and Resolution of Disagreements
 Woolard, Jennifer. and Cleary, Hayley.

Parental style and delinquency: Does parental legitimacy mediate the relation?
 Trinkner, Rick., Cohn, Ellen., Van Gundy, Karen. and Rebellon, Cesar.

Penetration vs. Non-Penetration in Cases of Sexual Homicide: Offender Demographic, Crime Scene, and Victim Preference
 Mathews, Lindsay., Noblin, J. Leigh. and Rufino, Katrina.

Perceived Coercion among Jail Diversion Participants
 Cusack, karen. and Steadman, Henry.

Perceiving Elder Financial Abuse in a Mock Jury Context
 Golding, Jonathan., Hodell, Emily., Dunlap, Emily., Wasarhaley, Nesa. and Keller, Peggy.

Perceptions about Memory Reliability and Honesty for Children of 3-18 years old
 Wright, Daniel., Hanoteau, Florence., Parkinson, Camilla. and Tatham, Anna.

Perceptions of Hypnotically-Recovered Memories In a Civil Sexual Abuse Case
 Fusco, Samantha. and Platania, Judith.

Perceptions of Maturity & Coercion in Interrogation: Effects of Suspect Age and Severity of the Crime
 Kostelnik, Jessie. and Reppucci, Nicholas.

Perceptions of Police Interrogation Tactics with Juvenile Suspects
 Taormina, Stephanie., Wrazien, Lindsey., Zelle, Heather. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Perceptions of Procedural Justice Among Female Offenders: Time Does Not Heal All Wounds
 Kaasa, Suzanne., Tatar, Joseph. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

Performance Indicators of the SPJ Approach for Violence Risk Assessment: A Meta-Analytic Survey
 Guy, Laura.

Person Perception and Impression Formation in the Courtroom: The Race and Gender of Expert Witnesses
 Groscup, Jennifer. and Wolff, Rachel.

Physical and Sexual Abuse Histories in Mitigation
 Neal, Tess., Adams, Desiree. and Brodsky, Stanley.

Pleading the fifth: The effect of a defendant's prior record and testimony type
 Smith, Brooke. and Hosch, Harmon.

Policy Relevant Attitudes toward Statutory Exclusion of Juvenile Offenders
 Zottoli, Tina., Daftary, Tarika., Rodriguez, Monique. and Zapf, Patricia.

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Quantifying the Cost Savings of Jail Diversion: Results from a Cost Simulation Study
 Hughes, David., Dickson, Jamie., Frost, Lynda. and Stone, Susan.


Race & Juries: Theory, Process, and Practice
 Neuschatz, Jeffrey. and Sommers, Samuel.

Racial Differences in Miranda Waiver
 Kennard, Julia. and Kassin, Saul.

Racial Disparities in Punishment and Guilt Judgments for Defendants Accused of Terrorism
 Forbes, Alexis. and Kovera, Margaret.

Readability and Comprehension: Comparison of the Two Versions of the Miranda Rights Assessment Instruments
 Messenheimer, Sharon., Riggs Romaine, Christina., Wolbransky, Melinda., Zelle, Heather., Serico, Jennifer., Wrazien, Lindsey. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Real SVP Jurors’ Beliefs about What Influences Their Decisions
 Turner, Darrel., Boccaccini, Marcus., Meeks, Meredith. and Murrie, Daniel.

Reasoning backwards: Witnesses who make identifications under poor conditions must be really good witnesses.
 Hicks, J. and Clark, Steven.

Recall of Specific Facial Features in Cross-Race Eyewitness Descriptions
 Mandelbaum, Jason., Dysart, Jennifer. and Vitriol, Joseph.

Reconstructing and Sequencing Behaviors in Multiple Perpetrator Rape as Determinants in Criminal Justice Outcomes
 Horvath, Miranda. and Kelly, Liz.

Reducing Juvenile Recidivism: Empirically Supported Treatments in Residential Placement
 Riggs Romaine, Christina., Burl, Jeffrey., Lane, Christy. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Regional differences in mental health symptoms among juvenile offenders
 Cook, Nathan., Vincent, Gina. and Grisso, Thomas.

Relational Aggression in Female Juvenile Offenders
 Serico, Jennifer.

Relationship between victimization and exposure to community violence on violence perpetration across Latino subgroups
 Chavez, Veronica., Cacialli, Douglas. and Scalora, Mario.

Repetition of contaminating question types when children and youths with learning disabilities are interviewed
 Cederborg, Ann-Christin., Danielsson, Henrik., LaRooy, David. and Lamb, Michael.

Reported Rates of Female Sexual Offense Perpetration: A Social and Legal Problem
 Platzer, Amanda., Jackson, Rebecca., Mathews, Lisa. and Surrett, Jessica.

Representative Payeeship to Leverage Treatment Adherence and Reduce Violence in Mental Disorders
 Elbogen, Eric., Swartz, Marvin. and Swanson, Jeffrey.

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Sadistic Fantasy Predicts Engagement in Sadistic Behavior in an Undergraduate Sample
 Maile, Jordan. and Gottdiener, William.

Same Sex Sexual Harassment: Perceptions of Female-Female Sexual Harassment
 Carlucci, Marianna. and Winter, Ryan.

Self-report of Traumatic Experiences by Juvenile Justice Youth: Relation Between Gender, Race, Age, and Offense Type.
 Maney, Shannon., Vincent, Gina. and Grisso, Thomas.

Sex Differences in Mental Health and Antisocial Behavior
 Monahan, Kathryn. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

Sex Offender Residency Restrictions: How Mapping Can Inform Policy
 Mulford, Carrie.

Sexual Harassment: An Investigation of the Factors Influencing Harassment Perceptions
 Inda, Janeel. and Winter, Ryan.

Sexual harassment: Reasonable person, woman, or victim
 Gaer, Eleanor. and Shea, Andrew.

Sexual objectification and the law
 Gervais, Sarah.

She was only defending herself? Gendered depictions of partner violence in the media
 Desmarais, Sarah. and Maughan, Kaylie.

Shooting Behavior: How Working Memory, Arousal and Affect Influence Police Officer Shoot Decisions
 Kleider, Heather., Parrott, Dominic. and King, Tricia.

Short-term Assessments of Violence Risk using the START and the HCR-20
 Wilson, Catherine., Desmarais, Sarah., Nicholls, Tonia., Hart, Stephen. and Brink, Johann.

Showups: A Cross-Race Investigation into the Identification Accuracy of Eyewitnesses
 Lawson, Victoria., Dysart, Jennifer. and Rainey, Anna.

Situational Aspects of Sexual Offending: Implications for Residency Restrictions and GPS Monitoring Laws
 Colombino, Niki., Calkins Mercado, Cynthia. and Jeglic, Elizabeth.

Situational Factors: The Missing Link in Miranda Research
 Gillard, Nate. and Rogers, Richard.

Snitching, Lies, and Computer Crashes: An Experimental Investigation of Secondary Confessions
 Swanner, Jessica., Beike, Denise. and Cole, Alexander.

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Terror Management Theory and Religion: Jury Decision Making in Hate Crime Cases against Religious Institutions
 Rabulan, Patrick. and Winter, Ryan.

Testing a Learning Theory of Deterrence Among Serious Juvenile Offenders
 Loughran, Thomas., Anwar, Shamena. and Mulvey, Edward.

The Accuracy-Confidence Relationship: Strength Depends on Timing of the Identification Test
 Barone, Carmelina. and Read, Don.

The Adam Walsh Act: A False Sense of Security or an Effective Public Policy Initiative?
 Freeman, Naomi. and Sandler, Jeffrey.

The Canadian Perspective on Interjurisdictional Practice
 Rallo, Joseph.

The Cognitive Interview: A new meta-analysis of published studies and a study space analysis
 Memon, Amina., Fraser, Joanne. and Meissner, Christian.

The Conduct Disorder Requirement for Antisocial Personality Disorder: Should it be kept for DSM-V?
 Washburn, Jason., Olson, Nichole., Abram, Karen. and Teplin, Linda.

The Criminal Justice, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Technical Assistance Center
 Springer, Nicolette., Petrila, John., Christy, Annette., Van Dorn, Richard., Haynes, Diane. and Mitchell, Jessica.

The Cross-Examination Safeguard: Are Jurors Sensitive to Eyewitness Identification Factors?
 Kimbrough, Christopher., Devenport, Jennifer. and Cutler, Brian.

The Cross-Race Effect: The Influence of Stereotypicality on Witness Misidentifications
 Knuycky, Leslie.

The Cultural Perception of Procedural Legitimacy – Comparing Chinese and German Cooperativeness in Social Dilemmas
 Tontrup, Stephan. and Gaissmaier, Wolfgang.

The Effect of Age and Gender on the Perception of Legality of Police Interrogation Tactics
 Wrazien, Lindsey., Zelle, Heather., Taormina, Stephanie. and Goldstein, Naomi.

The Effect of Empathy and Victim Empathy Levels on Rape Myth Acceptance and Rape Proclivity
 Hegyi, Jessica. and Falkenbach, Diana.

The Effect of Eyewitness Testimonial Consistency and Type of Identification Decision on Juror Decision Making
 Dempsey, Julie. and Pozzulo, Joanna.

The Effect of Facial Resemblance between an Alibi Corroborator and Court Participants on Juror Verdicts
 Ochoa, Claudia. and Hosch, Harmon.

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Unconscious Thought Theory and Juror Decision Making: Do Modes of Thought Predict Juror Sentencing Decisions?
 Freng, Scott., Kehn, Andre., Blatter, Jamin., Wing, Ashley. and Rowley, Karis.

Uncovering Attentional Differences in Simultaneous and Sequential Lineups Using Eye Tracking
 Caspers, Heather., Ryan, Betts., Chowdhry, Osman., Peterson, Dwight. and MacLin, Otto.

Understanding Jurors’ Perceptions of Juvenile Defendants: Effects of Intellectual Disability and Confession Evidence
 Najdowski, Cynthia., Bottoms, Bette., Vargas, Maria. and Cummens, Megan.

Understanding jurors’ discussions of a defendant’s history of child abuse and alcohol abuse in capital sentencing trials
 Stevenson, Margaret.

Use of Peremptory Challenges as a Function of Crime Type and Defendant’s Race
 Iberlin, Amy. and Culhane, Scott.

Using Constructivist Self-Development Theory to Understand Judges’ Reactions to a Courthouse Shooting: An Exploratory Study
 Miller, Monica., Flores, David. and Pitcher, Brittany.

Using Emotional Intelligence to Predict Police Officer’s Attitudes Toward the Mentally Ill
 Browning, Meleia., DiDomenico, Melissa., Gentemann, Melissa. and Holmgreen, Amanda.

Using Mixed Group Validation to Evaluate Classification Rates of the Word Memory Test
 Frederick, Richard.

Using Psychological Evidence to Enhance the Prosecution of Elder Financial Abuse
 Gibson, Sheri. and Greene, Edie.

Using Youth Perception to Assess Dimensions of an Institutional Environment
 Mulvey, Edward., Odgers, Candice. and Schubert, Carol.

Utility of a 2AFC Measure in Identifying Persons Feigning Competence Related Limitations
 Donaldson-Guenther, Christina. and Otto, Randy.

Utilization and Effectiveness of Mental Health Services for Detained Youths with Substance Use Disorders
 Paskar, Leah., Abram, Karen. and Teplin, Linda.


Validating the SIRS with MGV using the M-FAST as an estimator of Base Rate
 Gaines, Michelle. and Frederick, Richard.

Validating the SIRS with MGV using the MMPI-2 validity scores as estimators of base rate
 Tyner, Elizabeth.

Validation of the Mental Health Attitude Survey for Police (MHASP)
 Clayfield, Jonathan., Fletcher, Kenneth. and Grudzinskas, Jr., Albert.

Validity of the Aberdeen Report Judgment Scales--Short Training Version--German (ARJS-STV-G)
 Sporer, Siegfried. and Breuer, Maike.

Variations in Comparison Question Test Methods Have Little Impact
 Honts, Charles., Reavy, Racheal., Markowski, Kimberly., McBride, Scott., Pitman, James. and Pitman, Flavia.

Victimization History and PTSD: An Analysis of Psychopathic Subtypes
 Tatar, Joseph., Kimonis, Eva., Kennealy, Patrick., Skeem, Jennifer. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

Victims, Lawyers, and Money: Legal Representation in the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund
 Bornstein, Brian. and Poser, Susan.

Victims, “Closure,” and the Sociology of Emotion
 Bandes, Susan.

Violence Risk Assessment Methods, Information Processing, and Concerns about Accuracy
 Jeffries, Victoria. and Hart, Stephen.

Violence and Mental Disorder: Evidence from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions
 Elbogen, Eric. and Johnson, Sally.

Violence in Emergency Psychiatry
 Watt, Kelly., Levy, Mark. and Hart, Stephen.

Violent Threats as Indicators of Approach: A Descriptive Analysis of Threats and Targeted Violence Against Political Figures
 Darrow, Charles.


What Are They Saying?: The Effects of Pretrial Publicity on Jurors’ Story and Jury Deliberations
 Rhead, Lindsey., Andiloro, Nancy., Carbone, Jon., Daftary Kapur, Tarika. and Penrod, Steven.

What Do PCL Rater-Agreement Coefficients Tell Us About Forensic Practice?
 Rufino, Katrina., Heinonen, Laura., Boccaccini, Marcus., Murrie, Daniel. and Edens, John.

What Must We Give Back to the Field in the Next Decade?
 Heilbrun, Kirk.

What U.S. Law Enforcement Officers Know and Believe About Eyewitness Factors and Procedures
 Safer, Martin., Wise, Richard. and Maro, Christina.

What makes an alibi believable?: Assessing true vs. false alibi statements
 Aguilar, Rosie,., Horgan, Allyson., Susa, Kyle. and Meissner, Christian.

When (Truthful) Alibi Evidence is Overlooked in Favour of (False) Eyewitness Evidence: Findings from the Innocence Project Case Files
 Burke, Tara. and El Sibaey, Sami.

When Do Jurors Treat Absence of Evidence As Evidence of Absence?
 Thompson, William., Fowler, Nicci., Dioso-Villa, Rachel. and Velazquez, Brenda.

When experts testify about malingering and traumatic brain injury: A study of damage awards
 Kirkley, Shalene. and Brodsky, Stanley.

Which Diagnoses Do Experts Identify as “Behavioral Abnormalities” for SVP Offenders?
 Meeks, Meredith., Turner, Darrel., Woods, Carol., Boccaccini, Marcus. and Murrie, Daniel.

Witness Preparation Training and Mock Juror Comprehension
 Caillouet, Beth., Boccaccini, Marcus., Talamantez, Jessica., Lotts, Vivian. and Woods, Carol.


Young Children's Realism: Misled by Leading Questions?
 Fritz, Kristina. and Howie, Pauline.
American Psychology - Law Society 2009-Mar-04 to 2009-Mar-10
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