American Psychology - Law Society 2009-Mar-04 to 2009-Mar-10

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Deciding What to Do After an Accident
 Thimsen, Sarah., Bornstein, Brian. and Robbennolt, Jennifer.

Decision making strategies in traditional and non-traditional lineups
 Topp, Lisa. and Malpass, Roy.

Defining psychosocial maturity: A risk factor for offending and aggression in adolescents and young adults
 Mordell, Sarah., Viljoen, Jodi. and Roesch, Ronald.

Deictic words and jurors' perspective taking in a self-defense case
 O\'Neil, Kevin.

Demographic, Criminal History and Mental Health Predictors of Institutional Offences in Adolescent Offenders
 McDougall, Ainslie., Campbell, Mary Ann. and Santor, Darcy.

Detection of Overreporting of Psychopathology on the Personality Assessment Inventory: A Meta-Analytic Review
 Hawes, Samuel. and Boccaccini, Marcus.

Development and Persistence of Specific and Comorbid Disorders in Detained Youths
 Abrams, Naomi., Bassett, Elena., Teplin, Linda., Abram, Karen. and Washburn, Jason.

Developmental Precursors of Psychopathic Traits in Adolescents
 Penney, Stephanie. and Skilling, Tracey.

Diagnostic Comorbidity and Multiple Adverse Outcomes: Violence, Victimization and Suicide-Related Behavior
 Bonci, Alina. and Douglas, Kevin.

Did He Just Say What I Think He Said? The Effect of Testimony Mistranslations on Bilingual and Monolingual Jurors
 Joy, Stephen. and Winter, Ryan.

Differential Predictive Validity of the Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth (SAVRY) by Race
 Chapman, John., Vincent, Gina. and Cook, Nathan.

Differential Prevalence Rates of Deviant Sexual Fantasy in an Undergraduate Sample
 Maile, Christian. and Jeglic, Elizabeth.

Dispelling the Myths: Can Psychoeducation Change Public Attitudes about Sex Offenders?
 Kleban, Holly. and Jeglic, Elizabeth.

Dissonance Reduction in Jurors' Post-Verdict Decisions
 Rodriguez, Dario. and Berry, Melissa.

Do Some Evaluators Report Consistently Higher or Lower PCL-R Scores than Others?
 Boccaccini, Marcus., Turner, Darrel. and Murrie, Daniel.

Do Women Participate Less Than Men in Jury Deliberation for a Case Involving Scientific Evidence?
 Salerno, Jessica., Vargas, Maria. and Bottoms, Bette.

Do not protest too much: Do backlash and caregiver bias affect employment arbitration?
 Girvan, Erik., Deason, Grace. and Borgida, Eugene.

Do real-world investigators remember prior witness interviews better than lay interviewers?
 Hyman, Amy. and Schreiber Compo, Nadja.

Does the Juror Bias Sale Predict Verdicts in Real Cases?
 Heinonen, Laura., Boccaccini, Marcus. and Clark, John.

Doing Time: A Qualitative Study of Long-Term Incarceration and the Impact of Mental Illness
 Yang, Suzanne., Falissard, Bruno. and Mulvey, Edward.

Drawing on LiarsÂ’ Lack of Cognitive Flexibility: Detecting deception through varying report modes
 Leins, Drew. and Fisher, Ronald.

Drug Arrests in a Cohort of Persons with Serious Mental Illness: Prevalence, Charges and Correlates
 Fisher, Ph.D., William., Grudzinskas, Jr., Albert. and Roy-Bujnowski, M.A, Kristen.

Dubious Discourses: The Role of Suspicion in Judging Deceit Within Computer-Mediated Conversations
 Agar, Ava., Cormier, Nicole., Carpenter, Tara., Woodworth, Michael. and Hancock, Jeffrey.
American Psychology - Law Society 2009-Mar-04 to 2009-Mar-10
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