American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21

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"Look me in the eyes, darling“: Weapon focus effect
 Wilhelm, Kerstin., Steblay, Nancy. and Sporer, Siegfried.

"Race salience" 10 years later: Misconceptions and unanswered questions in the investigation of juror bias
 Sommers, Samuel. and Ellsworth, Phoebe.

„The whole truth and nothing but the truth“ – metacognition put to practice in the situation of eyewitnesses
 Böhm, Claudia.

“A myriad of factors”: Therapists’ considerations in sex offender treatment
 Fazio, Rachel. and Griswold, Shannon.

“An Eye for an Eye” v. “Turn the Other Cheek:” How Individual Differences Impact Capital Jurors’ Receptiveness to Religious Appeals in the Courtroom
 Butler, Brooke. and Evans, Rachel.

“He couldn’t have done it, he was with me!”: The impact of alibi provider age
 Dahl, Leora. and Price, Heather.

“He’s Something Less Than Human:” The Impact of Pretrial Publicity on Capital Defendants’ Right to Due Process-poster
 Butler, Brooke.

“Should I just confess?”: The Perceived Consequences of Confessing and Confession Diagnosticity
 Horgan, Allyson., Russano, Melissa., Meissner, Christian. and Evans, Jacqueline.

“You Have the Right to Remain Silent, So Why Are You Talking?”
 Basarke, Sonya., Frederick, Katherine. and Turtle, John.


A Biopsychosocial Theory of Eyewitness Memory: Understanding and Explaining Memory Patterns in Victims of Crime
 Herve, Hugues., Cooper, Barry. and Yuille, John.

A Comparison of Chinese and U.S. Judges' Knowledge and Beliefs about Eyewitness Testimony
 Wise, Richard., Gong, Xiao-Ling., Safer, Martin. and Lee, Yueh-Ting.

A Comparison of Two Theoretical Models of Procedural Justice: Moving Towards a Coherent Framework
 Wingrove, Twila. and Wiener, Richard.

A Comparison of the HCR-20 and PCL:SV in Predicting Success in Mental Health Diversion Programs
 Dewey, Lauren., Barber-Rioja, Virginia., Kucharski, Thomas. and Kopelovich, Sarah.

A Comprehensive Evaluation of an Intensive Supervision Program for Sex Offenders from a Statewide Sample
 Huss, Matthew.

A Field Study of Procedural Justice and Confidence/Trust in the Courts: A Survey of Misdemeanants
 Tomkins, Alan., Bornstein, Brian., Hamm, Joseph., Pytlik Zillig, Lisa., Herian, Mitchel., Neeley, Elizabeth., Rajendran, Sucharitha. and Lindsay, Klug.

A Meta-Analytic Review of Sex Offender Psychopathy Scores -poster
 Hawes, Sam., Rufino, Katrina. and Boccaccini, Ph.D., Marcus.

A New Type of Paraphilia: Online Sex Offending
 Baron, Shawna.

A New, Countermeasure-Resistant, Accurate, P300-Based Method for Detection of Concealed Information: Forensic and Anti-Terror Applications.
 Rosenfeld, Peter.

A Prevention Intervention for Low-Risk Drug Court Clients -poster
 Burl, Jeffrey., Anumba, Natalie. and DeMatteo, David.

A Real-time Approach to Assessing a Parent’s Competence to Consent to Adoption -poster
 Devaud, Anne. and Clark, Jennifer.

A Systematic Overview of Psychiatric Advance Directive Legislation-poster
 Harron, Ashley.

A Systematic Review of the Relational, Community, and Societal Risk Factors for Sexual Violence Perpetration
 DeGue, Sarah., Teten, Andra., Valle, Linda., Brookmeyer, Kathryn., Massetti, Greta., Matjasko, Jennifer. and Stroupe, Nancy.

A Systematic Study of Sexual Coercion: Estimating the Role of Situational and Individual Difference Factors
 Flowe, Heather. and Shaw, Sophia.

A comprehensive investigation of acute dynamic offence process factors in high-risk sexual offenders
 Greaves, Caroline. and Read, J.

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Behavioral Confirmation in Voir Dire: Effects on Jury Selection and Verdict Choices
 Busso Kennard, Julia., Crocker, Caroline., Austin, Jacqueline., Zimmerman, David. and Kovera, Margaret.

Big girls don’t cry…but do big boys? The effects of child witness demeanor on jurors’ perceptions of child victims of sexual abuse -poster
 Cooper, Alexia. and Quas, Jodi.

Biochemical and Psychosocial Predictors of Recidivism and Relapse Risk Among Incarcerated Methamphetamine Users
 Herschl, Laura., McChargue, Dennis. and McNeese, Rick.

Body-Outline-Focused Interviewing Elicits More False Than True Reports
 Poole, Debra. and Dickinson, Jason.

Boldness, Meanness, and Disinhibition Facets of Psychopathy: Relations with Aggression, Substance Abuse, Internalizing, and Suicidality
 Patrick, Christopher. and Venables, Noah.

Borderline Personality Disorder: Stability and Longitudinal Association with Victimization and Violence
 Burnette, Mandi., Chauhan, Preeti. and Reppucci, Nicholas.

Boundary Spanning: Assessing Skills in Bridging Systems for Offenders with Mental Disorder
 Manchak, Sarah., Skeem, Jennifer. and Vidal, Sarah.

Building Leadership in Police Equity: How Research Partnerships Can Produce Police Transparency and Accountability
 Keesee, Tracie.


Can an emotional courtroom audience enhance jurors’ evaluation of evidence strength?
 McQuiston, Dawn., Jules, Sean., Douglass, Amy. and Garcia, Jessica.

Can cross-examination assist jurors in detecting deception? -poster
 Greathouse, Sarah. and Kovera, Margaret.

Can we facilitate recognition performance and eliminate the cross-race effect? The Results are not promising...
 Susa, Kyle. and Meissner, Christian.

Capital Jury Agreement with Mitigating Factors: The Relationship Between Rate of Agreement and Ultimate Sentence Recommendation
 Keesler, Michael., Laughon, Pam., Foster, Elizabeth., Batastini, Ashley. and DeMatteo, David.

Capital Jury Selection: A Tale of Two Trials
 Chopra, Sonia. and Rivera, A. Marisea.

Capitalizing on a here and now bias: The effect of immediate consequences on criminal confessions
 Scherr, Kyle., Madon, Stephanie., Guyll, Max., Exley, Will. and Kopp, Amanda.

Change Blindness for Faces Versus Houses: A Qualitative Difference with Implications for Eyewitnesses -poster
 Wilford, Miko., Wells, Gary., Quinlivan, Deah., Smalarz, Laura. and Knight, Melissa.

Changing Lives and Changing Outcomes: An Examination of Treatment Fidelity and Effectiveness
 Morgan, Robert., Kroner, Daryl., Mills, Jeremy., Bauer, Rebecca. and Serna, Catherine.

Changing the Treatment Paradigm for Women Offenders
 Van Voorhis, Patricia.

Child Internet Victimization: Identifying the Offenders
 Gabriel, Adeena. and Prentky, Robert.

Childhood Abuse and Adolescent Sexual Offending: Does Childhood Abuse Predict Later Adolescent Sexual Offending and Reoffending?
 Mallie, Adana. and Viljoen, Jodi.

Childhood Emotional Abuse In Incarcerated Females: Use Of The PAI In Identifying Complex Trauma
 Rideout, Kimberly., Jenks, Amy. and Guyton, Michelle.

Childhood Predictors of Sexual versus Nonsexual Offending
 Wanklyn, Sonya., Ward, Ashley., Cormier, Nicole. and Day, David.

Children's reports of a personally experienced event: The effect of event frequency, modality, and prompt specificity on accuracy and language
 Gordon, Heidi., Connolly, Deborah. and Lee, Kang.

Children’s Understanding of Physical and Intellectual Property
 Olson, Kristina.

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Death Qualification and Jurors’ Evidentiary Requirements for Conviction
 Vitriol, Joseph. and Kovera, Margaret.

Debt among incarcerated substance users -poster
 Martire, Kristy., Sunjic, Sandra., Topp, Libby. and Indig, Devon.

Deceptive Messages: A linguistic analysis of children’s and adults’ true and fabricated reports
 Talwar, Victoria., Williams, Shanna., Lindsay, Rod., Lee, Kang. and Bala, Nicholas.

Decisions to Prosecute: Two Studies on the Effect of Public Commitment on Prosecutorial Decision Making -poster
 Uhl, Elizabeth. and Wood, James.

Defense attorney plea recommendations and client race: Does zealous representation apply equally to African American and Caucasian clients?
 Edkins, Vanessa.

Deliberating Thin Slices: The Impact of Group Effects and Jurors' First Impressions on Trial Outcomes -poster
 Titcomb, Caroline., Brodsky, Stanley., Kelly, Jennifer. and Johnson, Kerry.

Deliberation Style, Jury Satisfaction, Conformity, and Deliberation Quality
 Kienzle, Megan. and Levett, Lora.

Demographic and Clinical Influences on Juvenile Competence to Stand Trial
 Heavin, Sarah., Lexcen, Fran. and Zimmerman, Emily.

Demographic, Criminogenic, and Psychiatric Factors That Predict Competency Restoration -poster
 Colwell, Lori. and Gianesini, Julie.

Deputizing Discrimination: The Impact of Immigration Policy on Policing
 Epstein, Liana.

Describe the suspect: Systematic sources of error in person descriptions
 Melnyk, Laura., Lucyk, Jennifer. and Gribble, Paul.

Detecting Deception in Second-Language Speakers
 Da Silva, Cayla., Leach, Amy-May., Vrantsidis, Michael., Meissner, Christian. and Kassin, Saul.

Detecting Deception: Identifying Differences in Liars’ and Truth Tellers’ Verbal Strategies
 Perez, Valerie. and Fisher, Ronald.

Detecting Malingering in Correctional Settings: A Comparison of Several Psychological Tests -poster
 Hill, David., Laffoon, Lea. and Guyton, Michelle.

Detecting Malintent Through Eye-tracking
 Wallace, Brian., Hartwig, Maria. and Kassin, Saul.

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Early psychosis and aggression: Predictors and prevalence of violent behaviour amongst individuals with early onset psychosis
 Spidel, Alicia., Greaves, Caroline., Lecomte, Tania. and Yuille, John.

Effect of Anchoring in Civil Trials: Do Low-End Anchors and Deliberation Make a Difference?
 Kimbrough, Christopher. and Devenport, Jennifer.

Effects of Defendant and Victim Race on Jurors’ Likelihood to Conform During Jury Deliberations
 Stevenson, Margaret., Lytle, Brad., Smith, Amy., Sorenson, Katlyn., Sekely, Ady. and Sigler, Brent.

Efficacy of Trial 1 of the Test of Memory Malingering (TOMM) as a Screening Measure in a Forensic Sample
 Weiss, Rebecca., Belfi, Brian. and Green, Debbie.

Elders with Dementia as Witnesses to Emotional Events
 Wiglesworth, Aileen.

Eliciting evaluative information from child witness in sexual abuse prosecution: The effects of question-type
 Scurich, Nicholas., Handmaker, Sally., Blank, Rebecca. and Lyon, Thomas.

Emotion in Judging -poster
 Maroney, Terry.

Emotional True and False Memories: The influence of Gist and Monitoring Processes
 Bederian-Gardner, Daniel., Paz-Alonso, Pedro., Hembacher, Emily. and Goodman, Gail.

Empirical Evidence on Psychopathy as a Life History Strategy
 Harris, Grant., Quinsey, Vernon. and Rice, Marnie.

Espionage and Intellectual Property Theft (Insider Threat): Experimental Design and Findings
 Caputo, Deanna., Stephens, Greg. and Stephenson, Brad.

Establishing the Validity of the Distinction Between Instrumental and Reactive Violent Offending
 Tapscott, Jennifer., Hoaken, Peter. and Hancock, Megan.

Evaluating Truthfulness in Psychopathic and Nonpsychopathic Offenders of Violent Crime: Verbal Clues to Credibility
 Cooper, Barry., Herve, Hugues. and Yuille, John.

Examining Relational and Academic Development Among Youth Exhibiting Conduct Problems With and Without Callous-Unemotional Traits
 Horan, Jacqueline., Brown, Joshua., Jones, Stephanie. and Aber, J..

Examining the Factors That Influence the Believability of a False Confession -poster
 Butler, Heather., Shaked-Schroer, Netta. and Costanzo, Mark.

Examining the Prevalence and Impact of Evidence Regarding Antisocial Personality and Psychopathy in Capital Cases
 Cox, Jennifer. and Edens, John.

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Factors Affecting Feedback Effectiveness for Reducing Eyewitness Suggestibility
 Groft, Stephanie., Lane, Sean. and Karam, Tanya.

Factors Predicting the Civil Commitment of Sex Offenders: A Comparison of One State’s Two Sex Offender Civil Commitment Statutes
 McLawsen, Julia., Darrow, Charles. and Scalora, Mario.

Factors Promoting Truth-Telling in Children: The Effect of Expected Punishment and Appeal to Tell the Truth
 Talwar, Victoria. and Arruda, Cindy.

False Confession Plausibility as a Predictor of Juror’s Decisions and Evaluations of Police Deception -poster
 Woody, William., Stewart, Joshua., Walker, Alexis., Barfield, Genieva. and Ponzi, Matthew.

Female Perpetrated Intimate Partner Violence: Characteristics of Treatment Participants, Attrition, and Risk for Violence
 Guy, Laura., Bennett, Mary., Dowd, Lynn. and Vincent, Gina.

Fighting Fire with Fire? Execution Impact Evidence as a Moderator of Victim Impact Statements -poster
 Daftary - Kapur, Tarika., Tallon, Jennifer., Monier, Amanda., Groscup, Jennifer. and Penrod, Steven.

Finding a Child’s Right to a Jury Trial for All the Wrong Reasons
 Wolbransky, Melinda. and Goldstein, Naomi.

For Their Own Good: Perceived Coerciveness of Treatment for Juvenile Offenders
 Kalder, Alaine., Bechtold, Jordan., Shulman, Elizabeth. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

Forensic MMPI-2-RF Comparison Group Data: The impact of Population Characteristics and Demand Characteristics of Forensic Assessments
 Ben-Porath, Yossef.

Forensic Psychology : A case of multiple identities -poster
 brown, jennifer.

Forgetting Who Did What: The Impact of Emotion on Binding in Memory
 Butler, Leslie. and Kersten, Alan.

Foundational Case Law for the Study of Forensic Psychology
 Holcomb, William.


Gender Differences in the Relationships between Maternal and Paternal Physical Abuse in the Development of Psychopathy
 Coupland, Ruth. and Moretti, Marlene.

Gender and Sexuality in a Mock Sexual Assault Trial -poster
 Hoffarth, Mark.


Hard for Me But Easy for You: Alibi Generation Difficulty Influences the Generation Effect
 Olson, Elizabeth.

Have We Learnt Anything since Lipmann (1935): Reliability and Validity of Eyewitness Descriptions
 Sporer, Siegfried., Krix, Alana., Koch, Christian., Riegler, Verena., Eher, Alice. and Carbon, Claus-Christian.

Heightened Emotional Reactivity and Proactive Aggression in Youth with Narcissistic Traits
 Munoz, Luna., Kimonis, Eva., Strickleton, Charlene., Frick, Paul. and Aucoin, Katherine.

Hot or Not? The Influence of Attorney Attractiveness and Gender on Juror Decision Making
 Reed, Krystia. and Groscup, Jennifer.

How Do Children and Youth Become Terrorists and Suicide Bombers? A Vew from the Study of Child Soldiers
 Wessells, Michael.

How Mad and Violent Are Girls?: Anger and Aggression in Female Juvenile Offenders
 Goldstein, Naomi., Serico, Jennifer., Wrazien, Lindsey., Feehan, Jaime. and Rharbite, Sadia.

How clinicians’ views of juvenile sex offender registration laws may bias their clinical judgments
 Penner, Erika., Spice, Andrew., MacDougall, Emily. and Viljoen, Jodi.

How often do intoxicated eyewitnesses provide testimony in serious crimes?
 Humphries, Joyce., Flowe, Heather. and Takarangi, Melanie.

How reliable are forensic evaluations? Evaluator agreement in evaluations of competence to stand trial.
 Gowensmith, Neil., Murrie, Daniel. and Boccaccini, Ph.D., Marcus.


Identifying Correlates of Competency to Stand Trial (CST) Among Youth Admitted to a Juvenile Mental Health Court -poster
 Reba-Harrelson, Lauren.

Identifying Separable Components of Confidence in the Courts: Development of an Institutional Confidence Measure
 Hamm, Joseph., Tomkins, Alan., Pytlik Zillig, Lisa., Herian, Mitchel., Bornstein, Brian. and Neeley, Elizabeth.

If you want to know, consider asking: What is your risk of future self-harm?
 Peterson, Jillian., Skeem, Jennifer. and Manchak, Sarah.

Immediate recall does not increase eyewitness susceptibility to misinformation
 Wang, Emyo., Paterson, Helen. and Kemp, Richard.

Impact of Intelligence and Severity of Psychiatric Symptoms on Cognitive Malingering Measures
 Green, Debbie., Belfi, Brian. and Rosenfeld, Barry.

Improving Jurors' Evaluations of Causal Claims in Scientific Evidence
 Schweitzer, N. J.. and Jenkins, Alicia.

Improving children’s accuracy on target-absent lineups: Do the physical characteristics of the wildcard influence its success? -poster
 Jack, Fiona., Walker, Sarah. and Zajac, Rachel.

Improving the Usefulness of Juvenile Forensic Evaluations
 Schapira, Carol. and Lexcen, Fran.

In the field: Trials of self-administered interview recall tool with witnesses to serious crime
 Gabbert, Fiona., HOPE, LORRAINE. and Jamieson, Kat.

Inadmissible evidence and race-crime congruence: When negative information leads to a pro-Black bias in jurors’ decisions
 Fitzgerald, Kristine. and Schuller, Regina.

Increasing Cognitive Load to Detect Deception: The Effects of Repeated Questioning
 Mayberry, Elise., Arrieta, Bonifacio., Koyanagi, Jennifer., Blandon-Gitlin, Iris. and Gombos, Victor.

Increasing Complexity: Resisting Simplification in Forensic Psychology
 Follingstad, Diane.

Indicators of Good and Poor Amenability to Sex Offender Specific Treatment in Juveniles: A Survey of Clinicians' Impressions
 Kimonis, Eva., Fanniff, Amanda. and Borum, Randy.

Individual Differences Predict Attitudes Toward Juvenile Sex Offenders: Education Level, Age, Political Orientation, and Gender
 Stevenson, Margaret., Sekely, Ady., Smith, Amy. and Sorenson, Katlyn.

Influence of Individual Differences Variables on Offender Attitudes Regarding Research Participation
 Magyar, Melissa., Edens, John., Poythress, Norman., Stiles, Paul. and Epstein, Monica.

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Japanese Lay Participation in Criminal Trial and Knowledge of Law
 Okada, Yoshinori., Fujita, Masahiro., Naka, Makiko. and Yamazaki, Yuko.

Judicial Case Progression Management in Predicting Length of Stay in Foster Care
 Beal, Sarah., Wingrove, Twila. and Weisz, Victoria.

Judicial consideration of complainant conduct after sexual assault in historic child sexual abuse cases
 Dhillon, Jasmin., Delparte, Chelsea., Price, Heather., Connolly, Deborah. and Gordon, Heidi.

Juror Age and Pretrial Publicity Affect Juror Decision Making
 Ruva, Christine. and Hudak, Elizabeth.

Juror Perceptions of Criminal Defendant Remorse and Regret -poster
 Patty, Emily., Cramer, Robert. and Brodsky, Stanley.

Jurors’ Causal and Counterfactual Evaluations and Factors Affecting Eyewitness Evidence
 Rodriguez, Dario. and Berry, Melissa.

Jurors’ Interpretation of DNA and Confession Evidence Through a Third Verdict Option
 Lovis-McMahon, David., Tingen, Ian. and McQuiston, Dawn.

Jurors’ Judgments About Forensic Identification Evidence: How NIJ Supports Research on Improving the Use of Forensic Science in the Courts
 McQuiston, Dawn.

Jurors’ Reliance on Peripheral versus Central Processing of Expert Testimony During Deliberation
 Salerno, Jessica., Bottoms, Bette., Peter-Hagene, Claudia., Roy, Kristen. and Vargas, Maria.

Jury Decision-Making in Cases of Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault
 Ryan, Alison. and Krauss, Daniel.

Juvenile Court Youths and Adult Court Youths Incarcerated Together: Who Offends More?
 Bechtold, Jordan. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

Juvenile Detainees’ Perceptions and Attitudes toward the Legal System
 Vidal, Sarah. and Woolard, Jennifer.

Juveniles’ Understanding and Appreciation of 5th and 6th Amendment Rights After Montejo v. Louisiana
 Zelle, Heather., Goldstein, Naomi. and Riggs Romaine, Christina.


Late-Stage Intervention: A Mental Health Court for Probation Failures
 Fiduccia, Chelsea. and Rogers, Richard.

Lay Perceptions of Forensic Science Evidence and Errors
 Tingen, Ian. and Thompson, William.

Lending Great Weight: Capital Trial Judges’ Evaluations of Aggravating and Mitigating Circumstances-poster
 Butler, Brooke.

Let Emotions be the Judge: Graphic Evidence and Need for Affect in Legal Decision-Making -poster
 Adams, Desiree., Neal, Tess., Titcomb, Caroline. and Griffin, Michael.

Lights, Camera, Action! Effects of Camera Perspective on Perceptions of Eyewitness Procedures
 Paiva, Melissa., Weipert, Ryan., Gamache, Kyle., Berman, Garrett. and Cutler, Brian.

Long-term benefits of eye-closure on eyewitness memory in free report and direct questioning
 Vredeveldt, Annelies., Hitch, Graham. and Baddeley, Alan.


Making people remember actions they did not do and forget actions they did do
 Schwartz, Shari. and Wright, Daniel.

Maltreated Children’s Temporal Knowledge for Significant Events
 Wandrey, Lindsay., Quas, Jodi., Lyon, Thomas. and Friedman, William.

Managing Campus Violence: A Consideration of Legal and Policy Issues
 Norris, Sarah., Scalora, Mario., Bulling, Denise. and Yardley, Owen.

Measuring Justice: A New Model for Racial Profiling Research
 Goff, Phil.

Measuring Reading Complexity and Verbal Comprehension of Canadian Police Cautions -poster
 Chaulk, Sarah.

Measuring the Perceived Helpfulness of Social Reactions to Sexual Assault from the Victim’s Perspective
 Tabernik, Holly. and Miller, Rowland.

Memory Impairment, Memory Recovery, Psychotherapy, and Corroborative Evidence in Historic Child Sexual Abuse Cases
 Boydell, Carroll., Read, J., Barone, Carmelina. and Connolly, Deborah.

Memory conformity: Do people falsely “remember,” “know,” or “guess” unseen details they learned from another person during co-witness discussion?
 Azad, Tanjeem., Lindsay, D. Stephen. and Brimacombe, C. A..

Memory report difficulty, identification confidence, and retrospective reports of memory conditions: An eyewitness ease-of-retrieval effect
 Leippe, Michael. and Eisenstadt, Donna.

Mental Health Instrument Use in Juvenile Offender Court Proceedings
 MacDougall, Emily., Viljoen, Jodi., Gagnon, Nathalie., Roesch, Ronald., Penner, Erika., Layden, Brianne. and Stiglich, Tiara.

Mental Health Profiles in High-Risk Youth: Comorbidity and Sex Differences
 Watson, Gillian., Obsuth, Ingrid. and Moretti, Marlene.

Mental Health Symptoms in Female Juvenile Offenders: Relationships with Anger, Physical Aggression, & Relational Aggression
 Serico, Jennifer., Lane, Christy., Feehan, Jaime., Brammell, Amy. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Methodological Considerations and Preliminary Findings from an Internet-Based Research Study on Child Pornography Offending
 Ray, James. and Kimonis, Eva.

Mexican Americans and Culpability Biases in the Legal System
 Willis Esqueda, Cynthia., Martinez, Leslie. and Pedroza, Karina.

Miranda Rights Understanding and Appreciation: The Relationship between Totality of Circumstances Factors
 Zelle, Heather., Goldstein, Naomi., Riggs Romaine, Christina. and Serico, Jennifer.

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National Models of Community-Based Competence Restoration for Juveniles and Adults
 Frost, Lynda.

Neuropsychological Data as Clinical Evidence at the Los Angeles County Elder Abuse Forensic Center
 Wood, Stacey.

Never Have I Ever: Psychopathy and Illicit Behaviors among Young Adults
 Ragbeer, Shayne., Liebman, Rachel., Lax, Rachael., Cavanagh, Caitlin., DeAngelis, Rachel. and Burnette, Mandi.

Nine Years After 9-11, Why So Little Progress On Assessing Credibility At Portals?
 Honts, Charles. and Hartwig, Maria.

Non-Independent Multiple Lineup Identifications: Utility with Limited Exposures-poster
 Kalmet, Natalie., Mansour, Jamal., Bertrand, Michelle., Whaley, Elisabeth. and Lindsay, Rod.

Non-Stranger Identification: How Accurately Do Eyewitnesses Determine if a Person is Familiar?
 Pezdek, Kathy. and Stolzenberg, Stacia.

Novices vs. Experts: Detecting deception in pre-interrogative interviews
 Carlucci, Marianna., Schreiber Compo, Nadja. and Fountain, Erika.


Officers’ focus on criminogenic needs in specialty mental health probation meetings
 Eno Louden, Jennifer., Skeem, Jennifer., Peterson, Jillian. and Vidal, Sarah.

Once a Liar, Always a Liar? Children’s Lie-Telling Consistency
 Mandelbaum, Jason., Segovia, Daisy., Crossman, Angela. and Talwar, Victoria.

One Clinic’s Model for Acquiring and Utilizing Clinical Information in Juvenile Court - poster
 Clark, Jennifer.

Operationalizing the Triarchic Model of Psychopathy: Brief Scales for Assessment of Boldness, Meanness, and Disinhibition
 Patrick, Christopher.

Out-of-Home Placement: Maltreated Children’s Perceptions of Their Placement
 Cooper, Alexia., Quas, Jodi. and Lyon, Thomas.

Outsmarting the Liars: Towards a Cognitive Lie Detection Approach
 Vrij, Aldert.


PAI Normative Data in Child Custody Litigants
 Elterman, Jesse. and Douglas, Kevin.

Parent Coaching: Do We Believe Children Who Are Coached to Lie?
 Warren, Kelly., Peterson, Carole., Dodd, Elyse. and Raynor, Graham.

Patronizing Communication toward Older Eyewitnesses
 Wylie, Lindsey., Brank, Eve. and Bornstein, Brian.

Pedophilic, Rapist, and Mixed Sexual Offenders: An Application of the Self-Regulation Model
 Lambine, MacKenzie. and Leguizamo, Alejandro.

Perceptions of Abuse History as a Cause of Juvenile Sex Offending
 Najdowski, Cynthia., Stevenson, Margaret., Salerno, Jessica., Wiley, Tisha., Bottoms, Bette. and Sorenson, Katlyn.

Perceptions of Juvenile Sex Offenders Who Were Sexually Abused Themselves
 Stevenson, Margaret., Najdowski, Cynthia. and Sorenson, Katlyn.

Perceptions of Risk Factors of Juvenile Suspects’ False Confessions -poster
 Wrazien, Lindsey., Zelle, Heather., Taormina, Stephanie. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Perspective Taking in the Courtroom -poster
 Skorinko, Jeanine., Bountress, Katlin., Kuckuck, Dan. and Spellman, Barbara.

Phenotypic Boldness, Psychopathy, and Affective Modulation of the Startle Blink Reflex
 Hall, Jason., Bernat, Edward. and Patrick, Christopher.

Physical Health Prognosis in Aolescence and Young Adulthood Among Female Juvenile Offenders
 Robins, Summer., Russell, Michael. and Odgers, Candice.

Ploy complexity and its influence on mock jurors’ interrogation evaluations and verdicts -poster
 Wagner, Collette. and Forrest, Krista.

Police Strategy During Interrogations of Juveniles: Do Different Types of Pressure Affect the Likelihood of False Confessions?
 Messenheimer, Sharon., Zelle, Heather., Riggs Romaine, Christina., Serico, Jennifer. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Poll Workers, Election Administration, and the Problem of Implicit Bias
 Page, Antony.

Polygraph Countermeasures Cannot Be Detected From Respiratory Signatures: Government Policy Puts The Innocent At Risk
 Honts, Charles. and Crawford, Mike.

Possible Explanations for Poor Rater-Agreement on Risk Measure Scores in Texas SVP Proceedings
 Meeks, Meredith., Stein, Michelle. and Boccaccini, Ph.D., Marcus.

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Race and Failure to Appear
 Neeley, Elizabeth., Herian, Mitchel., Bornstein, Brian., Tomkins, Alan. and Hamm, Joseph.

Rapport Building and Putative Confession: Enhancing Children’s Disclosures
 Wandrey, Lindsay., Licht, Robyn., Ahern, Elizabeth., Cooper, Alexia., Quas, Jodi. and Lyon, Thomas.

Reducing Courts’ Failure-to-Appear Rate by Written Reminders
 Bornstein, Brian., Tomkins, Alan., Neeley, Elizabeth., Herian, Mitchel., Hamm, Joseph., Lindsay, Klug., Rajendran, Sucharitha. and Hutsell, Nicole.

Registration and Notification Requirements for Juvenile Sex Offenders: A Prospective Evaluation of Risk Prediction and Future Implications
 Batastini, Ashley., Kolko, David., Hart, Jonathan. and DeMatteo, David.

Relational Aggression and Anxiety Among Incarcerated, Serious Female Offenders: What Can Staff/Clinicians Tell Us?
 Goldweber, Asha. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

Relationship Between Online Sexual Behavior and Sexually Coercive Acts
 Gonsalves, Valerie., Emge, Tim. and Scalora, Mario.

Relationships Between Mental Health Court, Treatment Participation, and Criminal Recidivism
 McNiel, Dale. and Binder, Renee.

Reliability and Validity of the NCAR, JRM, and SAVRY: Risk Assessment Tools for Juvenile Offenders
 Giresi-Ficarra, Michelle., Chavez, Veronica. and Scalora, Mario.

Reliability and Validity of the Short-Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability in Predicting Inpatient Aggression
 Desmarais, Sarah., Wilson, Catherine., Nicholls, Tonia. and Brink, Johann.

Reliability of Commonly Employed Risk Assessment Measures in Sexually Violent Predator Proceedings
 Miller, Cailey., Otto, Randy., Kimonis, Eva., Wasserman, Adam. and Kline, Suzonne.

Reliability of PCL-R Scoring in Sexually Violent Predator Proceedings
 Miller, Cailey., Otto, Randy. and Kimonis, Eva.

Religion, Psychology, and the Law
 Miller, Monica.

Reported PTSD Assessment Practices of PTSD-focused and Forensic-focused Clinicians: Diagnosis and Overreporting
 Yano, Kimberly., Weaver, Christopher., Karl, Philip. and Jackson, Rebecca.

Research Data and the Law: Does A Researcher Privilege Exist?
 Stiles, Paul. and Petrila, John.

Research Overview of Capacity and Memory Issues in Elder Abuse
 Mulford, Carrie.

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School Performance among Female Juvenile Offenders: Associations with Anger and Aggression
 Lane, Christy., Kemp, Kathleen., Zelle, Heather., Schwartz, Heather. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Science in the Law School Curriculum: Information Sources for Science Education for Law Students
 Merlino, Mara., Richardson, James. and Chamberlain, Jared.

Secondary Confession vs. Expert Testimony: What do Jurors believe?
 Wetmore, Stacy., McClung, Joy. and Neuschatz, Jeffrey.

Sentencing and Risk Characteristics of Latino Sexual Offenders
 Kilgust, Andrew. and Guyton, Michelle.

Sex Workers as Victims in Court
 Jin, Haerim. and McQuiston, Dawn.

Sex offenders’ target selection scripts based on victims’ routine activities: A latent class analysis.
 Deslauriers-Varin, Nadine. and Beauregard, Eric.

Sexually Violent Predator Commitment: An examination of how actuarial risk scores and other offense factors influence commitment decisions
 Mercado, Cynthia. and Jeglic, Ph.D., Elizabeth.

Shadows of Ghosts: Developments in the Understanding of Terrorist Psychology
 Silke, Andrew.

Sleepwalking, Automatisms, Violence and the Law -poster
 Pressman, Mark.

Socioeconomic Status Affects Perceptions of Juvenile Defendants in Adult Criminal Court
 Sorenson, Katlyn. and Stevenson, Margaret.

Specific versus general risk assessment instruments in stalking cases: Comparing the SAM and the VRAG-poster
 Storey, Jennifer. and Hart, Stephen.

Stage-setting in police interrogation: Interactive effects of a "pretext" for interrogation and "minimization"
 Hernandez, Osvaldo., Draper, Crissa., Davis, Deborah. and Leo, Richard.

Statistical Techniques for Juror and Jury Research-poster
 Wright, Daniel., Vallano, Jonathan. and Strubler, Kevin.

Stereotypical character evidence: A form of racial priming?
 Hunt, Jennifer.

Stopped for speeding: What should you say to police to reduce ticket costs? -poster
 Day, Martin. and Ross, Michael.

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Taking Adaptive Behavior Measures to Court: Scientific Reliability Limitations with Multiple Raters
 Hedge, Krystal., Salekin, Karen. and Neal, Tess.

Teaching Professionals to Detect Deception: The Efficacy of a Brief Training Workshop
 Colwell, Lori., Colwell, Kevin., Hiscock-Anisman, cheryl., Hartwig, Maria., Cole, Lindsey., Werdin, Kathryn. and Youschak, Kimberly.

Terror Management Theory and Homophobia: Evaluating Jury Decision Making in Same-Sex Sexual Harassment Cases -poster
 Rabulan, Patrick. and Winter, Ryan.

Testamentary competence: Defining functional abilities
 Finello, Christina. and Heilbrun, Kirk.

Testing the Applied Lineup Theory -poster
 Mansour, Jamal., Lindsay, Rod., Kalmet, Natalie., Bertrand, Michelle. and Munhall, Kevin.

Testing the Comparability of the Psychopathic Personality Inventory-Revised across Gender and Race
 Wilson, Catherine., Douglas, Kevin. and Foellmi, Melodie.

The Abbreviated Dysregulation Inventory: Examining the Factor Structure and Testing Associations with Adolescent Aggression
 Cruz-Katz, Spencer., Cruise, Keith. and Quinn, Thomas.

The Assessment of Malingered Incompetence to Stand Trial Using the ECST-R
 Rohlehr, Lia., Rosenfeld, Barry., Green, Debbie. and Belfi, Brian.

The Association between Childhood Abuse and Dimensions of Psychopathy
 Graham, Nicole., Kimonis, Eva., Miller, Cailey., Wasserman, Adam. and Kline, Suzonne.

The Buddy System: The Number of Perpetrators, Psychopathy, Violence, and Motivation in Youth-Perptrated Homicides
 Agar, Ava. and Woodworth, Michael.

The CSI Effect and Need for Cognition: Influence on Verdicts, Verdict Reasons, and Evidence Expectations -poster
 Mancini, Dante.

The Cognitive Interview and adults : testing an alternative mnemonic and a modified protocol
 Colomb, Cindy. and Ginet, Magali.

The Complexity of NGRI: Judgments as a Function of Attribution and Context
 Zaitchik, Matt. and Platania, Judith.

The Death Penalty Attitudes Scale as a Moderator of Pre-trial Publicity
 Rhead, Lindsey., D’Antuono, Danielle., Daftary - Kapur, Tarika., Tallon, Jennifer. and Penrod, Steven.

The Defense Rests: Attorney Recognition of Symptoms of Brian Injury
 Niehuser, Alisa. and Arnaut, Genevieve.

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Underlying Affective Processes in Mock Jurors’ Use of Victim Impact Statements
 Tallon, Jennifer., Daftary - Kapur, Tarika., Rhead, Lindsey., Carbone, Jon., Groscup, Jennifer. and Penrod, Steven.

Understanding the processes behind the Appearance Change Instruction
 Kieckhaefer, Jenna., Cahill, Brian. and Ross, Stephen.

Understanding youths’ adjustment to secure detention
 Cesaroni, Carla., Peterson-Badali, Michele. and Pelvin, Holly.

Unique Aggression Profiles and their Relation to Maladjustment in a Secure Facility
 Goldweber, Asha. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

Unreliability of PCL-R Factor 1 among Sexual Offenders
 Johnson, Darryl., Edens, John. and Boccaccini, Ph.D., Marcus.

Use of How/Why/How Come in Investigative Interviews with Very Young Suspected Victims of Sexual Abuse
 Malloy, Lindsay., lamb, michael., orbach, yael. and Walker, Anne.

Use of Psychometric Measures to Identify Dimensions of Sex Offender Risk and Need
 Olver, Mark., Nicholaichuk, Terry. and Wong, Stephen.

Use of evidence as an investigative interviewing tool: Improving confession diagnosticity
 Jordan, Sarah., Hartwig, Maria., Dawson, M.. and Wallace, Brian.

Using Structural Equation Modeling to Understand the Relationship between Victim Blame, Sympathy, Victim Credibility, and Verdict in a Simulated Rape Case -poster
 sperry, kathryn. and Siegel, Jason.

Using a Semi-Structured Interview to Assess Juvenile Competence-Related Capacities
 Simpson, Jolene. and Lexcen, Fran.

Utility of Self-Report Personality Measures in Prediction of Length of Stay (LOS) on a Forensic Inpatient Unit
 Noblin, J. Leigh., Mathews, Lindsay., Farkas, Melanie. and Shiva, Andrew.

Utility of a 2AFC Measure in Identifying Persons Feigning Competence Related Limitations -poster
 Guenther, Christina. and Otto, Randy.


Validating “Disinhibition” and “Meanness” Factors of the Externalizing Spectrum Model Within a Triarchic Conceptualization of Psychopathy
 Venables, Noah. and Patrick, Christopher.

Validity of the Guide for Stalking Assessment and Management (SAM)
 Foellmi, Melodie. and Rosenfeld, Barry.

Variants of psychopathy in female offenders
 Guyton, Michelle., Brown, Christopher., Stotler-Turner, Elizabeth. and Hinman, Jessica.

Verdict Outcomes and the Personal Characteristics of Jurors and Defendants: A Meta-Analytic Review
 Devine, Dennis., Caughlin, David. and Bendapudi, Namrita.

Videotaped Interrogations and Confessions: Does an Equal-focus Camera Perspective Ensure Equal Justice for All?
 Lassiter, G. Daniel., Ratcliff, Jennifer. and Lindberg, Matthew.


Weapon Focus in Elite and Rookie Police Officers
 Vickers, Joan. and Lewinski, William.

Weapon-focus effect: Are police and civilians differentially affected?
 DeCarlo, John. and Dysart, Jennifer.

What are the effects of testing on eyewitness’ susceptibility to subsequent central and peripheral misinformation?
 Wilford, Miko., Chan, Jason. and Tuhn, Sam.

What’s Beautiful is Bad? The Effect of Capital Defendant Attractiveness and Gender on Juror Decision-Making Processes
 Butler, Brooke.

What’s in a Face?: Are Other-Race Facial Composites Merely a Compilation of Stereotypical Features?
 Kehn, Andre., Hasel, Lisa. and Nunez, Narina.

When Do Juries Second-Guess Auditor Judgment? The Effects of Accounting Rule Precision and Norms
 Mercer, Molly. and Kadous, Kathryn.

When Research and Clinical Assessments Disagree: Prospectively Predicting Juveniles’ Adjustment to Incarceration
 Kelly, Erin. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

When less is more: Metacognitive strategies in eyewitness reports
 Krix, Alana. and Sporer, Siegfried.

When there is more that meets the eye in forensic practice: Susceptibility to misleading and suggestive information in schizophrenia patients
 Peters, Maarten.

When “Bad Girls” Choose “Bad Boys”: Romantic Relationship Violence among Incarcerated Girls
 Oudekerk, Barbara. and Reppucci, Nicholas.

Where were you? Alibi generation, accuracy and consistency
 Strange, Deryn., Dysart, Jennifer. and Loftus, Elizabeth.

Who is in favour of what with whom? Community views about offender reintegration in Victoria, Australia
 Bartholomew, Terry. and Hardcastle, Lesley.

Will It Help or Hurt?: The Expected Outcomes of Delinquent Girls’ Physical and Relational Aggression
 Kelly, Meghann., Serico, Jennifer., Kemp, Kathleen., Lane, Christy., Wrazien, Lindsey. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Women Do What? An Overview of Female Sex Offenders
 Griswold, Shannon.

Would you lie for me? Alibi Corroboration Between Strangers and Non-Strangers
 Marion, Stéphanie. and Burke, Tara.

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You Can’t Do That to a Child! Defining Child Physical Abuse and Neglect for Research and Child Protective Services
 Brown, Marsha. and Jeglic, Ph.D., Elizabeth.

Young People’s Perspectives on the Parent-Child Relationship and Parents’ Involvement in Youth Justice Proceedings
 Clarke, Maggie. and Peterson-Badali, Michele.

Young children’s emerging ability to make false statements
 Ahern, Elizabeth., Lyon, Thomas. and Quas, Jodi.
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