American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21

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Behavioral Confirmation in Voir Dire: Effects on Jury Selection and Verdict Choices
 Busso Kennard, Julia., Crocker, Caroline., Austin, Jacqueline., Zimmerman, David. and Kovera, Margaret.

Big girls don’t cry…but do big boys? The effects of child witness demeanor on jurors’ perceptions of child victims of sexual abuse -poster
 Cooper, Alexia. and Quas, Jodi.

Biochemical and Psychosocial Predictors of Recidivism and Relapse Risk Among Incarcerated Methamphetamine Users
 Herschl, Laura., McChargue, Dennis. and McNeese, Rick.

Body-Outline-Focused Interviewing Elicits More False Than True Reports
 Poole, Debra. and Dickinson, Jason.

Boldness, Meanness, and Disinhibition Facets of Psychopathy: Relations with Aggression, Substance Abuse, Internalizing, and Suicidality
 Patrick, Christopher. and Venables, Noah.

Borderline Personality Disorder: Stability and Longitudinal Association with Victimization and Violence
 Burnette, Mandi., Chauhan, Preeti. and Reppucci, Nicholas.

Boundary Spanning: Assessing Skills in Bridging Systems for Offenders with Mental Disorder
 Manchak, Sarah., Skeem, Jennifer. and Vidal, Sarah.

Building Leadership in Police Equity: How Research Partnerships Can Produce Police Transparency and Accountability
 Keesee, Tracie.
American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21
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