American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21

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Can an emotional courtroom audience enhance jurors’ evaluation of evidence strength?
 McQuiston, Dawn., Jules, Sean., Douglass, Amy. and Garcia, Jessica.

Can cross-examination assist jurors in detecting deception? -poster
 Greathouse, Sarah. and Kovera, Margaret.

Can we facilitate recognition performance and eliminate the cross-race effect? The Results are not promising...
 Susa, Kyle. and Meissner, Christian.

Capital Jury Agreement with Mitigating Factors: The Relationship Between Rate of Agreement and Ultimate Sentence Recommendation
 Keesler, Michael., Laughon, Pam., Foster, Elizabeth., Batastini, Ashley. and DeMatteo, David.

Capital Jury Selection: A Tale of Two Trials
 Chopra, Sonia. and Rivera, A. Marisea.

Capitalizing on a here and now bias: The effect of immediate consequences on criminal confessions
 Scherr, Kyle., Madon, Stephanie., Guyll, Max., Exley, Will. and Kopp, Amanda.

Change Blindness for Faces Versus Houses: A Qualitative Difference with Implications for Eyewitnesses -poster
 Wilford, Miko., Wells, Gary., Quinlivan, Deah., Smalarz, Laura. and Knight, Melissa.

Changing Lives and Changing Outcomes: An Examination of Treatment Fidelity and Effectiveness
 Morgan, Robert., Kroner, Daryl., Mills, Jeremy., Bauer, Rebecca. and Serna, Catherine.

Changing the Treatment Paradigm for Women Offenders
 Van Voorhis, Patricia.

Child Internet Victimization: Identifying the Offenders
 Gabriel, Adeena. and Prentky, Robert.

Childhood Abuse and Adolescent Sexual Offending: Does Childhood Abuse Predict Later Adolescent Sexual Offending and Reoffending?
 Mallie, Adana. and Viljoen, Jodi.

Childhood Emotional Abuse In Incarcerated Females: Use Of The PAI In Identifying Complex Trauma
 Rideout, Kimberly., Jenks, Amy. and Guyton, Michelle.

Childhood Predictors of Sexual versus Nonsexual Offending
 Wanklyn, Sonya., Ward, Ashley., Cormier, Nicole. and Day, David.

Children's reports of a personally experienced event: The effect of event frequency, modality, and prompt specificity on accuracy and language
 Gordon, Heidi., Connolly, Deborah. and Lee, Kang.

Children’s Understanding of Physical and Intellectual Property
 Olson, Kristina.

Children’s episodic and generic reports of alleged abuse
 Price, Heather., Roberts, Kim., Schneider, Luke. and Hedrick, Amy.

Choosing the Lesser of Two Evils: Considering the Ethics of Competency for Execution Evaluations -poster
 Neal, Tess.

Choosing the Right Publication Outlet and Communicating with Editors and Reviewers
 Roesch, Ronald.

Clarifying the Distinction between Reverse Discrimination and Over-correction; Two Informative Examples
 Morrel-Samuels, Palmer.

Clinical Evaluations for Adult Sentencing of Juvenile Offenders
 Spice, Andrew., Viljoen, Jodi., Hendry, Melissa., Gretton, Heather. and Roesch, Ronald.

Clinical Experiences with the Juvenile Adjudicative Competence Interview
 Lexcen, Fran.

Clinician Perceptions of Dangerousness Regarding Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder
 Liebman, Rachel., Perez, Luzmercy. and Burnette, Mandi.

Clinicians’ Views of Juvenile Sex Offender Registration Laws
 Spice, Andrew., Penner, Erika., MacDougall, Emily. and Viljoen, Jodi.

Coding Eyewitness Identifications: Do Accurate and Inaccurate Eyewitness Exhibit Different Behavioral Cues?
 Anthony, Kayla. and Beaudry, Jennifer.

Cognitive and neuropsychological predictors of juvenile adjudicative competency: The role of executive functioning
 Kreklewetz, Kimberly., Roesch, Ronald., Viljoen, Jodi. and Thornton, Allen.

Coherence Effects on Judgments of Guilt
 Simon, Dan., Stenstrom, Douglas. and Read, Stephen.

Community views of sex offenders: Further exploration via the CATSO -poster
 Miller, Sarah., Clements, Carl., Wakeman, Emily. and Rodriguez, Amy.

Competence to Stand Trial in Non-English Speakers: Distinctive Issues
 Judd, P.hD, ABPP-CN, Tedd., Jurecska, M.S/M.A, Diomaris. and Holmes, J.D, Juanita.

Competence to make end-of-life treatment decisions in terminally ill cancer patients
 Rosenfeld, Barry.

Competency and Deaf Defendants: A Collaborative Approach -poster
 Hartman, Brian. and Smith, Daniel.

Competency to Stand Trial: A Meta Analysis
 Pirelli, Gianni., Zapf, Patricia. and Gottdiener, William.

Comprehension of written wills by older adults
 Greene, Edie.

Confessions Spark Cognitive Confirmation Processes in Potential Jurors -poster
 Hasel, Lisa., Dinsdale, Andrew. and Montgomery, Kimberly.

Congregation: The Psychology of Loneliness and the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act
 Stern, Stephanie.

Consensual Sexual Relationships in Adolescence: Does Perceived Sexual Orientation Matter?
 Farr, Rachel., Oudekerk, Barbara. and Reppucci, Nicholas.

Considering immaturity as a basis for incompetence to stand trial: The potential role of judgment -poster
 Fanniff, Amanda. and Becker, Judith.

Construct Validity of the Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy Scale in Incarcerated and Non-Incarcerated Samples
 Sellbom, Martin. and Marion, Brandee.

Construct Validity of the Violence Risk Scale-Sexual Offender Version for Measuring Sexual Deviance
 Canales, Donaldo., Olver, Mark. and Wong, Stephen.

Contamination of eyewitness memory by constructing or viewing face composites: Replications and non-replications
 Tredoux, Colin., Kempen, Kate., Maskow, Nils. and schmidt, heike.

Context Effects in Judicial Decision Making
 Rachlinski, Jeffrey.

Contextual Influences in Prisoner Research – Preliminary Findings
 Epstein, Monica., Stiles, Paul., Edens, John. and Poythress, Norman.

Convergent and Divergent Validity of the START with the PCL:SV and HCR-20: Forensic and Civil Patients
 Petersen, Karen., Nicholls, Tonia., Desmarais, Sarah., Wilson, Catherine., Gagnon, Nathalie., Brink, Johann., Douglas, Kevin. and Hart, Stephen.

Correlates of MPQ-Estimated Psychopathy in Offender Samples-poster
 Smith, Shannon., Edens, John., Poythress, Norman., Stiles, Paul. and Epstein, Monica.

Court-Culture, Environment, and Intervention Techniques in Mental Health Courts: Implications for Public Policy
 Hess, Derek.

Criminal Thinking Styles Among Civil Psychiatric Patients-poster
 Rosenfeld, Barry., Carr, W.., Rotter, Merrill. and Magyar, Melissa.

Criminal Thinking, Aggression, and Psychopathy in Late High School Bully-Victims -poster
 Fremouw, William., Ragatz, Laurie., Schwartz, Rebecca., Anderson, Ryan., Schenk, Allison. and Kania, Kristina.

Cross-examination and Jury Deliberation Sensitize Jurors to Flaws in a Defense (but not a Plaintiff) Expert Witness
 Salerno, Jessica., Bottoms, Bette., Vaca, Jr., Roberto. and Larkin, Amber.

Crossing the Aisle: How Bringing Together Different Approaches to Assessing Juvenile Psychopathy Can Improve Prediction of Institutional Misconduct
 Miller, Drew. and Gudonis, Lauren.
American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21
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