American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21

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Death Qualification and Jurors’ Evidentiary Requirements for Conviction
 Vitriol, Joseph. and Kovera, Margaret.

Debt among incarcerated substance users -poster
 Martire, Kristy., Sunjic, Sandra., Topp, Libby. and Indig, Devon.

Deceptive Messages: A linguistic analysis of children’s and adults’ true and fabricated reports
 Talwar, Victoria., Williams, Shanna., Lindsay, Rod., Lee, Kang. and Bala, Nicholas.

Decisions to Prosecute: Two Studies on the Effect of Public Commitment on Prosecutorial Decision Making -poster
 Uhl, Elizabeth. and Wood, James.

Defense attorney plea recommendations and client race: Does zealous representation apply equally to African American and Caucasian clients?
 Edkins, Vanessa.

Deliberating Thin Slices: The Impact of Group Effects and Jurors' First Impressions on Trial Outcomes -poster
 Titcomb, Caroline., Brodsky, Stanley., Kelly, Jennifer. and Johnson, Kerry.

Deliberation Style, Jury Satisfaction, Conformity, and Deliberation Quality
 Kienzle, Megan. and Levett, Lora.

Demographic and Clinical Influences on Juvenile Competence to Stand Trial
 Heavin, Sarah., Lexcen, Fran. and Zimmerman, Emily.

Demographic, Criminogenic, and Psychiatric Factors That Predict Competency Restoration -poster
 Colwell, Lori. and Gianesini, Julie.

Deputizing Discrimination: The Impact of Immigration Policy on Policing
 Epstein, Liana.

Describe the suspect: Systematic sources of error in person descriptions
 Melnyk, Laura., Lucyk, Jennifer. and Gribble, Paul.

Detecting Deception in Second-Language Speakers
 Da Silva, Cayla., Leach, Amy-May., Vrantsidis, Michael., Meissner, Christian. and Kassin, Saul.

Detecting Deception: Identifying Differences in Liars’ and Truth Tellers’ Verbal Strategies
 Perez, Valerie. and Fisher, Ronald.

Detecting Malingering in Correctional Settings: A Comparison of Several Psychological Tests -poster
 Hill, David., Laffoon, Lea. and Guyton, Michelle.

Detecting Malintent Through Eye-tracking
 Wallace, Brian., Hartwig, Maria. and Kassin, Saul.

Detection of Response Bias in a Forensic Disability Setting with the MMPI-2 Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF)
 Wygant, Dustin., Sellbom, Martin. and Gervais, Roger.

Developing Core Competencies in Forensic Training Programs: A Survey of Law-Psychology Coursework -poster
 Burl, Jeffrey., Shah, Sanjay. and DeMatteo, David.

Developing a Quality Proposal for Submission to the National Institute of Justice
 Mulford, Carrie.

Development of Children’s Altruistic Lies
 Saykaly, Christine., Hubbard, Kyle., Crossman, Angela. and Talwar, Victoria.

Development of conduct problems in girls: Differential predictions regarding the role of pubertal timing and transitional stress
 O\'Donnell, Ph.D., Cedar., Frick, Paul. and Silverthorn, Persephanie.

Developmental Trends in the Process of Constructing Own- and Other-Race Facial Composites
 Kehn, Andre., Gray, Jennifer., Renken, Maggie., Nunez, Narina., McGuire, Katherine., Ladd, Nicole. and London, Kamala.

Differences in Offending Patterns and Sexual Cognitions in Adolescent Sex Offenders High or Low in Callous-Unemotional Traits
 Lawing, Kathryn., Frick, Paul., Cruise, Keith. and Kimonis, Eva.

Different ways to communicate resistance: Exploring verbal and non verbal cues within investigative interviews
 katz, carmit., hershkowitz, irit., Malloy, Lindsay. and lamb, michael.

Differential Effects of Viewing Fiction and Non-Fiction Television Shows on Perceptions of Child Witnesses
 Desmarais, Sarah., Price, Heather. and Austin, Bryan.

Disclosure and Nondisclosure of Witnessing Domestic Violence: Circumstances and Predictors
 Bottoms, Bette., Reynolds, Carrie., Wiley, Tisha. and Epstein, Michelle.

Discussion of Secrets, Threats, and Fears in Investigative Interviews with Children
 Malloy, Lindsay., Pipe, Margaret., lamb, michael., orbach, yael. and Rothenberg, Drew.

Displaying and Presenting Your Findings
 Skeem, Jennifer.

Diverging views about giving and receiving elder care
 Brank, Eve.

Divorcing Couples: Self-Reports of Intimate Partner Abuse and Law Enforcement Reports of Involvement
 Davidson, Ryan., Tehee, Melissa., Perkins, Andrew. and Beck, Connie.

Do Core Interpersonal-Affective Psychopathic Traits Interact with Antisocial and Criminal Features to Predict Violence?
 Kennealy, Patrick., Skeem, Jennifer. and Walters, Glenn.

Do Models of Procedural Justice Apply to Children? Exploring Procedural Justice in Child Protection Proceedings
 Wingrove, Twila., Beal, Sarah. and Weisz, Victoria.

Do Young Females Follow A Gendered Pathway into Crime? Implications for Risk Assessment and Misclassification
 Jones, Natalie. and Brown, Shelley.

Do the Validity Scales of the PAI and the PPI-R Perform Comparably in Correctional Settings?
 Nikolova, Natalia., Hendry, Melissa. and Douglas, Kevin.

Do “firm but fair” relationships mediate the effect of specialty mental health supervision on recidivism?
 Skeem, Jennifer., Kennealy, Patrick. and Manchak, Sarah.

Does Asian Ethnicity Moderate the Relation Between Psychopathy Measures and Indices of Emotional Expression?
 Tatar II, Joseph., Kennealy, Patrick., Skeem, Jennifer. and Dickerson, Sally.

Does Nodding Cause Contagious Agreement? The Influence of Juror Nodding on Perceptions of Expert Testimony -poster
 Simpson, Jolene. and Brodsky, Stanley.

Does metasuggestibility predict memory distortion among school-aged children?
 London, Kamala., Bruck, Maggie., McGuire, Katherine. and Poole, Debra.

Does report format influence police interviewers’ recall of a prior witness interview?
 Hyman Gregory, Amy. and Schreiber Compo, Nadja.

Doing the Thing You Think You Cannot Do
 Rose, Suzanna.

Domestic Violence and Perceptions of Social Support in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Women
 Levi-Minzi, Micol., Johnston- McCabe, Paula. and Van Hasselt, Vincent.

Double Jeopardy: Disabled and Black -- Disability, Race, and their Interaction
 Maeder, Evelyn. and Wiener, Richard.

Dyanmic risk assessment: Can we get there?
 Kroner, Daryl., Morgan, Robert., Mills, Jeremy., Serna, Catherine. and Bewley, Marshall.
American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21
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