American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21

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Early psychosis and aggression: Predictors and prevalence of violent behaviour amongst individuals with early onset psychosis
 Spidel, Alicia., Greaves, Caroline., Lecomte, Tania. and Yuille, John.

Effect of Anchoring in Civil Trials: Do Low-End Anchors and Deliberation Make a Difference?
 Kimbrough, Christopher. and Devenport, Jennifer.

Effects of Defendant and Victim Race on JurorsÂ’ Likelihood to Conform During Jury Deliberations
 Stevenson, Margaret., Lytle, Brad., Smith, Amy., Sorenson, Katlyn., Sekely, Ady. and Sigler, Brent.

Efficacy of Trial 1 of the Test of Memory Malingering (TOMM) as a Screening Measure in a Forensic Sample
 Weiss, Rebecca., Belfi, Brian. and Green, Debbie.

Elders with Dementia as Witnesses to Emotional Events
 Wiglesworth, Aileen.

Eliciting evaluative information from child witness in sexual abuse prosecution: The effects of question-type
 Scurich, Nicholas., Handmaker, Sally., Blank, Rebecca. and Lyon, Thomas.

Emotion in Judging -poster
 Maroney, Terry.

Emotional True and False Memories: The influence of Gist and Monitoring Processes
 Bederian-Gardner, Daniel., Paz-Alonso, Pedro., Hembacher, Emily. and Goodman, Gail.

Empirical Evidence on Psychopathy as a Life History Strategy
 Harris, Grant., Quinsey, Vernon. and Rice, Marnie.

Espionage and Intellectual Property Theft (Insider Threat): Experimental Design and Findings
 Caputo, Deanna., Stephens, Greg. and Stephenson, Brad.

Establishing the Validity of the Distinction Between Instrumental and Reactive Violent Offending
 Tapscott, Jennifer., Hoaken, Peter. and Hancock, Megan.

Evaluating Truthfulness in Psychopathic and Nonpsychopathic Offenders of Violent Crime: Verbal Clues to Credibility
 Cooper, Barry., Herve, Hugues. and Yuille, John.

Examining Relational and Academic Development Among Youth Exhibiting Conduct Problems With and Without Callous-Unemotional Traits
 Horan, Jacqueline., Brown, Joshua., Jones, Stephanie. and Aber, J..

Examining the Factors That Influence the Believability of a False Confession -poster
 Butler, Heather., Shaked-Schroer, Netta. and Costanzo, Mark.

Examining the Prevalence and Impact of Evidence Regarding Antisocial Personality and Psychopathy in Capital Cases
 Cox, Jennifer. and Edens, John.

Examining the Relationship between Childhood Maltreatment and Adolescent Aggression: The Role of Rejection Sensitivity
 Bartolo, Tania. and Moretti, Marlene.

Examining the effectiveness of age progression
 Charman, Steve. and Carol, Rolando.

Examining the impact of socio-ecological variables on race-specific homicide rates in New York City
 Chauhan, Preeti., Cerdá, Magdalena., Messner, Steven., Tracy, Melissa., Vlahov, David., Tardiff, Kenneth. and Galea, Sandro.

Expert Testimony, Interrogation Tactics, and Vulnerable Populations
 Serpa, Alicia., Small, Rachel. and Platania, Judith.

Exploration of cognitive empathy and need for cognition differences in capital juror decision-making.
 Gordon, Trina. and Brodsky, Stanley.

Exploring Cultural Background as a Risk Factor for False Confessions
 Vann, Jr, Burrel. and Blandon-Gitlin, Iris.

Exploring Liars' Construction Strategies -poster
 Leins, Drew., Fisher, Ronald., Ross, Stephen. and Cahill, Brian.

Exploring the Effect of Specialty Probation on Substance Abuse Symptoms
 Keith, Felicia., Manchak, Sarah. and Skeem, Jennifer.

Exploring the impact of conferring on individual and collaborative recall in dynamic firearms response contexts
 HOPE, LORRAINE. and Gabbert, Fiona.

Extending the Person-Centered Approach to Patterns of Overt and Relational Aggression in Adolescents
 Barglow, Jesse., Cruise, Keith. and Plantin, Stephane.

Eyewitness Memory across repeated Cognitive interviews: Hypermnesia, reminiscence and interviewer effects
 Odinot, Giralda., Memon, Amina., La Rooy, David. and Millen, Ailsa.

Eyewitness memory: Balancing the accuracy, precision, and quantity of information through metacognitive monitoring and control
 Evans, Jacqueline. and Fisher, Ronald.
American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21
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