American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21

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Identifying Correlates of Competency to Stand Trial (CST) Among Youth Admitted to a Juvenile Mental Health Court -poster
 Reba-Harrelson, Lauren.

Identifying Separable Components of Confidence in the Courts: Development of an Institutional Confidence Measure
 Hamm, Joseph., Tomkins, Alan., Pytlik Zillig, Lisa., Herian, Mitchel., Bornstein, Brian. and Neeley, Elizabeth.

If you want to know, consider asking: What is your risk of future self-harm?
 Peterson, Jillian., Skeem, Jennifer. and Manchak, Sarah.

Immediate recall does not increase eyewitness susceptibility to misinformation
 Wang, Emyo., Paterson, Helen. and Kemp, Richard.

Impact of Intelligence and Severity of Psychiatric Symptoms on Cognitive Malingering Measures
 Green, Debbie., Belfi, Brian. and Rosenfeld, Barry.

Improving Jurors' Evaluations of Causal Claims in Scientific Evidence
 Schweitzer, N. J.. and Jenkins, Alicia.

Improving children’s accuracy on target-absent lineups: Do the physical characteristics of the wildcard influence its success? -poster
 Jack, Fiona., Walker, Sarah. and Zajac, Rachel.

Improving the Usefulness of Juvenile Forensic Evaluations
 Schapira, Carol. and Lexcen, Fran.

In the field: Trials of self-administered interview recall tool with witnesses to serious crime
 Gabbert, Fiona., HOPE, LORRAINE. and Jamieson, Kat.

Inadmissible evidence and race-crime congruence: When negative information leads to a pro-Black bias in jurors’ decisions
 Fitzgerald, Kristine. and Schuller, Regina.

Increasing Cognitive Load to Detect Deception: The Effects of Repeated Questioning
 Mayberry, Elise., Arrieta, Bonifacio., Koyanagi, Jennifer., Blandon-Gitlin, Iris. and Gombos, Victor.

Increasing Complexity: Resisting Simplification in Forensic Psychology
 Follingstad, Diane.

Indicators of Good and Poor Amenability to Sex Offender Specific Treatment in Juveniles: A Survey of Clinicians' Impressions
 Kimonis, Eva., Fanniff, Amanda. and Borum, Randy.

Individual Differences Predict Attitudes Toward Juvenile Sex Offenders: Education Level, Age, Political Orientation, and Gender
 Stevenson, Margaret., Sekely, Ady., Smith, Amy. and Sorenson, Katlyn.

Influence of Individual Differences Variables on Offender Attitudes Regarding Research Participation
 Magyar, Melissa., Edens, John., Poythress, Norman., Stiles, Paul. and Epstein, Monica.

Informational influences on co-witness memory
 Villalba, Daniella., Wright, Daniel., Hyman Gregory, Amy. and Schreiber Compo, Nadja.

Inside the Mind of the Fraudster: Thematic Models of Emotions and Roles
 Santarcangelo, Mary.

Instructing juries on reasonable doubt: Recent Canadian developments -poster
 Patry, Marc.

Intergroup Relations, Religiosity and Tolerance of Violence
 Wagner, Kristin.

Internalizing and Externalizing Pathways to Suicidality in Abused and Neglected Children Grown Up
 Landry, Elise. and Widom, Cathy.

Internet Child Pornography Offenders vs. Child Molesters: Part I: Role of Antisociality in Predicting Risk of Child Battery
 Lamade, Raina., Li, Nien-Chen., Lee, Austin., Schuler, Ann. and Prentky, Robert.

Interpersonal Information Seeking & Monitoring: The Potential for Problematic Social Networking Site Usage
 Marquez, Allissa. and Scalora, Mario.

Interrogators' judgments of fairness: Factors influencing the use of unfair procedures -poster
 Sivasubramaniam, Diane., Heuer, Larry., Schmidt, Hannah., Silva, Hanna. and Chandhoke, Swati.

Interviewing eyewitnesses: Enhancing outputs by controlling the grain size of reports
 Brewer, Neil., Muller, Tamara., Nagesh, Ambika., HOPE, LORRAINE. and Gabbert, Fiona.

Intimate Partner Violence: An Examination of Ecological Factors
 Ranjan, Sheetal. and O\'Connor, Maureen.

Investigating Industrial Investigators: Tunnel Vision and the Professional Investigator
 MacLean, Carla., Brimacombe, C. A.. and Lindsay, D. Stephen.

Investigating Investigators: Student-investigator’s Perceptions of Eyewitness Identification Decisions
 Bailey, Sarah., Hutchinson, Tanya., Lindsay, D. Stephen. and Brimacombe, C. A..

Investigating Sudden In-Custody Death: How NIJ Funding Enables Clinical Research on the Street and at the Bedside.
 Hall, Christine.

Investigating the Necessary Condition of Criminal Profiling: Are There Relationships between Offence Behaviors and Offender Characteristics? -poster
 Tkatchouk, Masha.

Investigating the Relationship between Antisocial Personality Disorder and Malingering
 Pierson, Ashley., Rosenfeld, Barry., Green, Debbie. and Belfi, Brian.

Investigating the ability of innocent suspects to generate accurate alibis
 Charman, Steve., Cahill, Brian., Leins, Drew. and Carol, Rolando.

Investigation of the Use of Incentives for Secondary Confessions from Informants with an Allegiance to the Suspect
 Swanner, Jessica. and Beike, Denise.

Investigations of Print Discrimination
 Vokey, John. and Tangen, Jason.

Investigative Interviewing and Credibility Assessment with Inmates: Replication, Extension, and Gender Differences.
 Hiscock-Anisman, cheryl., Suckle-Nelson, Jessica., Colwell, Kevin., Youschak, Kimberly., Florence, Samantha. and Duarte, Arianne.

Investigative Interviewing and Statement Analysis applied to Internet-Mediated Deception about one's identity
 Werdin, Kathryn., Colwell, Kevin., Hiscock-Anisman, cheryl., Hartwig, Maria., Bessenoff, Gayle. and Savaria, Dwight.

Is there an independent effect of having certain mental health problems on later outcomes in serious adolescent offenders?
 Glasheen, Cristie.

I’ve seen that face before: Measuring differences in eye-movement for familiar and unfamiliar faces
 McCarthy, John., Betts, Ryan., MacLin, Kim. and maclin, otto.
American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21
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