American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21

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Japanese Lay Participation in Criminal Trial and Knowledge of Law
 Okada, Yoshinori., Fujita, Masahiro., Naka, Makiko. and Yamazaki, Yuko.

Judicial Case Progression Management in Predicting Length of Stay in Foster Care
 Beal, Sarah., Wingrove, Twila. and Weisz, Victoria.

Judicial consideration of complainant conduct after sexual assault in historic child sexual abuse cases
 Dhillon, Jasmin., Delparte, Chelsea., Price, Heather., Connolly, Deborah. and Gordon, Heidi.

Juror Age and Pretrial Publicity Affect Juror Decision Making
 Ruva, Christine. and Hudak, Elizabeth.

Juror Perceptions of Criminal Defendant Remorse and Regret -poster
 Patty, Emily., Cramer, Robert. and Brodsky, Stanley.

Jurors’ Causal and Counterfactual Evaluations and Factors Affecting Eyewitness Evidence
 Rodriguez, Dario. and Berry, Melissa.

Jurors’ Interpretation of DNA and Confession Evidence Through a Third Verdict Option
 Lovis-McMahon, David., Tingen, Ian. and McQuiston, Dawn.

Jurors’ Judgments About Forensic Identification Evidence: How NIJ Supports Research on Improving the Use of Forensic Science in the Courts
 McQuiston, Dawn.

Jurors’ Reliance on Peripheral versus Central Processing of Expert Testimony During Deliberation
 Salerno, Jessica., Bottoms, Bette., Peter-Hagene, Claudia., Roy, Kristen. and Vargas, Maria.

Jury Decision-Making in Cases of Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault
 Ryan, Alison. and Krauss, Daniel.

Juvenile Court Youths and Adult Court Youths Incarcerated Together: Who Offends More?
 Bechtold, Jordan. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

Juvenile Detainees’ Perceptions and Attitudes toward the Legal System
 Vidal, Sarah. and Woolard, Jennifer.

Juveniles’ Understanding and Appreciation of 5th and 6th Amendment Rights After Montejo v. Louisiana
 Zelle, Heather., Goldstein, Naomi. and Riggs Romaine, Christina.
American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21
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