American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21

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Late-Stage Intervention: A Mental Health Court for Probation Failures
 Fiduccia, Chelsea. and Rogers, Richard.

Lay Perceptions of Forensic Science Evidence and Errors
 Tingen, Ian. and Thompson, William.

Lending Great Weight: Capital Trial JudgesÂ’ Evaluations of Aggravating and Mitigating Circumstances-poster
 Butler, Brooke.

Let Emotions be the Judge: Graphic Evidence and Need for Affect in Legal Decision-Making -poster
 Adams, Desiree., Neal, Tess., Titcomb, Caroline. and Griffin, Michael.

Lights, Camera, Action! Effects of Camera Perspective on Perceptions of Eyewitness Procedures
 Paiva, Melissa., Weipert, Ryan., Gamache, Kyle., Berman, Garrett. and Cutler, Brian.

Long-term benefits of eye-closure on eyewitness memory in free report and direct questioning
 Vredeveldt, Annelies., Hitch, Graham. and Baddeley, Alan.
American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21
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