American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21

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Making people remember actions they did not do and forget actions they did do
 Schwartz, Shari. and Wright, Daniel.

Maltreated Children’s Temporal Knowledge for Significant Events
 Wandrey, Lindsay., Quas, Jodi., Lyon, Thomas. and Friedman, William.

Managing Campus Violence: A Consideration of Legal and Policy Issues
 Norris, Sarah., Scalora, Mario., Bulling, Denise. and Yardley, Owen.

Measuring Justice: A New Model for Racial Profiling Research
 Goff, Phil.

Measuring Reading Complexity and Verbal Comprehension of Canadian Police Cautions -poster
 Chaulk, Sarah.

Measuring the Perceived Helpfulness of Social Reactions to Sexual Assault from the Victim’s Perspective
 Tabernik, Holly. and Miller, Rowland.

Memory Impairment, Memory Recovery, Psychotherapy, and Corroborative Evidence in Historic Child Sexual Abuse Cases
 Boydell, Carroll., Read, J., Barone, Carmelina. and Connolly, Deborah.

Memory conformity: Do people falsely “remember,” “know,” or “guess” unseen details they learned from another person during co-witness discussion?
 Azad, Tanjeem., Lindsay, D. Stephen. and Brimacombe, C. A..

Memory report difficulty, identification confidence, and retrospective reports of memory conditions: An eyewitness ease-of-retrieval effect
 Leippe, Michael. and Eisenstadt, Donna.

Mental Health Instrument Use in Juvenile Offender Court Proceedings
 MacDougall, Emily., Viljoen, Jodi., Gagnon, Nathalie., Roesch, Ronald., Penner, Erika., Layden, Brianne. and Stiglich, Tiara.

Mental Health Profiles in High-Risk Youth: Comorbidity and Sex Differences
 Watson, Gillian., Obsuth, Ingrid. and Moretti, Marlene.

Mental Health Symptoms in Female Juvenile Offenders: Relationships with Anger, Physical Aggression, & Relational Aggression
 Serico, Jennifer., Lane, Christy., Feehan, Jaime., Brammell, Amy. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Methodological Considerations and Preliminary Findings from an Internet-Based Research Study on Child Pornography Offending
 Ray, James. and Kimonis, Eva.

Mexican Americans and Culpability Biases in the Legal System
 Willis Esqueda, Cynthia., Martinez, Leslie. and Pedroza, Karina.

Miranda Rights Understanding and Appreciation: The Relationship between Totality of Circumstances Factors
 Zelle, Heather., Goldstein, Naomi., Riggs Romaine, Christina. and Serico, Jennifer.

Misusing Mitigation: An Analysis of Comparative Value Arguments in the Context of Misconduct
 Platania, Judith., Magnotti, Alison., Serpa, Alicia. and Small, Rachel.

Mock juror perceptions of suspect intoxication: He was drunk so he must have done it
 Evans, Jacqueline. and Schreiber Compo, Nadja.

Modeling the Informational Influences of Memory Conformity
 Wright, Daniel. and Villalba, Daniella.

Moderators of Informant Agreement in Assessing of Adolescent Psychopathology: Extension into a Forensic Sample
 Penney, Stephanie. and Skilling, Tracey.

Moroccan lawyers implementation of the 2004 legal reform as it positively affects the right for women to divorce on grounds of intimate partner violence: A qualitative study.
 Noonan, Caitlin. and Raghavan, Chitra.

Morphed Facial Images Produce the Cross-Race Effect
 Peterson, Dwight., maclin, otto. and MacLin, Kim.

Mothers Questioning their Children in a Natural Setting: Question Forms Employed and Resulting Report Quality
 Ladd, Nicole., Conradt, Travis., McGuire, Katherine. and London, Kamala.

Much Ado about Nothing: The Neutralizing Effect of Lump Sums on Per Diem Arguments
 McAuliff, Bradley., Lapin, Joshua., Nasserian, Julian. and Bornstein, Brian.

Multimedia vs oral evidence in DNA cases: Visual technology aids jury comprehension
 Goodman-Delahunty, Jane.
American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21
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