American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21

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Officers’ focus on criminogenic needs in specialty mental health probation meetings
 Eno Louden, Jennifer., Skeem, Jennifer., Peterson, Jillian. and Vidal, Sarah.

Once a Liar, Always a Liar? Children’s Lie-Telling Consistency
 Mandelbaum, Jason., Segovia, Daisy., Crossman, Angela. and Talwar, Victoria.

One Clinic’s Model for Acquiring and Utilizing Clinical Information in Juvenile Court - poster
 Clark, Jennifer.

Operationalizing the Triarchic Model of Psychopathy: Brief Scales for Assessment of Boldness, Meanness, and Disinhibition
 Patrick, Christopher.

Out-of-Home Placement: Maltreated Children’s Perceptions of Their Placement
 Cooper, Alexia., Quas, Jodi. and Lyon, Thomas.

Outsmarting the Liars: Towards a Cognitive Lie Detection Approach
 Vrij, Aldert.
American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21
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