American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21

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PAI Normative Data in Child Custody Litigants
 Elterman, Jesse. and Douglas, Kevin.

Parent Coaching: Do We Believe Children Who Are Coached to Lie?
 Warren, Kelly., Peterson, Carole., Dodd, Elyse. and Raynor, Graham.

Patronizing Communication toward Older Eyewitnesses
 Wylie, Lindsey., Brank, Eve. and Bornstein, Brian.

Pedophilic, Rapist, and Mixed Sexual Offenders: An Application of the Self-Regulation Model
 Lambine, MacKenzie. and Leguizamo, Alejandro.

Perceptions of Abuse History as a Cause of Juvenile Sex Offending
 Najdowski, Cynthia., Stevenson, Margaret., Salerno, Jessica., Wiley, Tisha., Bottoms, Bette. and Sorenson, Katlyn.

Perceptions of Juvenile Sex Offenders Who Were Sexually Abused Themselves
 Stevenson, Margaret., Najdowski, Cynthia. and Sorenson, Katlyn.

Perceptions of Risk Factors of Juvenile Suspects’ False Confessions -poster
 Wrazien, Lindsey., Zelle, Heather., Taormina, Stephanie. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Perspective Taking in the Courtroom -poster
 Skorinko, Jeanine., Bountress, Katlin., Kuckuck, Dan. and Spellman, Barbara.

Phenotypic Boldness, Psychopathy, and Affective Modulation of the Startle Blink Reflex
 Hall, Jason., Bernat, Edward. and Patrick, Christopher.

Physical Health Prognosis in Aolescence and Young Adulthood Among Female Juvenile Offenders
 Robins, Summer., Russell, Michael. and Odgers, Candice.

Ploy complexity and its influence on mock jurors’ interrogation evaluations and verdicts -poster
 Wagner, Collette. and Forrest, Krista.

Police Strategy During Interrogations of Juveniles: Do Different Types of Pressure Affect the Likelihood of False Confessions?
 Messenheimer, Sharon., Zelle, Heather., Riggs Romaine, Christina., Serico, Jennifer. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Poll Workers, Election Administration, and the Problem of Implicit Bias
 Page, Antony.

Polygraph Countermeasures Cannot Be Detected From Respiratory Signatures: Government Policy Puts The Innocent At Risk
 Honts, Charles. and Crawford, Mike.

Possible Explanations for Poor Rater-Agreement on Risk Measure Scores in Texas SVP Proceedings
 Meeks, Meredith., Stein, Michelle. and Boccaccini, Ph.D., Marcus.

Postdoctoral Forensic Fellowship Programs: How Do I Get One?
 Malesky, L. Alvin. and Proctor, Steven.

Potential and Limitations of Neuroimaging Methods for Veracity Assessment
 Ganis, Giorgio.

Predicting jury verdicts: how attorneys use (and misuse) the opinions of other attorneys
 Jacobson, Jonas. and Ross, Lee.

Predicting rich false memories from a two other memory tasks
 Tingen, Ian., Hagan, Chris., Kaasa, Suzanne. and Loftus, Elizabeth.

Predictive Validity of the J-SOAP and ERASOR in Two Types of Adolescent Sexual Offenders
 Rajlic, Gordana. and Gretton, Heather.

Preschool children’s reports of frequency information in repeated events
 Melnyk, Laura. and Walsh, Jennifer.

Presidential Address
 Mulvey, Edward.

Prevalence of Psychopathy in PTSD-Positive Veterans
 Mok, Caroline., Christopher, Sheresa., Kimerling, Rachel., Jacobs-Lentz, Jason., Trafton, Jodie. and Weaver, Christopher.

Prevalence of Risk Assessment-Relevant Factors among Sexually Abusive Clergy: A Comparison with Convicted Sex Offenders
 Perillo, Anthony., Mercado, Cynthia. and Spada, Ashley.

Probation officer self-appraisal of clinical judgment efficacy: How well do think they can predict risk for reoffending?
 Cook, Nathan., Guy, Laura. and Vincent, Gina.

Procedural Fairness and Court Experience, and Race
 Rottman, David.

Procedural Justice among Defendants Diverted to Mandated Community Treatment: Potential Effects on Compliance and Recidivism.
 Kopelovich, Sarah., Barber-Rioja, Virginia., Kucharski, Thomas. and Dewey, Lauren.

Proficient lie detection: The benefits of emotional intelligence in detecting deceit is context dependent
 Campbell, Mary Ann., Doucette, Naomi. and Burbridge, Angela.

Profiles of Substance Dependence in High-Risk Adolescents: Implications for Intervention
 Obsuth, Ingrid., Watson, Gillian. and Moretti, Marlene.

Psychological Assessment for Adult Sentencing of Juvenile Offenders: Evaluation of the RSTI and the SAVRY
 Spice, Andrew., Viljoen, Jodi., Gretton, Heather. and Roesch, Ronald.

Psychological Profile of Male and Female College-Aged Animal Abusers versus Controls -poster
 Schwartz, Rebecca., Fremouw, William., Ragatz, Laurie. and Schenk, Allison.

Psychological Testimony in Immigration Law: A Empirical Examination of Hardship Waiver Decisions
 McLawsen, Greg., McLawsen, Julia. and Ruser, Kevin.

Psychometric properties of the Psychopathic Personality Inventory-Revised (PPI-R) in a female offender sample
 Simpler, Amber., Young, Bethany., John, Siji., Baird, Sarah., Buchanan, Pamela. and Boccaccini, Ph.D., Marcus.

Psychopathic Traits and Psychiatric Symptoms Among Civil Psychiatric Patients
 Vincent, Gina., Hart, Stephen. and Ross, Deborah.

Psychopathy and History of Traumatic Brain Injury: Evidence for Dual Pathways to Trauma
 Hall, Jason., Jobelius, Justin., Venables, Noah. and Patrick, Christopher.

Psychopathy and Verbal Credibility Assessment in Male Violent Offenders
 Ternes, Marguerite., Cooper, Barry. and Yuille, John.

Psychopathy and criminal violence: The moderating effects of ethnicity.
 Walsh, Zach.

Psychopathy versus Machiavellianism: Predicting lack of guilt through the use of a cognitive dissonance paradigm
 Murray, Ashley., Wood, James. and Lilienfeld, Scott.

Psychopathy, stress, and substance use: An analysis of mediation and moderation.
 Manning, John., Cioe, Jan. and Walsh, Zach.

Psychosocial Maturity and Aggression in Female Juvenile Offenders
 Riggs Romaine, Christina., Kemp, Kathleen., Serico, Jennifer., Lane, Christy., Kelly, Meghann. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Psychosocial maturity and aggression in adolescents and young adults
 Mordell, Sarah., Viljoen, Jodi. and Roesch, Ronald.

Public Attitudes about Just Compensation
 Stake, Jeffrey.

Public Attitudes toward Adult and Adolescent Prostitution
 Liebman, Rachel., Lax, Rachael., Ragbeer, Shayne. and Burnette, Mandi.

Public Perceptions of Criminal Behavior Etiology
 Ford, Brandon. and Clements, Carl.

Publishing in a Variety of Journals Relevant to Law and Psychology
 Miller, Monica.

Putting Science in Diversity Training -poster
 MacLin, Kim. and maclin, otto.
American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21
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