American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21

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Race and Failure to Appear
 Neeley, Elizabeth., Herian, Mitchel., Bornstein, Brian., Tomkins, Alan. and Hamm, Joseph.

Rapport Building and Putative Confession: Enhancing ChildrenÂ’s Disclosures
 Wandrey, Lindsay., Licht, Robyn., Ahern, Elizabeth., Cooper, Alexia., Quas, Jodi. and Lyon, Thomas.

Reducing CourtsÂ’ Failure-to-Appear Rate by Written Reminders
 Bornstein, Brian., Tomkins, Alan., Neeley, Elizabeth., Herian, Mitchel., Hamm, Joseph., Lindsay, Klug., Rajendran, Sucharitha. and Hutsell, Nicole.

Registration and Notification Requirements for Juvenile Sex Offenders: A Prospective Evaluation of Risk Prediction and Future Implications
 Batastini, Ashley., Kolko, David., Hart, Jonathan. and DeMatteo, David.

Relational Aggression and Anxiety Among Incarcerated, Serious Female Offenders: What Can Staff/Clinicians Tell Us?
 Goldweber, Asha. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

Relationship Between Online Sexual Behavior and Sexually Coercive Acts
 Gonsalves, Valerie., Emge, Tim. and Scalora, Mario.

Relationships Between Mental Health Court, Treatment Participation, and Criminal Recidivism
 McNiel, Dale. and Binder, Renee.

Reliability and Validity of the NCAR, JRM, and SAVRY: Risk Assessment Tools for Juvenile Offenders
 Giresi-Ficarra, Michelle., Chavez, Veronica. and Scalora, Mario.

Reliability and Validity of the Short-Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability in Predicting Inpatient Aggression
 Desmarais, Sarah., Wilson, Catherine., Nicholls, Tonia. and Brink, Johann.

Reliability of Commonly Employed Risk Assessment Measures in Sexually Violent Predator Proceedings
 Miller, Cailey., Otto, Randy., Kimonis, Eva., Wasserman, Adam. and Kline, Suzonne.

Reliability of PCL-R Scoring in Sexually Violent Predator Proceedings
 Miller, Cailey., Otto, Randy. and Kimonis, Eva.

Religion, Psychology, and the Law
 Miller, Monica.

Reported PTSD Assessment Practices of PTSD-focused and Forensic-focused Clinicians: Diagnosis and Overreporting
 Yano, Kimberly., Weaver, Christopher., Karl, Philip. and Jackson, Rebecca.

Research Data and the Law: Does A Researcher Privilege Exist?
 Stiles, Paul. and Petrila, John.

Research Overview of Capacity and Memory Issues in Elder Abuse
 Mulford, Carrie.

Resilience and community reintegration among Female Forensic Psychiatric Patients: A Preliminary Study
 Viljoen, Simone., Nicholls, Tonia., Greaves, Caroline. and Brink, Johann.

Revisiting the Future of Forensic Psychological Assessment: A 20-Year Check-Up
 Grisso, Thomas.

Risk for Terrorism: A Multi-Level, Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Threat Assessment
 Hart, Stephen.

Role of Antisociality in Differentiating Among Child Molesters With, and Without, an Internet Offense
 Li, Nien-Chen., Lee, Austin. and Prentky, Robert.
American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21
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