American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21

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School Performance among Female Juvenile Offenders: Associations with Anger and Aggression
 Lane, Christy., Kemp, Kathleen., Zelle, Heather., Schwartz, Heather. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Science in the Law School Curriculum: Information Sources for Science Education for Law Students
 Merlino, Mara., Richardson, James. and Chamberlain, Jared.

Secondary Confession vs. Expert Testimony: What do Jurors believe?
 Wetmore, Stacy., McClung, Joy. and Neuschatz, Jeffrey.

Sentencing and Risk Characteristics of Latino Sexual Offenders
 Kilgust, Andrew. and Guyton, Michelle.

Sex Workers as Victims in Court
 Jin, Haerim. and McQuiston, Dawn.

Sex offendersÂ’ target selection scripts based on victimsÂ’ routine activities: A latent class analysis.
 Deslauriers-Varin, Nadine. and Beauregard, Eric.

Sexually Violent Predator Commitment: An examination of how actuarial risk scores and other offense factors influence commitment decisions
 Mercado, Cynthia. and Jeglic, Ph.D., Elizabeth.

Shadows of Ghosts: Developments in the Understanding of Terrorist Psychology
 Silke, Andrew.

Sleepwalking, Automatisms, Violence and the Law -poster
 Pressman, Mark.

Socioeconomic Status Affects Perceptions of Juvenile Defendants in Adult Criminal Court
 Sorenson, Katlyn. and Stevenson, Margaret.

Specific versus general risk assessment instruments in stalking cases: Comparing the SAM and the VRAG-poster
 Storey, Jennifer. and Hart, Stephen.

Stage-setting in police interrogation: Interactive effects of a "pretext" for interrogation and "minimization"
 Hernandez, Osvaldo., Draper, Crissa., Davis, Deborah. and Leo, Richard.

Statistical Techniques for Juror and Jury Research-poster
 Wright, Daniel., Vallano, Jonathan. and Strubler, Kevin.

Stereotypical character evidence: A form of racial priming?
 Hunt, Jennifer.

Stopped for speeding: What should you say to police to reduce ticket costs? -poster
 Day, Martin. and Ross, Michael.

Strategies for Successful Manuscript Collaboration, Writing Productivity, and Writing Excellence
 Zapf, Patricia.

Strategy and tactics: Detecting deception and the use of information during interviews with suspects.
 Bull, Ray. and Dando, Coral.

Stress at Encoding, Stress at Retrieval, and the Young Eyewitness
 Rush, Elizabeth., Quas, Jodi. and Sumaroka, Mariya.

Striking the Balance: The Importance of Balancing Risk and Information Value in Intelligence Collection Decision Making-poster
 Golba, Larry., Darrow, Charles., Scalora, Mario. and Bulling, Denise.

Studies of Seclusion and Restraint Use at a Forensic Psychiatric Hospital
 Beck, Niels.

Successfully Navigating Graduate School Teaching and Research Assistantships
 Bobadilla, Leonardo.

Suggestibility and Self-Control in a Spanish-Lanuage Speaking Hispanic Preschool Sample
 Scullin, Matthew. and Ornelas, Claudia.

Suicidal and criminal behavior among female offenders: The role of abuse and psychopathology
 Kimonis, Eva., Skeem, Jennifer., Edens, John., Douglas, Kevin., Lilienfeld, Scott. and Poythress, Norman.

Supplementing Evaluations in a Forensic Psychiatric Setting with Cognitive Malingering Measures
 Green, Debbie., Belfi, Brian. and Rosenfeld, Barry.

Syntactic Differences in Truthful and Fabricated Statements made by Children
 Wheeler, Andrea., Evans, Angela., Brunet, Megan., Talwar, Victoria., Bala, Nicholas., Lindsay, Rod. and Lee, Kang.
American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21
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