American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21

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Taking Adaptive Behavior Measures to Court: Scientific Reliability Limitations with Multiple Raters
 Hedge, Krystal., Salekin, Karen. and Neal, Tess.

Teaching Professionals to Detect Deception: The Efficacy of a Brief Training Workshop
 Colwell, Lori., Colwell, Kevin., Hiscock-Anisman, cheryl., Hartwig, Maria., Cole, Lindsey., Werdin, Kathryn. and Youschak, Kimberly.

Terror Management Theory and Homophobia: Evaluating Jury Decision Making in Same-Sex Sexual Harassment Cases -poster
 Rabulan, Patrick. and Winter, Ryan.

Testamentary competence: Defining functional abilities
 Finello, Christina. and Heilbrun, Kirk.

Testing the Applied Lineup Theory -poster
 Mansour, Jamal., Lindsay, Rod., Kalmet, Natalie., Bertrand, Michelle. and Munhall, Kevin.

Testing the Comparability of the Psychopathic Personality Inventory-Revised across Gender and Race
 Wilson, Catherine., Douglas, Kevin. and Foellmi, Melodie.

The Abbreviated Dysregulation Inventory: Examining the Factor Structure and Testing Associations with Adolescent Aggression
 Cruz-Katz, Spencer., Cruise, Keith. and Quinn, Thomas.

The Assessment of Malingered Incompetence to Stand Trial Using the ECST-R
 Rohlehr, Lia., Rosenfeld, Barry., Green, Debbie. and Belfi, Brian.

The Association between Childhood Abuse and Dimensions of Psychopathy
 Graham, Nicole., Kimonis, Eva., Miller, Cailey., Wasserman, Adam. and Kline, Suzonne.

The Buddy System: The Number of Perpetrators, Psychopathy, Violence, and Motivation in Youth-Perptrated Homicides
 Agar, Ava. and Woodworth, Michael.

The CSI Effect and Need for Cognition: Influence on Verdicts, Verdict Reasons, and Evidence Expectations -poster
 Mancini, Dante.

The Cognitive Interview and adults : testing an alternative mnemonic and a modified protocol
 Colomb, Cindy. and Ginet, Magali.

The Complexity of NGRI: Judgments as a Function of Attribution and Context
 Zaitchik, Matt. and Platania, Judith.

The Death Penalty Attitudes Scale as a Moderator of Pre-trial Publicity
 Rhead, Lindsey., D’Antuono, Danielle., Daftary - Kapur, Tarika., Tallon, Jennifer. and Penrod, Steven.

The Defense Rests: Attorney Recognition of Symptoms of Brian Injury
 Niehuser, Alisa. and Arnaut, Genevieve.

The Development of the Correctional Officer Stress Survey (CrOSS)
 Brockman, Andrea., Levi-Minzi, Micol., Browning, Samuel. and Van Hasselt, Vincent.

The Diagnostic Efficacy of Inquisitorial Interrogative Methods and their Corollary Benefit for Credibility Assessment
 Meissner, Christian., Russano, Melissa. and Horgan, Allyson.

The Disruptive Effect of Community Notification Laws: Is Likelihood of Sexual Re-Arrest Increasing?
 Sandler, Jeffrey. and Freeman, Naomi.

The Distinctiveness Effect in Fingerprint Identification: How the Role of Distinctiveness, Information Loss, and Informational Bias Influence Fingerprint Identification
 Marcon, Jessica. and Meissner, Christian.

The Effect of Character Evidence on Jurors: A Test of the Kin Selection Hypothesis
 de Baca, Tomas., Culhane, Scott., Hosch, Harmon. and Ross, Stephen.

The Effect of Crime Type, Citizenship Status, and Ethnicity on Perceptions of Harsh Interrogation Techniques
 Narchet, Fadia. and Russano, Melissa.

The Effect of Gender and Peers on the Association between Early Maturation and Delinquent Behaviour
 Greiner, Leigh. and Brown, Shelley.

The Effect of Repeatedly Experiencing a Similar Event on Free Recall Accuracy: A Meta-Analytic Review
 Uhl, Elizabeth.

The Effect of Testimony Mistranslations on Bilingual and Monolingual Jurors
 Joy, Stephen.

The Effect of Written and Verbal Delivery Formats on Caution Comprehension -poster
 Eastwood, Joseph. and Snook, Brent.

The Effect of the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised in Capital Cases: Mock Jurors' Responses to the Label of Psychopathy-poster
 Cox, Jennifer. and DeMatteo, David.

The Effectiveness of Mental Context Reinstatement in Helping Children with Repeated-Event Experience Resist False Suggestions
 Drohan-Jennings, Donna., Roberts, Kim. and Powell, Martine.

The Effects of Acute Fatigue on the Accuracy of Child Witnesses
 Swedish, Erin., Brady, Patrick. and Buck, Julie.

The Effects of Information Processing and Message Quality on Attitudes Toward the AMBER Alert Crime Control System -poster
 Sicafuse, Lorie. and Miller, Monica.

The Effects of Moral Framing on Eyewitness Identification: A Developmental Perspective
 spring, toni. and Saltzstein, Herbert.

The Effects of Mortality Salience and Reminders of Terrorism on Beliefs about Interrogation Techniques
 Luke, Timothy. and Hartwig, Maria.

The Effects of Repetition on Language Use in Children’s True and False Reports
 Brunet, Megan., Evans, Angela., Talwar, Victoria., Bala, Nicholas., Lindsay, Rod. and Lee, Kang.

The Effects of Threat and Unusual Context in Memory Impairment-poster
 Park, Kevin. and LEE, Jang-Han.

The Effects of Timing of Rapport-Building on the Susceptibility to Misinformation in an Investigative Mock-Crime Interview
 Kieckhaefer, Jenna., Vallano, Jonathan. and Schreiber Compo, Nadja.

The Effects of Victim Impact Statements and Execution Impact Statements on Mock Jurors' Emotions and Perceptions of the Defendant -poster
 Schlingheyde, Breanna. and Miller, Monica.

The Effects of Writing and Drawing on Adults’ Memory for a Forensically Relevant Event
 Krackow, Elisa.

The Emotional Decision Maker: Jurors’ Emotional Responses to Pretrial Publicity Mediate Their Decisions
 Ruva, Christine., Guenther, Christina. and Yarbrough, Angela.

The Evolution of Future Dangerousness as an Aggravating Factor in Capital Litigation: Once Endangered, Soon to be Extinct? -poster
 Keesler, Michael., DeMatteo, David., Murrie, Daniel. and Anumba, Natalie.

The Guilty/Not Guilty Implicit Association Test
 Levinson, Justin., Cai, Huajian. and Young, Danielle.

The Impact of Children’s Participation in their Dependency Review Hearings
 Weisz, Victoria., Beal, Sarah. and Wingrove, Twila.

The Impact of Crime Severity and Pre-Trial Bias on the Judgment of Juveniles Tried as Adults
 Tang, Connie.

The Impact of Gender on the Associations between Violence Perpetration, Victimization, and Violence toward Self
 Lavoie, Jennifer., Reeves, Kim., Wilson, Catherine., Guy, Laura., Collins, Michelle. and Douglas, Kevin.

The Impact of Peer and Romantic Partner Delinquency on Continued Offending of High-Risk Females
 Burgers, Darcy., Oudekerk, Barbara. and Reppucci, Nicholas.

The Importance of Assessing Coercive Control in Screening Divorce Mediation Couples.
 Beck, Connie. and Raghavan, Chitra.

The Influence of Cross-Examination on the Accuracy and Truthfulness of Children's Reports
 Hand, Rhiannon. and Bussey, Associate Professor Kay.

The Influence of Event Frequency and Training on Children’s Accurate Responding
 Lucyk, Jennifer. and Connolly, Deborah.

The Influence of Maturity, Rehabilitation Potential, and Offense Characteristics upon Juvenile Justice Charging Decisions
 Pearce, Marc. and Brank, Eve.

The Influence of Processing Orientation Training on the Effects of the Own-Race Bias
 Topp, Lisa. and Kavetski, Melissa.

The Interpersonal Reactivity Index as a Moderator of Pre-Trial Publicity
 Andersson, Catrin., Loughlin, Michelle., Tallon, Jennifer., Daftary - Kapur, Tarika. and Penrod, Steven.

The Juvenile Sex Offender
 Olson, Taylor.

The Language of Threat: Assessing Written Content for Indicators of Targeted Violence toward Political Officials
 Schoeneman, Katherine., Scalora, Mario., Darrow, Charles. and Zimmerman, William.

The Latent Structure of Competency to Stand Trial: Evidence for an Appreciation Taxon
 MARCUS, DAVID., Poythress, Norman. and Edens, John.

The Latent Structure of Psychopathy among Youthful Offenders: Is There a Juvenile Psychopath Taxon?
 MARCUS, DAVID., Edens, John. and Vaughn, Michael.

The Level of Service/Case Management Inventory in Female Offenders: Gender-Informed Factors and Cross-Cultural Validity
 Williams, Kevin., Andrews, Don., Bonta, James., Wormith, Steven., Guzzo, Lina. and Brews, Albert.

The MMPI-2-RF Externalizing Scales: Hierarchical Structure and Links to Contemporary Models of Psychopathology
 Sellbom, Martin.

The New Science of Detecting Deception: Too Wide an "Analytic Gap" Between Laboratory and Courtroom?
 Moriarty, Jane.

The Problem of Psychopathy as Excuse
 Erickson, Steven. and Vitacco, Michael.

The Psychopathy Checklist-Revised: Four Facet Model and Sexual Violence
 Jackson, Rebecca.

The Purposes of Punishment: Further Validation of the Sentencing Goals Inventory
 Perelman, Abigayl., Clements, Carl. and Miller, Sarah.

The Relationship Between Personal Goals and Treatment Engagement in Forensic DSPD Settings
 Folkes, Jennifer., Horvath, Miranda. and Draycott, Simon.

The Relationship between Childhood Physical Abuse and Later Substance Use Consequences among Criminal Offenders
 swogger, marc. and Walsh, Zach.

The Relationship between Death Penalty Attitudes and Cognitive Processing as Measured by The Cognitive-Experiential Self-Theory-poster
 Chomos, Julianna., Wood, Steve. and Miller, Monica.

The Relationship between Emotion Regulation and Anger, Physical, and Relational Aggression
 Kemp, Kathleen., Riggs Romaine, Christina., Ahmed, Grace., Siegel, Jamie. and Goldstein, Naomi.

The Relationship between Memory Conformity and Social Anxiety in Adolescents and Young Adults
 Conradt, Travis., Ladd, Nicole., Wright, Daniel. and London, Kamala.

The Relationship between Parenting Attitudes and Current Parenting Practices Among Incarcerated Women
 Joo, Bernice. and Loper, Ann.

The Revised NICHD Protocol and its effect on the way children disclose the allegation for the first time in the investigative interviews
 katz, carmit., lamb, michael. and hershkowitz, irit.

The Role of Apologies in Civil Trials.
 Anton-Stang, Hilary. and Greene, Edie.

The Role of Coercive Control in Male Same Sex Relationships
 Raghavan, Chitra. and Beck, Connie.

The Role of Executive Dysfunction in Predicting Frequency of Violence: A Potential Avenue for Rehabilitation
 Hancock, Megan., Hoaken, Peter. and Tapscott, Jennifer.

The Role of Expertise in Legal Decision Making in Juvenile Dependency Cases:Comparing Mock Jurors to Judges
 Summers, Alicia. and Miller, Monica.

The Size-Size Confound: Larger lineups = small pictures -poster
 Lindsay, Rod.

The South Beach Study: Bystanders’ memories are more malleable
 Carlucci, Marianna., Kieckhaefer, Jenna., Schwartz, Shari., Villalba, Daniella. and Wright, Daniel.

The Theoretical and Empirical Case for Procedural Justice in Negotiation
 Hollander-Blumoff, Rebecca.

The Two-Pronged Test Attenuates the Effects of Witness Confidence on Detectives’ Perceptions of Eyewitness Credibility
 McClure, Kimberley. and Myers, Jill.

The Youth Level of Service Inventory (YLS/CMI): Reliability and Validity in a U.S. Normative Sample
 Williams, Kevin.

The direct and indirect effects of pre-existing attitudes about the legal system upon verdict
 Schmersal, Larissa. and Hosch, Harmon.

The effect of motivational factors on the richness of children’s testimonies
 hershkowitz, irit., lamb, michael., orbach, yael., katz, carmit. and horowitz, dvora.

The effectivness of cross-examination in inducing behavioral differences in deceptive and truthful witnesses
 Greathouse, Sarah. and Kovera, Margaret.

The effects of biased voir dire questions on juror decision making
 Crocker, Caroline., Busso Kennard, Julia., Austin, Jacqueline., Zimmerman, David. and Kovera, Margaret.

The effects of inquisitorial versus adversarial cross-examination on juror evaluations of expert evidence validity
 Austin, Jacqueline. and Kovera, Margaret.

The effects of institutional placement on juvenile offenders with selected mental health problems
 Loughran, Thomas.

The effects of lineup construction technique on the structural similarity of lineups.
 Fernandez, Esperanza., llorens, Luelle., Bryant, Kristina. and Ross, Stephen.

The effects of psychopathic traits on cognitive dissonance
 Murray, Ashley., Wood, James. and Lilienfeld, Scott.

The effects of question types on diagnostic cues to deception
 Jo, Eunkyung.

The effects of race, misinformation, and feedback on eyewitness descriptions -poster
 Lawson, Victoria. and Dysart, Jennifer.

The effects of witnesses’ regulation of grain size and report option on the confidence-accuracy relationship
 Sauer, James., Brewer, Neil. and Palmer, Matthew.

The feedback-related negativity (FRN) and executive function: implications for legal decision-making in adolescence.
 Zottoli, Tina., Grose-Fifer, Jill., Sothmann, Katy. and Williams, Erin.

The identification of background characteristics associated with certain mental disorders
 Mulvey, Edward.

The impact of affective expression in subsequent problematic approach toward legislators
 Golba, Larry., Scalora, Mario. and Darrow, Charles.

The impact of expert psychological testimony at sentencing in capital cases
 Montes, Ryan.

The impact of matching court-ordered treatment services according to youths' risk, need, and responsivity factors
 Peterson-Badali, Michele., Skilling, Tracey. and Vieira, Tracey.

The impact of prejudice screening procedures on racial bias in the courtroom
 Schuller, Regina. and Fitzgerald, Kristine.

The impact of social network pressure and coercion on substance use treatment motivation in emerging adulthood.
 Goodman, Ilana., Peterson-Badali, Michele. and Henderson, Joanna.

The influence of confessions, age, and rights assertion on judges' beliefs about juvenile defendants
 Penner, Erika. and Viljoen, Jodi.

The influence of same and other race lineups on eyewitness decision strategies
 Betts, Ryan., Caspers, Heather., Peterson, Dwight., Green, Ashley., MacLin, Kim. and maclin, otto.

The influence of social instructions on the effectivness of the Modified Cognitive Interview
 Fanny, VERKAMPT. and Ginet, Magali.

The malleability of eyewitness memory: An examination of facial composite construction vs. detailed verbal descriptions.
 Topp, Lisa. and Dulin, Heather.

The predictive validity of the B-SAFER for spousal assault
 Thijssen, Jill. and de Ruiter, Corine.

The psychological roots of property law: Do children adhere to the “right of exclusion” more strongly than adults?
 Neary, Karen.

The quality of details when children with intellectual disabilities are eye witnesses
 Cederborg, Ann-Christin., Hultman, Elin. and Olofsson, Ulrich.

The relation between adolescents’ previous behavior and lie-detection rates
 Evans, Angela. and Lee, Kang.

The relations between certain mental health disorders and outcomes in serious adolescent offenders
 Schubert, Carol.

The relationship between anger expression, anger control, and negative life events
 Hendry, Melissa., Nikolova, Natalia. and Douglas, Kevin.

The role of homophobia in perceptions of same-sex intimate partner violence
 Brown, Michael., Henriquez, Ernesto. and Groscup, Jennifer.

The selective cue integration model: A theoretical account of witnesses’ post-identification confidence assessment
 Charman, Steve., Carlucci, Marianna., Vallano, Jonathan. and Hyman Gregory, Amy.

The use of mood and neurocognitive assessments in a correctional setting: misery, madness or malingering.
 Weis, Patrick.

The weapon focus effect revisited: A field study of prostituted victims of sexual violence
 Griesel, Dorothee., Cheung, Benjamin. and Yuille, John.

The “Other” Sex Offender: Treatment Overview
 Wilson, Timothy. and Baron, Shawna.

Theory Development for the Video-Assisted Restoration to Competency (VARC) Program -poster
 Griffin, Michael., Neal, Tess. and Adams, Desiree.

Thought Suppression and Shame in Sexual Assault Victims
 Gundrum, Lauren.

Threats Against Political Figures: An Examination of Thematic Content and Approach Behavior Displayed by Mentally Ill and Non-Mentally Ill Contactors-poster
 Darrow, Charles., Golba, Larry., Scalora, Mario. and Zimmerman, William.

Tipsters: Information Quality and Memory Processes-poster
 Green, Ashley., Caspers, Heather., Sparks, Ashley., Perez, Elizabeth., Tapscott, Ryan., MacLin, Kim. and maclin, otto.

 Roesch, Ronald.

To Emote or Not to Emote: The Role of Alexithymia in Psychopathy and Antisocial Personality Disorder
 Rogstad, Jill. and Rogers, Richard.

To Juvenile or Adult Court? Factors Associated with Judicial Decision Making in Decertification Hearings.
 Riggs Romaine, Christina., Ahmed, Grace., Hunt, Elizabeth., Foster, Elizabeth. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Towards understanding poor PCL-R reliability “in the field”: Lessons from a disappointing PCL-R research training
 Murrie, Daniel., Boccaccini, Ph.D., Marcus., Rufino, Katrina. and Jackson, Rebecca.

Tracking change and consistency of IORNS factor structure through treatment -poster
 Bergeron, Chantal., Miller, Holly., Tsang, Siny. and Clark, Ashley.

Trauma Exposure, World Assumptions and Coping Resources in Youthful Offenders -poster
 Stimmel, M.A., Matthew., Maschi, Tina. and O\'Mary, Areen.
American Psychology - Law Society 2010-Mar-17 to 2010-Mar-21
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