American Psychology - Law Society / 4th International Congress of Psychology and Law 2011-Mar-02 to 2011-Mar-07

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Bad apples versus creepy apples: Differential impressions of static photos of sexual offenders
 Culbertson-Faegre, Amber., Lampinen, James., Sweeney, Lindsey., Erickson, Blake. and Peters, Christopher.

Battered women who kill: The role of perceiver characteristics in culpability attributions
 Stein, Michelle. and Miller, Audrey.

Because I'm innocent: Manipulating Belief in a Just World in mock crime suspects
 Jordan, Sarah. and Hartwig, Maria.

Behavior analysis interview (BAI) and common sense: Police officers’ beliefs and suspects’ strategies
 Masip, Jaume., Ces, Cristina., Barba, Alberto. and Herrero, Carmen.

Behavioral confirmation during voir dire: Does questioning style differentially affect cognitive dissonance and verdicts?
 Zimmerman, David., Yip, Jimmy., Przegienda, Karolina., Baerga, Christine. and Kovera, Margaret.

Behind the computer screen: A study of cyber-antisocial behavior
 DeAngelis, Rachel. and Burnette, Mandi.

Beliefs legitimizing violence in Portuguese adolescents
 Sani, Ana., Oliveira, Madalena Sofia. and Rebocho, Maria Francisca.

Beyond a reasonable doubt: Same word but different meaning to Koreans.
 Choi, Yimoon. and Wiener, Richard.

Beyond the CSI effect : Jurors’ perceptions of forensic evidence
 Tingen, Ian.

Biased expectations and deception-detection accuracy
 Hatz, Jessica. and Bourgeois, Martin.

Biases in reporting relational aggression: Implications for the juvenile justice system
 Serico, Jennifer., Brammell, Amy., Arnold, Shelby., Wolbransky, Melinda. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Blame attributions and rape: Effects of relationship type and belief in a just world
 Strömwall, Leif., Alfredsson, Helen. and Landström, Sara.

Blame the parents: Law enforcement officers' and prosecuting attorneys' perceptions of juvenile delinquency
 Hoetger, Lori., Wylie, Lindsey. and Brank, Eve.

Brain imagery in court: culpability and mitigation of charge and sentence
 Takarangi, Melanie., McPhilomey, Cheryl. and Smith, Lisa.

Breaking boundaries: Exploring the range of troubling behaviors in campus threat assessment situations
 Norris, Sarah., Marquez, Allissa., Scalora, Mario. and Bulling, Denise.

Bridging the gap between forensic practice and research
 Yang, Suzanne.

Building relationships and interviewing styles in police interviews: Differences between crime types
 Vanderhallen, Miet. and Vervaeke, Geert.

Business or pleasure: Economic, demographic, and personality factors associated with antisocial behavior in a community sample
 Liebman, Rachel. and Farahvar, Natalie.
American Psychology - Law Society / 4th International Congress of Psychology and Law 2011-Mar-02 to 2011-Mar-07
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