American Psychology - Law Society / 4th International Congress of Psychology and Law 2011-Mar-02 to 2011-Mar-07

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Early adversity predicts poor health in young adulthood among high-risk girls
 Robins, Summer., Russell, Michael., Odgers, Candice., Truong, Thanh., Chang, Jennifer. and Hussein, Hania.

Effect of crime type, citizenship, ethnicity, and location of interrogation
 Russano, Melissa., Narchet, Fadia. and Correira, Brianna.

Effects of encoding tasks on the own-age face recognition bias
 Tabernik, Holly. and Anastasi, Jeffrey.

Effects of parental criminal justice system involvement on child externalizing behaviors. A prospective study
 Lopez, Thailyn., Ehrensaft, Miriam. and Knous-Westfall, Heather.

Emotion expressivity and the treatment milieu: Impact on clinical and behavioral functioning
 Miller, Sarah. and Clements, Carl.

Emotion, retrieval, and attention: Effects on memory accuracy
 Karam, Tanya., Lane, Sean. and Butler, Leslie.

Emotional intelligence and facial affect recognition in community psychopaths
 Schwartz, Rebecca. and Fremouw, William.

Enhancing assessment criteria indicative of deception (ACID) through the strategic use of evidence (SUE)
 Cole, Lindsey., Colwell, Kevin., Hartwig, Maria., Hiscock-Anisman, Cheryl., Hallinan, Christina. and Kradas, Megan.

Enhancing children’s testimony with the facilitative interview technique
 Roberts, Kim. and Duncanson, Sara.

Enhancing consistency in sentencing recommendations by prosecutors
 Vanderhallen, Miet., Rozie, Joelle. and Raats, Sanne.

Entering the field of law-psychology: Consideration by seniority-defined cohorts
 Yasuhara, Kento., Brooks Holliday, Stephanie., Shah, Sanjay., King, Christopher., Pich, Michele., Cooke, David., Ogloff, James., Grisso, Thomas. and Heilbrun, Kirk.

Estimating risk among juvenile sex offenders: The utility of the ERASOR and the SAVRY
 Nelson, Rebecca., Owens, Timothy., Fuson, Amy., Griffin, Colleen. and DiCataldo, Frank.

Estimating the accuracy of malingering measures in the absence of a "gold standard"
 Mossman, Douglas., Wygant, Dustin. and Gervais, Roger.

Ethical decision-making in juvenile justice research: Consent and confidentiality
 Lane, Christy., Pennacchia, Daniel., Kelly, Meghann., Golden, Jessica. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Evaluations of video-recorded interrogations: Evidence of judgment perseverance and how to prevent it
 Lassiter, G.., Ware, Lezlee. and Pinegar, Shannon.

Event valence affects false alarm rate for event actions when witnesses are highly aroused: Witness age is not a factor
 Kleider, Heather., Knuycky, Leslie., King, Tricia. and Pearman, Ann.

Everyone else is doing it! Peer, family, and mental health influences on adolescent risk behaviors
 Wortel, Sanne. and Burnette, Mandi.

Evidence exists, doubt persists: The effect of age, recantation, and denial on child witness credibility
 Segovia, Daisy. and Crossman, Angela.

Evidence of differential performance on simultaneous and sequential lineups for individuals with autistic traits
 Barker, Rachell., Scullin, Matthew. and Meissner, Christian.

Examining blaming towards rape victims and perpetrators in a specialist police sample
 Sleath, Emma. and Bull, Ray.

Examining the construct validity of the Self-Report Psychopathy Scale-III
 Neal, Tess. and Sellbom, Martin.

Examining the relationship between psychopathic traits and the ability to accurately judge others
 Demetrioff, Sabrina., Porter, Stephen. and Korva, Natasha.

Excuse me, but I disagree: A comparison of individual and group juror decision-making
 Kimbrough, Christopher., Devenport, Jennifer. and Sorenson Farnum, Katlyn.

Exoneree stigma: An investigation of attitudes toward wrongfully convicted persons
 Thompson, Adina. and Levett, Lora.

Expectations for defendants’ emotional responses vary as a function of perceived guilt and defendant/victim relationship
 Heath, Wendy. and Grannemann, Bruce.

Expectations for forensic evidence
 Reardon, Margaret., Hertzberg, Kara. and Sollenberger, Angela.

Expectations for physical injury in an automobile negligence case
 Strubler, Kevin., Vallano, Jonathan. and Winter, Ryan.

Expert evidence on recovered memory: Lessons from Massachusetts
 Ring, Sinead.

Exploring alibi generation: How innocent suspects may come to report mistaken alibis
 Leins, Drew. and Charman, Steve.

Exploring borderline personality disorder features dimensionally among young adults with a history of offending
 Delparte, Chelsea., Wright, Kristi., Price, Heather. and Hart, Regan.

Exploring false admissions with the prisoner’s dilemma
 Redlich, Allison. and Norris, Robert.

Exploring narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism in youth: Examination of associations with antisocial behavior and aggression
 Lau, Katherine. and Marsee, Monica.

Exploring the accuracy and utility of the Rey fifteen item test with recognition trial in a forensic psychiatric population
 Stimmel, Matthew., Green, Debbie., Belfi, Brian. and Klaver, Jessica.

Exploring the influence of pre-trial beliefs about forensic science on mock jurors’ verdict preferences
 Smith, Lisa. and Bull, Ray.

Extending clinical forensic assessment to adolescent offenders: Emerging knowledge on juvenile violence risk and competence assessment
 Viljoen, Jodi.

Eye of the beholder: How attorney attractiveness and gender influence community members vs. college students
 Reed, Krystia. and Groscup, Jennifer.

Eyewitness identification strategies: Contribution of implicit personality theories and emotional expression.
 Dumas, Rafaele., Dysart, Jennifer., Py, Jacques. and Penrod, Steven.

Eyewitness participation in the criminal justice system: Procedural justice, willingness, and actual reporting of crime
 Larson, Rakel. and Clark, Steven.
American Psychology - Law Society / 4th International Congress of Psychology and Law 2011-Mar-02 to 2011-Mar-07
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