American Psychology - Law Society / 4th International Congress of Psychology and Law 2011-Mar-02 to 2011-Mar-07

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PAI scores in a community sample of sexually abused and non-sexually abused female sexual offenders
 Reckmeyer, Devon. and Guyton, Michelle.

PCL-R scores in a representative sample of Canadian offenders
 Hart, Stephen., Storey, Jennifer., Mills, Jeremy. and Gray, Andrew.

Parallel assessment of competence to stand trial: A survey of forensic evaluators' practices with non-cooperative defendants
 Stredny, Rebecca., Torres, Angela., Wolber, Greg. and Simpson, Ted.

Paraverbal cues to deception as a function of interview type
 Sporer, Siegfried. and Petermann, Nina.

Pathways into the criminal justice system for individuals with intellectual disabilities
 Raina, Poonam.

Patronizing communication toward older eyewitnesses
 Wylie, Lindsey., Brank, Eve. and Bornstein, Brian.

People in drawings: a cue to deception
 Warmelink, Lara., Vrij, Aldert., Mann, Samantha. and Granhag, Pär.

Perceived stigma in probationers with mental disorder in traditional and specialty mental health probation agencies
 Eno Louden, Jennifer., Skeem, Jennifer. and Manchak, Sarah.

Perceptions of defendant culpability in pretrial publicity: The effects of defendant ethnicity and cognitive load
 Lant, James., Clow, Kimberley. and Cutler, Brian.

Perceptions of domestic abuse. Just-world beliefs and victim-perpetrator blaming
 Pina, Afroditi. and Field, Emily.

Perceptions of elder abuse among community members
 Walker, Stephannie., Gray, Jennifer., Duggins, Kimberly. and Nunez, Narina.

Perceptions of harm: The influence of verbal threats, physical abuse and physical injury in stalking scenarios
 Scott, Adrian. and Sheridan, Lorraine.

Perceptions of procedural justice in young offenders: The impact of a history of trauma
 Penner, Erika. and Viljoen, Jodi.

Perceptions of procedural justice, legitimacy, distributive justice, and outcome satisfaction in young offenders
 Penner, Erika. and Viljoen, Jodi.

Perceptions of psychological expert testimony: Factors that make the difference
 Dover, Tessa., Armstrong, Matthew., McCabe, John. and Krauss, Daniel.

Perceptions of sexual harassment: The role of perspective taking in the law
 Wiener, Richard., Keller, Stacie., Arreola, Nicholas. and Reiter-Palmon, Roni.

Perceptions of victim responsibility: The influence of prior relationship and conduct severity in stalking scenarios
 Scott, Adrian., Gavin, Jeff., Sleath, Emma. and Sheridan, Lorraine.

Perpetrator characteristics, participants’ gender, belief in a just world and rape blame attributions
 Alfredsson, Helen., Strömwall, Leif. and Landström, Sara.

Perpetrator memory: Better than the eyewitness?
 Perillo, Jennifer. and Kassin, Saul.

Personality and behavior correlates of child pornography viewing in a community sample of pornography users
 Ray, James., Kimonis, Eva. and Seto, Michael.

Personality and perceived “mental defect” relevance to the insanity defense
 Miller, Audrey., Duncan, Jason., Bitting, Brian., Amacker, Amanda., Canales, Erika., Duran, Imelda., Backstrom, Tamika., Menaker, Tasha., Cramer, Robert. and Gardner, Brett.

Personality correlates of dating violence
 Lord, Stephanie., Jackson, Rebecca., Wood, Sarah. and Ryan, Heather.

Perspectives of a psychiatrist
 Trestman, Robert.

Perspectives of a psychologist in a psychiatry department
 Mulvey, Edward.

Physical attractiveness and its influence on perceptions of criminal culpability
 Campbell, Rebecca. and Harrington, Evan.

Police departments’ use of Facebook: Is there social psychology behind the use of social media?
 Lieberman, Joel., Shaffer, Deborah. and Sakiyama, Mari.

Police detectives’ and college students’ attitudes toward video recording of suspect investigative interview
 Jo, Eunkyung.

Police interviewing styles and confessions in Japan
 Wachi, Taeko., Watanabe, Kazumi., Yokota, Kaeko., Otsuka, Yusuke., Kuraishi, Hiroki. and Lamb, Michael.

Police officers’ and supervisors’ opinions regarding mental health services utilization among law enforcement personnel
 Sanders, Jennifer. and Varela, Jorge.

Postdoctoral training in forensic psychology
 Packer, Ira.

Practicing ethically: Technical and emotional competency of sex offender treatment providers
 Katz-Schiavone, Stacey. and Packman, Wendy.

Praise, blame, and legal responsibility: Asymmetries of elder versus child care and abuse.
 Scott, Leroy., Wylie, Lindsey. and Brank, Eve.

Pre-admonition suggestion: When friendly conversation leads to inflated choosing rates and increased retrospective eyewitness confidence.
 Quinlivan, Deah., Wells, Gary., Tuhn, Sam. and Knight, Melissa.

Pre-lineup certainty instruction inflates eyewitness confidence
 Smalarz, Laura. and Wells, Gary.

Preconception and crime condition on the evaluation of confessions
 Molinaro, Peter., Dickinson, Jason. and Wright, Daniel.

Predicting malintent targets with eye-tracking
 Wallace, D. Brian., Hartwig, Maria. and Kassin, Saul.

Predicting risky outcomes associated with internet use among high school students
 Prentky, Robert., Lee, Austin. and Dowdell, Elizabeth.

Predicting sex offender recidivism: An examination of factors associated with early failure among sexual offenders
 Spada, Ashley., Perillo, Anthony., Mercado, Cynthia. and Jeglic, Elizabeth.

Predicting sexual re-offending from stranger rapists’ behavior at their first crime scene.
 Corovic, Jelena., Christianson, Sven. and Bergman, Lars.

Predicting specific types of inpatient aggression with the PPI-R
 Smith, Shannon Toney., Edens, John. and McDermott, Barbara.

Predicting substance abuse treatment behavior using the PAI
 Magyar, Melissa., Edens, John., Lilienfeld, Scott., Douglas, Kevin., Poythress, Norman. and Skeem, Jennifer.

Predicting success and identifying racial differences in a large sample of federal pretrial offenders
 Fennessy, Matthew. and Huss, Matthew.

Predictive validity of the SAVRY with female juvenile offenders: Is risk assessment gendered?
 Cook, Nathan., Vincent, Gina. and Chapman, John.

Predictor variables of competency to stand trial in a female forensic population
 Pearson, Jessica., Kois, Lauren., del Rosario, Jessica., Banks, Ciara., Saraydarian, Lisa. and Goni, Margaret.

Predictors of legitimacy: Moral and legal reasoning and legal attitudes
 Trinkner, Rick., Cohn, Ellen., Rebellon, Cesar. and Van Gundy, Karen.

Preschool-age Hispanic children’s executive function mediates the negative relation between age and suggestibility
 Scullin, Matthew. and Ornelas, Claudia.

Pretrial bias and defendant race predict verdicts in a case of alleged terrorism
 Beck, Christopher., Coughlan, Kayla., Alexander, Sarajane., Carlson, Rachel., Carruthers, Sarah., Dumais, Chelsea., Welch, Emily., McGuire, Christina., Tatum, Carrie. and Lecci, Len.

Pretrial publicity in young offender trials
 Burke, Tara., Raina, Poonam., Marion, Stephanie., El-Sibaey, Sami. and Cowan, Sara.

Preventing sexual violence: Can examination of offense location inform sex crime policy?
 Colombino, Niki., Mercado, Cynthia. and Jeglic, Elizabeth.

Probation officer perceptions of gender differences in youth offending and implications for practice in the field
 Fusco, Samantha., Perrault, Rachael., Paiva, Melissa., Cook, Nathan. and Vincent, Gina.

Probing the concealed information test under realistic conditions
 Gamer, Matthias.

Processing differences between feature-based facial composites and real faces
 Carlson, Curt. and Gronlund, Scott.

Professional values, lawyer satisfaction, and the law school curriculum: The need for a personal constitution
 Serota, Michael.

Profiling robbery offenders from crime scene behaviours: A revised framework for multidimensional statistical profiling
 Oziel, Sandra., Goodwill, Alasdair., Yapp, Jamie., Stephens, Skye. and Bowes, Nicola.

Prospective long-term (11-year) follow-up for violence of the HCR-20, VRAG, LSI-R, PCL-R, LCSF, and SIR
 Gray, Andrew., Mills, Jeremy. and Kroner, Daryl.

Prospective person memory for age progressed images of missing children
 Lampinen, James., Miller, Justin. and Sweeney, Lindsey.

Prospective person memory for witness composites: Holistic and feature based approaches compared
 Erickson, Blake., Edwards, Natalie., Frowd, Charlie. and Lampinen, James.

Prospective study of a mental health court: Criminal justice and clinical outcomes at one year follow-up
 McNiel, Dale., Delucchi, Kevin. and Binder, Renee.

Protective factors for (sexual) offenders. Results with the SAPROF
 de Vries Robbe, Michiel. and de Vogel, Vivienne.

Psychological mechanisms underlying racially-biased peremptory challenges
 Busso Kennard, Julia. and Kovera, Margaret.

Psychological trauma and primary versus secondary psychopathy
 Christopher, Sheresa., Neumann, Hannah., Dongon, Shara., Mok, Caroline., Jacobs-Lentz, Jason., Trafton, Jodie. and Weaver, Christopher.

Psychological, legislative and systemic barriers to successful prosecutions of child sex traffickers
 Reid, Joan.

Psychologists' attitudes toward sex offenders
 Simon, Samantha. and Arnaut, Genevieve.

Psychology, psychiatry, and public policy
 Odgers, Candice.

Psychopathic features and sexual behavior in adolescents: An examination of onset and promiscuity
 Rosenbaum, Jill., Salekin, Randall. and Lee, Zina.

Psychopathic personality and emotion dysregulation
 Fulton, Jessica., Marcus, David., Leachman, Lacey. and Clarke, Erin.

Psychopathic traits from the perspective of self- and informant-reports
 Jones, Shayne., Miller, Joshua. and Lynam, Don.

Psychopathy and deception: Do psychopathic personality traits moderate the ability to avoid detection of dissimulation?
 Marion, Brandee. and Sellbom, Martin.

Psychopathy and depression in a detained adolescent sample
 Price, Samantha. and Salekin, Randall.

Psychopathy and impulsivity reconsidered
 Poythress, Norman.

Psychopathy and other dark personalities in the workplace: Preliminary B-Scan results
 Cooper, Barry., Mathieu, Cynthia., Hervé, Hugues., Jones, Daniel. and Hare, Robert.

Psychopathy and self-control in youth: Effects of control on family functioning, academic performance, and sensation-seeking
 Robinson, Emily. and Salekin, Randall.

Psychopathy and sex offenders through the years
 Meyer, Robert.

Psychopathy and the role of anxiety in childhood populations
 Kubak, Franz.

Psychopathy subtypes in adolescent girls
 Coupland, Ruth., Lee, Zina. and Moretti, marlene.

Psychotic symptoms as a moderator of suicide risk in pre-sentenced criminal offenders
 Harris, Paige., Stroud, Caroline., Cramer, Robert. and White, Jack.

Public sentiments on punishing juvenile offenders: Should juveniles who commit non-homicide offenses receive life sentences?
 Evelo, Andrew. and Greene, Edie.

Publication bias in meta-analyses in psychology and law
 Sporer, Siegfried. and Goodman-Delahunty, Jane.

Putting race in its place: Social context affects cross-racial recognition and classification
 Sacchi, Dario. and Sherman, Jeffrey.
American Psychology - Law Society / 4th International Congress of Psychology and Law 2011-Mar-02 to 2011-Mar-07
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