APLS Conference 2012-Mar-14 to 2012-Mar-17

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"Am I Under Arrest?": Youth's Misconceptions of Custody and the "Freedom to Leave."
 Michel, Jaime. and Woolard, Jennifer.

"Forensic Neuropsychological Testing of Latinos: Assuring Accuracy and Fairness when Assessing Spanish-Speaking Populations”
 Bonafina, Marcela. and Ontiveros, Jose.

"I don't like Mondays": An explorative look at the chracteristics of Active Shooters
 Gamache, Kyle., Weipert, Ryan., Griffen, Katelyn. and Fusco, Samantha.

(Not so) Great Expectations: Can Expert Testimony Correct Jurors’ Misperceptions about Children’s Testimonial Behavior?
 Arter, Jeana., McAuliff, Bradley. and Gonzalez, Jessica.

'Erm... What did I tell the other guy?' Using inconsistency to detect deception
 Jundi, Shyma., Vrij, Aldert., Mann, Samantha. and Hope, Lorraine.

“Can You Keep a Secret for Me?”: The Effect of Coaching on Children’s Lie-telling to Conceal Another’s Transgression
 Yachison, Sarah. and Talwar, Victoria.

“Do you Know/Remember” questions, pragmatic failure, and referential ambiguity when children testify in court
 Evans, Angela. and Lyon, Thomas.

“Get A Hold of Your Kids Before We Have to!” Using Parental Responsibility Laws to Curb Juvenile Crimes
 Scott, Leroy. and Brank, Eve.

“There’s Many a Slip ’Twixt the Cup and the Lip”: Examining Implementation of Risk Assessment in Case Management for Youth in the Justice System
 Peterson-Badali, Michele. and Skilling, Tracey.

“This is not who I picked!” The choice blindness effect in eyewitness identifications
 Sagana, Anna. and Sauerland, Melanie.

“When Only I Know”: The Effects of Asymmetrical Access to Evidence on Eyewitness-Investigator Interactions
 Bustamante, Lorena. and Douglass, Amy.


A Comparative Study of Adolescent Females and Males in Pre-trial Detention
 Cesaroni, Carla., Pelvin, Holly. and Peterson-Badali, Michele.

A Comparison of Single-Lap-Sequential, Multiple-Lap-Sequential, and Simultaneous Lineups
 Jehu, Michael. and Cutler, Brian.

A Double-Blind Experiment of Simultaneous versus Sequential Lineups Using Actual Eyewitnesses: Principal Results
 Steblay, Nancy., Wells, Gary., Dysart, Jennifer. and Mitchell, Danielle.

A Double-Blind Experiment of Simultaneous versus Sequential Lineups Using Actual Eyewitnesses: Lab – Field Differences
 Dysart, Jennifer., Wells, Gary., Steblay, Nancy. and Mitchell, Danielle.

A Field Study of Cognitive Interview Training
 MacDonald, Sarah. and Snook, Brent.

A Meta-Analysis of Identification Accuracy and Probative Value in Child and Adult Witnesses
 Larson, Rakel. and Clark, Steven.

A Psychological Profile of College Cyberbullies
 Schenk, Allison., Fremouw, William. and Keelan, Colleen.

A Trait Cognition Approach to Assessing Perceptions of Expert Witness Testimony
 Johnson, Jennifer., Cramer, Robert., Neal, Tess. and Brodsky, Stanley.

A comparison of the Own-race Bias in Older and Younger Adults
 Bergt, Shaina., Wylie, Lindsey., Brank, Eve. and Bornstein, Brian.

A direct test of plea bargaining in the "shadow of the trial"
 Bushway, Shawn., Redlich, Allison. and Norris, Robert.

A forced-choice test to detect witness deception
 Gavigan, Brian., Fede, Jacquelyn., Richards, Elizabeth., Hiscock-Anisman, Cheryl., Pankratz, Loren. and Colwell, Kevin.

A longitudinal investigation of the risk factors and mediators of criminal recidivism among female offenders
 Newman, Jennifer. and Day, David.

A psycholegal perspective on survivor mentoring with commercially sexually exploited youth in the United States
 Judge, Abigail.

A randomized controlled study of student threat assessment
 Cornell, Dewey.

A validation study of the DSM-5 trait definition of borderline personality in a criminal sample
 Rufino, Katrina., Cramer, Robert., Miller, Sarah. and White, Jack.

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Bad Bed-Fellows: The Interacting Effects of Depression and Anger during Incarceration
 Kelly, Erin., Cauffman, Elizabeth., Goldweber, Asha. and Novaco, Raymond.

Bankrupt Apologies
 Robbennolt, Jennifer. and Lawless, Robert.

Battle of the Experts: Do Opposing Experts Nullify Each Other?
 Harrington, Evan.

Beyond Physiological Hypoarousal: The Role of Context and Callous-Unemotional Traits in Incarcerated Adolescent Males
 Vitacco, Michael., Shirtcliff, Elizabeth. and Brieman, Chelsea.

Bluffing About Evidence: Do Laypersons Get It?
 Perillo, Jennifer. and Kassin, Saul.

Blunted cortisol reactivity in response to psychological induced stress for delinquents with diagnosed psychopathic personality
 de Lijster, Jasmijn. and Cima, Maaike.

Brian Bornstein
 Bornstein, Brian.

Bringing Eyewitness Science to the Courts
 Penrod, Steven.

Bringing Science Into the Courtroom: An Attorney's Perspective
 Newirth, Karen.


Callous-Unemotional Traits as a Predictor of Future Criminal Offending in Young Men
 Kahn, Rachel., Byrd, Amy. and Pardini, Dustin.

Callous-Unemotional Traits, Narcissism, and Behavioral History as Predictors of Discipline Problems in an Adolescent Residential Program
 Barry, Christopher., Barry, Tammy., Leachman, Lacey. and Rivera-Hudson, Nicole.

Can You Spot the Truth?: The Effect of Training on One’s Ability to Detect Deception
 Bowling, Patryce. and Burke, Tara.

Car Alarms and AMBER Alerts: Do Repeated Alerts Impair Prospective Person Memory
 Lampinen, James., Erickson, William., Peters, Christopher., Sweeney, Lindsey. and Culbertson-Faegre, Amber.

Change in Dynamic Items and Risk Estimates over Time: Findings from a Pilot Implementation of the START-AV
 Sellers, Brian., Desmarais, Sarah., Dvoskin, Joel., Viljoen, Jodi., Cruise, Keith. and Nicholls, Tonia.

Characteristics of Non-Restorable Criminal Defendants
 Colwell, Lori., Smith, Joshua. and Cotterell, Mark.

Charitable damages: A split-recovery investigation
 Winter, Ryan. and Kekessie, Seyram.

Child Maltreatment and Eyewitness Memory
 McWilliams, Kelly., Harris, Latonya. and Goodman, Gail.

Child Preference and Forensic Evaluators' Presentation of Ultimate Issue Testimony in Child Custody Evaluation
 Petrongolo, Maria., Zelechoski, Amanda., Lane, Christy., Feehan, Jaime. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Childhood Maltreatment and Adulthood Casual Sex: Investigating Personality as a Mediator
 Tabernik, Holly. and Fraser, Theresa.

Children Value Ideas Over Effort
 Olson, Kristina.

Children’s Ability to Judge Frequency and Landmark-based Timing of Repeated Events
 Drohan-Jennings, Donna., Roberts, Kim., Brubacher, Sonja., Glisic, Una., Powell, Martine. and Friedman, William.

Children’s Directed Forgetting of neutral and negative color photographs and the effect of adverse life experiences.
 Augusti, Else-Marie. and Melinder, Annika Melinder.

Children’s Memories of Removal: A Test of Attachment Theory
 Melinder, Annika Melinder., Goodman, Gail. and Baugerud, Gunn Astrid.

Clothing Bias: Does it need to be distinctive?
 Wetmore, Stacy., Graham, Michael., Wooten, Alex., Neuschatz, Jeffrey. and Goodsell, Charles.

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DSM-5 Antisocial Personality Disorder: Is there room for Negative Affectivity?
 Applegate, Kathryn., Wall, Tina., Wygant, Dustin., Jacobs, Jessica., Sutherland, Hannah., Ison, Cody. and Sparks, George.

Dangerous and Incompetent? Stereotype Content Model and Perceptions of Mental Illness in Criminal Punishment and Civil Commitment
 Wylie, Lindsey., Brank, Eve. and King, Christopher.

Defendant Race/Ethnicity and Mock-Jurors’ Bias: Effects of Decision Importance and Own-Group Preference
 Nicholson, Amanda., Leippe, Michael. and Eisenstadt, Donna.

Degree of involvement and interpersonal status in traumatic exposure: impact on offending in PTSD+ veterans
 Christopher, Sheresa. and Weaver, Christopher.

Descriptive and Psychometric Characteristics of START-AV Assessments: Findings from a Pilot Implementation Study
 Desmarais, Sarah., Sellers, Brian., Dvoskin, Joel., Viljoen, Jodi., Cruise, Keith. and Nicholls, Tonia.

Designing More Effective Mental Health Courts
 Steadman, Henry., Callahan, Lisa., Robbins, Pamela. and Vesselinov, Roumen.

Detecting Deception in Real-Life Cases: Investigating the Relationship Between Speaker Emotion Level and Deception Judgments
 Heath, Wendy., Grannemann, Bruce. and Feuerstein, Danielle.

Detecting Simulated Malingered PTSD Across Gender: Cross-Validation of a Piloted PTSD Measure
 Hsu, Erina., Garber, Alexandra., Jangalapalli, Avanti. and Weaver, Christopher.

Detecting concealed information: An individual differences approach
 Visu-Petra, George., Miclea, Mircea., Bus, Ioan. and Visu-Petra, Laura.

Determinations of Intellectual Disability: Situational Factors, Crime Components, and Adaptive Behaviors as Predictors
 Chen, Debra., Salekin, Karen. and Schnorf, Mary.

Determinations of Intellectual Disability: The Effects of Standard of Proof
 Chen, Debra., Salekin, Karen. and Schnorf, Mary.

Developing a Psychological Model of Interrogation: Processes that Distinguish True and False Confessions
 Meissner, Christian., Houston, Kate. and Evans, Jacqueline.

Developmental Predictors of Adult Violent and Sexual Offenses
 Wanklyn, Sonya., Ward, Ashley., Newman, Jennifer., Mark, Lisa. and Day, David.

Developmental Shifts in Children’s Suggestibility for a Happy or Sad Emotional Event
 Conradt, Travis. and London, Kamala.

Developments in Risk Assessment: An Update
 Heilbrun, Kirk.

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Early Career Grant Funding: What, Why, When, Where, and How
 Gervais, Sarah.

Early Peer Rejection and Adolescent Antisocial Outcomes
 Alonso-Marsden, Shelley., Dodge, Kenneth., Lansford, Jennifer., Pettit, Gregory. and Bates, John.

Edie Greene
 Greene, Edie.

Educated Mock-Jurors Evaluating Defendant Substance Abuse Evidence in Capital Trials
 Neal, Tess., Griffin, Desiree. and Brodsky, Stanley.

Educating Canadian Mock Jurors about the Not Criminally Responsible by Reason of Mental Disorder Defence
 Maeder, Evelyn. and Fenwick, Kristin.

Effect of Response Bias on Measures of IQ and Memory Capacity
 Frederick, Richard.

Effect of Witness and Investigator Goals on Eyewitness Reports
 Hiley, Alexa. and Douglass, Amy.

Effect of the reciprocity norm and imagery on the development of implanted memories in children
 Duke, Misty. and Wood, James.

Effects of DNA and Explanations of Confidence Inflation on Mock-Juror Evaluations of Eyewitness Testimony
 Berman, Garrett., Jones, Eric., Subramaniam, Janani., Roach, Amy. and Platania, Judith.

Effects of Gender and Attitudinal Factors on Sexual Assaults Evaluations in Canada and Hong Kong
 Wong, Carol. and Read, J.

Effects of Gender on Reported Safety of Forensic Psychology Graduate Students and Early Career Professionals
 Strohmaier, Heidi., Murphy, Megan., Galloway, Meghann., Filone, Sarah., Foster, Elizabeth. and DeMatteo, David.

Effects of Juvenile Offender PTSD and Expert PTSD Education on Juvenile Probation Officer Disposition Recommendations
 Gharagozloo, Laadan., Fraser, Theresa. and Allen, Brian.

Effects of Plaintiff’s Recommendations, Cautionary Instructions, and Deliberation on Jury Awards for Pain and Suffering
 Kimbrough, Christopher., Bornstein, Brian. and McAuliff, Bradley.

Effects of Positive Impression Management on the Predictive Utility of the Personality Assessment Inventory
 Edens, John.

Effects of age, recantation, and denial on mock jurors’ perceptions of child witnesses
 Segovia, Daisy. and Crossman, Angela.

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Factors associated with violence toward others among individuals who engage in self-injury
 Layden, Brianne., Chapman, Alexander., Douglas, Kevin. and Turner, Brianna.

Family Influences on High Risk Teens Dating Older Partners
 Walker, Tammi., Oudekerk, Barbara. and Reppucci, N. Dickon.

Far from Clean: Forensic Implications of Bath Salt Use
 Young-Lundquist, Bethany. and Soliman, Sherif.

Federal Regulation of Juvenile Sex Offender Registration
 Walker, Tammi. and Reppucci, N. Dickon.

Feedback Effects on Eyewitness’ Memory of the Perpetrator
 Smalarz, Laura. and Wells, Gary.

Female Driver Stereotypes and Attribution of Responsibility in a Civil Automobile Accident Trial
 Skinner, Allison., Stevenson, Margaret. and Fowler, Sharona.

Female Perpetrated Aggression: Characteristics and Treatment Needs of Anger Management Group Participants
 Fusco, Samantha., Guy, Laura., Nelson, Rebecca., Conti, Kelci., Bennett, Mary., Dowd, Lynn. and Vincent, Gina.

Female Perpetrated Intimate Partner Violence and Treatment Attrition
 Nelson, Rebecca., Guy, Laura., Conti, Kelci. and Fusco, Samantha.

Forensic Usage of the Paraphilia Not Otherwise Specified, Nonconsent, Diagnosis: A Case Law Survey
 King, Christopher., Wylie, Lindsey., Brank, Eve. and Heilbrun, Kirk.

Forensic neuropsychology: A national survey of practitioner training and experience
 LaDuke, Casey., DeMatteo, David., Heilbrun, Kirk. and Swirsky Sacchetti, Thomas.

Friendly Co-witnesses Increase Eyewitness Accuracy; Unfriendly Co-witnesses Increase Eyewitness Suggestibility
 Kieckhaefer, Jenna. and Wright, Daniel.

From B to A: Using The Reverse Order Technique Naturally Elicits Cues to Deceit
 Leal, Sharon., Vrij, Aldert., Mann, Samantha. and Fisher, Ronald.

From First Impressions to Verdict: Predictive Pathways in Mock-juror Decision-making
 Titcomb, Caroline., Brodsky, Stanley., Nagle, Jacklyn. and Guadagno, Rosanna.

Further Construct Validation of the Youth Psychopathic Traits Inventory: Psychopathy and Traumatic Experiences
 Magyar, Melissa., Edens, John. and Vaughn, Michael.


Gender Differences in Adolescents’ Risks of Confessing During Interrogations
 Schecker, Marli., Messenheimer Kelley, Sharon., Foster, Erika., Petrongolo, Maria. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Gender Differences in Domestic Violence Exposure among a Juvenile Court Clinic Sample
 Conrad, Selby., Tolou-Shams, Marina., Johnson, Sarah., Oliveria, Cassandra. and Rizzo, Christie.

Gender Differences in Psychopathy and Antisocial Personality Disorder: Relationship to Violence Perpetration
 Blanchard, Adam., Pritchard, Ashley., Gatner, Dylan. and Douglas, Kevin.

Gender Differences in Sexual Aggression Perpetration and Victimization in Young Adults
 Dawson, Casey., Beck-Xaysuda, Lisa. and Jacquin, Kristine.

Gender Differences in Victimization and Self-Harm: Interrelationships
 Pritchard, Ashley., Blanchard, Adam., Gatner, Dylan. and Douglas, Kevin.

Gender Roles and Personality Factors as Motivators of Antisocial Behavior in a Community Sample
 Liebman, Rachel. and Burnette, Mandi.

Gender differences in professional development among AP-LS members
 Professional Development of Women Committee, AP-LS.

Getting Away with Murder: Factors Contributing to Prolific Serial Killing
 Davis, Lindsey.

Gimme the money: Monetary risk taking is linked to legal decision-making deficits in adolescents
 Zottoli, Tina. and Grose-Fifer, Jill.

Group-based violence: Unique factors to consider in the assessment and management of risk
 Cook, Alana. and Hart, Stephen.


Hate Crimes against Sexual and Gender Minorities: Policy Compliance and Juror Need for Cognition
 Cramer, Robert., Clark, John., Pennington, Charlotte., Kehn, Andre., Harris, Paige., Sanders, Jennifer. and Stroud, Caroline.

He Was Quiet and Kept to Himself! Laypersons Perceptions of Psychopathy.
 Meyer, Courtney., Berman, Garrett. and Platania, Judith.

Hedonic Loss Assessment
 Sturm, Kristin. and Greene, Edie.

High-Risk & Problem-Behaviors among Commercially Sexually Exploited Minors
 Epstein, MIchael., Briscoe-Smith, Allison. and Palmer, Rebekka.

How Great is the Risk of a Juvenile False Confession?: Juvenile Offenders' and Adults' Perceptions
 Peterson, Lindsey., Goldstein, Naomi., Zelle, Heather., Taormina, Stephanie. and Rharbite, Sadia.

How You Lie Affects What You Remember
 Vieira, Kathleen. and Lane, Sean.

How accurately do offenders perceive risk factors? Self-reported and LS/CMI-measured concordance.
 Brooks-Holliday, Stephanie., King, Christopher., Danylyuk, Anna., Dinh, Jade., Yasuhara, Kento., Shah, Sanjay., Hamilton, Danielle., LaDuke, Casey., DeMatteo, David. and Heilbrun, Kirk.

How different are sex offenders? An analysis across a diverse forensic sample
 Hodges, Heath., Scalora, Mario. and Huss, Matthew.

How do forensic interviewers elicit information about children’s thoughts and feelings in maltreatment cases?
 Roberts, Kim. and Newman, Jennifer.

How many and how often: Children’s use of number words and frequency estimations in forensic interviews
 Malloy, Lindsay., Brubacher, Sonja., Lamb, Michael. and Benton, Polly.

Hyperbolic Time Discounting, Offender Time Preferences and Deterrence
 Loughran, Thomas. and Paternoster, Raymond.

Hypersexuality in College Students: The Role of Psychopathy
 Kastner, Rebecca. and Sellbom, Martin.


I Need Wide, Open Spaces: Situated Social Cognition and Perceptions of Fourth Amendment Searches
 Hoetger, Lori., Brank, Eve. and Groscup, Jennifer.

I can’t take it any more: a study of vicarious traumatization among psychologist who no longer practice forensic psychology
 Brovko, Julie., Foote, William. and McLouth, Christopher.

Identification procedures and wrongful conviction: Quantifying the role of eyewitness identifications
 Smith, Andrew., Kalmet, Natalie., Cutler, Brian. and Lindsay, Roderick.

Identification with Parents: A Mechanism for the Intergenerational Transmission of Partner Violence?
 Carambot, Patty., Ehrensaft, Miriam. and Lopez, Thailyn.

Identifying Symptom Exaggeration with the Negative Distortion Scale of the Personality Assessment Inventory
 Smith, Shannon Toney., Edens, John. and Poythress, Norman.

Identifying While Angry
 Franklin, Nancy. and Greenstein, Michael.

Identifying differences in violence risk ratings between stalkers and intimate partner batterers to improve risk management strategies
 Murray, Ashley., Whittemore, Karen., Storey, Jennifer., Cook, Alana., Hart, Stephen. and Kropp, P..

Identifying psychopathic traits in a hero population
 Falkenbach, Diana., Tsoukalas, Maria., Stern, Stephanie. and Barese, Trevor.

Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Treatment Utilization
 Woods, Carol., Tellez, Alexandra., Percosky, Amy., Wevodau, Amy. and Allen, Brian.

Impact of Event Appraisal on Mental Health Outcomes in Sexually Abused Children
 Wevodau, Amy., Woods, Carol., Tellez, Alexandra., Percosky, Amy. and Allen, Brian.

Impeaching Without Imperiling: The Effect of Alternate Methods for Strategies for Cross-Examining Character Evidence
 Hunt, Jennifer.

Implications of Static-99 Field Reliability Findings for Score Use and Reporting
 Rice, Amanda., Boccaccini, Marcus., Murrie, Daniel., Mercado, Cynthia., Hawes, Samuel. and Jeglic, Elizabeth.

Impulsivity and delinquency: Examining the mediating influences of costs and benefits
 Ray, James. and Jones, Shayne.

Impulsivity and marijuana use: Testing the roles of costs and rewards as mediators
 Jones, Shayne. and Lynam, Don.

Increasing the Quality of Father-Child Interactions within the Juvenile Justice System
 Brito, Natalie., Barr, Rachel., Shauffer, Carole. and Rodriguez, Jennifer.

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J.D.B. v. North Carolina: A New Frontier
 Scali, Mary Ann.

Judge's instructions: Do they influence juror's understanding of "proof beyond a reasonable doubt"
 Kalmet, Natalie., Bertrand, Michelle., Lindsay, Roderick., Bala, Nick., Talwar, Victoria., Lee, Kang. and Dufraimont, Lisa.

Judges’ Treatment of the Knowing and Intelligent Requirements for Miranda Waivers
 Zelle, Heather., Goldstein, Naomi., Pennacchia, Daniel., Ebbecke, Jenna., Arnold, Shelby. and Schecker, Marli.

Judging Psychology Experts
 Schwartz, Shari. and Schreiber Compo, Nadja.

Judicial Understanding of Intellectual Disability and Correlates of Judicial Decision-Making in Atkins Claims
 Hensl, Kursten. and Heilbrun, Kirk.

Judicial Wisdom: What Makes a Wise Judge?
 Bakina, Daria. and Blumenthal, Jeremy.

Juror Decisions in a Capital Trial Involving Intellectual Disability
 Nava, Khristina., Moore, Ashley. and Jacquin, Kristine.

Juror Demographic Characteristics as Predictors of Case Judgments in a Civil Automobile Accident Trial
 Skinner, Allison., Stevenson, Margaret. and Fowler, Sharona.

Juror Perception of Intoxication and Defendant Responsibility as Factors in a Rape Trial
 Lynch, Kellie., Golding, Jonathan., Wasarhaley, Nesa. and Simcic, Theresa.

Juror Perceptions of Sexual Minority-Based Hate Crimes in the Post-Matthew Shepard Era
 Cramer, Robert., Kehn, Andre., Clark, John. and Roberts, Lauren.

Jury Selection and Defendant Diversity: A Case Study
 Brodsky, Stanley.

Juvenile Competence to be Sentenced to Probation: A Relevant Legal Standard?
 NeMoyer, Amanda., Prelic, Ana., Ebbecke, Jenna., Hinz, Holly. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Juvenile Sex Offender Typologies: The Predictive Validity of the ERASOR and the SAVRY
 Nelson, Rebecca., Owens, Timothy. and DiCataldo, Frank.

Juvenile Sexual Offending: Do Age and Offense Behavior Affect Public Opinion?
 Miller, Sarah. and Grisso, Thomas.

Juveniles Adjudicated for Sexual Offenses: A Special Group?
 Fanniff, Amanda. and Kimonis, Eva.


Kids will be kids: Adolescent psychosocial maturity and criminal responsibility in Australia and the US
 Modecki, Kathryn., Crofts, Thomas. and Riley, Rachel.

Kids, Cops, and Custody: Reasonable Juveniles, Developmental Research, and the Supreme Court
 Woolard, Jennifer.


LGBTQ satisfaction with the courts: The moderating role of gender non-conformity
 Robinson, Alexis.

Late adolescents’ risky decision making: Does the legality of behavior matter?
 Burkard, Casey., Messenheimer Kelley, Sharon., Goldstein, Naomi., Graefe, Anna. and Schulteis, Maria.

Lawyer's Beliefs, Perceptions and Ability to Detect the Deception of Child Witnesses
 Saykaly, Christine. and Talwar, Victoria.

Lawyers and Unaccompanied Immigrant Children: Mental Health Needs, Referral Practices, and Barriers to Services Access
 Baily, Charles., Henderson, Schuyler. and Taub, Amanda.

Let's Make A Deal: Exploring willingness to accept a plea bargain when guilty or innocent
 Wilford, Miko. and Wells, Gary.

Liars and Truth Tellers’ Narrative Strategies
 Perez, Valerie. and Fisher, Ronald.

Lie-detection using Autobiographical Implicit Association Test
 Kim, Kiho. and Lee, Jang-Han.

Life Without Parole: The Influence of Age and Race on the Sentencing of Juvenile Offenders
 Mireles, Maria., Cottle, Jacquline. and DiCataldo, Frank.

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Intergenerational Transmission of Aggression
 Richards, Dayton. and Burnette, Mandi.

Lineup Administrator Blindness Affects the Recording of Eyewitness Identification Decisions
 Rodriguez, Dario., Berry, Melissa., Glaser, Margaret. and Timbrook, Jerry.

Lineup Practices and Subtle Influence by American and Canadian Detectives
 Greene, Edie. and Evelo, Andrew.

Linguistic Cues to Deception Assessed by Computer Programs: A Meta-Analysis
 Hauch, Valerie., Blandon-Gitlin, Iris., Masip, Jaume. and Sporer, Siegfried.

Locating Psychopathic Personality Traits in Latent Externalizing Space
 Sellbom, Martin.


Making “What Works” Work: Issues Relevant to Matching Treatment to Youths’ Needs during Probation Services
 Haqanee, Zohrah., Skilling, Tracey. and Peterson-Badali, Michele.

Malingering Assessment of Psychopathology (MAP): A Structured Decision Making Tool to Guide Clinical Judgment
 Pivovarova, Ekaterina. and Rosenfeld, Barry.

Maltretated Children's Accurate and False Memories of a Removal from Home: Consequences of Repeated Interviewing
 Baugerud, Gunn Astrid. and Melinder, Annika Melinder.

Mapping Body Touch Using Human Figure Drawings and Dolls
 Lytle, Nicole., London, Kamala. and Wright, Daniel.

Mark Costanzo
 Costanzo, Mark.

Maternal Antisocial Personality and Psychopathic Traits, Parenting Quality, and Child Psychopathic Traits
 Robinson, Brittany., Brennan, Patricia., Sylvers, Patrick. and Lilienfeld, Scott.

Maximizing the effects of strategic use of evidence: General-to-specific disclosure of evidence
 Luke, Timothy., Hartwig, Maria., Brimbal, Laure., Chan, Ginny., Jordan, Sarah., Joseph, Emily., Osborne, Jeffrey. and Granhag, Pär.

Measuring Abuse Sequelae: Validating and Extending the Trauma Symptom Checklist-40
 Nagle, Jacklyn. and Neal, Tess.

Measuring Judicial Performance Through Surveys: The Potential for Bias Based on Gender
 Elek, Jennifer., Rottman, David. and Cutler, Brian.

Measuring psychopathic traits in juvenile offenders: Examining gender, race, and ethnicity bias
 Cook, Nathan., Barese, Trevor. and DiCataldo, Frank.

Measuring the Reading Complexity and Oral Comprehension of Canadian Youth Waiver Forms
 Eastwood, Joseph., Snook, Brent. and Luther, Kirk.

Medium of Presentation and the Assessment of Juvenile False Confessions
 Honts, Charles., Craig, Ron. and Kassin, Saul.

Memory Conformity: Actors and Bystanders
 Carlucci, Marianna. and Wright, Daniel.

Memory for faces in old age: A meta-analysis
 Martschuk, Natalie., Kocab, Kerstin. and Sporer, Siegfried.

Mental Health Professionals’ Perceptions of Legal Outcomes for Juvenile Offenders
 Wrona, Samantha. and Harrington, Evan.

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N. Dickon Reppucci
 Reppucci, N. Dickon.

Names Say it All: Racial Names, Juror Need for Cognition, and Blame and Guilt Ratings
 Clark, John., Cramer, Robert., Percosky, Amy., Rufino, Katrina., Miller, Rowland. and Johnson, Shara.

Narcissism and the U.S. Presidency: Implications for Antisocial and Illegal Behavior in the White House
 Watts, Ashley., Miller, Joshua., Lilienfeld, Scott., Rubenzer, Steven. and Faschingbauer, Thomas.

New Mexico’s Non-English Speaking Jurors: Impact on Verdicts and Community Members’ Attitudes toward their Inclusion
 Chavez, H Lyssette. and Kemmelmeier, Markus.


Ocular and Physiological Assessment of Eyewitness Identification
 Marchak, Frank., Keil, Tanner., McBride, Scott. and Honts, Charles.

Offense Characteristics and Considerations for Removal from the North Carolina Public Sex Offender Registry
 Foster, Christina., Glatte, Melisa. and Malesky, Alvin.

Offer and Acceptance of Apology in Victim-Offender Mediation
 Dhami, Mandeep.

Officer Experience, Police Culture, and Interrogation Practices
 Miller, Jeaneé. and Norris, Robert.

On Avoiding Framing Effects in Police Decision Making
 Dhami, Mandeep. and Garcia-Retamero, Rocio.

On the Lookout: Criminal Profile and the Success of Prospective Person Memory
 Sweeney, Lindsey., Lampinen, James., Erickson, William. and Peters, Christopher.

On the Verge to Merge: Gang Affiliation, Attachment Security, and Acculturation Level among Juvenile Offenders
 Ramirez, Carlina. and Macias, Sandra.

Overview of Legal and Psychological Challenges Affecting U.S> Victims of Child Sexual Exploitation
 Reid, Joan.


PAI Scores as Predictors of Misconduct Among Sex Offenders Civilly Committed as Sexually Violent Predators
 Rufino, Katrina., Boccaccini, Marcus., Jackson, Rebecca. and Murrie, Daniel.

PTSD Symptom Validity: Update and Replication of Pilot Psychometric Data for Malingering Detection Strategy Indices
 Weaver, Christopher., Jangalapalli, Avanti., Yano, Kimberly., Ramskov, Charles. and Marcille, Paul.

Parent Behaviors and Exposure to Violence as Predictors of Sexual Aggression Perpetration in Young Adults
 Dawson, Casey., Beck-Xaysuda, Lisa. and Jacquin, Kristine.

Parents’ Sources of Knowledge and Discussions with Their Children about Statutory Relationships
 Warner, Todd. and Reppucci, N. Dickon.

Partial PTSD Symptoms and Ability of a Pilot Measure to Differentiate Genuine and Simulated-Malingered PTSD
 Garber, Alexandra., Jardini, Danica. and Weaver, Christopher.

Participants as Discussants: Forensic Evaluators Discuss the Study Implications and Study Limitations
 Murrie, Daniel., Boccaccini, Marcus., Guarnera, Lucy., Rufino, Katrina. and Binns, Michael.

Pathways to crime desistance for probationers.
 Serin, Ralph. and Prell, Lettie.

Paying for Your Research and Yourself: Funding in a Medical School or Research Center
 Vincent, Gina.

Perceived Racial Salience in an Equal Focus Confession Video
 Warner, Todd. and Pickel, Kerri.

Perception of Administrator Influence’s Effect on Eyewitness Decision-Making
 Duncan, Jason., Anastasi, Jeffrey., Wechsler, Hayley. and Vera, Lauren.

Perception versus Law in the Ownership of Creative Works
 Mandel, Gregory.

Perceptions of Adolescents’ Maturity in Sexual Relationships Based on Younger Partner’s Age and Age Difference
 Newsham, Rebecca., Reitz-Krueger, Cristina. and Reppucci, N. Dickon.

Perceptions of Justice in the Student Conduct Process
 Wingrove, Twila. and Mackenzie, Madison.

Perceptions of Pimps: The Impact of Perceiver Anger on Culpability Attributions and Criminal Justice Recommendations
 Menaker, Tasha. and Miller, Audrey.

Perceptions of Sex Offender Registry in the Context of Statutory Relationships between Teenagers
 Reitz-Krueger, Cristina. and Reppucci, N. Dickon.

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Quest and its Relationship to Legal Decisions and Psychological Attributions
 Alvarez, Mauricio., Miller, Monica. and Palafox, Ebeth.


Racial Influences on Death Penalty Decisions by Region
 Kleider, Heather., Knuycky, Leslie. and Anastasi, Jeffrey.

Rater Differences in PCL:SV Scoring in the MacArthur Study of Mental Disorder and Violence
 Harris, Paige., Boccaccini, Marcus. and Murrie, Daniel.

Re-reading Brings Your Memory Back: The End of Verbal Overshadowing?
 Sporer, Siegfried., Davids, Maike., Kaminski, Kristina. and McQuiston, Dawn.

Real Interrogation: What Actually Happens When Cops Question Kids
 Feld, Barry.

Reality bites: The effect of contextual information on the interpretation of bitemark evidence
 Osborne, Nikola., Woods, Sally., Kieser, Jules. and Zajac, Rachel.

Recent Supreme Court of Canada rulings on Criminal Defendants’ Right to Counsel
 Patry, Marc. and Smith, Steven.

Recidivism, Risk Instrument Utility, and SVP Decision Making for White, Black, and Latino Sex Offenders
 Perillo, Anthony., Varela, Jorge. and Mercado, Cynthia.

Recommendations for SVP Commitment: Impact of Clinical Diagnosis when Accounting for Risk Score
 Perillo, Anthony., Spada, Ashley., Jeglic, Elizabeth. and Mercado, Cynthia.

Reinforcement-Induced Suggestibility in Kindergarten, 2nd, and 4th Grade
 Uhl, Elizabeth., Wood, James. and Scullin, Matthew.

Relating Cognitive Response Modulation to Social-Cognitive Processes in Adolescence and Outcomes in Young Adulthood
 Iselin, Anne-Marie. and Dodge, Kenneth.

Relation Between Psychopathic Characteristics and Aggression/Conduct Problems in Children: Depression as a Risk Factor
 Barry, Tammy., Barry, Christopher. and Cook, Laura.

Reluctance and Rapport Building in Forensic Interviews with Children
 Bergamasco, Anabella., Malloy, Lindsay. and Lamb, Michael.

Retention interval and suspect/perpetrator similarity moderate the effects of administrator knowledge on eyewitness identification accuracy.
 Zimmerman, David., Austin, Jacqueline., Rhead, Lindsey., Almeida, Krystal. and Kovera, Margaret.

Rethinking Mens Rea and Criminal Responsibility: Law and Behavioral Science in Pursuit of Justice
 Fondacaro, Mark.

Review of Sanity Laws and Procedures: Ethical and Practical Considerations
 Young-Lundquist, Bethany., Kan, Lisa., Caillouet, Beth. and McLaughlin, Jennifer.

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Secret-Sharing and Direct Questions as a Means of Eliciting Reports of Transgressions from Maltreated and Non-maltreated Children
 Lyon, Thomas., Chelayapov, Vera. and Ahern, Elizabeth.

Self-Defeating Behaviors in Sexual Offenders: Exploring Factors of Social Support and Motivation to Change
 Nieman, Cassie. and MacLin, M. Kimberly.

Self-Regulatory Focus “Promotes” Positive Transformation: A Motivated Goal-Pursuit Conceptualization of Posttraumatic Growth
 Miller, Audrey., Nelson, David., Menaker, Tasha. and Backstrom, Tamika.

Self-monitoring as a Detecting Deception Predictor
 You, Ji-ae.

Serial Stalking in a Forensic Outpatient Sample
 Cook, Alana., Storey, Jennifer., Murray, Ashley., Kropp, P.. and Hart, Stephen.

Short-Sighted Confession Decisions: The Role of Expected Interrogation Length
 Madon, Stephanie., Yang, Yueran., Smalarz, Laura. and Guyll, Max.

Should Social Anxiety Disorder be Covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act?
 Jeon, Andrew., Anderson, Kristin., Blenner, Jordan., Hope, Deb. and Wiener, Richard.

Simulated Malingering on Two Existing PTSD Screeners: Efficacy and Research Implications
 Neumann, Hannah., Pagano, Victoria., Hollingsworth, Brandon. and Weaver, Christopher.

Six heads are better than one: An analysis of mock-jury deliberations in a civil case
 Jackson, Christopher., Devenport, Jennifer. and Kimbrough, Christopher.

Social Goals During Peer Conflict and Perceived Consequences of Aggression in Youth with Callous-Unemotional Traits
 Byrd, Amy. and Pardini, Dustin.

Social Information Processing and the Intergenerational Transmission of Conduct Problems in Boys
 Pardini, Dustin., Byrd, Amy., Burke, Jeffrey. and Loeber, Rolf.

Social climate and Institutional Infractions among Juvenile Detainees
 Vidal, Sarah. and Woolard, Jennifer.

Socioeconomic Status and Jurors’ Perceptions of Child Witness Credibility
 Dhillon, Jasmin. and Price, Heather.

Sorting Somatic Complaints: Differentiating Somatic Malingering and Somatoform Disorder with the MMPI-2 Restructured Form
 Rapier, Jesica., Wygant, Dustin., Ben-Porath, Yossef., Granacher, Robert. and Umlauf, Robert.

Statutory Rape among Service Receiving, Low-Income Youth
 Oudekerk, Barbara. and Reppucci, N. Dickon.

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Testing for psychopathic subtypes in a non-forensic sample
 Stern, Stephanie. and Falkenbach, Diana.

That’s not what I expected! Physical injuries in a civil trial
 Winter, Ryan., Vallano, Jonathan., Fay, Benjamin. and Strubler, Kevin.

The Ability of the Antisocial Process Screening Device to Predict Reoffending in Youth Offenders
 Brodersen, Etta., Gulbransen, Erik., Viljoen, Jodi., Douglas, Kevin. and Fowler, Stephanie.

The Adversarial Mindset: Distortive Effects on Evidence Evaluation
 Simon, Dan., Stenstrom, Douglas. and Read, Stephen.

The CSI effect: The effect of television viewing on juror decision-making.
 Duke, Misty. and Wood, James.

The California Parole Supervision and Rehabilitation Model (CPSRM): Translating Risk-Needs-Responsivity to Real-World Settings
 Tatar, Joseph., Turner, Susan., Braithwaite, Helen. and Omori, Marisa.

The Characteristics and Management of Women Arrested for Intimate Partner Violence
 Storey, Jennifer. and Strand, Susanne.

The Combined Effect of Dud Lineups and Appearance-Change Instructions on Eyewitness Confidence
 Dobish, Lauren. and Douglass, Amy.

The Consistency Between the Static-99 and Static-2002
 Wilson, Catherine., Jackson, Karla., Guy, Laura., Healey, Jay. and Hart, Stephen.

The Consistency in Sexual Offending Behaviour across Crimes and its Relation to Self-Control
 Oziel, Sandra., Goodwill, Alasdair. and Beauregard, Eric.

The Costs and Benefits of Assisted Outpatient Treatment in New York State
 Swartz, Marvin., Swanson, Jeffrey., Van Dorn, Richard., Robbins, Pamela., Steadman, Henry. and Gilbert, Allison.

The Dark Side of Testing Memory: Repeated Retrieval Can Enhance Eyewitness Suggestibility
 LaPaglia, Jessica. and Chan, Jason.

The Death Penalty Sentencing Phase: Non-Statutory Mitigating Factors
 Keesler, Michael., Wolbransky, Melinda., Laughon, Pamela. and DeMatteo, David.

The Death Penalty Trial: How Jury Sentencing Decisions Relate to Capital Sentencing Procedures
 Wolbransky, Melinda., Keesler, Michael., Laughon, Pamela. and DeMatteo, David.

The Development of Children’s Secret-keeping for a Parent
 Gordon, Heidi. and Lee, Kang.

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Understanding Children's Lie-Telling
 Crossman, Angela., Talwar, Victoria., Saykaly, Christine., Mandelbaum, Jason. and Segovia, Daisy.

Use of a Hybrid Interview Method to Retrieve Memories Created During Decision Making
 Hirn, Dana., Fisher, Ronald. and Carol, Rolando.

Using ACID to help police detect deception
 Hiscock-Anisman, Cheryl., Colwell, Kevin., Danna, Michelle., Rodriguez, Nicole., Sorcinelli, Andrea. and French, M..

Using Experimental Methods to Study Forensic Assessment
 Murrie, Daniel., Boccaccini, Marcus., Guarnera, Lucy., Rufino, Katrina. and Binns, Michael.

Using Offenders' PAI Scores to Understand Evaluators' PCL-R Scoring Tendencies
 Gardner, Brett., Boccaccini, Marcus., Rufino, Katrina. and Murrie, Daniel.

Using eye tracking to explore the weapon focus effect
 Mansour, Jamal., Beaudry, Jennifer., Kalmet, Natalie., Bertrand, Michelle., Lindsay, Roderick. and Munhall, Kevin.

Using individual difference measures to differentiate malingering from nocebo reactions
 Carruthers, Sarah.

Using mixed group validation to estimate test diagnostic efficiencies of MMPI F-family indicators
 Maney, Shannon., Ragatz, Laurie. and Frederick, Richard.

Using mixed group validation to estimate test diagnostic efficiencies of Reliable Digit Span
 Ragatz, Laurie. and Frederick, Richard.

Using mixed groups validation to validate tests of feigned memory problems
 Frederick, Richard. and Ragatz, Laurie.

Using perception shifts to create unanticipated questions and to elicit cues to deception
 Vrij, Aldert., Lancaster, Gary., Hope, Lorraine. and Waller, Bridget.


Validation of the Short-Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability (START) in a Forensic Psychiatry Unit
 Mossiere, Annik. and Horton, Jemeen.

Validation of the Test of Competency Evaluation Effort (TO-CEE) within a sample of pretrial defendants
 Belfi, Brian., Klaver, Jessica., Tussey, Chriscelyn. and Green, Debbie.

Validity of Psychopathy Facet Scores Derived from the MMPI-2-RF in a Female Offender Sample
 Venables, Noah., Gottfried, Emily., Drislane, Laura., Carbonell, Joyce. and Patrick, Christopher.

Value of Life as an individual-level determinant of violence
 Tcherni, Maria.

Variations in Patterns of Disclosure across Abuse Types
 Rush, Elizabeth., Ahern, Elizabeth., Lyon, Thomas., Quas, Jodi. and Mendoza, Nancy.

Verbal IQ and Recall of Consent Information among Drug Court Clients
 Brown, Chloe., Dugosh, Karen. and Festinger, David.

Viability of Criminal Investigative Analysis in Judicial and Legal Settings: From Investigations to Case Outcomes
 Scherer, J.., Jarvis, John. and Salfati, C. Gabrielle.

Victim age polymorphism and victim selection in stranger sexual offences
 Stephens, Skye., Goodwill, Alasdair. and Beauregard, Eric.

Victim-Offender Relationships and Crime Scene Correlates in Serial and Single-Victim Sexual Homicide: A Preliminary Study
 Davis, Lindsey.

Video recording of interrogations: Does it alter police behavior toward suspects?
 Kukucka, Jeff., Lawson, Victoria., DeCarlo, John. and Kassin, Saul.

Violence Exposure Mediates the Relation between Callous-Unemotional Traits and Violent Offending in Juvenile Offenders
 Howard, Aisha., Kimonis, Eva., Munoz, Luna. and Frick, Paul.

Violence Risk Communication: What do Judges and Forensic Psychologists Want?
 Evans, Stephanie., Salekin, Karen. and Chen, Debra.

Violence and Victimization: Pooling Data Across Studies through Integrative Data Analysis
 Van Dorn, Richard., Desmarais, Sarah. and Singh, Jay.

Violent and Nonviolent Juvenile Offenders: Comparisons Concerning Self-report of Mental Health Symptoms
 Maney, Shannon.

Voice and Deservingness: The Effect of Anger on Justice Appraisals
 Baarbé, Jeremiah., Sivasubramaniam, Diane. and Cutler, Brian.


Weight Bias in the Courtroom
 Wasarhaley, Nesa. and Golding, Jonathan.

Were forensic evaluators influenced by the side that retained them? Results from the experimental study
 Boccaccini, Marcus., Murrie, Daniel., Rufino, Katrina. and Guarnera, Lucy.

What do forensic clinicians think is important to examine when assessing for malingering of psychopathology?
 Pivovarova, Ekaterina. and Rosenfeld, Barry.

What is it about (Reduced) Similarity Perceptions that Perpetuates Sexual Assault Victim Culpability Attributions? A Content Analysis of Similarity Thought Listings
 Amacker, Amanda., Miller, Audrey., Duncan, Jason. and Johnson, Shara.

What the Raw Score Doesn’t Tell Us: Capturing Context in Risk Assessment
 Greiner, Leigh., Brown, Shelley. and Skilling, Tracey.

What’s in a Face?: Juror Perceptions of Defendant Race and Eyeglasses
 Clark, John. and Cramer, Robert.

What’s in a label? Suspected Terrorism, Mortality Salience and the Fairness Effect
 Goodman-Delahunty, Jane. and Ockenden, Elizabeth.

What’s the truth and who reported it? A formal model of eyewitness reports
 Waubert de Puiseau, Berenike., Aßfalg, André., Erdfelder, Edgar. and Bernstein, Daniel.

When At-risk Adolescents Date Delinquent Partners
 Tsang, Siny., Oudekerk, Barbara. and Reppucci, N. Dickon.

Which Female Offenders Ruminate about Suicide?: The Subclinical Co-morbid Missing Link
 Kang, Tamara. and Kroner, Daryl.

Who is at risk? Exploring surveillance behaviours and instances of cyber monitoring on Facebook
 Alexander, Marc. and Warren, Kelly.

Who knows best? A family dyad approach to examining knowledge about the legal system
 Fountain, Erika. and Woolard, Jennifer.

Who knows best? Views from the judiciary on guardianship for older adults
 Haby, Josh. and Brank, Eve.

Why are girls so aggressive? Correlates of caregivers’ relational aggression among female juvenile offenders.
 Lane, Christy., Hinz, Holly., Serico, Jennifer., Foster, Erika., Petrongolo, Maria. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Why do third-parties choose to report peer versus sibling bullying incidents?
 Hazen, Katherine., Hoetger, Lori. and Brank, Eve.

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Youth Psychopathic Traits and Gang Involvement
 Clark, Alisa., Vincent, Gina., Byrd, Amy. and Kiehl, Kent.

Youth Risk Assessment: Inter-Rater Reliability of State Corrections Staff
 Kennealy, Patrick., Hernandez, Isaias. and Skeem, Jennifer.

Youth and Young Adult Sexting Behavior and Its Correlates: New Directions in Understanding and Prevention
 Perkins, Andrew., Becker, Judith., Mackelprang, Emily. and Tehee, Melissa.
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