APLS Conference 2013-Mar-07 to 2013-Mar-09

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“Ask the editors”: Publishing in eminent North American and international psychology-law journals and legal periodicals
 Cook, Alana. and King, Christopher.

“Don’t Talk to Strangers”: Perceptions of Child and Adult Online Victimization
 Warren, Kelly. and Seymour, Chantal.

“I Object!” Attorneys’ Ability to Detect Scientifically Invalid Expert Testimony
 McAuliff, Bradley., Gonzalez, Jessica., Arter, Jeana. and Kovera, Margaret.

“I’m Anxious About the Interview” Does Rapport Building Decrease Pre-Interview Anxiety and Enhance the Quality of Eyewitness Reports?
 Villalba, Daniella., Vallano, Jonathan., Schreiber Compo, Nadja. and Kieckhaefer, Jenna.


A Civil Juror Bias Scale for Use in Defamation Cases
 Hagen, Margaret.

A Comparison of Penetrative Assault Sexual Offenders with Non-Penetrative Offenders
 Ryan, Tara., Davis, Kristen., Ruchensky, Jared., Strominger, Robin., Momohara, Christie-Brianna., Paxton, Jackie. and Huss, Matthew.

A Developmental Perspective on Children’s Eyewitness Identification: Does Intent Matter?
 Spring, Toni. and Saltzstein, Herbert.

A Distinctiveness-driven Reversal of the Weapon-focus Effect
 Carlson, Curt., Carlson, Maria. and Saladino, Natalie.

A Five Year Review of Permanently Incompetent to Proceed Findings
 Tabernik, Holly., Kline, Jeffrey. and Beck, Niels.

A Juror Trait-Affect Model of Understanding Perceptions of Expert Witness Testimony
 Stroud, Caroline., Cramer, Robert. and Miller, Rowland.

A Mediation Model of Immigration Attitude Formation among Venire Persons
 Gonzalez, Jr., Ernie., Cramer, Robert., Clark, John., Varela, Jorge. and Cuervo, Veronica.

A Meta-Analytic Review of the PAI’s Ability to Predict Misconduct
 Gardner, Brett., Boccaccini, Marcus., Bitting, Brian. and Edens, John.

A National Survey of Self-Defense Statutes: Stand Your Ground and the Implications for Battered Women
 Galloway, Meghann., Formon, Dana. and DeMatteo, David.

A National Survey of State Sexually Violent Person (SVP) Legislation: Procedures, Policy and Practice
 Murphy, Megan., Galloway, Meghann., Krauss, Daniel. and DeMatteo, David.

A Personality-and-Attitude-Change Model of Jury NGRI Verdicts: The Pivotal Role of Perspective Taking
 Miller, Audrey., Duncan, Jason., Taslitz, Andrew., Gardner, Brett., Pennington, Charlotte., Kline, Stephanie., Burks, Alixandra., Pennington, Jessica., Duhon, Danielle., Rodriguez, Dianeth., Stein, Michelle., Gemberling, Tess. and Laxton, Kelsey.

A Profile of Wrongful Convictions in Canada
 Schuller, Regina., Dyer, Kieran. and Clow, Kimberley.

A Psychometric Assessment of the Witness Intimidation and Cooperation Scale: Cultural Norms Influence “Stop-Snitching” Attitudes
 McClure, Kimberley., Laurent, Jeff., Hosch, Harmon., Dane\'El, Mosi. and Myers, Jill.

A Qualitative Analysis of Alibi Corroborators’ Motivations
 Kienzle, Megan. and Levett, Lora.

A Receiver Operating Characteristic Analysis of Simultaneous and Sequential Lineups
 Mickes, Laura., Wixted, John. and Flowe, Heather.

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Below the Surface: Nonconscious Outperforms Conscious Lie Detection
 ten Brinke, Leanne., Carney, Dana. and Stimson, Dayna.

Betrayal Trauma Theory and Memory for Child Sexual Abuse
 Johnson, Jonni., Goodman, Gail., Quas, Jodi., Cordon, Ingrid. and Alexander, Kristen.

Beyond Risk Factors: Formulation of Violence Risk and its Relevance to Case Management
 Hart, Stephen.

Bidirectional versus unidirectional intimate partner violence: The roles of personality and psychopathy
 Peters, Lacey., Langille, Jennifer., Blanco Carranza, Amanda., Okano, Marisa. and Walsh, Zach.

Blame Attribution in the Punishment of Hate Crime Perpetrators
 Cramer, Robert., Clark, John., Kehn, Andre., Burks, Alixandra. and Wechsler, Hayley.

Bold, Smart, Dangerous and Evil: Perceived Correlates of Core Psychopathic Traits among Jury Panel Members
 Kelley, Shannon., Edens, John., Clark, John., Smith, Shannon Toney. and Cox, Jennifer.

Brainwashing and the Family: Pathological Parental Alienation in the Courts
 Chapman, Frances.

Breeding deception? Socialization and the development of deception in children
 Mandelbaum, Jason., Talwar, Victoria., Crossman, Angela., Segovia, Daisy. and Saykaly, Christine.

Bridging the Gap Between Test Versions: WAIS-III/IV Matrix Reasoning as an Embedded Symptom Validity Indicator
 Sobel, Natalie., Boone, Kyle., Cottingham, Maria., Ermshar, Annette. and Miora, Deborah.

But you didn’t tell me that! The role of warnings in consents to search
 Hoetger, Lori., Brank, Eve. and Groscup, Jennifer.


Callous-unemotional traits distinguish subgroups of offenders among a sample of justice involved males: A latent class analysis.
 Ray, James., Frick, Paul., Thornton, Laura., Cauffman, Elizabeth. and Steinberg, Laurence.

Can jurors spot a bad confession? An analysis of confessions and inconsistent crime details
 Henderson, Kelsey. and Levett, Lora.

Can victim age and environmental context explain deficiencies in seniors' eyewitness memory?
 Canning, Jonathan. and Warren, Kelly.

Change Over Time on the SAVRY Among Youth Probationers
 Guy, Laura., Perrault, Rachael., Gershenson, Bernice. and Vincent, Gina.

Changing Problematic Associates: A Preliminary Evaluation of a Treatment Program for Offenders with Mental Illness
 Batastini, Ashley., Morgan, Robert., Mills, Jeremy. and Kroner, Daryl.

Changing dynamic risk factors that impact recidivism: Implications for idiographic assessment
 Kroner, Daryl.

Characteristics of Animal Maltreatment Offenders
 Kukor, Terry.

Characteristics of Non-English Speaking Defendants Referred for Evaluation of Competency to Stand Trial
 Kan, Lisa., Simpler, Amber., Lawrence, Jason., Wang, Hsiao-Wen., Hamilton, Amy. and Sauvagnat, Claire.

Characteristics of Suspected Feigners and Their Report of Suicidal Ideations in a Sample of Forensic Psychiatric Defendants
 Brand, Joe., Belfi, Brian., Padmanabhapillai, Ajayan., Lam, Jonathan., Green, Debbie. and Klaver, Jessica.

Child Abuse Victims’ Responses to Appearing in Criminal and Dependency Court
 Hobbs, Sue., Goodman, Gail., Oran, Diane., Block, Stephanie., Quas, Jodi., Park, Avery., Widaman, Keith. and Baumrind, Nikki.

Child Abuse and Neglect Reports and Native American Disproportionality
 Wood, Steve. and Russell, Jesse.

Children's Use of Diagnostic and Disqualifying Monitoring to Avoid False Memories
 Lampinen, James., Moore, Kara. and Gallo, David.

Children’s Participation in Family Law Matters - Which Research Applies?
 Greenberg, Lyn.

Clarifying Conceptualizations Underlying Adult Psychopathy Measures: A Construct Validity Metric Approach
 Kennealy, Patrick. and Skeem, Jennifer.

Clarifying the Personality Roots of Jury-Biasing Social Cognitions: On Right-Wing Authoritarianism
 Miller, Audrey., Gemberling, Tess., Gardner, Brett., Burks, Alixandra., Rodriguez, Dianeth. and Laxton, Kelsey.

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DSM-5 Antisocial Personality Disorder and Psychopathy: Is it closer to the target than DSM-IV?
 Wygant, Dustin.

DSM-5 Antisocial Personality Disorder in Two Non-Incarcerated Samples: Links to Psychopathic Personality Traits
 Anderson, Jaime. and Sellbom, Martin.

DSM-5 Antisocial Personality Disorder: An Examination of the Specific Impairment and Trait Criteria
 Applegate, Kathryn., Wygant, Dustin. and Sellbom, Martin.

Dangerous Criminals or Misunderstood? Assessing Police Perceptions of the Mentally Ill
 Roach, Amy., Berman, Garrett., Platania, Judith. and Whitworth, Don.

Decisions, decisions… Violence risk triage practices in community psychiatric settings
 Foellmi, Melodie., Rosenfeld, Barry., Rotter, Merrill., Greenspan, Micheal. and Khadivi, Ali.

Deconstructing Legitimacy of Authority: Trust as the Prevailing Predictor of Rule-Violating Behavior
 Jeleniewski, Stacy.

Defendant age and alibi corroboration: Do these variables interact to influence jurors’ perceptions and verdicts?
 Pettalia, Jennifer., Pozzulo, Joanna., Dempsey, Julie. and Gooden, Amanda.

Defendant-Victim Relationships Influence Expectations of Defendant Emotional Displays and Defendants Who Violate Expectations Are Found Guilty
 Yip, Jimmy. and Hasel, Lisa.

Dehumanization and Hostile Environments
 Wiener, Richard. and Gervais, Sarah.

Deja Vu all Over Again: When Police Use Interrogation-type Tactics to Coerce Juvenile Confidential Informants
 Bell, Valarie.

Demographic moderators of attitudes toward juvenile transfer
 Ritchey, William., Daftary-Kapur, Tarika. and Zottoli, Tina.

Demonstration of Personal Vulnerability Reduces the Misinformation Effect
 Moore, Kara., Odegard, Timothy. and Lampinen, James.

Detecting Deception in Non-native English Speakers
 Michael, Stephen. and Evans, Jacqueline.

Detecting Deception through Linguistic Abstraction: The Effects of Temporal Distance on Verbal Construals
 Phillips, Erik. and Greene, Edie.

Detecting Malingered PTSD: Differing Response Styles of Coached Malingering
 Sadasivan, Avanti., Neumann, Hannah. and Ternasky, Harrison.

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Early trauma predicts aggression differently for healthy and mentally ill men and women
 White-Ajmani, Mandi., Antonius, Daniel., Silva, Hanna. and Malaspina, Dolores.

Effectiveness of Legal Competency Restoration Program as an Adjunct to Psychopharmacological and Standard Hospital Treatments
 Chung, Susie., Strathern, Ashley. and Terranova, Raymond.

Effectiveness of the Revocation Process from the Youth Offender's Perspective
 DiVittore, Krista. and Arnaut, Genevieve.

Effects of Child Age and Prior Allegations on Perceptions of Child Sexual Abuse Allegations
 Henley, Anna., Warren, Amye., Kulisek, Natalie., Atkinson, Dominick., Villamarin, Kelsey. and Weathington, Bart.

Effects of False-Evidence Ploys and Expert Testimony on Judge’s Perceptions and Trial Decisions
 Woody, William., Forrest, Krista., Sanchez, Lourdes., Powner, Steven., Provenza, Karlee. and Woestehoff, Skye.

Effects of Instruction Type and Vigilance on Age Discrimination Judgments
 Sorenson Farnum, Katlyn. and Wiener, Richard.

Effects of Neighborhood Similarity on Eyewitness Identification Decisions: It’s Good to have Good Neighbors (Sometimes)
 Moreland, Molly. and Clark, Steven.

Effects of Pre-admonition Suggestion on Eyewitnesses’ Expectations, Choosing Rates, and Retrospective Judgments
 Cash, Daniella., Quinlivan, Deah., Luecht, Katherine., Owen, Caitlin., Wells, Gary. and Neuschatz, Jeffrey.

Effects of Probation Officer Monitoring on Juvenile Reoffending: Influence of Justice System Attitudes
 Thomas, April., Cauffman, Elizabeth., Frick, Paul. and Steinberg, Laurence.

Effects of Social Support and Secure Attachment on Children’s Suggestibility After One Year
 Peter-Hagene, Liana., Bottoms, Bette., Davis, Suzanne. and Nysse Carris, Kari.

Elucidating the Associations between Psychopathy, Gray’s BIS and BAS constructs, and Externalizing Behavior
 Johnson, Alexandria., Sellbom, Martin. and Phillips, Tasha.

Emotional Response as a Mediator of the Effects of Victim Impact Statements
 Wevodau, Amy., Cuervo, Veronica., Cramer, Robert., Clark, John. and Kehn, Andre.

Emotional and Motivational Influences on Young Children’s False Event Reports
 Cleveland, Kyndra., Quas, Jodi. and Lyon, Thomas.

Emotional engagement, deservingness, and role: Conditions governing justice reasoning
 Baarbé, Jeremiah. and Sivasubramaniam, Diane.

Empirical Correlates of the MMPI-2-RF Based Psychopathy Factors in a Prison Sample
 Ison, Cody., Jacobs, Jessica., Crighton, Adam., Wygant, Dustin. and Sellbom, Martin.

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Factors Influencing Damage Awards for Emotional Distress in Sexual Harassment Cases
 Christiansen, Ashley., Inman, Tonya. and Vincent, John.

False Confession and Interrogation Experiences Influence Adolescent Offenders’ Perceptions of Procedural Justice
 Arndorfer, Andrea., Malloy, Lindsay. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

Feigned Posttraumatic Stress: The Impact of Strategy, Acculturation and Effort in a Sample of Africans
 Weiss, Rebecca., Rosenfeld, Barry., Supelana, Christina. and Pinzon, Denisse.

Feigning Among Hispanic Inmates: An Exploratory Study of the Spanish Translation of the M-FAST
 Montes, Orbelin. and Guyton, Michelle.

Female Juvenile Offenders' Experience with Revocation
 Simon, Samantha. and Arnaut, Genevieve.

Female Juvenile Offenders’ Perceptions of Gender-Specific Programs
 Broadus, Angela., Miller, Monica. and Miller, Lacey.

Finding of Pro Se Competence in Felony Defendants: A Survey of Forensic Psychologists
 Mackin, Trevor. and Leark, Robert.

Forecasting Change in Dynamic Risk Factors: A Missing Link in the Risk Management Process?
 Douglas, Kevin.

Forensic Peer Support: Evaluating the Impact of a Statewide Training Initiative
 Strohmaier, Heidi., DeMatteo, David. and Filone, Sarah.

Forensic Psychologists and Physician Assisted Suicide: Ethics, Practice, and Future Research
 Johnson, Shara., Cramer, Robert., Conroy, Mary. and Gardner, Brett.

Forensic Psychologists’ Preexisting Attitudes and Capital Case Involvement
 Neal, Tess. and Brodsky, Stanley.

From the Lab to the Courtroom: Assessing Attorney Beliefs Concerning Scientific Evidence and Expert Credibility
 Wechsler, Hayley., Wise, Richard., Kehn, Andre. and Cramer, Robert.

From the Schoolyard to the Prison Yard
 Bechtold, Jordan.


Gender Differences in Risk for Recidivism among a Juvenile Court Clinic Sample
 Conrad, Selby., Tolou-Shams, Marina., Rizzo, Christie., Placella, Nicole. and Brown, Larry.

Gender Differences in Violence Risk in Tertiary Psychiatric Patients Transferred to Community Care
 Greig, Duncan., Blanchard, Adam., Nicholls, Tonia., Gagnon, Natalie., Brink, Johann. and Douglas, Kevin.

Gender Discrimination in the Courtroom: An Explanatory Model of Foreperson Selection
 Miller, Audrey., Gardner, Brett., Duncan, Jason., Kline, Stephanie. and Vera, Lauren.

Gender-responsive care at the watershed of juvenile justice liability: Results from unmonitored Girls Circle groups for probation-involved girls.
 Walker, Sarah. and Muno, Ann.

Gender: An Important Factor in the Implementation of Services for Juvenile Offenders
 Salomone, Geno., Nelson, Rebecca., Woods, Scarlet., Guy, Laura. and Vincent, Gina.

Getting Specific about Risk Estimates: Risk Profile Specificity using the HCR-20
 Blanchard, Adam., Greig, Duncan. and Douglas, Kevin.

Getting used to the big house: Male and female inmates’ adjustment in the first year of incarceration
 Guyton, Michelle., Brown, Christopher., Stotler-Turner, Elizabeth., Hinman, Jessica., Isoma, Zachary. and Brown, Evan.

Global Perspectives on Lay Participation in Legal Decisions
 Hans, Valerie., Ivkovich, Sanja., Fukurai, Hiroshi., Park, Jaihyun., Vidmar, Neil. and Penrod, Steven.


He said, she said: A comparison of gender differences in child sexual abuse cases
 Chong, Kristin., Coburn, Patricia., Connolly, Deborah. and Read, J.

Hidden Prejudice: The Role of Racial Priming and Implicit Attitudes on Guilt Judgments
 Keller, Stacie. and Wiener, Richard.

History of Violence, Substance Abuse, and Mental Illness: Perceptions of Risk Factors and Communication of Risk
 Yasuhara, Kento. and Heilbrun, Kirk.

Homosexuality is not on Trial: Jury Decision Making in Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence Cases
 Despodova, Nikoleta. and Jeglic, Elizabeth.

How Awareness of Evidence Induces More Forthcoming Strategies
 Dawson, Evan., Luke, Timothy. and Hartwig, Maria.

How Do Static-99 Scores Differ Among White, Black, and Latino Offenders?
 Rice, Amanda., Boccaccini, Marcus. and Varela, Jorge.

How Voluntariness of Apologies Affects Actual and Hypothetical Victims’ Perceptions of the Offender
 Miller, Monica., Jehle, Alayna., Kemmelmeier, Markus. and Maskaly, Jonathan.

How do Interviewers Respond when Children Request Clarification in Investigative Interviews?
 Mugno, Allison., Malloy, Lindsay., Katz, Carmitz. and Lamb, Michael.

How uncertain future consequences exacerbate a propensity among suspects to make short-sighted confession decisions
 Yang, Yueran., Madon, Stephanie. and Guyll, Max.


I don’t understand my rights, but I think I do: Canadians’ understanding of the police caution
 Batchelor, Caren. and Stinson, Veronica.

Implementation of Risk/Need Assessment in Young Offender Case Management
 Woods, Scarlet., Nelson, Rebecca., Salomone, Geno., Guy, Laura. and Vincent, Gina.

Implications of Long-Term Incarceration for Persons with Mental Illness
 Bauer, Rebecca., Bolanos, Angelea. and Morgan, Robert.

Implications of Zero Tolerance Policies for Juvenile Justice
 Haney-Caron, Emily., Goldstein, Naomi., Daly, Brian., Hildenbrand, Aimee., Galloway, Meghann. and DeMatteo, David.

Important Questions for Jury Research
 Studebaker, Christina., Hunt, Jennifer., Kerr, Norbert., Koehler, Jonathan., Diamond, Shari. and Kovera, Margaret.

In the Best Interest of the Animal? Proposed Guidelines for Forensic Animal Maltreatment Evaluations
 Levitt, Lacey. and Grisso, Thomas.

Incentivized Secondary Confessions from Low Power Informants
 Swanner, Jessica. and Beike, Denise.

Incidental—but not Integral—Emotional Evidence Moderates the Effect of Defendant Race on Guilt Judgments
 Salerno, Jessica. and Peter-Hagene, Liana.

Inconsistent Responding in a Criminal Forensic Setting: An Evaluation of the VRIN-r and TRIN-r scales of the MMPI-2-RF
 Reddy, Hima., Green, Debbie., Belfi, Dr. Brian., Roth, Conrad. and Einzig, Shanah.

Individual Differences Predict Eyewitness Identification Performance
 Andersen, Shannon., Carlson, Curt., Carlson, Maria. and Gronlund, Scott.

Influence of Bystander Distinctiveness on Unconscious Transference and a Sequential Lineup Advantage
 Carlson, Curt.

Influence of Exposure to Parental Violence on Link between Peer Delinquency and Teen Dating Violence
 Walker, Tammi., Oudekerk, Barbara. and Reppucci, N. Dickon.

Influence of pre-trial publicity on verdicts in a trial simulation: Issues of generalizability and type
 Daftary-Kapur, Tarika., Tallon, Jennifer. and Penrod, Steven.

Influence of the Not Sure option on Eyewitness Performance on Lineups
 Kekessie, Seyram. and Charman, Steve.

Information Processing Differences Among Variants of Psychopathy
 Clark, Stephanie. and Skeem, Jennifer.

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Judgments of same-sex, juvenile-on-juvenile sexual offenses
 Troxel, Natalie., Goodman, Gail. and Hastings, Paul.

Judicial Training and Knowledge Related to Children’s Involvement in Contested Custody Cases
 Crosby-Currie, Catherine.

Juror Sensitivity to Fingerprint Examiner Bias
 Reardon, Margaret., Armstrong, Emily., Giese, Larissa. and Bedwell, Sarah.

Jurors Emotional Reactions To a Capital Trial: Testing How Negative Emotions Affect Sentencing Decisions
 Chai, Christopher., Schweitzer, Kimberly., Nunez, Narina. and Myers, Bryan.

Jurors' Perceptions of Child Witnesses: The Effects of Interviewing Technique
 Tessier, Pamela. and Krackow, Elisa.

Jurors’ Perceptions of Juvenile Interrogation Evidence: Are Perceptions of Psycholegal Maturity more Relevant than Race?
 Warner, Todd., Nagel, Alison. and Reppucci, N. Dickon.

Jury Decision Making in the Context of Excuse Defenses
 Peters, Christopher., Lampinen, James., Erickson, William., Sweeney, Lindsey., Zeiler, Brad., Harris, Michelle. and Lopez, Karen.

Jury Panel Member Conceptualizations of Psychopathy
 Smith, Shannon Toney., Edens, John., Clark, John., Rulseh, Allison. and Cox, Jennifer.

Justice-related beliefs affect damage award assessments
 Hernandez, Miriam., Evelo, Andrew. and Greene, Edie.

Juvenile Knowledge and Misconceptions of Miranda: Comparisons with Adult Samples
 Steadham, Jennifer., Rogers, Richard., Fiduccia, Chelsea. and Robinson, Emily.

Juvenile Probation Professionals’ Perceptions of Community-Based Probation Strategies: Is It Really Cheaper to Fly First Class?
 Beneby, Darren. and Rockett, Ph.D., Jennifer.

Juvenile and Young Adult Plea Decision-Making
 Shteynberg, Reveka. and Redlich, Allison.

Juvenile probation: What do courts require and which requirements do youth violate?
 NeMoyer, Amanda., Prelic, Ana., Ebbecke, Jenna., Foster, Erika., Burkard, Casey. and Goldstein, Naomi.


King IQ: Examining the Influence of IQ on Judicial Decision Making in Atkins Cases
 Hedge, Krystal. and Salekin, Karen.


Law Enforcement and Psychopaths: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
 Falkenbach, Diana., Stern, Stephanie., Tsoukalas, Maria., Scherer, J.. and Jarvis, John.

Lay Judgments of Legal Decision-Making: The Ineffectiveness of Legal Expert Opinions
 Simon, Dan. and Scurich, Nicholas.

Lay conceptions of negligence: How an actor’s knowledge and awareness are related to ratings of negligence and blame
 Nunez, Narina., Laurent, Sean. and Gray, Jennifer.

Legal Professionals and Multicultural Competence: the Impact of Acculturation, Ethnic Identity, and Racial Attitudes.
 Sobkow, Kasmira. and Gamst, Glenn.

Legal conferencing procedures: Effects of respect on justice reasoning when disputants have control over outcomes
 Baarbé, Jeremiah. and Sivasubramaniam, Diane.

Like Mother, Like Son: Attitudes and Antisocial Behavior
 Cavanagh, Caitlin., Cauffman, Elizabeth., Frick, Paul. and Steinberg, Laurence.

Love means never having to say you’re sorry, but what about malpractice?
 Thimsen, Sarah. and Bornstein, Brian.

Lying About One’s Actions
 Vieira, Kathleen., Lane, Sean. and Moffett, Lloyd.


Managing Personally Intrusive Cross-Examination Questions: Response Style and Gender
 Larson, Bridget. and Brodsky, Stanley.

Manufacturing foils for police lineups with an artificial face synthesizer
 Tredoux, Colin.

Matching Services to Youths’ Criminogenic Needs: Does it Cut Re-offending?
 Nelson, Rebecca., Woods, Scarlet., Salomone, Geno., Guy, Laura. and Vincent, Gina.

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Offenders with Substance Use Problems: Associations between Treatment Adherence, Violence and Victimization
 Desmarais, Sarah., Cohn, Amy., Gray, Julie., Doherty, Stephen. and Knight, Kevin.

Mental Illness and Access to Firearms
 Davis, Jennie., Galloway, Meghann. and DeMatteo, David.

Methodological Issues in Jury Research
 Bornstein, Brian., Krauss, Daniel., Eisenberg, Theodore., Rose, Mary., Greene, Edie. and Cutler, Brian.

Microaggression Experiences of Persons with Mental Illness and Criminal Justice Involvement: An Exploratory Study
 Gonzales, Lauren. and Yanos, Philip.

Misclassifications of too-close-to-call cases: Feigning on the MMPI-2-RF and MMPI-2
 Rogers, Richard., Gillard, Nathan., Wooley, Chelsea. and Robinson, Emily.

Mistaken eyewitness identification: A meta-analytic review of the efficacy of the judicial instruction safeguard
 Berman, Marlee. and Penrod, Steven.

Moral Disengagement in Death Penalty Decisions
 Martinez, Ashley. and Greene, Edie.

Moral Disengagement in the Criminal Justice System
 Cramer, Robert., Neal, Tess. and Clark, John.

Motivated to lie: The effects of incentives on characteristics of truthful and deceptive informant reports
 Boydell, Carroll. and Read, J.

Motivation & Loss Aversion in the Health Savings Account Paradigm
 Holtje, Michael. and Wiener, Richard.

Motivation to Change Substance Use and Sexual Risk Behaviors among Juvenile Drug Court Offenders
 Dattadeen, Jodi-Ann., Rakiec, Kimberly. and Tolou-Shams, Marina.


Near Lethal Violence Among Women in Same Sex Relationships
 Loveland, Jennifer. and Raghavan, Chitra.

Neural correlates of primary and secondary psychopathic traits in a juvenile community sample.
 Paiva-Salisbury, Melissa., Stickle, Timothy., Whelan, Robert. and Garavan, Hugh.

Neurocognitive Correlates of DSM-5 Antisocial Personality Disorder
 Wall, Tina., Sellbom, Martin. and Wygant, Dustin.

Neuropsychological Correlates of Traumatic Brain Injury in a County Jail Population
 Maloney Bailey, Erin., Gurley, Jessica., Fedio, Alison. and Sexton, James.

Neuropsychology can enhance violence risk assessment: Opportunities and limitations for mental health professionals
 LaDuke, Casey., Heilbrun, Kirk. and DeMatteo, David.

No More Teachers' Dirty Looks: School Discipline and Arrest
 Monahan, Kathryn. and VanDerhei, Susan.

Nothing good happens after midnight: The effect of sleep deprivation and chronotype on confession decisions.
 Scherr, Kyle., Kassin, Saul. and Miller, Jeffrey.

Novel Methods for Inducing Honesty in Children: A Putative Confession
 Lyon, Thomas., Quas, Jodi., Rush, Elizabeth., Evans, Angela. and Ahern, Elizabeth.

Novelty and Threat in the Weapon Focus Effect: A Study with Structural Equation Modelling
 Erickson, William., Lampinen, James., Leding, Juliana. and Peters, Christopher.

Nullification Instructions, Anger, and Moral Convitions: Moderators of Attitudes Effect on Verdicts in a Euthanasia Trial
 Peter-Hagene, Liana. and Bottoms, Bette.


Offender characteristics, offender PAI scores, and victim characteristics for White, Black, and Latino sex offenders
 Kline, Stephanie., Varela, Jorge., Hawes, Samuel. and Boccaccini, Marcus.

Opinions of Tests and Actual Test Usage Among Forensic Evaluators: Findings from Self-Report
 McLaughlin, Jennifer. and Kan, Lisa.

Order and strength matter when evaluating alibi and eyewitness evidence
 Price, Heather. and Dahl, Leora.


PCL:YV Scores and Violent Behavior: A Meta-analysis
 Rulseh, Allison., Edens, John., Smith, Shannon Toney., Asscher, Jessica., Stams, Geert Jan. and Dodson, Mary.

Panelists and discussant biographies
 Cook, Alana. and King, Christopher.

Parental and Police Legitimacy: Extending the Integrated Legal Socialization Model
 Cohn, Ellen.

Parental sexual offenders: Managing risk through diversion
 Goodman-Delahunty, Jane. and O\'Brien, Kate.

Partially Specified Actuarial Tables and the Poor Performance of Static-99R
 Wollert, Richard. and Waggoner, Jacqueline.

Patients with Mental Health Emergencies in the Emergency Department: The Effect of Coercion on Patients’ Experiences
 Harrison, Natalie., Mordell, Sarah. and Roesch, Ronald.

Perceived Cultural Competence of Forensic Evaluators
 Kois, Lauren. and Chauhan, Preeti.

Perceived Psychopathic Traits Predict Support for Capital Punishment: Results from Jury Panel Members
 Cox, Jennifer., Edens, John., Clark, John., Smith, Shannon Toney. and Magyar, Melissa.

Perceptions of Gang Affiliated Defendants: Unexpected Race Effects
 Maeder, Evelyn., Burdett, Joel. and Leuchs, Martin.

Perceptions of the 'Gay Panic Defense'
 Carlucci, Marianna.

Perpetrator exposure length, witness motivation and suspect/perpetrator similarity moderate the effects of administrator knowledge on eyewitness identification accuracy
 Rhead, Lindsey., Austin, Jacqueline., Zimmerman, David. and Kovera, Margaret.

Personality Assessment Inventory validity scale configurations on Parenting Capacity Assessments: Rates of positive impression management
 Harper, Julie., Schmidt, Fred., Mazmanian, Dwight. and Cuttress, Jane.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey: A Protocol for the Evaluation of Risk and Improved Accuracy in Forensic Animal Maltreatment Evaluations
 Tedeschi, Philip.

Planning criminal acts: What does not reveal the deceiver makes them stronger
 Ormerod, Thomas., Dando, Coral. and Bull, Ray.

Playing the Field: An Examination of Crossover Offenders and Risk
 Ruchensky, Jared., Strominger, Robin., Davis, Kristen., Momohara, Christie-Brianna., Ryan, Tara., Paxton, Jackie. and Huss, Matthew.

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ROC Analysis in the Assessment of Eyewitness Memory
 Wixted, John., Mickes, Laura. and Flowe, Heather.

Race Salience in Canada – Looking at Multiple Target Races and Multiple Manipulations of Salience
 Maeder, Evelyn., McManus, Laura. and Capaldi, Colin.

Race, Ethnic, and Cultural Influences on Jury Experiences and Deliberation Strategies
 Hunt, Jennifer.

Race, Risk, and Reunification: Factors Influencing Decision-Making
 Summers, Alicia. and Russell, Jesse.

Race-Crime Congruence in Canada: Effects of Stereotype-Consistency in Cases with White, Black, and Aboriginal-Canadian Defendants
 McManus, Laura., Maeder, Evelyn. and Capaldi, Colin.

Raising the Bar: Improving Evaluations of Mental Health Courts
 Lowder, Evan.

Random Responding and Juvenile Forensic Mental Health Assessment: Impact on Measures and Methods for Detection
 Cook, Nathan., Baker, Aaron., Del Giudice, Leah., Faust, David., Faust, Kyle., Meyer, Joseph. and Verdier, Thomas.

Randomized controlled trial of JJAM: Study design, participant characteristics, and treatment adherence and acceptability
 Messenheimer Kelley, Sharon., Hinz, Holly., Kelly, Meghann., Pennacchia, Daniel., Burkard, Casey. and Goldstein, Naomi.

Rape Myth & Homophobic Attitudes, Culpability & Legal Decisions in Teacher-Student Sexual Abuse Cases
 Anderson, Alissa., Wingrove, Twila., Fagge, Erin., McLean, Kyle. and Fox, Paul.

Rapport Building in Investigative Interviews with Children
 Villalba, Daniella., Malloy, Lindsay. and Lamb, Michael.

Rapport in the real world: How law enforcement defines and builds rapport with adult witnesses and suspects
 Vallano, Jonathan., Evans, Jacqueline., Kieckhaefer, Jenna. and Schreiber Compo, Nadja.

Rates of violence in patients classified as “high risk” by structured risk assessment instruments: A meta-analysis of 49,283 participants in 140 samples
 Singh, Jay., Fazel, Seena., Gueorguieva, Ralitza. and Buchanan, Alec.

Reasoning Insanity: Examining the Relative Influences of Preexisting Attitudes, Trial Factors, and Intuitive Explanations
 Rodriguez, Dianeth., Miller, Audrey., Pennington, Charlotte. and Pennington, Jessica.

Recall of a live and personally experienced eyewitness event by adults with autism spectrum disorder
 Maras, Katie., Memon, Amina., Bowler, Dermot. and Lambrechts, Anna.

Relationship Between IQ and Juvenile Offending in Youth with Asperger’s Disorder/PDD-NOS
 Caffero-Tolemy, Amy., Fass, Tracy., Miora, Deborah. and Wolff, Michael.

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Secondary Psychopathy and Borderline Personality Disorder in Males
 Rideout, Kimberly. and Guyton, Michelle.

Seeking Information Rather than Confessions from Suspects
 Bull, Ray.

Selecting Appellate Judges: Views from the Bench and the Academy
 Rocklin, Robert., Mauro, Robert., Dobbins, Jeff. and Schuman, David.

Sensitivity of PPI-R Validity Scale Scores to Genuine Psychopathology
 Rufino, Katrina. and Boccaccini, Marcus.

Serial killers’ self-reported measures of psychopathy
 Walker, Stephannie., Hildebrand, Meagen. and Culhane, Scott.

Serious Mental Illness and Adverse Outcomes in Tertiary Psychiatric Patients Transferred to Community Care: Comparing Self-Reports and Clinical Records
 Greig, Duncan., Viljoen, Simone., Nicholls, Tonia., Gagnon, Natalie., Brink, Johann. and Douglas, Kevin.

Sex Offenders, Empathy, Aggression, and Oxytocin: A Potential Avenue For Future Exploration?
 Bales, Alicia.

Sexual Debut Factors as Markers of Repeated Relationship Violence Among At-Risk Adolescents
 Guarnera, Lucy., Oudekerk, Barbara. and Reppucci, N. Dickon.

Sexual Objectification in the Workplace: When and Why Does it Represent Sexual Harassment?
 Gervais, Sarah., Wiener, Richard., Sorenson Farnum, Katlyn., Kimble, Katherine. and Allen, Jill.

Sexual Orientation-Based Hate Crimes: The Importance of Mortality Salience, Egalitarian Norms, and Juror Attitudes toward Sexual Minorities
 Kehn, Andre. and Beyer, Danielle.

Shooting Behavior: How Individual Differences in Working Memory Capacity Influence the Decision to Shoot
 Ware, Jillian., Brewer, Gene. and Ball, Hunter.

Should defense counsels request specific punishment?: Effects of requests, questioning method, victim’s faults on sentencing
 Fujita, Masahiro., Okada, Yoshinori. and Naka, Makiko.

Showups Versus Lineups: An Evaluation Using ROC Analysis
 Gronlund, Scott., Carlson, Curt., Neuschatz, Jeffrey., Goodsell, Charles., Wetmore, Stacy., Wooten, Alex. and Graham, Michael.

Showups vs. Lineups: A Case Analysis
 Graham, Michael., Cash, Daniella., Adhami, Gloria., Keil, Corrine., Noneman, Robert. and Neuschatz, Jeffrey.

Showups vs. Lineups: Can showups be reliable?
 Wooten, Alex., Neuschatz, Jeffrey., Carlson, Curt., Gronlund, Scott., Wetmore, Stacy. and Goodsell, Charles.

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TMT and Mock Juror Outgroup Bias
 Nicholson, Amanda., Leippe, Michael. and Yip, Jimmy.

Taking Responsibility to Protect Someone Else
 Pimentel, Pamela., Arndorfer, Andrea. and Malloy, Lindsay.

Testifying Effectively: Advice from “the Trenches” for Female Expert Witnesses
 Mumley, Denise. and Peuschold, Dawn.

Testifying through the ages: A comparison of the use of testimonial supports by child, adolescent, and adult witnesses in Canada
 Chong, Kristin. and Connolly, Deborah.

Testing a Procedural Justice based Model of Legal Socialization: Expanding Beyond Police
 Trinkner, Rick.

Testing the Cognitive Interview with Professional Interviewers
 Fisher, Ronald., Rivard, Jillian., Robertson, Belinda., Hirn, Dana. and Rodriguez, Yosniurys.

That's the way my Wednesday's always go: The role of schemas in innocent suspects' alibi generation
 Freedman, Stuart. and Eastwood, Joseph.

The Actual and Potential Impact of Expert Testimony about the Interrogation Process
 Slobogin, Christopher.

The Additive Effect of Expert Testimony on Over-riding Juror’s Prior Biases
 Gray, Jennifer., Kehn, Andre. and Nunez, Narina.

The CSI Effect: Does Forensic Crime Drama Viewing Enter the Jury Room?
 Klentz, Bonnie. and Winters, Georgia.

The California Parole Supervision and Reintegration Model: Parole Reform Impact on Parolee Attitudes and Reentry
 Tatar, Joseph., Braithwaite, Helen. and Turner, Susan.

The Camera Eye: Effects of Video Perspective and Double Blind Procedures on Perceptions of Eyewitness Identifications
 Salomone, Geno., Berman, Garrett. and Platania, Judith.

The Coherence Effect: Blending Hot and Cold Cognitions in Jury Decision Making
 Simon, Dan., Stenstrom, Douglas. and Read, Stephen.

The College Gateway Program: Case study of a successful offender re-entry program
 Gowensmith, William., Musgrove, Leslie., Henry, Kelsey. and Muller, Kimberly.

The Correspondence between the Three Self-Report Measures of Maturity in Juvenile Offenders
 MacDougall, Emily., Salekin, Randall., Gillen, Christopher. and Abrams, Marissa.

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Understanding Mechanisms of Treatment Change in Interventions for PTSD among Justice-Involved Females
 Stimmel, Matthew., Cruise, Keith. and Ford, Julian.

Understanding the Role of Trust in Cooperation with a Governance Institution
 Hamm, Joseph., Tomkins, Alan., Bornstein, Brian., PytlikZillig, Lisa., Herian, Mitchel. and Kimbrough, Christopher.

Use of the Self-Report Psychopathy Scale-III Facet Scores in Predicting Dating Violence and Sexual Aggression.
 Lord, Stephanie. and Jackson, Rebecca.

Using Country of Origin in Evaluating the Totality of the Circumstances of Miranda Waivers
 Goldstein, Naomi., Messenheimer Kelley, Sharon., Folino, Jorge., Meyer, Elizabeth., Domenech, Ernesto., Lescano, Maria. and Tang, Erika.

Using the VRAG to Predict Institutional Misconduct in Female and Male Inmates
 Garrett, McLendon. and Guyton, Michelle.

Utility of the MAYSI-2 at detecting Axis I disorders among Hispanic juvenile probationers
 Eno Louden, Jennifer. and Kang, Tamara.


Validating the HTIAM-10: A Human Trafficking Identification and Assessment Measure
 Vuotto, Stefanie. and Bigelsen, Jayne.

Validity of the PPI:SF and the TriPM using the CAPP as a Concept Map
 Cook, Alana., Viljoen, Simone., Hart, Stephen., Layden, Brianne., Murray, Ashley. and McGinnis, Charlotte.

Variations in procedural justice in Australian and Asian Pacific intelligence interviewing practices
 Goodman-Delahunty, Jane. and Sivasubramaniam, Diane.

Violence and Aggression:The Effects of Child Maltreatment
 Smith, Kristen., Fanniff, Amanda. and Kimonis, Eva.

Violent Female Youth: An Investigation of Psychopathy, Offender Motivations, and Offence Characteristics
 Hutton, Erin. and Woodworth, Michael.


What Might be Missed and Noticed? Novel Biases in Lineup Construction
 Mansour, Jamal., Bertrand, Michelle. and Lindsay, Roderick.

What You Did Should be Illegal! Distinguishing Blameworthiness from Legal Responsibility
 Scott, Leroy. and Brank, Eve.

What You Say Matters: How Moral Desirability and Alibi Context Influence Judgments and Recall Peformance
 Cowan, Sara. and Burke, Tara.

What counts as rape?
 McKimmie, Blake., Masser, Barbara. and Bongiorno, Renata.

What does it mean to be interdisciplinary?
 Miller, Monica.

When Does Therapy Become Witness Tampering?
 Gottlieb, Michael. and Branaman, Tim.

When Legal Education Attenuates Use of Social Stereotypes
 Girvan, Erik.

When do parents matter? Parental practices and neighborhood conditions as predictors of juveniles offenders’ attitudes
 Donley, Sachiko., Boessen, Adam. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

When does Interviewer Demeanor Matter? Effects of Supportive Questioning on Children’s Reports of Stressful and Nonstressful Events
 Quas, Jodi., Rush, Elizabeth., Klemfuss, J. Zoe. and Yim, Ilona.

When ecphory fails in a lineup task: Eyewitnesses shift to identifying the innocent
 Wilford, Miko., Smalarz, Laura., Heidrick, Charles. and Wells, Gary.

Where Have I Heard that One Before? Humor and Pretrial Publicity
 Synowicki, Eric., Hoetger, Lori., Brank, Eve. and Levett, Lora.

Who deserves prison time? A study of effects on perception of crime and rehabilitation
 Cabeldue, Mollimichelle. and Boswell, Stefanie.

Why treat anger? Relationships among anger, aggression, and mental health
 Giallella, Christy., Goldstein, Naomi., Prelic, Ana., Santandrea, Amanda. and Peterson, Lindsey.

Will a Videotape of the Identification Process Inoculate Witnesses Against Post Identification Feedback?
 Dorison, Liza. and Douglass, Amy.

Will jurors correct for evidence interdependence in their verdicts?: It depends.
 Hasel, Lisa., Vogler, Vanessa. and Lisuzzo, Margaret.

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