APLS Conference 2013-Mar-07 to 2013-Mar-09

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Early trauma predicts aggression differently for healthy and mentally ill men and women
 White-Ajmani, Mandi., Antonius, Daniel., Silva, Hanna. and Malaspina, Dolores.

Effectiveness of Legal Competency Restoration Program as an Adjunct to Psychopharmacological and Standard Hospital Treatments
 Chung, Susie., Strathern, Ashley. and Terranova, Raymond.

Effectiveness of the Revocation Process from the Youth Offender's Perspective
 DiVittore, Krista. and Arnaut, Genevieve.

Effects of Child Age and Prior Allegations on Perceptions of Child Sexual Abuse Allegations
 Henley, Anna., Warren, Amye., Kulisek, Natalie., Atkinson, Dominick., Villamarin, Kelsey. and Weathington, Bart.

Effects of False-Evidence Ploys and Expert Testimony on Judge’s Perceptions and Trial Decisions
 Woody, William., Forrest, Krista., Sanchez, Lourdes., Powner, Steven., Provenza, Karlee. and Woestehoff, Skye.

Effects of Instruction Type and Vigilance on Age Discrimination Judgments
 Sorenson Farnum, Katlyn. and Wiener, Richard.

Effects of Neighborhood Similarity on Eyewitness Identification Decisions: It’s Good to have Good Neighbors (Sometimes)
 Moreland, Molly. and Clark, Steven.

Effects of Pre-admonition Suggestion on Eyewitnesses’ Expectations, Choosing Rates, and Retrospective Judgments
 Cash, Daniella., Quinlivan, Deah., Luecht, Katherine., Owen, Caitlin., Wells, Gary. and Neuschatz, Jeffrey.

Effects of Probation Officer Monitoring on Juvenile Reoffending: Influence of Justice System Attitudes
 Thomas, April., Cauffman, Elizabeth., Frick, Paul. and Steinberg, Laurence.

Effects of Social Support and Secure Attachment on Children’s Suggestibility After One Year
 Peter-Hagene, Liana., Bottoms, Bette., Davis, Suzanne. and Nysse Carris, Kari.

Elucidating the Associations between Psychopathy, Gray’s BIS and BAS constructs, and Externalizing Behavior
 Johnson, Alexandria., Sellbom, Martin. and Phillips, Tasha.

Emotional Response as a Mediator of the Effects of Victim Impact Statements
 Wevodau, Amy., Cuervo, Veronica., Cramer, Robert., Clark, John. and Kehn, Andre.

Emotional and Motivational Influences on Young Children’s False Event Reports
 Cleveland, Kyndra., Quas, Jodi. and Lyon, Thomas.

Emotional engagement, deservingness, and role: Conditions governing justice reasoning
 Baarbé, Jeremiah. and Sivasubramaniam, Diane.

Empirical Correlates of the MMPI-2-RF Based Psychopathy Factors in a Prison Sample
 Ison, Cody., Jacobs, Jessica., Crighton, Adam., Wygant, Dustin. and Sellbom, Martin.

Employers’ Responses to Workplace Intimate Partner Violence: Legal, Cultural, and Employment Considerations
 Mankowski, Eric.

Enhancing Police Response to Veterans with Mental Illness: Pilot Study of a Train the Trainer Model
 Hollingsworth, Brandon., Nerish, Michelle., Rosenthal, Joel., McGuire, James., Clark, Sean. and Weaver, Christopher.

Entity theory and victim social class: The impact on juror decisions
 Schweitzer, Kimberly. and Nunez, Narina.

Entrapment by Law Enforcement: Overview, Challenges and Psycho-Legal Issues
 Gonsiorek, John.

Ethnic Identity as a Protective Factor for Serious Offending
 Michel, Jaime., Lee Williams, Joanna., Wilson, Melvin. and Dishion, Thomas.

Ethnic differences in couple-level patterns of intimate partner violence in divorcing parents mediating custody and parenting time disputes
 Beck, Connie., Mechanic, Mindy. and Davidson, Ryan.

Evaluating Veterans Treatment Court: Violence Risk for Non-Violent Versus Violent Offenders
 Jardini, Danica., Hollingsworth, Brandon. and Weaver, Christopher.

Evaluating conditional release of NGRI acquittees: Designing treatment for successful community reintegration
 Vitacco, Michael., Stredny, Rebecca. and Ragatz, Laurie.

Evaluating the Predictive Validity of Risk/Need Assessments: Recommendations for Correctional Agencies and Criminal Justice Researchers
 Williams, Kevin., Wormith, J. Stephen. and Bonta, James.

Evaluations of Parenting Capacity in Child Protection Cases: A Comparison between the U.S. and Poland
 Freedle, Agata. and Zelechoski, Amanda.

Everyday Legal Reasoning: A Behavioral Intention Measure of Legal Reasoning
 Cole, Lindsey.

Evolution of the Empirical and Theoretical Foundations of Eyewitness Identification Reform
 Clark, Steven., Moreland, Molly. and Gronlund, Scott.

Examining Co-Occurring Mental Health/Risk Management Needs in At-Risk Youth: Do Parents and Youth Agree?
 Fusco, Samantha., Affleck, Katelyn., Cruise, Keith. and Gaveras, Georgia.

Examining DSM-5 Antisocial Personality Disorder: Conceptual Foundations
 Sellbom, Martin.

Examining Gender as a Moderator for the Association between Psychopathy and Substance Use
 Donnelly, Kylie., Sellbom, Martin., Phillips, Tasha. and Ben-Porath, Yossef.

Examining the Effects of Perceived Personality Match on Perceptions of Expert Testimony
 Gardner, Brett., Cramer, Robert., Titcomb, Caroline., Stroud, Caroline. and Bate, Brittany.

Examining the Initial Development and Validation of the Test of Competency Evaluation Effort (TO-CEE)
 Belfi, Dr. Brian., Klaver, Jessica., Tussey, Chriscelyn., Green, Debbie. and Padmanabhapillai, Ajayan.

Examining the Link between Perceptions of Relationship Quality with Parole Officer and Self-reported Offending among Female Youth Parolees
 Vidal, Sarah., Oudekerk, Barbara., Reppucci, N. Dickon. and Woolard, Jennifer.

Expanding “What Works”: The Role of Strengths in Risk Assessment
 Jones, Natalie.

Expert Testimony Regarding a Disputed Confession: A Case Study
 DeClue, Gregory.

Expert Witness Knowledge: What Difference Does It Make?
 Wilson, Jennifer., Titcomb, Caroline., Neal, Tess. and Brodsky, Stanley.

Expertise Only for the Enrapt: Need for Cognition Moderates Utilization of Culpability-Diminishing Insanity Opinion
 Miller, Audrey., Laxton, Kelsey., Duncan, Jason., Pennington, Jessica. and Gemberling, Tess.

Exploratory and confirmatory analyses of the reactive and instrumental aggression Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) scales
 Antonius, Daniel., Sinclair, Samuel., Shiva, Andrew., Messinger, Julie., Maile, Jordan., Siefert, Caleb., Belfi, Brian., Malaspina, Dolores. and Mark, Blais.

Exploring Developmental Differences in the ‘Illusion of Transparency’
 Nesi, Danielle., Carmel, Rona., Mandelbaum, Jason., Segovia, Daisy., Gordon, Nicole. and Crossman, Angela.

Exposure to Pre-Incident Behavior and Reporting in College Students
 Hollister, Brandon., Hoff, Sarah., Marquez, Allissa. and Scalora, Mario.

Extending the Misinformation Effect to an Eyewitness Identification Task: Source and Plausibility Effects on Identification Decisions and Confidence
 Beaudry, Jennifer., Douglass, Amy. and Hannum, Dylan.

Extending the Response Modulation Hypothesis to Children with Psychopathic Traits
 Haas, Sarah., Waschbusch, Daniel., Derefinko, Karen., Frick, Paul. and Pelham, William.

Eyewitness Decision-making: Examining the relative influence of the “appearance change instruction”, unbiased instructions, and sequential presentation on response criterion
 Miller, Jeanette., Mooney, Kelly. and Ross, Stephen.

Eyewitness Memory across Time: Investigating the Accuracy-Consistency Relationship
 Carbone, Jon., Fisher, Ronald. and Kekessie, Seyram.

Eyewitness age and familiarity with the defendant: Are mock jurors making assumptions of eyewitness motive?
 Pettalia, Jennifer., Pozzulo, Joanna., Bruer, Kaila., Parsons, Shannon. and Javaid, Saria.

Eyewitnesses’ memory for lineup fillers: Testing the robustness of a novel postdictor of identification accuracy
 Arndorfer, Andrea., Charman, Steve., Quiroz, Vanessa. and Currea, Pablo.
APLS Conference 2013-Mar-07 to 2013-Mar-09
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