APLS Conference 2013-Mar-07 to 2013-Mar-09

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Factors Influencing Damage Awards for Emotional Distress in Sexual Harassment Cases
 Christiansen, Ashley., Inman, Tonya. and Vincent, John.

False Confession and Interrogation Experiences Influence Adolescent Offenders’ Perceptions of Procedural Justice
 Arndorfer, Andrea., Malloy, Lindsay. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

Feigned Posttraumatic Stress: The Impact of Strategy, Acculturation and Effort in a Sample of Africans
 Weiss, Rebecca., Rosenfeld, Barry., Supelana, Christina. and Pinzon, Denisse.

Feigning Among Hispanic Inmates: An Exploratory Study of the Spanish Translation of the M-FAST
 Montes, Orbelin. and Guyton, Michelle.

Female Juvenile Offenders' Experience with Revocation
 Simon, Samantha. and Arnaut, Genevieve.

Female Juvenile Offenders’ Perceptions of Gender-Specific Programs
 Broadus, Angela., Miller, Monica. and Miller, Lacey.

Finding of Pro Se Competence in Felony Defendants: A Survey of Forensic Psychologists
 Mackin, Trevor. and Leark, Robert.

Forecasting Change in Dynamic Risk Factors: A Missing Link in the Risk Management Process?
 Douglas, Kevin.

Forensic Peer Support: Evaluating the Impact of a Statewide Training Initiative
 Strohmaier, Heidi., DeMatteo, David. and Filone, Sarah.

Forensic Psychologists and Physician Assisted Suicide: Ethics, Practice, and Future Research
 Johnson, Shara., Cramer, Robert., Conroy, Mary. and Gardner, Brett.

Forensic Psychologists’ Preexisting Attitudes and Capital Case Involvement
 Neal, Tess. and Brodsky, Stanley.

From the Lab to the Courtroom: Assessing Attorney Beliefs Concerning Scientific Evidence and Expert Credibility
 Wechsler, Hayley., Wise, Richard., Kehn, Andre. and Cramer, Robert.

From the Schoolyard to the Prison Yard
 Bechtold, Jordan.
APLS Conference 2013-Mar-07 to 2013-Mar-09
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