APLS Conference 2013-Mar-07 to 2013-Mar-09

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What Might be Missed and Noticed? Novel Biases in Lineup Construction
 Mansour, Jamal., Bertrand, Michelle. and Lindsay, Roderick.

What You Did Should be Illegal! Distinguishing Blameworthiness from Legal Responsibility
 Scott, Leroy. and Brank, Eve.

What You Say Matters: How Moral Desirability and Alibi Context Influence Judgments and Recall Peformance
 Cowan, Sara. and Burke, Tara.

What counts as rape?
 McKimmie, Blake., Masser, Barbara. and Bongiorno, Renata.

What does it mean to be interdisciplinary?
 Miller, Monica.

When Does Therapy Become Witness Tampering?
 Gottlieb, Michael. and Branaman, Tim.

When Legal Education Attenuates Use of Social Stereotypes
 Girvan, Erik.

When do parents matter? Parental practices and neighborhood conditions as predictors of juveniles offenders’ attitudes
 Donley, Sachiko., Boessen, Adam. and Cauffman, Elizabeth.

When does Interviewer Demeanor Matter? Effects of Supportive Questioning on Children’s Reports of Stressful and Nonstressful Events
 Quas, Jodi., Rush, Elizabeth., Klemfuss, J. Zoe. and Yim, Ilona.

When ecphory fails in a lineup task: Eyewitnesses shift to identifying the innocent
 Wilford, Miko., Smalarz, Laura., Heidrick, Charles. and Wells, Gary.

Where Have I Heard that One Before? Humor and Pretrial Publicity
 Synowicki, Eric., Hoetger, Lori., Brank, Eve. and Levett, Lora.

Who deserves prison time? A study of effects on perception of crime and rehabilitation
 Cabeldue, Mollimichelle. and Boswell, Stefanie.

Why treat anger? Relationships among anger, aggression, and mental health
 Giallella, Christy., Goldstein, Naomi., Prelic, Ana., Santandrea, Amanda. and Peterson, Lindsey.

Will a Videotape of the Identification Process Inoculate Witnesses Against Post Identification Feedback?
 Dorison, Liza. and Douglass, Amy.

Will jurors correct for evidence interdependence in their verdicts?: It depends.
 Hasel, Lisa., Vogler, Vanessa. and Lisuzzo, Margaret.

Witness memory strength moderates the behavior of single-blind lineup administrators
 Zimmerman, David., Austin, Jacqueline., Rhead, Lindsey., Almonte, Ricardo., Toro, Lina. and Kovera, Margaret.

Witnessing inter-parental violence and perpetrating teen dating violence: The mediating role of peers
 Reitz-Krueger, Cristina. and Reppucci, N. Dickon.

Women as Expert Witnesses: A Review of the Empirical Literature
 Neal, Tess. and Brodsky, Stanley.
APLS Conference 2013-Mar-07 to 2013-Mar-09
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