American Political Science Association Annual Meeting 2016-Aug-31 to 2016-Sep-05

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"Arrange your Face": Honor and Affect in 'Wolf Hall'
 Rahman, Smita.

"Artful Odysseus": Phronēsis and Cleverness in Ancient Greek Thought
 Miller, Joshua.

"Cleaning Up Dirty Bargaining" Effects Of US Military Aid On Civilian Killings
 Jadoon, Amira.

"Don't Know" Responses and Cultural Differences
 Ono, Yoshikuni. and Yamada, Masahiro.

"Get it Done": Achieving Reform in Major U.S. Social Policy Programs
 Hannah, Adam.

"I was One of Them Once": Migrants, their Descendants, and the Migrant Crisis
 Vera-Larrucea, Constanza.

"It's MY Party..." Holidays as Sites of Identity Contestation
 Hintz, Lisel. and Quatrini, Allison.

"Malignant Prejudice”: Easton, Race, and the Ethics of American Republicanism
 Rogers, Melvin.

"On the Verge of Alliance": Defining and Explaining China-Russia Relations
 Korolev, Alexander.

"Professional Movements" and Access to Healthcare in Thailand and Brazil
 Harris, Joseph.

"The Beloved and Deplored Memory of Her": Rethinking Harriet Taylor-Mill
 Philips, Menaka.

"The Conflict of the Faculties": Kant's Meta-Political Doctrine
 Carrabregu, Gent.

"The People Want": Popular Revolution Meets Foreign Policy in Syria
 Saleh, Layla.

"War is Politics with Bloodshed": Mao, Black Panthers, and Protracted Politics
 Lester, Quinn.

"Wicked Wicked Problems" and "Wicked Walks": The Logic of Wicked Problems
 Mitnick, Barry., Corrigan, Caitlin. and Ryan, Robert.

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A BIT Far? Geography, International Economic Agreements, and FDI
 Gomez-Mera, Laura.

A Bottom-up Theory of Election Manipulation with Application to Africa
 Wahman, Michael.

A Causal Mediation Analysis of Human Rights Treaty Mechanisms of Influence
 Nguyen, Sinh.

A City of Citizens: Social Justice and Urban Social Citizenship
 Weaver, Timothy.

A Comparative Case Analysis of Workplace Representation of Young Workers
 Turner, Lowell.

A Comprehensive Analysis of Gender Gaps in Modern American Public Opinion
 Winter, Nicholas. and Goforth, Chelsea.

A Confucian Vision of Value Pluralism
 Ying, Jingcai.

A Critical Assessment of the Effective Philanthropy Movement
 Mirabella, Roseanne. and Eikenberry, Angela.

A Critical Examination of Accounts of Internal Domination
 LeSure, Ainsley.

A Defense of Trusteeships: Accountability without Democracy
 Sagar, Rahul.

A Direct Test of the Kantian Logic of Democracy Promotion
 Grigoryan, Arman.

A Dynamic Model of Primary Elections
 Slough, Tara., Ting, Michael. and York, Erin.

A Farewell to Argument? Elite Consensus on National Security
 Sylvan, David. and Thornton, Ashley.

A Farewell to Arms? Reassessing the Effectiveness of Non-Violent Resistance
 Pischedda, Costantino.

A Field Experiment on Media and Attitudes about Electoral Malpractice
 Moehler, Devra. and Conroy-Krutz, Jeffrey.

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BLP-Lasso for Aggregate Discrete Choice Models Applied to Elections
 Montero, Sergio. and Shum, Matthew.

Back to Bayes: Confronting the Evidence on Attitude Polarization
 Guess, Andrew. and Coppock, Alexander.

Back to Bipolarity: Structural-Realist Theory and the Rise of China
 Adams, Karen.

Back to the Future: Instability of Sino-Japan Relationship in the 21st Century
 Liao, Hsiao-chuan.

Back to the USSR? The Perils and Promise of the Eurasian Economic Union
 Lust, Aleksander.

Ballot Reform as Suffrage Restriction: Evidence from Brazil’s Second Republic
 Gingerich, Daniel.

Band of Believers?: How Religion Impacts Rebel Group Cohesion and Fragmentation
 Klocek, Jason.

Banished by Culture, Violated in its Midst: Homeless Afghans Between Minarets
 Savic, Bojan.

Banking Unconditionally: Political Economy of Chinese Finance in Latin America
 Kaplan, Stephen.

Barack Obama and the Post-Rhetorical Politics of Gun Control
 Vaughn, Justin.

Bargaining Power Concentration & Ministerial Portfolio Allocation in Coalitions
 Heller, Maiko.

Bargaining and Bipartisanship: Lessons from the Arkansas Medicaid Waiver
 Nathan, Richard.

Bargaining in the UN Security Council’s Formal and Informal Meetings
 Loeza, Richard.

Bargaining over Compliance: Strategic Escalations of EU Infringement Proceedings
 Hofmann, Tobias.

Bargaining, Enforcement, and Civil War Resolution
 Hansen, Vibeke., Holtermann, Helge., Hovi, Jon. and Stankovic, Tatjana.

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CNN Drops: Inequality in Agency Management
 Anderson, Sarah., Hodges, Heather. and Stratmann, Thomas.

Cable News and the Ballot Box: Does Partisan News affect Electoral Success?
 Arceneaux, Kevin., Dunaway, Johanna., Johnson, Martin. and Vander Wielen, Ryan.

Calling Europe: Sonic Infrastructures and North African Migration
 Weitzel, Michelle.

Campaign Ads in Mayoral Elections: The Role of Candidate Character Traits
 Holian, David. and Krebs, Timothy.

Campaign Dynamics of Leader Popularity: Causes and Effects
 Krewel, Mona. and Partheymüller, Julia.

Campaign Effects in Latin America’s Democracies
 Greene, Kenneth.

Campaign Finance and Committee Assignment in Brazil Chamber of Deputies.
 Ruediger, Marco. and Graca, Luis Felipe.

Campaign Sentiment in European Party Manifestos
 Golder, Matt.

Campaign Strategies and Land Sales in China’s Village Elections
 Zhao, Tan.

Campaigning through Multiple Communication Channels
 Kang, Taewoo.

Can Citizen Communication Hinder Successful Revolution?
 Shadmehr, Mehdi. and Bernhardt, Dan.

Can Constitutions Preserve Engendering Experience?
 Federici, Michael.

Can Gender Identity Explain Gaps Between Women and Men in Socio-tropic Anxiety?
 Wangnerud, Lena., Solevid, Maria. and Djerf-Pierre, Monika.

Can Governments Harvest Connections with Firms? Evidence from China
 Lei, Yu-Hsiang.

Can Industry-Led Environmental Standards Be Credible?
 van der Ven, Hamish.

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DPM-SEM: A Nonparametric Bayesian Method for Estimating Causal Heterogeneity
 Shiraito, Yuki.

Dangerous Disconnect: Elite Misperception and Violence Outbreak in Elections
 Rosenzweig, Steven.

Dangerous Neighborhoods: Internal Sources of the Spread of Ethnic Conflicts
 Konaev, Rita. and Brathwaite, Kirstin.

Daring to Fail: When Bad Economic Management can be Electorally Rewarding
 Jurado, Ignacio., Dinas, Elias., Konstantinidis, Nikitas. and Walter, Stefanie.

Data Manipulation, Collusion, and the Tournament Model
 Oliver, Steven.

Data Problems and Solutions in the Empirical Study of Political Violence
 Krüger, Jule. and Lo, Adeline.

Data on a Dime: Teaching Undergraduates to Collect Data
 Englehart, Neil. and Miller, Melissa.

Days of Contention: Introducing NAVCO 3.0
 Chenoweth, Erica. and Pinckney, Jonathan.

Death as Witness: Self-sacrifice and Political Founding
 Frost, Catherine.

Debates Over the Future of Ireland’s Single Transferable Vote
 Farrell, David., Suiter, Jane. and Harris, Clodagh.

Debates and Intra-Party Democracy
 Azari, Julia. and Masket, Seth.

Debates over Religious Accommodation as Instances of Competitive Group Formation
 Triadafilopoulos, Triadafilos.

Debating India’s “Security Identity” as a "Rising" Maritime Power(1998-2015)
 Basu, Pounami.

Debt Induced Migration
 Bernhard, William. and Leblang, David.

Debtors’ Rights and American Social Citizenship
 Zackin, Emily.

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E. H. Carr and the Unacknowledged Leninist Roots of Realism
 McIntyre, Michael.

E.U. - the Right to Be Forgotten - Impermissible Extra-Territorial Legislation?
 Wathen, Alexander.

ECOWAS and the Emergence of Financialization in West Africa
 Balogun, Emmanuel.

ENGO Networks: A Reaction to UNFCCC Participation and Climate Policy Development
 Binette, Aja.

EU Anti-Immigration Attitudes in the Post-Economic Recession Era
 Vassallo, Francesca.

Early ViEWS: A Disaggregated, Open-Source Violence Early Warning System
 Colaresi, Michael., Hegre, Håvard. and Nordkvelle, Jonas.

Early Voting: Do More Sites Lead to Higher Turnout in Midterm Elections?
 Fullmer, Elliott.

Economic Conditions, Economic Perceptions and Media Coverage of the U.S. Economy
 Barbera, Pablo., Boydstun, Amber., Linn, Suzanna. and Nagler, Jonathan.

Economic Crises and the Nationalization of Party Systems
 Jurado, Ignacio. and Leon, Sandra.

Economic Inequality and Representation in Local Government
 Schaffner, Brian., La Raja, Raymond. and Rhodes, Jesse.

Economic Inequality, Racialized Deservingness, and Selective Solidarity
 Magni, Gabriele.

Economic Interdependence, Grand Strategy, and the Great War
 Levy, Jack.

Economic Risk and Political Preference
 Zippory, Elad.

Economic Sanctions and Disaster Preparedness
 McLean, Elena. and Whang, Taehee.

Economic Shocks and Rebel Tactics: Evidence from Colombia
 Wright, Austin.

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F.E.M.A. Disaster Recovery Rules and Local Climate Adaptation Efforts
 Fahey, Bridget.

Facebook Subject Recruitment: Experimental Evidence from Turkey
 Guiler, Kimberly.

Facing Diversity: Categorizing Ambiguous Candidates in Canada and the US
 Forest, Benjamin., Medeiros, Mike. and Piston, Spencer.

Factionalism of Dominant Parties in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Tanzania
 Tsubura, Machiko.

Factionalism, Internal Democracy, and Voting Unity of Governing Parties
 Bucur, Cristina.

Factor Endowments and Local Democratization in Colombia.
 Velasquez, Mauricio.

Faculty Perceptions and Internship Outcomes
 Gentry, Bobbi., Van Vechten, Renee. and Gelbman, Shamira.

Failing to Connect: Networks and EPZs in Latin American Industrial Policy
 Breznitz, Dan.

Fake It Until You Make It: Elections and Parties in Hybrid Regimes
 Ladd, Jeremy.

Family Ideals, Race Determination, and Judicial Policy in Antebellum Louisiana
 Alphonso, Gwendoline.

Family Structure and Politics
 Karpowitz, Christopher. and Pope, Jeremy.

Fanon, Feminism, and Decolonization
 Cornell, Drucilla.

Fear and Loathing Outside DC: The Increasing Fear of “Others” in the Electorate
 Boykin, Scott.

Fear of Gender Favoritism and Vote Choice during the 2008 Presidential Primaries
 Goldman, Seth.

Fear of Immigrants in Europe: The Role of Security, Labor, Culture, and Religion
 Hooghe, Marc.

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Gang Activity in Central American Neighborhoods and Political Participation
 Cordova, Abby.

Gauging Chinese Public Support for China’s Role in UN Peacekeeping
 Fang, Songying. and Sun, Fanglu.

Gauging Shia Public Opinion: A Survey of Iranian and Iraqi Religious Pilgrims
 Christia, Fotini., Knox, Dean. and Dekeyser, Elizabeth.

Gender Differences in Perceptions of Candidate Qualifications
 Bauer, Nichole.

Gender Differences in Support for Gun Control
 Lizotte, Mary Kate.

Gender Diversity on High Courts: The Causal Effects of Institutional Change
 Arrington, Nancy., Staton, Jeffrey., Bass, Leeann. and Glynn, Adam.

Gender Equality for Whom? Anti-discrimination Laws versus Social Norms in Mexico
 Htun, Mala. and Jensenius, Francesca.

Gender Mainstreaming in a US Foreign Policy Course
 Schroeder, Theresa.

Gender Politics: Unexpected Turn of the Sewol Ferry Sinking
 Kim, Mikyoung.

Gender Provisions in National Constitutions and Women’s Rights Advocacy
 Lambert, Priscilla. and Scribner, Druscilla.

Gender Sensitive Parliaments: the Case of the UK Parliament at Westminster
 Challender, Chloe. and Childs, Sarah.

Gender Stereotyping in New Politics: Old Traits for New Parties?
 Ferrin, Monica., Fraile, Marta. and Garcia Albacete, Gema.

Gender and Policy Responsiveness in the United States Congress
 Lazarus, Jeffrey. and Steigerwalt, Amy.

Gender and Preventing Corruption in the US States
 Lucas, Jennifer.

Gender and Public Anger in the US Gun Control Debate
 Sparks, Holloway.

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Hands on Oneself: Suicidal Subjects
 Poe, Andrew.

Hard Landings and Political Change in Nondemocracies
 Pepinsky, Thomas. and Wallace, Jeremy.

Has Latin America Become More Inclusive? Progressive Politics and their Limits
 Kingstone, Peter.

Has Polarization Killed the Study of Presidential Approval?
 Kellstedt, Paul. and Lebo, Matthew.

Hate Speech and Blasphemy
 Mayerfeld, Jamie.

Hate, Virtual Violence, and Human Dignity: US, Canadian, and German Jurisprudence
 Doig, Jameson.

Hazards of Victory: Conflict Outcome and Military Participation in Government
 White, Peter.

He Said, She Said: How Gender Affects Public Opinion toward Transgender Rights
 Harrison, Brian. and Michelson, Melissa.

Health Reform in the South: Re-Tracing Robert Kennedy's Steps
 Jones, David.

Health Rights, Epidemic Disasters and Political Unrest: The Sickly Trinity
 Klein, Graig.

Health Transformed: Political Evolution Across the National Institutes of Health
 Nachlis, Herschel.

Healthcare Reform and Variable Communist Legacies: The Case of Ukraine
 Holom, Brittany.

Hearts Be Free Tonight: Imagining Less Regulatory Logics for Obergefell v Hodges
 Martorelli, Paul.

Hegel's Speculative Appropriation of Montesquieu
 Tussing, James.

Hegemony and Institution: How Does the US Affect IO Mediation?
 Chen, Frederick.

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ICTs and Peacekeeping: ICT Investment and Post-conflict Stability
 Martin-Shields, Charles.

I'm (Not) With Stupid: Do Extreme Candidates Help or Hurt Their Parties?
 Edelson, Jack. and Gonzalez, Frank.

Ibn al-Muqaffa‘’s Prayer for Caliphal Absolutism.
 London, Jennifer.

Ich fühle mich nicht schuldig (I do not feel guilty): From Doubts to Murder
 Leeb, Claudia.

Icons of Rebellion and Quiescence: The Politics of Visual Confrontations
 Kubik, Jan.

Ideals of Inclusion in Deliberation
 Karpowitz, Christopher. and Raphael, Chad.

Ideas in Crisis: India’s Consultative Democracy, 1991-2014
 Baloch, Bilal.

Ideational Power in the Euro Crisis: A Discursive Institutionalist Approach
 Schmidt, Vivien. and Carstensen, Martin.

Identity and Affect in Public Policy Discourse
 Miller, Hugh.

Identity in the Making: Some Observations on Ethnic Adaptation in India
 Sadanandan, Anoop.

Ideological Defection: Why Citizens Don't Vote for the Closest Party
 Powell, G. Bingham. and Piotrowska, Barbara.

Ideological Diversity and Political Tolerance in Egyptian Twitter Networks
 Siegel, Alexandra.

Ideological Interiors and Punishment of Coalition Participation
 Lin, Nick.

Ideological Networks
 Dewan, Torun. and Squintani, Francesco.

Ideological Representation of Geographic Constituencies in the U.S. Bureaucracy
 Chen, Jowei. and Johnson, Tim.

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J.S. Mill on Democratic Accountability and the Working Class
 Arlen, Gordon.

James Baldwin and #BlackLivesMatter on Violence and Disavowal
 Beard, Lisa.

Janus-face of Chinese Industrial Policy: Nat’l Champions & Fragmented Production
 Dallas, Mark.

Japan’s Changing Defense Posture and the Security Dilemma in East Asia
 Kurizaki, Shuhei. and Capistrano, Andrew.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the Politics of Becoming Human
 Ploof, Rebecca.

Jihad al Nikah: Women in ISIS and Boko Haram
 Bloom, Mia.

Jihadist Clickbait
 Nielsen, Richard.

John Milton on Toleration, Liberty of Conscience, and Religious Worship
 Gais, Amy.

John Sexton, Branch Campuses, and the Reproduction of the “Global” University
 Kamola, Isaac.

Joining the Club: New Data on the Accession Rules of International Organizations
 Poast, Paul., Urpelainen, Johannes. and Kaoutzanis, Christodoulos.

Judicial Federalism, State Policy, and Representation
 Kastellec, John.

Judicial Networks and the Informal Dimension of Judicial Politics
 Dressel, Bjoern., Sanchez Urribarri, Raul. and Stroh, Alexander.

Judicial Networks as Influence Mechanisms in the European Rule of Law Promotion
 Piana, Daniela.

Judicial Oversight: Failures through the States Secret Privilege
 Fisher, Louis.

Judicial Selection Methods and the Diversity of the Bench
 Harris, Allison. and Linton, Allen.

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K Street on Main? How Advocacy Cost and Competition Cultivate a Lobbying Elite
 Strickland, James. and Crosson, Jesse.

Kant's Critique of the Law of Nations
 Meckstroth, Christopher.

Kant's Provisionality: Race, Religion, and Indigenous Property Rights
 Waligore, Timothy.

Kauṭilyan Realism: Expansion of a Complex Body Politic
 Gray, Stuart.

Keeping the Euro at any Cost? Explaining Greek Preferences for Euro Membership
 Dinas, Elias., Jurado, Ignacio., Konstantinidis, Nikitas. and Walter, Stefanie.

Keeping up with Georgians: Manipulation of Investment Competitiveness Indexes
 Malesky, Edmund. and Jensen, Nathan.

King, Father, State: The Anxiety of the Popular in Tagore, Gandhi, and Nehru
 Dasgupta, Sandipto.

Kirchnerismo, Macrismo and Democratic Theory
 Peruzzotti, Enrique.

Knowing Too Much? How Political Knowledge and Intelligence relate to Competency
 Motta, Matthew.

Knowledge Brokerage in Theory & Practice: A Case Study
 Lenihan, Ashley.


LGBT Politics in the Age of Conservative Ascendancy in the U.S., 1988 – 1990
 Murib, Zein.

La Santé Avant Tout: Ownership of Development in Burkina Faso's Health Sector
 Harper, Takiyah.

Labels or Lobbying?
 Schrank, Andrew.

Labor Migrants as Political Leverage? Population Mobility and Coercion in the Arab World
 Tsourapas, Gerasimos.

Labor Organizing in the Sharing Economy
 Ness, Immanuel.

Land Reform, Latifundia, and Local Development in Colombia
 Faguet, Jean-Paul.

Land Security and the Microfoundations of Election Violence: Evidence from Kenya
 Klaus, Kathleen.

Land Tenure and Communist Insurgency in India
 Sarbahi, Anoop.

Land and Politics: the Rural Sources of Electoral Violence
 Nieto-Matiz, Camilo.

Land, State Capacity, and Colonialism: Evidence from India
 Lee, Alexander.

Land-use Planning to Deepen Democratic Natural Resource Governance
 Gustafsson, Maria-Therese.

Landmark Executive Orders: Presidential Leadership Through Unilateral Action
 Warber, Adam., Ouyang, Yu. and Waterman, Richard.

Language, National Identity, and Vote Choice in Catalonia, 1984-2015
 Orriols, Lluis. and Simon, Pablo.

Latin America’s Presidentas: Challenging Old Patterns, Forging New Pathways
 Thomas, Gwynn. and Reyes-Housholder, Catherine.

Latino Leadership in California: A Model for the Future?
 Pringle, Lisa.

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MMP and The Representation of Ethnic Minorities in New Zealand
 Barker, Fiona. and Coffe, Hilde.

MRP for Religious Minorities
 Claassen, Christopher. and Traunmuller, Richard.

Machiavelli and Guicciardini on the Medici Regime
 Jurdjevic, Mark.

Machiavelli and the Ciompi
 Fontana, Benedetto.

Machiavelli and the Subversion of Civil Religion
 Martel, James.

Machiavelli's Commercial Republic
 Zuckert, Catherine.

Machiavelli’s Istorie Fiorentine as Chronicle of Popular Revolt
 Winter, Yves.

Machiavelli’s Virtuous Princes
 Clarke, Michelle.

Machine Learning and Multilevel Regression with Post-Stratification
 Leemann, Lucas., Broniecki, Philipp. and Wuest, Reto.

Macroeconomic Conditions and Presidential Approval: Mechanisms and Measurements
 Park, Taeyong.

Macroprotectionism: Economic Shocks and Public Opinion Dynamics of Trade Policy
 Powers, Ryan.

Madison and Expanding the Republican Tradition
 Hubler, James.

Mainstream Parties Convergence and Support for Radical Parties in Hungary
 Snegovaya, Maria.

Maintaining Tolerance and Support for Minority Rights in the Face of Terrorism
 Sobolewska, Maria., Ford, Robert. and Sniderman, Paul.

Major Event and Political Career in China: Evidence from the 2008 Olympics
 Fang, Li.

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NGOs and Regional Environmental Governance in Peninsular Southeast Asia
 Reimann, Kim.

Naming and Shaming and the Presence of Non-State Perpetrators
 Martinez, Melissa.

Naming and Sometimes Shaming: US Presidential Attention to Human Rights Problems
 Rose, Roger. and Bean, Nathan.

Nanotechnology and Global Governance in OECD countries
 Rodine-Hardy, Kirsten.

Narrating Historical Injustice: Responsibility and the Politics of Memory
 Temin, David. and Dahl, Adam.

Narrative and Social Class under Italian Fascism
 Ferrari, Chiara.

Nation-Expanding and Nation-Refining Mobilization in the Kremlin’s Discourse
 Mahlbacher, Jessica.

National Frenemies? Linguistic Intergroup Attitudes in Canada
 Medeiros, Mike.

National ID Card Proposals in the 1970s: Backlash, Support, and Politics
 Krajewska, Magdalena.

National Parties and Local Development: Evidence from Peruvian Municipalities
 Aragon, Fernando., Makarin, Alexey. and Pique, Ricardo.

Nationalism, Abolition Democracy, and W.E.B. Du Bois as Glocal Thinker
 Yarish, Jasmine.

Nationalization and Retrospective Voting & Clarity of Responsibility
 Morgenstern, Scott.

Nationalization, Sectional Insurgency, and Volatility: Canada as a Critical Case
 Johnston, Richard.

Natural Disasters, Aid, and Conflict: The Case of Floods in Colombia
 Gallego, Jorge.

Natural Justice and Sovereign Virtuosity in Hobbes's Leviathan
 Hoye, J..

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Obama’s Law and The Democrats: Abandoning the Church of Judicial Policymaking
 Yalof, David.

Obergefell, Public Reason, & Anti-Gay Pride
 Barber, Sotirios.

Objects of Possession
 Shanks, Torrey.

Observational Bias & the Digital Revolution
 Powers, Matthew.

Observational Bias in Human Rights
 Edwards, Scott.

Occupied Body, Occupied Mind: Transforming Vulnerability in Raja Shehadeh
 LeBlanc, John.

Of Lawyers and Experts: Language of Law and the Limits of Social Transformation
 Dasgupta, Sandipto.

Of Paradigms and Power: British Economic Policy Making after Thatcher
 Matthijs, Matthias. and Carstensen, Martin.

Of Power and Rights: Navigating Uncertainty in the LGBT
 Ayoub, Phillip., Green, Jessica. and Katzenstein, Peter.

Off to the Courts? Or the Agency?: Public Attitudes on Policy Enforcement
 Gadarian, Shana. and Mulroy, Quinn.

Off-Cycle and Out of Office: Election Timing and Incumbency in Mayoral Elections
 de Benedictis-Kessner, Justin.

Offers and Throffers: The New Politics of Education Policy
 Hackett, Ursula.

Oil Windfalls, Elections, and Fiscal Transparency
 Aaskoven, Lasse.

Oil, Authoritarian Reversals, and Democratization
 Houle, Christian.

Old Dogs, New Tricks: Industrial Policy & Firms in German Wind & Solar Sectors
 Nahm, Jonas.

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Pandering Upward: Tax Incentives and Credit Claiming in Authoritarian Countries
 Malesky, Edmund. and Jensen, Nathan.

Pandering to War: Military Escalation in Response to Public Demand
 Merrell, Brandon.

Paris Changes Everything? A Large-scale Natural Experiment
 Breton, Charles., Eady, Gregory. and van der Linden, Clifton.

Parliamentary Agenda Priorities and Representation in Authoritarian Regimes
 Shalaby, Marwa. and Aydogan, Abdullah.

Parliamentary Brawls and Re-election in Taiwan
 Batto, Nathan.

Parliamentary Parties as Contexts for Descriptive and Substantive Representation
 Saalfeld, Thomas. and Fernandes, Jorge.

Partial Vetoes and Presidential-Legislative Relations in Brazil
 Palanza, Valeria. and Sin, Gisela.

Participation in Brazil: From Popular Hegemony to Middle Class Protest
 Avritzer, Leonardo.

Participatory Budgeting in El Salvador Ten Years Later
 Bland, Gary.

Participatory Constitution-Making and the Endurance of National Constitutions
 Maboudi, Tofigh.

Participatory Democracy in Latin America
 Pogrebinschi, Thamy.

Participatory Democracy in Latin America: Institutions and Democratic Quality
 McNulty, Stephanie.

Parties or Social Movements? Comparing Podemos and Bloco de Esquerda
 Melo, Daniela.

Parties versus Presidents: The Strategic Use of Legislative Primaries
 Choi, Shinhye.

Parties, Gender, and the Representation of Citizens’ Priorities
 Bertelli, Anthony. and O\' Brien, Diana.

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Quadratic Voting Versus Likert: An Empirical Test
 Konar, Ellen., Slavin, Kevin. and Goldstein, David.

Qualification or Affiliation? Explaining Candidate Evaluations among Arab Voters
 Shockley, Bethany. and Gengler, Justin.

Qualifications & Public Evaluation: The Legitimating Power of Judges' Experience
 Salamone, Michael. and Higashi, Brenden.

Qualitative Methods Training in Political Science Doctoral Programs
 Emmons, Cassandra. and Moravcsik, Andrew.

Quality of Peace and Long Peace
 Bayer, Resat.

Queering Rights? Law and Identity in Grassroots LGBTQ and Immigrant Coalitions
 Adam, Erin.

Questioning Europe: Explaining EU Questions in National Parliaments
 Perez, Lauren.

Quiet Riot: Estimating a Causal Effect of Protest Violence
 Huet-Vaughn, Emiliano.

Quotas Matter: The Impact of Gender Quota Laws on Work-Family Policies
 Weeks, Ana.


RU Ready - Political Learning Outside the Classroom
 Matto, Elizabeth.

Race and Descriptive Representation: Re-examining the Importance of Race
 Lemi, Danielle.

Race and Fair Housing: Comparing Black and Latino Complaints and Outcomes
 Lamb, Charles. and Wilk, Eric.

Race and Incarceration's Effects on Individual and Neighborhood Voter Turnout
 White, Ariel.

Race and School Surveillance: A Post-Newtown Empirical Study
 Nance, Jason.

Race, Crime, Police, and Demands from the State
 McConnaughy, Corrine. and White, Ismail.

Race, Deliberation, and Voter ID Laws in State Legislatures
 Hayes, Matthew. and Dietrich, Bryce.

Race, Poverty and Federalism in the United States
 Michener, Jamila.

Race, Religion and Public Policy Preferences
 Carey, Tony., Martinez-Ebers, Valerie. and Calfano, Brian.

Racial Cues in Political Ads: Comparing Affective vs. Visual Attention
 McIlwain, Charlton. and Caliendo, Stephen.

Racial Innocence and the Archive of Race
 Aslam, Ali.

Racial Orders and Interactive Political Development
 Thompson, Debra.

Racial Representation, Diversity and Public Sector Performance in South Africa
 Lee, Hongseok. and Fernandez, Sergio.

Racialized Churches: How Race Changes the Impact of Church Congregations
 Levy, Meyer.

Radical Honor: The Cultural Roots of Jihadist Ideology
 Marcusa, Michael.

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Safe hands: Political leaders, autocratic regimes, and market confidence
 Ranganath, Aditya. and Kuo, Jason.

Safety in States: How (Some) Gun Reforms are Silently Diffusing Across America
 Smucker, Sierra.

Salvation through Science? Bacon’s New Atlantis and Transhumanism
 Whitney, David.

Same-sex Marriage Debate in Australia: Public Opinion and Policy Responsiveness
 Carson, Andrea. and Ratcliff, Shaun.

Sanctioning Abuse? Economic Sanctions and Respect for Physical Integrity
 Clay, K. Chad. and Hill, Daniel.

Scandals, Media, and Public Opinion in China:A Regression-Discontinuity Approach
 Liu, Yanjun.

Sceptic or opponents? Patterns of Conflict in the EP during two Crises
 Carlotti, Benedetta.

Scientific Racism and the American System of International Relations
 Simon, Joshua.

Screening for Losers: Institutions and Information
 Davis, Jason.

Searching for My People: Authoritarianism, Group Cues, & Political Attitudes
 Wronski, Julie.

Season's gone by: Weather and Climate change perceptions in Canada and the US
 Borick, Christopher. and Lachapelle, Erick.

Seceding From Rebellion? Separatist Alliance Politics in Mixed Insurgencies
 Kaplan, Morgan.

Secrecy and Cyber Warfare
 Poznansky, Michael. and Perkoski, Evan.

Sectarianism and Identity Among Syrian Refugees in Jordan
 Tobin, Sarah.

Sectoral Allocation of Foreign Aid and Political Stability
 Hall, Steven. and Nishikawa, Misa.

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TR’s Transformation of Latin America Policy and the 2nd Pan American Conference
 Grant, Ronnie.

Taking Cues from Fellow Citizens: How Poll Results Serve as Social Heuristic
 Toff, Benjamin.

Taking Exception to Imported Culture: Globalized Entertainment & Trade Conflicts
 Chase, Kerry.

Taking Mixed Methods Forward: A Multilevel Integration Approach
 Lee, Yeon Ju.

Taking Voters Seriously: Electoral Cycles of Audience Costs
 Yasui, Kiyotaka., Higashijima, Masaaki. and Toyoda, Shin.

Taking a Closer Look at Local Government Service Provision
 Lamothe, Scott. and Lamothe, Meeyoung.

Taking the Obama Administration to Court over Policy, Process and Power
 Kassop, Nancy.

Talking Tough: Electoral Rhetoric, Crises, and the Stability-Instability Paradox
 Lee, Carrie.

Talking across Diversity: Deliberative Capital & Facilitating Discourse Quality
 Afsahi, Afsoun.

Talking in the Halls: How Deliberative Democracy Influences Urban Governance
 Collins, Jonathan.

Tan Dun’s The First Emperor: Empire and Ecumene in Politics, Art, Consciousness
 Nagy, Eugen.

Targeting Journalists: Repression in Veracruz, Mexico
 Bartman, Jos.

Targeting Peace: United Nations Peacekeeping Operations and Terrorist Activity
 Mauslein, Jacob. and Nemeth, Stephen.

Targeting States: How Status Shapes NGO Strategies
 Wong, Wendy. and Stroup, Sarah.

Taxing the Tails: How Electoral Systems Affect Taxes Paid by the Poor and Rich
 Hays, Jude.

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U.S. Banks and IMF Conditionality
 Stone, Randall. and Dang, Trung.

U.S. Defense Spending and the Weapons Caucus
 Knuppe, Austin., Rosenberg, Andrew. and Minozzi, William.

U.S. Intelligence and India’s Nuclear Program, 1954-1974
 Rovner, Joshua.

U.S. Intelligence, Nuclear Nonproliferation, and South Korea, 1969-1980
 Lanoszka, Alexander.

U.S. Military Assistance and Civil-Military Relations during Mass Protests
 Thyne, Clayton. and Powell, Jonathan.

UK 2015 - The Impact of Social Media on Voters' Knowledge and Preferences
 Nagler, Jonathan., Munger, Kevin., Egan, Patrick. and Tucker, Joshua.

UN Mission Leaderships and Peacekeeping Effectiveness
 Ruggeri, Andrea. and Bove, Vincenzo.

UN Peacekeeping and Selectivity
 Matsunaga, Miku.

Ukraine in Transformation: Trust, Taxes & Governance Compared to Poland & Russia
 Berenson, Marc.

Ulu Al Amr & Authority, The Central Pillars of Sunni Political Thought
 Faradj, Hisseine.

Un-competitive Democracy
 Shvetsova, Olga. and Zhirnov, Andrei.

Uncertainty and Blame: Public Attitudes and Probability Assessments
 Friedman, Jeffrey.

Uncovering Hierarchies Using Career Paths and Network Measures
 Keller, Franziska.

Under What Conditions Does Democracy Assistance Work
 Perez-Linan, Anibal., Finkel, Steven. and Seligson, Mitchell.

Undermining Power for the Sake of Prestige: China's Response to India's Rise
 Mastro, Oriana.

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V.O. and Schatt: the conflict between behaviouralism and institutionalism
 Wickham-Jones, Mark.

Variation in State Bureaucrat Professionalism: A Matter of Personnel Preference?
 Lillvis, Denise.

Variations in Subnational Anti-human Trafficking Efforts: Evidence from India
 Frank, Richard.

Varieties of Crisis Capitalism? Saving the auto industry
 Nance, Mark. and Daly, Jack.

Varieties of Economic Nationalisms in Post-War Brazil and India
 Jackson, Jason.

Varieties of Parliamentarism
 Koß, Michael.

Varieties of Populism: A New Type Based on Turkey, Thailand and India
 Gursoy, Yaprak.

Varieties of Violence: Conflict and Sovereignty in South Asia
 Naseemullah, Adnan.

Vigilante Neighbors: Trust and Anti-Criminal Organizations in the Americas
 Zizumbo-Colunga, Daniel.

Violence Entrepreneurs: The Emergence of Military Violence from Below
 Manekin, Devorah.

Violence against Women, Reformist Hinduism and Gender Outcomes in Colonial India
 Kulkarni, Parashar.

Violence and Legitimacy in the Global Economy
 McKean, Benjamin.

Violence, Mass Incarceration and the Racialized Failure of the American State
 Miller, Lisa.

Violent and Non-violent Electoral Contention in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Vogt, Manuel.

Viral Memories: The Politics of Memory in the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
 Price, J. Ricky.

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Waiting for Change: Leader Death and Democratization
 Hummel, Sarah.

Walking the Talk: Prospects for Negotiation with al Qaeda and the Islamic State
 Cantey, Seth.

Walls as a Nonviolent Strategy in Armed Conflict: The Case of Colombia
 Southwick, Natalie. and Kaplan, Oliver.

War Mobilization or War Destruction? The Unequal Rise of Wealth Taxes Revisited
 Haffert, Lukas.

War and Its Impact on Russian Politics and Foreign Policy
 Kramer, Mark.

War and Political Change: Military Experience and the French Revolution
 Wilkinson, Steven. and Jha, Saumitra.

War, Revolution, and the Transformation of European Politics
 Nelson, Chad.

Warfare, Bossism, and State Capacity: Evidence from post-Revolutionary Mexico
 Sanchez-Talanquer, Mariano.

Was Gillett the Best Man the House Could Get?
 Sin, Gisela. and Gaines, Brian.

Was There a Cultural War? Polarization and Secular Trends in US Public Opinion
 Baldassarri, Delia. and Park, Barum.

We Asked You: Policy Preferences and Consultative Democracy in China
 Gueorguiev, Dimitar.

We Should Abolish the Death Penalty as a Matter of Foreign Policy
 Rutherford, James.

Weber's Bureaucracies and the Contemporary Managerial Co-optation of Charisma
 Hudson, Jennifer.

Western Political Theology, Civil Religion and The Empire of Management
 Diamantides, Marinos.

Wharton, Tocqueville, and American Restlessness
 Hall, Lauren.

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Xanthippe: Shrew or Muse
 Saxonhouse, Arlene.


Yielding the Floor for the Last Time: Senate Retirement Dynamics, 1916-2014
 Overby, L.. and Masthay, Theodore.

You're Hot then You're Cold: Feeling Thermometer Framing Effects
 Dufresne, Yannick. and Kilibarda, Anja.

Youth Support for Muslim and Christian Religious Symbols in Public Life
 Stolle, Dietlind., Harell, Allison. and Maheo, Valerie-Anne.
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