American Political Science Association Annual Meeting 2016-Aug-31 to 2016-Sep-05

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LGBT Politics in the Age of Conservative Ascendancy in the U.S., 1988 – 1990
 Murib, Zein.

La Santé Avant Tout: Ownership of Development in Burkina Faso's Health Sector
 Harper, Takiyah.

Labels or Lobbying?
 Schrank, Andrew.

Labor Migrants as Political Leverage? Population Mobility and Coercion in the Arab World
 Tsourapas, Gerasimos.

Labor Organizing in the Sharing Economy
 Ness, Immanuel.

Land Reform, Latifundia, and Local Development in Colombia
 Faguet, Jean-Paul.

Land Security and the Microfoundations of Election Violence: Evidence from Kenya
 Klaus, Kathleen.

Land Tenure and Communist Insurgency in India
 Sarbahi, Anoop.

Land and Politics: the Rural Sources of Electoral Violence
 Nieto-Matiz, Camilo.

Land, State Capacity, and Colonialism: Evidence from India
 Lee, Alexander.

Land-use Planning to Deepen Democratic Natural Resource Governance
 Gustafsson, Maria-Therese.

Landmark Executive Orders: Presidential Leadership Through Unilateral Action
 Warber, Adam., Ouyang, Yu. and Waterman, Richard.

Language, National Identity, and Vote Choice in Catalonia, 1984-2015
 Orriols, Lluis. and Simon, Pablo.

Latin America’s Presidentas: Challenging Old Patterns, Forging New Pathways
 Thomas, Gwynn. and Reyes-Housholder, Catherine.

Latino Leadership in California: A Model for the Future?
 Pringle, Lisa.

Latino Time and Latino Moments: A Study of Latino Identity Development
 Garcia-Rios, Sergio.

Latino Voting in the 21st Century
 Ginsberg, Beth.

Launching a Thousand Ships? Gendered Violence & Overreactions in Foreign Policy
 Mobley, Kayce. and Fisher, Sarah.

Law and the Democratic State: Politics by Other Means
 Warrick, Catherine.

Law, Politics, and the Progressive Shift of the American Bar Association
 Nolette, Paul.

Laws in Conflict: Preferences for Alternative Legal Systems in Chechnya
 Lazarev, Egor.

Laying the Foundations of the State
 Hanson, Jonathan.

Laïcité through Nonwestern Lenses—Comparing State Efforts to Incorporate Muslims
 Kendhammer, Brandon. and Fredette, Jennifer.

Leader Survival, Coups, and Sanctions
 Di Lonardo, Livio. and Tyson, Scott.

Leaders and the Risk of Civil War Recurrence
 Prorok, Alyssa.

Leaders, Advisers, and the Political Origins of Elite Support for War
 Saunders, Elizabeth.

Leaders, Institutions, and Credible Commitment
 Abramson, Scott.

Leaders, Members, and Coalitions: Explaining Bargaining Strategies of Unions
 Muntean, Aurelian.

Leaders' Valence and Accountability
 Bernabel, Rodolpho.

Leadership in Local Government Performance
 Musso, Juliet. and Weare, Christopher.

Leaders’ Motivations Behind the Intervention in Syrian Civil War
 Boersner, Adriana.

Learning Audience's Resolve: Endogenous Publicity and Crisis Bargaining
 Wu, Cathy.

Leave The Person Out? Reassessing Personalized Measures of Interracial Context
 Velez, Yamil.

Leaving the Nest: The Impact of Elections on Pro-Independence Attitudes
 Riera, Pedro., Ares, Macarena. and Hernández, Enrique.

Lecourt as Judge and Writer: Legal Philosophy of the Great President of the ECJ
 Phelan, William.

Left Behind: Why Governments of the Left Relax Labor Law Enforcement
 Feierherd, German.

Left-Leaning and Unwilling to Support Redistribution
 Stoeckel, Florian. and Kleider, Hanna.

Legacies of Civil War and Variation in the Electoral Success of Former Rebels
 Kelmendi, Pellumb.

Legal Cynicism Beyond Law Enforcement
 Liu, Shelley. and Cheng, Tony.

Legal Ideal Points: Estimating a Legal Common Space for Federal Political Actors
 Sweeten, Matthew.

Legal Mobilization and Responsiveness on the Canadian Supreme Court 1987-2010
 Rothmayr Allison, Christine. and L\'Esperance, Audrey.

Legal Power in the Fight Against Corruption: A Genealogy of the Legal Field and Corruption Control in Contemporary Brazil
 de Sa e Silva, Fabio.

Legal Scholars and the Domestication of Anti-Atrocity Law in Guatemala
 Berlin, Mark.

Legalized Bureaucratic Politics: The Rise and Demise of the Bush Torture Program
 Jimenez-Bacardi, Arturo.

Legalizing Opposition in Closed Authoritarian Regimes
 Dresden, Jennifer.

Legislative Activism and Obstruction in Coalitional Presidential Systems
 Hiroi, Taeko. and Renno, Lucio.

Legislative Cosponsorship Networks in Taiwan
 Jang, Jinhyeok.

Legislative Effectiveness and Problem Solving in the U.S. House
 Volden, Craig. and Wiseman, Alan.

Legislative Exposure Scores: Proposing a Measurement of MEP Legislative Behavior
 Henceroth, Nathan.

Legislative Institutions and Party Machines
 Guarrieri, Thomas. and Bryant, Kenneth.

Legislative Productivity and Expressive Polarization in Political Rhetoric.
 grindlife, stonegarden.

Legislative Productivity in the States
 Birkhead, Nathaniel.

Legislator Income and Voting Behavior
 Wuest, Reto.

Legislators and Civil Rights in Louisiana and the United States
 Sirgo, Henry.

Legislators as Lobbyists
 Ritchie, Melinda. and You, Hye Young.

Legislators, Commissioners, and Traditional Redistricting Principles
 Edwards, Barry., Crespin, Michael., Williamson, Ryan. and Palmer, Maxwell.

Legitimizing Electoral Autocracies
 Matovski, Aleksandar.

Leo Strauss and Eric Voegelin on Humanism and the Human Sciences
 Stoner, James.

Less than Meets the Eye? The Effects of Casualty News on Popular Support for War
 Althaus, Scott.

Lessons From 2015 Nobel Peace Prize: Tunisian Dialogue
 Syse, Henrik.

Lessons from Syria: A Transformation in the Role of Chemical Weapons?
 Elbahtimy, Hassan., Martin, Susan. and Chapman, Geoffrey.

Letting the Gini Out of the Bottle: Careful What You Wish about Death and Taxes!
 Duval, Robert., Bias, Thomas., Echeverria, Raquel., Matyasovsky, Matthew., King, David. and Mentzer, Aaron.

Liar Liar: Responses Latencies and Turnout Overreports
 Cuevas-Molina, Ivelisse.

Liberal Economics and the Value of Debt
 Lavin, Chad.

Liberal Freedom
 MacGilvray, Eric.

Liberalism and the Ripening State, à la Henry David Thoreau
 Hanson, Russell.

Liberalism as Satire
 Levy, Jacob.

Lights! Camera! Misinformation? Celebrities & Human Trafficking
 Majic, Samantha.

Like Father, Like Son: Continuity of Representational Style in Dynasties
 Catalinac, Amy. and Smith, Daniel.

Limits and Dimensions in Consumer Citizen Politics: The NYC Trans Fat Policy
 Johnson, Kimberly.

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My! The Political Attitudes of Furries
 Smith, Charles., Schulenberg, Shawn. and Baldwin, Eric.

Lives on Hold: The Effect of Asylum Policies on Long-Term Refugee Integration
 Hainmueller, Jens., Hangartner, Dominik. and Lawrence, Duncan.

Lobbying in Good and Bad Times: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Shale Gas
 Kim, In Song. and Urpelainen, Johannes.

Lobbying, Legislator Priorities and Congressional Committee Agenda-Setting
 Lorenz, Geoffrey.

Local Context, Judicial Elections, and their Impact on Supreme Court Perceptions
 Johnson, April. and Johnson, Joshua.

Local Currency Bond Market Development and Policy Space in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Dafe, Florence.

Local Firms & Foreign Investors: Domestic Industry & Investment Treaty Formation
 Bauerle Danzman, Sarah.

Local Government Entrepreneurship: Public Goods and Risks in China
 Hu, Xiaobo.

Local Government and the Costs of Voting Opposition in Tanzania
 McLellan, Rachael.

Local Governments and Immigration: Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and Mexico City
 Filomeno, Felipe.

Local Lobbying: Diverse Communities and Conflicting Goals
 Eckhouse, Laurel.

Local News and Political Polarization
 Darr, Joshua., Dunaway, Johanna. and Hitt, Matthew.

Local Ownership of Aid: Aid in Conflict Zones and Civilian Support
 Cil, Deniz. and Aronson, Jacob.

Local Policy Responsiveness: A Case Study on Immigration Policy
 Bergquist, Parrish.

Local Political Contexts and Immigrant Incorporation
 Ward, Dalston.

Local Public Opinion and Local Political Violence
 Hendry, David. and Park, Sunhee.

Local Sustainability Policy: Measuring the Performance of the Three E's
 Opp, Susan. and Mosier, Samantha.

Local Union Power and Democratic Representation
 Becher, Michael., Stegmueller, Daniel. and Käppner, Konstantin.

Locality, Identity, and the Politics of Place
 Magnusson, Warren.

Locating Islamic States on the Continent of International Law
 Koremenos, Barbara.

Location, Duration, & Interpretation: Positionality in Elite Interviewing
 Glas, Aarie.

Locke's "A Letter Concerning Toleration" as a Theological Document
 Ealy, Steven.

Long-Run Impacts of State Integration Policies
 Nguyen, Mai.

Look Who’s Disillusioned Now: Political Disaffection and Polarization in the US
 Farhart, Christina.

Looking Forward to the New Administration
 King, James. and Riddlesperger, James.

Looking Forward, Looking Backward: Latin American and European Populisms
 Casullo, Maria.

Looking Local: Sub-national Institutions and Policies on Violence Against Women
 Lowndes, Vivien. and Gains, Francesca.

Looking for Off-ramps: Limited Nuclear War & the Challenge of Escalation Control
 Castillo, Jasen.

Looking for a Fight?: Conflict Avoidance and Responses to Uncivil Politics
 Marshall, Brandon. and Feldman, Stanley.

Losing and Resentment: Russia as a Normal Defeated Great Power
 Fritz, Paul.

Love and Capitalism: Agape, Pope Francis and The Prosperity Gospel
 Stein, Michael.

Love and Tears - Ideology of Christian Love in Popular Culture
 Lindberg, Helen.

Love, Piety, and Community: Political Belonging in Late Ottoman Political Thought
 Koker, Neveser.
American Political Science Association Annual Meeting 2016-Aug-31 to 2016-Sep-05
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