APSA Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2017-Aug-30 to 2017-Sep-04

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"A Hell of a Lot Worse Than Waterboarding": Legal Legitimacy in an Illiberal Era
 Sanders, Rebecca.

"An Audacious Pretension": Thomas Jefferson and the Federal Common Law
 Clark, Benjamin.

"Duty" and the Down-Ballot Vote
 Oser, Jennifer.

"Fit for Democracy?" Theorizing Democracy in Contemporary Arab Thought
 Daifallah, Yasmeen.

"Here, the People Rule?" Our Republican Constitution vs. "Judicial Engagement"
 White, Adam.

"I'll Be Back": Exiled Leaders and Civil War Recurrence
 Krcmaric, Daniel. and Escriba-Folch, Abel.

"Invisible Man" and the Nature of Leadership
 Danoff, Brian.

"I’ve Had Successes and Setbacks": Gender, Media, and the 2016 Primaries
 Heidt-Forsythe, Erin. and Major, Mark.

"Light of the Aryans": Racial Identity Among Iranian-Americans
 Razavi, Sahar.

"Naturals" and Natural Rights: Cognitive Disability in Locke's Theory of Rights
 Wyllie, Robert.

"Our Common Cause": Civil Disobedience as Anti-Colonial Resistance
 Pineda, Erin.

"Read Thyself": Legibility and Legitimacy in Hobbes's "Leviathan"
 Black, Zak.

"Reforming" Prisons and Prisoners Through Yoga and Meditation
 Godrej, Farah.

"Segregation by Design"
 Trounstine, Jessica.

"Stronger Together”: Political Ambition and Women Running for Office
 Kanthak, Kristin. and Bonneau, Chris.

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A Bayesian Latent Variable Approach to the Measurement of Income Inequality
 Tsai, Tsung-han.

A Bayesian Multiple Equations Model of Alliance Choices and Interstate Conflicts
 Wu, Ahra.

A Bill Editing Approach to Understanding Lawmaking
 Wilkerson, John., Casas, Andreu. and Denny, Matthew.

A Call to Action: Religious Messages and Political Behavior
 Margolis, Michele.

A Change of Heart? Why Individual-Level Public Opinion Shifted against Trump’s Muslim Ban
 Collingwood, Loren., Lajevardi, Nazita. and Oskooii, Kassra.

A Chinese Version of Cosmopolitan Global Justice—Kang Youwei’s Da Tongshu
 Wang, Binfan.

A Coalitional Theory of Regime Survival
 Waldner, David.

A Color-Blind Bureaucracy? Race and the Implementation of Welfare Programs
 Patterson, Shawn.

A Colt of Personality: The Mechanics of Different Gun-Rights Discourses in 1968
 Sisk, William.

A Comparative Approach to Understanding Asian American Panethnicity
 Lu, Fan.

A Comparison of Legislation on the Minimum Wage and Alternative Minimum Tax
 Koger, Gregory. and Rodriguez, Stefanie.

A Comparison of State Legislative DIME and Roll-Call Ideal Points
 Rogers, Steven.

A Computer Vision Framework for Automated Transcription of Historical Documents
 Anastasopoulos, Jason. and Poulos, Jason.

A Conditional Model of Local Economic Shock and Civil Conflict
 Buhaug, Halvard., Croicu, Mihai., Fjelde, Hanne. and von Uexkull, Nina.

A Constituency Theory of Presidentas’ Conditional Impact
 Reyes-Housholder, Catherine.

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BREXIT, Trump and the Special Relationship
 Wilson, Graham.

Babbitt, Weaver, Kendall: What Would They Think of Trump?
 Frisk, David.

Backlash: Resistance and Defiance to International Norms
 Terman, Rochelle.

Backsliding in Turkey: The Role of Judicial Independence
 Muftuler-Bac, Meltem.

Bad Romance: Transitional Justice and Authoritarian Nostalgia
 Wang, Tao.

Bad Times or Bad Types? How Mainstream Parties Create Opportunities for Radicals
 Chou, Winston.

Ballot Access and Voter Participation
 Stein, Robert.

Ballot Structure and the Representation of Citizens of Immigrant Origin
 Janssen, Chloé., Pilet, Jean-Benoit. and Van Hauwaert, Steven.

Bang For Our Buck: American Foreign Aid and Democratic Improvement
 Romero, Richie.

Bargaining for Legitimacy in Dual Legitimacy Systems
 Mershon, Carol. and Shvetsova, Olga.

Bargaining in Legislatures, Portfolio Allocation, and the Costs of Governing
 Martin, Shane.

Bargaining in the Shadow of a Dispute Settlement Mechanism: the WTO vs. the GATT
 Jung, Yoo-Sun.

Barriers to Performance-Based Voting in Africa: Anchors, Tradeoffs, and Timing
 Bonoff, Nicole.

Be Careful What You Wish For: The Political Consequences of Emergency Zones
 Aydin, Aysegul.

Becoming Black? Somali Immigrant Integration in the US
 Adida, Claire. and Robinson, Amanda.

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CO2 pricing: Economics, energy security, and implications for climate models
 Tvinnereim, Endre.

Cabinet Replacement and Democratic Accountability
 Barnes, Lucy. and Morgan-Jones, Edward.

Cable News Coverage of Refugees 2011-2015: Who, How Much, and Why It Matters
 Brandle, Shawna.

Campaign Dynamics and Voter Perceptions
 Baumann, Markus., Somer-Topcu, Zeynep. and Tavits, Margit.

Campaign Finance Laws and the Changing Sources of Money in U.S. State Elections
 Gilens, Martin. and Haines, Pavielle.

Campaign-style Governance and Affordable Housing Provision in China
 Sun, Xin.

Campaigning with Binary Incentives – Individual Campaign Strategies Under OLPR
 Falasca, Kajsa. and von Schoultz, Asa.

Campaigns’ Use of Multiple Media Platforms and Its Consequences
 Kang, Taewoo.

Can Building Creative Alliances Outmaneuver Intransigent Polarization?
 Smucker, Sierra.

Can China's Intentions be Inferred? Credible Signals & US Strategy toward China
 Yoder, Brandon.

Can Citizens Be Framed? How Information More than Emphasis Changes Opinions
 Leeper, Thomas. and Slothuus, Rune.

Can Community Policing Expand State Capacity? An Experiment in Papua New Guinea
 Cooper, Jasper.

Can Crowd-Sourced Data Substitute for Expert-Coded Data?
 Sanhueza Petrarca, Constanza., Bernhard, Michael., Lindberg, Staffan., Seim, Brigitte., Marquardt, Kyle. and Pemstein, Daniel.

Can Deliberation Happen in Developing Nations?
 Chen, Kaiping.

Can Federal Reform Mitigate Spatial Inequalities?
 Weir, Margaret.

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Darwinism and Democracy--An Odd Couple?
 Peterson, Steven. and Somit, Albert.

Data Infrastructure
 Karcher, Sebastian. and Elman, Colin.

Data Revisions and the Stability of Relationships in Political Economy Research
 Kerner, Andrew. and Crabtree, Charles.

David Hume and the Eighteenth-Century Party Debate
 Skjönsberg, Max.

David vs. Goliath: Why Do Authoritarian Leaders Sanction Major Powers?
 Cilizoglu, Menevis. and Noh, Yuree.

De Facto Rights? Indigenous Rights and Energy Politics in Southern Mexico
 Price, Jessica.

De-Legitimizing China’s New Feminist Movement: transgression contained
 Fu, Diana.

Death and the Body Politic: The Political Afterlives of Terrorism in Europe
 Balkan, Osman.

Death, Despair, & Drugs: White Mortality Rates and Voting for Trump
 Koenig, Biko.

Debating Deliberate Democracy at 20: Between the Epistemic and Empiric
 Honda, Eric.

Debating the New Eugenics: Prenatal Selection and the Conservation of Disability
 Heffernan, Ann.

Debtors and the U.S. Constitution
 Zackin, Emily.

Debunking the Internet Hoax: How Fake News Conspiracies Spread on Social Media
 Zhu, Junyan.

Decay or Resilience: The Effect of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence
 Koos, Carlo.

Decentralization and Educational Attainment
 Graham, Benjamin., Strom, Kaare. and Vakilifathi, Mona.

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EU and its Role in Minority Rights: case studies from Bulgaria and Greece
 Tahir, Nuri Ali.

EU's Treaty Conflicts and Labour Standards
 Frankowski, Pawel.

Early Releases and Recidivism: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
 Meier, Armando.

Early Voting Availability and Turnout in Florida and North Carolina
 Smith, Daniel. and Herron, Michael.

Eating versus Seeing: Rousseau’s Competing Metaphors for Political Community
 Ploof, Rebecca.

Echo Chambers in Information Exchange Networks of Climate Policy Elites
 Jasny, Lorien. and Fisher, Dana.

 Krause, Sharon.

Economic Anxiety and Anti-Establishment Attitudes in Europe
 Carreras, Miguel. and Bowler, Shaun.

Economic Decline and Belief in the "American Dream"
 Ellis, Christopher.

Economic Deterrence: The Strategic Use of Engagement Policy
 Kim, DJ.

Economic Distress and Voting: Evidence From the Subprime Mortgage Crisis
 Hall, Andrew. and Yoder, Jesse.

Economic Explanations for Right-Wing Populist Party Support
 Meyer, Brett.

Economic Failure, Political Failure and Maritime Piracy: A Geospatial Analysis
 Shambaugh, George. and Desai, Raj.

Economic Foundations of the Territorial State System
 Acharya, Avidit.

Economic Geography and the Politics of Redistribution
 Beramendi, Pablo. and Rogers, Melissa.

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Facebook in Presidential Campaigns: comparing French and American practices
 Koc Michalska, Karolina., Lilleker, Darren. and Michalski, Tomasz.

Fact-Checking and Fake News in Election 2016
 Guess, Andrew., Nyhan, Brendan. and Reifler, Jason.

Factors Impacting When Judges Speak Off the Bench: The Case of Circuit Courts
 Johnson, Ann., Friedman, Sally. and Collins, Todd.

Factual Political Knowledge and Perceptions of Knowledge in the New Media System
 Britzman, Kylee.

Failed Presidents in Latin America: Does Democracy Matter?
 Martinez, Christopher.

Failure as a Critical Approach to Theorizing Politics
 Sjoberg, Laura. and Barkin, Samuel.

Fair Election as Probatio Diabolica?
 Kamahara, Yuta.

Fairness and Finance in Global Environmental Politics
 Friscia, Bronwyn. and Trager, Robert.

Fake News Propagation in Twitter’s #p2 and #tcot in 2016
 Meraz, Sharon.

Fake News, Manipulation, and Abuse: Design and Moderation Responses
 Wright, Scott.

Falling Dominoes? Potential Knock on Effects from Brexit for Other EU Members
 Huebner, Christine., Eichhorn, Jan. and Kenealy, Daniel.

Familial Nationalism in Weak African States
 Bhandari, Abhit. and Mueller, Lisa.

 Brace, Laura.

Family Networks and Counterinsurgency: Evidence from the Philippines
 Haim, Dotan.

Family, Marriage, and Identity in the Post-Obama Era
 McClain, Linda.

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Gaining International Legitimacy
 Stefes, Christoph. and Jose, Betcy.

Game of Drones: The Effect of Technology on Conflict Onset and Initiation
 Lin-Greenberg, Erik.

Gaming Patent Systems, Russian Style
 Lamberova, Natalia.

Gamson's Law & Government Dissolution: An Experimental Analysis
 Indridason, Indridi.

Gandhi’s Rebellious Consciousness between Humiliation and Humility
 Samnotra, Manu.

 Bracewell, Lorna.

Gender Body Technology: (In)visibility and the Politics of Heteronormativity
 Terrell, Jennifer.

Gender Difference in Deliberative Orientation
 Afsahi, Afsoun.

Gender Differences in Competition: Evidence from an Experiment
 Dhima, Kostanca. and Fulton, Sarah.

Gender Differences in Mobilization Against Greed Corruption
 Wangnerud, Lena.

Gender Dynamics Elite Political Contexts: Evidence from Supreme Court Arguments
 Sen, Maya., Dietrich, Bryce. and Enos, Ryan.

Gender Equality & Attitudes toward Government around the World
 Mullenax, Shawnna.

Gender Gaps and Immigrant Incorporation: The Case of Asian Americans
 Phillips, Christian.

Gender Identity and Integration: Second-Generation Somali Immigrants in Canada
 Karimi, Ahmad (Aryan)., Thompson, Sara. and Sandra, Bucerius,.

Gender Representation and the Quality of the Vote
 Dassonneville, Ruth., Hooghe, Marc., Lau, Richard. and Nugent, Mary.

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Habsburg Legacies and Consociationalism in Interwar Austria and Czechoslovakia
 Howe, Philip.

Hacking Public Opinion: Digital Threats to Democratic Processes
 Tenove, Chris.

Half Empty or Half Full? African Voting Behavior Under Performance Ambiguity
 Ferree, Karen., Long, James. and Gibson, Clark.

Hamilton, Popular Culture, and the Electoral College
 Wendland, Jay.

Hamlet, the Affective Roots of Decision, and Modernity
 Hughes, Glenn.

Hate Crimes and Immigration - Causal Evidence from Germany
 Marbach, Moritz. and Ropers, Guido.

Haunted by the Cyber Ghost: Cybersecurity Policy and Transatlantic Collaboration
 Maggi, Eva-Maria.

Having a Say or Getting Your Way: Expressive and Instrumental Political Choice
 Hobolt, Sara., Hoerner, Julian. and Rodon, Toni.

Hayek, Nozick, and the Riddle of Coercion
 Luban, Daniel.

Health and Political Participation in the 2016 Election
 Gollust, Sarah. and Franklin Fowler, Erika.

Healthcare Reform & the Politics of Shared Governance in Historical Perspective
 Haeder, Simon. and Rocco, Philip.

Hearing Justice: A Hobbesian Analysis of International Criminal Law
 Jones, Katelyn.

Hearing the Difference: Inequality and Receptivity in Aotearoa New Zealand
 Beausoleil, Emily.

Hegemonic endurance theory
 Kovac, Igor.

Hegemony, Influence, and Foreign Aid: The U.S. and Multilateral Aid Policies
 Bryant, Katherine.

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I Just Can’t Get Through to You: Ease of Communication in Intergroup Experiences
 Busby, Ethan.

I Just Don’t Like Her: System Justification and Evaluations of Female Candidates
 Simas, Elizabeth.

I See A Darkness: Affirmative Pessimism and Belief in this World
 Grove, Jairus.

I See Right Through You: The Logic and Consequences of Spurious Criminal Charges
 Ang Collan Granillo, Milena. and Blajer de la Garza, Yuna.

IOs as Democracy Enforcers: Design of Suspension Clauses in the EU, OAS, and AU
 Emmons, Cassandra.

ISIL's Pattern of Sexual Violence: Repertoire, Targeting, and Technique
 Wood, Elisabeth. and Revkin, Mara.

Ideas and Collective Intentionality – A New Model of Motivation
 Kestler, Thomas.

Ideas versus Interests: Explaining the Shift Toward Increased Proportionality
 Levick, Laura.

Identical Goals, Conflicting Results: Anticorruption & Minority Rights in CEE
 Kartal, Mert.

Identification-Driven Research: How Marginalizes Theory
 Huber, John.

Identifying Class Origins of Progressive Social Legislation in the US 1945-2010
 La Raja, Raymond. and Rhodes, Jesse.

Identifying Policy Demanders in the American Electorate
 Baldwin, Eric. and Hamel, Brian.

Identifying White Racial Identifiers
 Berry, Justin., Cornelius, Michelle. and Ebner, David.

Identifying and Understanding the Use of State-Controlled Media
 Nieman, Mark. and Labzina, Elena.

Identifying factors affecting media representation of interest groups
 Binderkrantz, Anne., Halpin, Darren. and Pedersen, Helene.

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James Harrington and the Logic of the Balance: Aristotle transformed
 Hubler, James.

Japan's Policy in Global Environmental Governance: A Case of Biodiversity
 Yokota, Masatoshi.

John Calvin on Social Hierarchy: Natural or Arbitrary?
 Wolfe, Stephen.

John Locke and the Politics of Monetary Depoliticization
 Eich, Stefan.

John Witherspoon's Moderate American Revolution
 Segrest, Scott.

Join Forces to Succeed? Effects of Interest Group Coalitions on Lobbying Success
 Junk, Wiebke Marie.

Joining The Revolution: Who Was in the Maidan and Why?
 Robertson, Graeme. and Pop-Eleches, Grigore.

Joining the Global Trade Regime: The Impact of Autocratic Trade Agreements
 Mueller-Redwood, Susanne.

Judges, Litigants and Rights Enforcement in Colombia, Argentina and India
 Botero, Sandra.

Judging in the Gray Zone: Arendt and Levi on Moral Judgment in the Holocaust
 Baluch, Faisal.

Judging the Legitimacy of Needs: An Experimental Study on Need-Based Justice
 Pritzlaff-Scheele, Tanja.

Judging violent resistances: Camus, Fanon and the grey zone of rebellion
 Mrovlje, Masa.

Judicial Activism's Impact on Environmental Protection in the Developing World
 Kirkpatrick, Andrew.

Judicial Ambition under Merit Selection
 Goelzhauser, Greg.

Judicial Behavior on the Chilean and Colombian Constitutional Courts
 Tiede, Lydia.

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Kant and Neoliberal Legitimations of the State
 McKean, Benjamin.

Kids Say the Darndest Things: The Political Work the Children of Immigrants Do
 Carlos, Roberto.

Kierkegaard, Cornel West, and the Political Theory of Love
 Surman, Darren.

Kin Selection as a Biological Template for Political Legitimacy
 Blanchard, Kenneth.

Knowing Your Audience: How U.S. Presidents Justify Military Interventions
 Maxey, Sarah.

Knowledge Production in Authoritarian Contexts
 Tripp, Aili.

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Compliance with Supreme Court Policy
 McGuire, Kevin.

Kremlin Tweets: The Politics of Social Media in Putin’s Russia.
 Zherebtsov, Mikhail.


LGBT Rights Protests, Activism, and Authoritarian Regime: The Case of Russia
 Buyantueva, Radzhana.

Labels with Consequences: Expanding the Concept of Law in IR
 Putnam, Tonya.

Labor Flexibility Despite the Resurgent Left
 Bustamante, Alí.

Labor and Service Mobility in the Transformation of German Industrial Relations
 Engelbrecht, Sandra.

Laboratories of Bureaucracy: How Unelected Officials Drive Diffusion
 Smith, Kelly.

Land Grabbing and the Contradictions of Sovereign Territoriality
 Jurkevics, Anna.

Land Inequality and Elite Cohesion: The Origins of Local Fiscal Capacity
 Pardelli, Giuliana.

Land Takings and Vote Buying in Village Elections
 Ma, Xiao., Whiting, Susan. and Zhao, Tan.

Land, Property Rights and Taxation in Mamluk Egypt
 Blaydes, Lisa.

Landlord or Patron? The Politics of Land Distribution in Kenya
 Klaus, Kathleen.

Language Innovation and Diffusion Across States
 Goldberg, Megan. and Ash, Elliott.

Late to the Parties: Why did China and France join the NPT in the 1990s?
 Kim, Jooeun. and Gibbons, Rebecca.

Latina/o Beliefs About Discrimination in the Trump Era
 Jones, Bradford., Vannette, David., Victor, Kristina. and Pantoja, Maria Del Carme.

Latino Views toward the Criminal Justice System and Police Brutality
 Wilkinson, Betina.

Latinos and Political Emotions in the Age of Trump
 Davila, Guillermo. and Saavedra Cisneros, Angel.

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Madison’s Election Law and “Republican” Constitutional Design
 Nussbaumer, Kirsten.

Madness, Medicine, and Power: The De-Politicized Politics of Mental Health
 Daily, Anna.

Magical Thinking and the Psychological Roots of the Hostile Media Effect
 Wagner, Michael.

Magnifying Minority Voices: Party Parliament & NonWestern Minorities in the West
 Shella, Kimberly.

Mainstream Party Populism: Evidence from Canada and the United Kingdom
 Troup, Daniel.

Mainstream and Euroskeptic Parties Responding to the Crisis
 Popa, Sebastian., Schmitt, Hermann. and Braun, Daniela.

Maintaining Collegiality and Accommodating for Dissent on State Supreme Courts
 Romano, Michael.

Maintaining Nuclear Latency
 Berkemeier, Molly.

Making Community: How Neighborhoods’ Racial Composition and Design Affect Voting
 Levan, Carrie.

Making Democracy Safe for Business: Firm Collective Action in North Africa
 Kubinec, Robert.

Making Identifications: Race, Sexuality, and Intimate Political Appeal
 Beard, Lisa.

Making Methodology Fun
 Fesnic, Florin.

Making Migrations: Strategic Uses of Population Displacement in Civil Conflicts
 Lichtenheld, Adam.

Making Rebellion Legible: Insurgent Diplomacy and Transnational Cooperation
 Kaplan, Morgan.

Making Surveillance Policy for the Long War: The Role of Congress
 Wheeler, Darren.

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Narcissist in Pursuit of Legitimacy: Trump’s Tweets from 2015 to 2017
 Just, Marion., Crigler, Ann. and Hua, Whitney.

Narrating Conflicts: Experiences of the Law at the Urban Margins
 Bardelli, Tommaso.

Narrative Evolution of Marijuana Policy Discourse
 Miller, Hugh.

Nation-building, State cohesion, and Democratic Inclusion
 Mylonas, Harris.

Nationalism and Euroskepticism: comparing the 2014 EP elections and Brexit
 Dean, Joshua.

Nationalism and Nativism: Varieties of Other in China
 Weiss, Jessica., Wallace, Jeremy. and Hines, Robert.

Nationalism, Patriotism, and Foreign Policy Attitudes in the American Public
 Powers, Kathleen.

Nationalism, Social Pressures, and Rally ’Round the Leader Effects
 Hale, Henry.

Nationalized Party Networks in State Elections, 2006-2016
 Hamm, Keith., Kettler, Jaclyn., Malbin, Michael. and Hunt, Charles.

Nationalizing Opposition Parties under Authoritarianism: Evidence from Malaysia
 Dettman, Sebastian.

Natural Disasters and the Allocation of Relief Aid
 Bechtel, Michael. and Mannino, Massimo.

Natural Justice and American Political Thought
 Dyer, Justin.

Nature vs. Nation: Green Growth and Environmental Politics in East Asia
 Cho, Il Hyun.

Nature, Society and Politics in Early American History
 Seagrave, Adam.

Navigating News on Social Media: A Four-Country Mixed-Methods Analysis
 Fletcher, Richard. and Nielsen, Rasmus Kleis.

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Obstacles to Take Up: Ecuador's Conditional Cash Transfer Program
 McGuire, James.

Occasional Watchdogs or Coalition Pork? Oversight, Policymaking, and Bargaining
 Lipsmeyer, Christine. and Compton, Mallory.

Of Mountaintops and Masterpieces: What Kind of Problem is Justice?
 Goodhart, Michael.

Of Presumptions and Presumptuousness: The Posthumous Career of James B. Thayer
 Franck, Matthew.

Official Disobedience And Constitutional Integrity
 Fagelson, David.

Offsetting Uncertainty: Signaling with Two-Sided Incomplete Information
 Haynes, Kyle. and Yoder, Brandon.

Oil and Local Government: Political Participation in Alaska Native Communities
 Mahdavi, Paasha.

Oil, Blood, and Strategy
 De Soysa, Indra., Gartzke, Erik. and Lie, Tove.

Olympic Diplomacy: The Games are what States Make of Them
 Bowersox, Zack.

On Forms of Irrational Rationality: Weber, the Frankfurt School, and Foucault
 Callison, William.

On Invoking His Aid Against the Other: Some Augustinian Notes
 Cooper, Kody.

On Law in Plato's Republic
 Valiquette Moreau, Nina.

On Political Ethics
 Lavin, Chad.

On Self-Appointed Representation
 Montanaro, Laura.

On Voter Shaming, Epistemic, and Moral
 Moon, Alexander.

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PMs and Discursive Institutionalism: Evidence from New Zealand
 Davidson-Schmich, Louise.

Pandering or Crafting? How Public Opinion Shapes Elite Rhetoric
 Rink, Anselm. and Hilbig, Hanno.

Pangas and Pirates: Drug Trafficking and Violence Along the Miskito Coast
 Blume, Laura.

Paradigms in International Studies and Political Science
 Haas, Michael.

Paradoxes of Children’s Vulnerability
 Macleod, Colin.

Pardoned by the Black President: Obama Tilting the Scales of Justice for Blacks
 Means, Taneisha.

Parliamentary Activities in Authoritarian Regimes: Kuwait’s National Assembly
 Allarakia, Luai.

Parliamentary Agenda Priorities and Responsiveness Under Authoritarianism
 Shalaby, Marwa. and Aydogan, Abdullah.

Parliamentary Rhetoric and Obstruction: Evidence from Germany and Canada
 Kam, Christopher. and Proksch, Sven-Oliver.

Partial Concessions in Wars of Attrition
 Gieczewski, Germán.

Participation Incentives in International CNBR Counter-Terrorism Institutions
 Berkowitz, Jeremy.

Participation, Representation, and the Democratic Content of Constitutions
 Maboudi, Tofigh.

Participatory Institutions and Conflict in Latin America’s Extractive Industries
 Jaskoski, Maiah.

Participatory Policymaking in Democratic Brazil: Reinventing Corporatism?
 Rich, Jessica.

Parties as Disciplinarians: Centrist Parties and Personalist Politics
 Klasnja, Marko., Titiunik, Rocio. and Hollyer, James.

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QCA in Political Science - A Critical Evaluation of Standards & Practices
 Wagemann, Claudius. and Siewert, Markus.

Quality You Can Trust: Institutional Quality and Exchange-Rate Regime
 Plouffe, Michael.

Quantification and Scientism in Political Science
 Kingsley, David.

Quantifying State Executive Power: When Do Governors Influence Legislatures?
 Sutherland, Joseph., Butler, Daniel. and Ash, Elliott.

Quantifying the Speed of Violent Events Diffusion
 Landis, Steven.

Queer Eternal Return in Times of Ecological Catastrophe
 Brault, Claire.

Questioning the Legitimacy of the IR Reading of the Cuban Missile Crisis
 Tagma, Halit.

Quota Sampling Using Facebook Advertisements
 Zhang, Baobao. and Mildenberger, Matto.


RCTs, Evidence-Based Policy and the Bureaucratic Knowledge Problem
 Cowen, Nick.

Race Trumps Politics
 Wright-Rigueur, Leah. and Francis, Megan.

Race and Democracy: After 2016
 McKnight, Utz.

Race and Emotion in Political Participation in the 2016 Presidential Election
 Phoenix, Davin.

Race and Representational Styles
 Sanders, Bailey.

Race and “The Gay Agenda”: Contested Meanings of LGBTQ Identification, 1993-2000
 Beard, Lisa. and Murib, Zein.

Race for the World: Racialization, Asian Americans, and Foreign Policy
 Aoki, Andy.

Race in a Different Lane: The Intricacy among Capital, Labor and the State
 Wang, Zhiyuan.

Race in the American City: Vestiges of the Old Racial Order in the City
 Wilson, Meghan. and Gutierrez, Paul.

Race or Party, Party as Race, or Party All the Time
 Hasen, Richard.

Race, Career Paths, and Bureaucratic Ambition in Public Schools
 Carroll, Kristen., Cheng, Albert., Maranto, Robert. and Teodoro, Manny.

Race, Gender, and Collaboration in Congressional Letter-Marking Networks
 Kalaf-Hughes, Nicole. and Mills, Russell.

Race, Job Corps, and U.S. Labor Market in the 1960s
 Jeung, Yongwoo.

Race, Religion, and Support for Intervention: Evidence from a Survey Experiment
 Chu, Jonathan. and Lee, Carrie.

Rachel Varnhagen, or Hannah Arendt’s Situated Epistemology
 Zebadua-Yanez, Veronica.

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Sacralising Nation & Market: Secularism, Religion and Post-Truth Politics
 Mavelli, Luca.

Same Event, Different Discourse? Gender, Media, and Sex Work Website Closures
 Majic, Samantha.

Same but Different: Pre-Electoral Coalition Branding and Party Ideology
 Magyar, Zsuzsanna.

Sanctions as Quasi-Pigouvian Taxes
 Kustra, Tyler.

Sanctuary in a Trumpist Context: Reactive or Radical?
 Arnold, Kathleen.

Satisfaction with Government Performance in Russia: Not by Bread Alone
 Avdeyeva, Olga.

Saying No: Experimental Evidence on Opposition to Distributive Spending
 Hanson, Peter., Theodoridis, Alexander. and Johnston, Travis.

Scaling Party Positions on GAL/TAN and European Integration with CHES
 Jolly, Seth., Bakker, Ryan. and Polk, Jonathan.

Seapower in the Second Machine Age: Robotics
 Gilli, Andrea.

Searching for the Chinese Autonomy: Leo Strauss in the Chinese Context
 Jiang, Dongxian.

Secession, International Law, and Human Rights
 Boykin, Scott.

Secret Alliances and General Reciprocity
 Kuo, Raymond.

Secret Diplomacy, the Risk of Leaks, and Reputation in International Politics
 Yarhi-Milo, Keren. and Yin, George.

Sect-Based Information Dissemination and Mobility in Baghdad
 Christia, Fotini. and Knox, Dean.

Section 8 and ‘Section.80’: Policy Feedback in the Lyrics of Kendrick Lamar
 Ringenberg, Thomas.

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THE AMERICAN DREAM REVISITED: Who Else but the Young Can Revive It?
 Bang, Henrik.

Tactics of Repression and Dissent in Jerusalem
 Finkel, Evgeny., Lupu, Yonatan. and Miodownik, Dan.

Taking Diplomacy Seriously: Why Does Power Disparity Lead to Peace?
 Hirose, Kentaro.

Taking Intercurrence Seriously: Policy Regimes and American Political Development
 Barnes, Jeb. and Nolette, Paul.

Taking in Testimony: A Deliberative Virtue
 Chick, Matthew.

Taking it up a Notch: Negative Partisanship in the 2016 US Presidential Election
 Abramowitz, Alan.

Talking for Time: How International Actors Use Diplomacy to Control Wars
 Min, Eric.

Talking to the Enemy: Explaining Diplomatic Strategy in Asian Wars, 1950-1979
 Mastro, Oriana.

Talking while Fighting: Settlement Offers and Battle Outcomes in the Korean War
 Moller, Sara.

Talks and Walks: The Failure of Civil War Peace Negotiations
 McKibben, Heather. and Floros, Katharine.

Tasteful Citizenship: Hume on the Role of Emotional Judgment in Politics
 Wolf, Brianne.

Tax Compliance in Urban China: Evidence from A Field Experiment
 Lu, Xiaobo. and Tsai, Lily.

Tax progressivity, immigration, and support for redistribution
 Pardos, Sergi. and Xena, Carla.

Taxability and Trade Policy
 Davis, Jason.

Tea Party Decline
 Berry, Jeffrey.

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U.S. Pressure and Trade Liberalization in Developing Countries
 Dean, Adam.

UK Diplomacy at the United Nations after BREXIT: Challenges and Opportunities
 Smith, Karen.

UN Non-Intervention in Civil Wars: An Analysis of Syria, Yemen, and Libya
 Kazemi, Elham.

US Arms Exports and Internal Conflict
 Erickson, Jennifer.

Ukraine's Civil War
 Driscoll, Jesse.

Unbelievable Lies
 Little, Andrew. and Nasser, Sherif.

Uncertainty, Problem Recognition, and Political Demobilization
 Tyner, Andrew.

Uncivil or Deliberative? News Comments in the 2016 Primaries & General Elections
 Masullo Chen, Gina., Shermak, Jeremy., Brown, Jordon., Riedl, Martin. and Tenenboim, Ori.

Uncle Sam in the Eyes of the Chinese Citizens
 Pan, Hsin-Hsin., Fu, Ronan., Wu, Wen-Chin. and Huang, Min-Hua.

Uncovering the Power and Purpose of the House Freedom Caucus
 Green, Matthew.

Under What Conditions Do Competitive Elections Strengthen Legislatures?
 Opalo, Ken.

Undermining Democracy: Modes and Sequences of Autocratization from 1900 to Today
 Luehrmann, Anna. and Lindberg, Staffan.

Understanding Civil War Settlements and Conflict Recurrence
 Toft, Monica. and Bennett, Andrew.

Understanding Dynamics of Competition in Top Two Primaries
 Schnurr, Emily.

Understanding Equilibria with Time Series
 Webb, Clayton., Linn, Suzanna. and Lebo, Matthew.

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Vacuous Selves in a Ravenous Politics:  Re-reading Lost in the Cosmos 
 Cooper, Carol.

Vagina as Home: Radical Feminism & the Politics of Displacement
 Boryczka, Jocelyn.

Valence Polarization: Ideological Bias in Perceptions of Candidate Quality
 Martin, Danielle.

Valid and Reliable Detection of Gerrymanders
 McDonald, Michael., Magleby, Daniel., Best, Robin., Donahue, Shawn. and Krasno, Jonathan.

Validated Participation, Efficacy, and Citizenship: Evidence from a Phase I RCT
 Lieberman, Evan. and Zhou, Yang-Yang.

Value Structures and Political Orientations: Finding the Direction of Influence
 Jacoby, William., Searing, Donald. and Ciuk, David.

Values, Partisanship, and Media Selective Exposure
 Weaver, David.

Variation in State Party Networks – Measuring and Testing Theory
 Reuning, Kevin.

Varieties of Armed Conflict Onset in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Lewis, Janet.

Varieties of Corruption: Changing Corruption Dynamics in Poland and Hungary
 Kartner, Jennifer.

Varieties of Hierarchy in East Asian Regional Order
 Park, Seo-Hyun.

Varieties of Naturalism in Politics
 Gibbons, Michael.

Varieties of Redistribution: The Left and the Working Class in Latin America
 Schipani, Andres.

Variety of Municipal Participatory Processes in Brazil
 Spada, Paolo.

Varying Actors, Varying Aspirations: Climate Change Policy and Native Nations
 Evans, Laura., Dolsak, Nives. and Prakash, Aseem.

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Wages, Inequality and Demand for Government Spending in the US
 Goodhart, Lucy.

Waiting to Win, Choosing to Lose: How Competitive Elections Stymie Policy Change
 Crosson, Jesse.

War and Technical Change in the U.S. Defense Economy
 Gill, Michael.

War in the City
 Brathwaite, Kirstin. and Konaev, Rita.

War, Commerce, and Parliaments in Modern Europe
 Abramson, Scott. and Boix, Carles.

War, Revolution, and Corruption: Challenges to Ukraine's Legitimacy
 Harasymiw, Bohdan.

War, Stalemate, and Military Spending
 Caruso, Raul. and Xiang, Jun.

Warfare and Political Development over the Long Run: China versus Europe
 Dincecco, Mark. and Wang, Yuhua.

Wartime Educational Loss and Attitudes Towards Democratic Institutions
 Liu, Shelley.

Warts and All: Media Freedom as a Commitment Device for Dictators
 Stafford, Eoghan.

Was the Good News from the Paris Climate Deal Good News for the Environment?
 Friscia, Bronwyn.

Watchdog at the Door: Why Agencies Respond to Voluntary Requests from Congress
 Ray, John.

Watchful Eyes and Social Desirability Bias in Polling
 Brown, Adam. and Gubler, Joshua.

Water Wars in China: Negotiations over Eco-Compensation Mechanisms
 Teets, Jessica.

Water for the Rich or Poor? The Politics of Progress in Water and Sanitation
 Nelson-Nunez, Jami. and Pizzi, Elise.

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You Disgust Me! Campaigns, Emotions, and Political Discussion Networks
 Wolak, Jennifer. and Sokhey, Anand.

You Still Live There: Limitations of the Social Welfare Policy in Housing.
 Wilson, Meghan. and Kidd, Victoria.

You've Talked Me into it: Major-Party Defection in New and Established Contexts
 Licari, Peter.

Young People and Populist Attitudes in Established Democracies
 Hooghe, Marc.

Young People in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
 Wattenberg, Martin.

Youth Parties: Equalizing or Reinforcing the Gender Imbalance?
 Ohmura, Tamaki. and Bailer, Stefanie.


Zarathustra in the Anthropocene: Nietzsche, Climate Change, and Political Theory
 Sardo, Michael.
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