APSA Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2019-Aug-28 to 2019-Sep-02

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"A Cunningly Devised Swindle": Frederick Douglass on Reconstruction's Failure
 Svabek, Lawrence.

"Analytic Iteration in Field Research"
 Kapiszewski, Diana., MacLean, Lauren. and Read, Benjamin.

"Awful Agency": The James Brothers and their American Exceptionalism
 Schmidt, Ronald.

"Flint Lives Matter!": Populist Frames and Environmental Racism
 Pauli, Benjamin.

"Game of Thrones” as a Tool for Teaching International Relations and Politics
 Campbell, Joel.

"I'll Make a Male Ally Out of You": Women's Impact on Men in Parliaments
 Nugent, Mary.

"Scoring Points?" Diverse Judicial Nominations and Presidential Accomplishment
 Badas, Alex. and Stauffer, Katelyn.

"So Terrible Among Men": Montesquieu, the Judicial Power and Political Liberty
 Ward, Ann.

"The Challenge of Populism" Revisited: An Analysis of Old and New Populism
 Federici, Michael.

"The Déclassés of All Classes"
 Markell, Patchen.

"The Passage is Through:" Relations of Accountability in Lesbian Politics
 Gambino, Elena.

"Time to Wake Up:" Climate Advocacy in a Polarized Congress, 1996-2015
 Bohr, Jeremiah., Dunlap, Riley. and Guber, Deborah.

"Towards a Tragic Theory of Honor: Power, Agency, and the Desire for Heroes"
 Rahman, Smita.

"Violence on Many Sides:" Framing Effects on Protests and Support for Repression
 Arnon, Daniel. and Edwards, Pearce.

#Kremlin: Using Hashtags to Analyze Russian Disinformation
 Oates, Sarah.

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A "Mittelpolitan" Urban Response to Climate Change
 Fox, Russell.

A Bayesian Multilevel Model with Time-Varying Spatial Autoregressive Coefficient
 Pang, Xun. and Liu, Licheng.

A Bonanza for Bad Politicians: Ilegal Mining and Criminal Candidates in Peru
 Bandiera, Antonella.

A Booth of One’s Own: Female-Only Polling Stations’ Effectiveness in Pakistan
 Malik, Rabia.

A Bug in Democracy: Mythical and True Flaws in the Electoral College
 Wang, Samuel.

A Coercive Brotherhood: Sino-Vietnam Relations from the 1990s to 2018
 Lai, Christina.

A Comparative Study of the July Crisis and Its Precursors
 Levy, Jack.

A Comparison of Political Salafism in Egypt and Political Haredism in Israel
 Kirdis, Esen.

A Conceptual Framework for Bias Intervention in Political Decision-Making
 Miller, Benjamin. and Jung, Seyoung.

A Conservative Right to Privacy: The Reassociation of a Progressive Ideal
 Wuest, Joanna.

A Constructivist Theory of Place-Based Identities
 Harpole, Charles.

A Countermajoritarian Institution in the Public Mind
 Hahm, Hyeonho. and Zilis, Michael.

A Cross-Country Analysis of The Internet and Democratization Trends
 Evci, Ugurcan.

A Demographic Shift in Political Science Students
 Hermann, John.

A Discriminating Irreverence: Arnold and Twain on Democratic Culture and Humor
 Johnson, Joel.

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Babbitt, Romanticism, and the Twilight of the Humanities
 Adler, Eric.

Back to Government: The Career Paths of Revolving Door Lobbyists
 Silfa, Maria.

Back to the Future: The Death of Neoliberalism and the Return of Politics
 Wheeler, Zachariah.

Backing Off or Ramping Up? Incivility Dynamics and Audience Feedback
 Shmargad, Yotam., Coe, Kevin. and Kenski, Kate.

Backlash! The Backlash Narrative of New Right Populism
 Tipler, Kathleen.

Backsliding vs. Building: How Changes in Regime Type Affect Attitudes Toward War
 Stein, Rachel. and Evers, Miles.

Bad Luck and Resilience in Euripides’ Trojan Women
 Schillinger, Daniel.

Band of (Br)Others? Veterans in Civil Rights Fights in the US & Germany
 Vasquez, Paul.

Band of Brothers or Band of Professionals? Military Views of Unit Cohesion
 Spindel, Jennifer. and Ralston, Robert.

Bank Credit and Redistributive Preferences: Experimental Evidence from the UK
 Markgraf, Jonas. and Rosas, Guillermo.

Banking for the Public Interest
 Wiedenbrüg, Anahí.

Banks and Violence
 Bayer, Resat., Kemahlioglu, Ozge. and ARI EROL, Emine.

Barriers and Facilitators to Implementing the ACA's Balancing Incentive Program
 Beauregard, Lisa. and Miller, Edward.

Barriers to Registering Returning Citizens in Florida
 Smith, Daniel.

Barrio Politics: (A)Political Life in Marginalized Communities
 Rivas Pineda, Yanira.

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CASM: A Deep-Learning Approach for Identifying Collective Action Events
 Pan, Jennifer. and Zhang, Han.

Called to Testify: Congressional Oversight of the Armed Forces
 Blankshain, Jessica. and Reveron, Derek.

Campaign Contributions and the Case of Competing Interest Groups
 Finger, Leslie. and Reckhow, Sarah.

Campaign Messages and Strategic Adjustment in Multi-stage Elections
 Le Pennec, Caroline.

Campaign, Disinformation and Influence in the 2019 Indonesian National Elections
 Neyazi, Taberez.

Can Community Policing Increase State Legitimacy After Conflict? Evidence from Iraq
 Revkin, Mara.

Can Digital Literacy Save Us from Fake News? Evidence from the U.S.
 Guess, Andrew., Lyons, Ben., Montgomery, Jacob., Nyhan, Brendan. and Reifler, Jason.

Can Energy System Change Produce Political Change? Evidence from the US
 Trachtman, Sam.

Can Holocaust Memory Constrain Populism?: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
 Wolfgram, Mark.

Can ICT Nudges Prompt Better Social Service Provision? Evidence from Sierra Leone
 Sheely, Ryan. and Dixit, Akshay.

Can Incidental Exposure to News Close the Political Knowledge Gap?
 Weeks, Brian., Lane, Daniel., Potts, Lauren. and Kwak, Nojin.

Can Keeping Promises Fail Democracy? Campaign Pledges in Turkey and the US
 Tafolar, Mine. and Kostadinova, Petia.

Can Liberal States Treat Political and Economic Refugees Alike?
 Iida, Fumio.

Can Nationalists be Pluralists?
 Plaw, Avery.

Can Participation Compensate for Policy Inequity? Evidence from Sidewalk Repairs
 de Benedictis-Kessner, Justin.

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DHS and the Challenges of 21st Century Border Management
 Rohrbaugh, Ben.

Dams and Social Contentions in Africa
 Lee, Sojeong. and Wiegand, Krista.

Dancing in Chains: Policy Influence of Environmental Organizations in China
 Tan, Honggang.

Dangerous Migrants? Linkages between Migration, Crime, and Terrorism in Russia
 Omelicheva, Mariya.

Dangerously Divided: Race Trumps Class in Shaping Who Wins in American Democracy
 Hajnal, Zoltan.

Data Collection and War Gaming
 Schneider, Jacquelyn.

David Hume's "Mercenary Strangers"
 Charette, Danielle.

Day and Night: Dynamic Racial Contexts and Political Preferences
 Hamel, Brian. and Wilcox-Archuleta, Bryan.

De Facto Suffrage: A Field Experiment to Improve Women's Turnout in Pakistan
 Cheema, Ali., Khan, Sarah., Liaqat, Asad. and Mohmand, Shandana.

De Facto and De Jure Central Bank Independence
 Gavin, Michael. and Manger, Mark.

De-Personalization: Front National’s Transformation along Leadership Transition
 Takeichi, Yurina.

Deadly Dates: The Effect of Holy Days on Terrorism
 Lucas, Caleb.

Dear Mothers
 Marso, Lori.

Debating Indigenous Women’s Citizenship Status in Canada
 Walsh, Denise.

Debt, Credit, and Class Formation in the New Gilded Age
 Zackin, Emily. and Thurston, Chloe.

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Eager Hearts and Indoctrinated Minds
 Lehmann, Todd., Sun, Jessica. and Tyson, Scott.

Early Medieval Nationhood: Nation and People in the Bible
 Schoen, Anna Marisa.

Early Voting Restrictions Impact on Local Elections
 Alberda, Gayle.

Earmarks, Race and Ethnicity, and Congressional Representation
 Chaturvedi, Neil.

Eco-Queer: Queering Environmental Politics and Greening Queer Politics
 Feng, Jeff.

Ecological Populism: Politics in Defense of Home
 Koutnik, Gregory.

Ecological or Environmental Populism in Times of Rapid Climate Change?
 Luke, Timothy.

Economic Adjustment and Political Transformation in Europe
 Jones, Erik.

Economic Anxiety, Racial Insecurity, and the "Rise of China"
 Ebner, David.

Economic Crisis and Regime Transitions From Within
 Djuve, Vilde. and Knutsen, Carl Henrik.

Economic Growth and Urban Self-Government: Evidence from Medieval Europe
 Doucette, Jonathan.

Economic Growth in Fluid Polities: Evidence from Africa
 Nwokora, Zim., Pak, Anton. and Pelizzo, Riccardo.

Economic Hardship, Political Corruption and the Emergence of Challenger Parties
 Solé-Ollé, Albert.

Economic Interdependence and Conflict on International Rivers in the Era of GVC
 Pang, Xun. and He, QingQian.

Economic Sanctions and the UN Security Council
 Allen, Susan. and Yuen, Amy.

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FWD: RE: Don't Forget to Pay your Taxes. Reminders and Compliance in Venezuela
 Gallego, Jorge.

Factions and Distributive Politics in India
 Goyal, Tanushree.

Factors Incentivizing Bipartisan Coalition Building in the American Legislatures
 Powell, Lynda.

Failing Sequences of Democratization: Insights from the Domination Method
 Maxwell, Laura., Wilson, Matthew. and Lindberg, Staffan.

Failing to Learn in the Laboratories of Democracy
 Kroeger, Mary., Montero, Sergio. and Abramson, Scott.

Failure of Failed State Approaches in Explaining Piracy
 Jeong, Keunsoo.

Failures of Epistemic Duty and Democratic Equality: Lippmann, Orwell, and Rawls
 Moon, Alexander.

Fairness Perceptions, Governance, and Democratic Satisfaction in Latin America
 Saxton, Gregory.

Fairness and Harm: Individual Opinions in the European Court of Human Rights
 Stiansen, Øyvind. and Fazekas, Zoltan.

Fairness and International Cooperation
 Tomz, Michael. and Weeks, Jessica.

Faith-based Groups and Everyday Environmentalism: Challenge to Elite Privilege?
 Bomberg, Elizabeth.

Familiarity and the Emergence of Constituent Attitudes
 Esterling, Kevin., Minozzi, William. and Neblo, Michael.

Family Matters in a Meritocracy: Networks and Officialdom in the Joseon Dynasty
 Paik, Christopher.

Family Matters: Education and Indoctrination in an Authoritarian Regime
 Kao, Jay.

Family Structure and the Gender Turnout Gap
 Schafer, Jerome. and Cantoni, Enrico.

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Gambling on Backlash: The Role of Repression In Protest Strategy
 Brown, Joseph.

Gangs, State Capacity, and Development
 Sviatschi, Maria. and Schmidt-Padilla, Carlos.

Gender (In)Equality in the Undocumented Youth Movement
 Lauby, Fanny.

Gender Differences in Emotional Responses to Partisan Cues
 Gothreau, Claire., Bakker, Bert. and Arceneaux, Kevin.

Gender Differences in the Impact of Winning on Satisfaction with Democracy
 Singh, Shane. and Williams, Neil.

Gender Diversity in Central Banks: What are the Consequences?
 Bodea, Cristina. and Kerner, Andrew.

Gender Egalitarian Attitudes and Support for Islamist Parties in the Middle East
 Mhajne, Anwar. and Saxton, Gregory.

Gender Gaps in Political Participation in Asia
 Liu, Shan-Jan Sarah.

Gender Priming's (Limited) Effects on Public Opinion Toward Transgender Rights
 Billard, Thomas. and Nesfield, Sam.

Gender Quotas and Party Strategy in Tunisia’s 2018 Municipal Elections
 Blackman, Alexandra., Clark, Julia. and Şaşmaz, Aytuğ.

Gender Representation and Mayoral Elections in Turkey
 Marschall, Melissa. and Konak Unal, Saadet.

Gender and Accountability for Political Violence: Female ISIS in Mosul, Iraq
 Mironova, Vera.

Gender and Donations in State Appeals Court Elections
 Smith, Andrew. and Kazungu, Conny.

Gender and Jus Sanguinis: Chinese-American Citizenship, 1898-1960
 McKenzie, Beatrice.

Gender and Power: Constructions, Structures, and Constraints
 Goren, Lilly.

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Habitual Consumption, Individual Trade Preference, and Recessionary Periods
 Li, Jingwei Maggie.

Hacked IT Superpower: How Rising Digital Democracy India Secures its Cyberspace
 Ebert, Hannes.

Halfway to 2020: Exploring Donald Trump's Speeches at Midterm
 O\' Brien, Shannon.

Hamilton vs Smith: Theories of Representation at the Poughkeepsie Convention
 Muzzio, Douglas. and De Maio, Gerald.

Handle Our Own Business: Bargaining in the Shadow of the ICC
 Bates, Genevieve.

Hannah Arendt, Virgil, and the Question of America’s Founding
 Hammer, Dean.

Harassment of Parliamentary Candidates in Established Democracies
 Collignon, Sofia., Sajuria, Javier. and Rudig, Wolfgang.

Hard Cases Make Bad Law? A Theoretical Investigation
 Shahshahani, Sepehr.

Harder, Better, Faster? Populist Legislative Performance in the Czech Republic
 Roberts, Andrew. and Havlík, Vlastimil.

Hating to Lose More than Liking to Win: Prospect Theory and Euro-Populism
 Varga, Timea.

Hawkishness and The Credibility of Foreign Threats: A Experimental Study
 Pierucci, Anthony. and Wu, Kuan-Sheng.

Hawks, Doves and Audience Costs: A Survey Experiment
 Liu, Kwan Ho Samuel. and Quek, Kai.

Health Governance Convergence in France and Germany
 Bandelow, Nils., Hassenteufel, Patrick. and Hornung, Johanna.

Health Service Delivery and Political Trust in Nigeria
 Croke, Kevin., Chukwuma, Adanna. and Bossert, Thomas.

Heaven on Earth: Explaining Religious Party Formation and Strength
 Rebelo, Mario.

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I am Right and I Know It
 Klemmensen, Robert., Lassen, David., Serritzlew, Soren. and Hansen, Sune.

I, Parasite: A Spider-Wasp Method for Political Theory
 Dolgert, Stefan.

IGO Coordination, Aid Fragmentation, and Development Goals
 Ram, Melanie H..

IGOs, High Courts, and Human Rights Protections
 Reid, Rebecca.

IMF Conditionality and the Local Ownership of Structural Reforms
 Konstantinidis, Nikitas. and Reinsberg, Bernhard.

IO Officials, Governments, and the Creation of World Bank’s Private Sector Arms
 St John, Taylor. and Gertz, Geoffrey.

Iberian Immunity: Examining Far Right Weakness in Spain and Portugal
 Allen, Trevor.

Ideal Point Estimation with Partial Rank Preference Data
 Ogura, Ikuma.

Identifying Strategies to Correct Misinformation about the MMR Vaccine
 Lunz Trujillo, Kristin., Callaghan, Timothy., Sylvester, Steven. and Motta, Matthew.

Identifying The Micro Foundations of Gender Policy Change in Policing Governance
 Gains, Francesca. and Lowndes, Vivien.

Identifying the Rich:
 Civil Registration and State-Building in Tanzania
 Bowles, Jeremy.

Identity & Implementation: The Effect of Victim Ethnicity on Reparations Policy
 Greenstein, Claire.

Identity Development and Participation of Special Needs Parents
 Callaghan, Timothy., Sylvester, Steven. and Schneider, Monica.

Identity Politics Cost Us the Election: Gendered Effects in Electoral Narratives
 Masket, Seth. and Haines, Pavielle.

Identity and Clientelism in Divided Societies
 Cammett, Melani., Kruszewska, Dominika. and Atallah, Samira.

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Jefferson's Unitary Executive Theory, as Expressed in His Presidential Newspaper
 Laracey, Melvin.

Jerusalem in Hannah Arendt?
 Stevens, Jacqueline.

Jesting with Giants: Rabelais on the Political Uses of Wit
 Black, Zak.

Jewish Sources in Frederick Douglass’ Political Theology of Anti-Slavery
 Lesch, Charles.

John Boyd the Cyber Clausewitz: Potential Cyber Grand Strategist.
 St. Marie, Joseph. and Stanton, Samuel.

John Locke and Basic Equality under Law
 Chun, Michelle.

John Locke on Religious Toleration: “Sincerity,” Submission, and Civil Order
 Brown, Julia.

John Marshall, Slavery, and Anti-Nationalist Constitutional Decision-Making
 Finkelman, Paul.

Joint Military Exercises and the Management of Military Relationships
 Bernhardt, Jordan.

Jokes with Impact? Viewers of Late Night Pol Comedy, Pol Inv and News Sources
 Farnsworth, Stephen. and Lichter, S. Robert.

Judging Ideology
 Carr, Matthew.

Judgment and the Public Good: Response and Recovery in the Athenian Courts
 Street, Ella.

Judicial Independence in a Competitive Authoritarian Regime
 Pozas-Loyo, Andrea. and Rios-Figueroa, Julio.

Judicial Innovation
 Hitt, Matthew., Fosdick, Bailey. and Fout, Alex.

Judicial Measures as State Repression under Authoritarian State
 Kim, Seonhee.

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K-Pop's Role in Exporting Korean Foreign Policy
 Fattore, Christina. and Remy, Jeanee.

Kant on Politics and History: The Later View
 Shell, Susan.

Karol Wojtyla and Vaclav Havel: The Unifying Effect of the Human Person
 Jones, Carly.

Kavanaugh and the Court: Institutional Legitimacy in the #MeToo Era
 Tolkin, Alexander., Mutz, Diana., Leigh, Tyler. and Martin, Lizzie.

Keeping it in the Family? Party Cohesion, Disagreement and Voter Perception
 Greene, Zachary.

Khmer Expansion into Jarai and Tumpuon Communities in Borderland Cambodia
 Lin, Erin.

Kickbacks and Limits on Campaign Donations
 Gulzar, Saad., Rueda, Miguel. and Ruiz, Nelson.

Kids That Talk Back: Intergenerational Conflict and the Politics of Care
 White, Julie.

Killing Abroad: Organizational Characteristics and International Terrorism
 Shelton, Crystal.

Killing Like a State: Insurgent Genocide in Civil War
 Tschantret, Joshua.

Kingdom of Gravity: How Saudi Arabia Influences and Attracts its Neighbourhood
 Demmelhuber, Thomas. and Zumbrägel, Tobias.

Kinship and Capitalism: Evidence from Latin America
 Puente, Ignacio., Balan, Pablo. and Aparicio, Diego.

Know Your Enemy: Misinformation and Misperceptions in Counterinsurgency
 Haim, Dotan., Nanes, Matthew. and Ravanilla, Nico.

Knowing What to Fear: Plato and Hobbes on Courage as a Kind of Knowledge
 Hawley, Michael.

Known Unknowns: The Geography of Anonymous Terrorist Attacks
 Wagner, Wendy.

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LGBT Candidates for State Legislative Seats: Winners & losers
 Gossett, Charles.

LGBT Incorporation: Party Delegates and the Politics of Sexuality, 1980-2012
 Proctor, Andrew.

Labor Mobility and the Geography of Globalized Production
 Helms, Benjamin.

Labor Rights Protection and Individual Attitudes toward Redistribution
 Han, Sung Min. and Ye, Fangjin.

Labour Rights: It's All Of Our Business
 Evans, Alice.

Lady Philosophy vs. The Experts
 Walker, Kevin.

Land Inequality, Asset Portfolio Diversification, and Public Goods Provision
 Paniagua, Victoria.

Land and Legibility: Evidence from an Urban Land Titling RCT in Congo
 Balan, Pablo., Bergeron, Augustin., Tourek, Gabriel. and Weigel, Jonathan.

Land-Grabbing in Civil Conflicts: Non-State Actors and Property in Colombia
 Pardo, Camilo. and Arias, Enrique.

Languages of Faction: Incivility and Democratic Resistance in the Early Republic
 Eber-Schmid, Noah.

Laozi, Heidegger, and the Way of Comparative Political Theory
 Dahl, Matthew.

Late Night With Donald Trump: Political Humor and America's Top Comedy Target
 Farnsworth, Stephen. and Lichter, S. Robert.

Latent Estimation of Civil War Exposure from Conflict Event Data
 Anders, Therese.

Latin American Elites Favour Polycentric Governance in Climate Change Agreements
 Freire, Danilo., Mignozzetti, Umberto. and Skarbek, David.

Latina Electability: Candidate Evaluations of Latinas Seeking State Level Offices
 Cargile, Ivy.

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MNC Litigation Outcomes in Authoritarian Courts
 Xu, Jian. and Chen, Frederick.

Machiavelli's Development of Republican Morality in The Prince
 Hoffpauir, Michael.

Machine Learning and Generative Models for Conflict Prediction and Understanding
 Colaresi, Michael. and Greene, Kevin.

Machine Learning and the Deliberative Quality Index in Canada’s Territories
 Fournier-Tombs, Eleonore. and MacKenzie, Michael.

Made You Look: Comparative Information and Selective Attention
 Lipsitz, Keena.

Madison on Property: New Perspectives on Property Rights in the Early Republic
 Kochanek, Joseph.

Magnifying Minority Voices: Rise of Ethnic Minorities MPs/Candidates in the West
 Shella, Kimberly.

Majority Party Control & Legislator Behavior: Causal Estimates of Party Effects
 Grose, Christian. and Napolio, Nicholas.

Majority Responses to Minority Participation in State Security Institutions
 Nanes, Matthew.

Making Migrations: Population Displacement Strategies in Civil Wars
 Lichtenheld, Adam.

Making Politics Male Again? Explaining Men's Political Ambition
 Clayton, Amanda., O\'Brien, Diana. and Piscopo, Jennifer.

Making Property Legible in Weak States: Theory and Evidence from Imperial Brazil
 Mangonnet, Jorge.

Making Protest Work: Protest Brokers and the Technology of Mobilization
 Lockwood, Sarah Jane.

Making Trade Electorally Salient: Trade-Related Campaign Advertising in the U.S.
 Katitas, Aycan.

Making Unequal Democracy Work?
 Schafer, Jerome. and Cantoni, Enrico.

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NATO’s Global Partnerships and it's Impact on Alliance Political-Military Norms
 Schoonover, Harvey.

NGOs and Issue Framing: Synergistic Effects on Policy Change in Bangladesh
 Badruzzaman, Aeshna.

Narco Robin Hoods: Rural Community Support for Illicit Economies and Violence
 Blume, Laura.

Narrative, Protest, and the Social Reconstruction of Disability
 Abernathy, Scott.

Narratives in Political Crisis: Slavery and the Founding in Antebellum America
 Lopez, Ramon.

Nation-Status: How Nationalist Anxieties Fuel Asian Populisms
 Ding, Iza. and Slater, Dan.

National Attachment in the Nation of Immigrants: Race and Immigration Attitudes
 Tafoya, Joe., Corral, Alvaro. and Leal, David.

National Identity Affirmation and Guilt Recognition in Japan
 Chung, Eunbin.

National Identity and Restrictions on LGBT Reproductive Rights
 Weissman, Anna.

National Migration Governance: Trafficking, Smuggling, & State Enforcement
 Lockhart, Sarah.

National NGO Data Environments: Transparency, Collaboration or Repression
 Bloodgood, Elizabeth. and Shibaike, Takumi.

National Policy Change, Local Impact? Women in Malawi Evaluate their Rights
 Maiden, Emily.

National Security Institutions and Interstate Crisis
 Jost, Tyler.

Nationalism as a Democratic and Authoritarian Resource: India and Malaysia
 Slater, Dan. and Tudor, Maya.

Nationalism in the Neighborhood: Policy Independence and Hostility to Hegemons
 Tsintsadze-Maass, Eteri.

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Objectified & Dehumanized: Do Objectifying Images Affect Policy Attitudes?
 Gothreau, Claire. and Alvarez, Amanda.

Observations on a Political Dimension of Karl Löwith's Philosophy of History
 Molchanov, Stan.

Obsolescing Bargains and Institutional Design: Balance in Post-War Institutions
 Kaya, Ayse. and Rector, Chad.

Obstacles to Rule of Law Reforms in Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia.
 Skendaj, Elton.

Obtaining Electoral Fraud Measures through Court Election Petitions
 Erlich, Aaron. and Kerr, Nicholas.

Of Mountains, Battleships, & Tanks: Territorial Effects on Military Expenditures
 Millard, Matthew.

Of Power, Worth, and Equality: The Homeric Contribution to Democratic Theory
 Saxonhouse, Arlene.

Of Time and Partisan Stability in Former Soviet States
 Aldrich, John., Mehling, Katelyn. and Renberg, Kristen.

Of What is Ferrante the Symptom? ‘Not Good Enough’ Mothers in Trump Era Film
 Rubenstein, Diane.

Office Insecurity and Elite Defections in Electoral Autocracies
 del Rio, Adrian.

Officers or Office Space? Perceptions of Military Professionalism by the Public
 Hodges, Doyle. and Blankshain, Jessica.

Oil Discoveries and Political Windfalls
 Paler, Laura., Springman, Jeremy., Grossman, Guy. and Pierskalla, Jan.

Oil Income, Political Incentives, and Public Goods in Brazil
 Brooks, Sarah. and Kurtz, Marcus.

Oil Windfalls and a Conditional Political Resource Curse
 Bhavnani, Rikhil. and Lupu, Noam.

Oil and Development: Technology, Geology, and the ‘Curse’ of Natural Resources
 Brooks, Sarah. and Kurtz, Marcus.

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Pacifying the Rebels? Foreign Trade and Domestic Protests in LDCs
 Zheng, Li.

Packing for Fear: The Political Uses of Tourism Policy in Post-Terror Contexts
 Tower, Kimberly.

Paper by Sarah Onken
 Onken, Sarah.

Para-Police, Violence, and Routine Coercion in China
 Ong, Lynette.

Parasocial Contact and Selective Exposure: LGBTQ People on Mass Media
 Flores, Andrew.

Parent Encouragement and Young Adult Voting Behavior
 Siegel-Stechler, Kelly.

Parental Political Engagement and Institutional Investment
 García-Castañon, Marcela. and Molina, Angel.

Parenthood’s Effects on Global Political Behavior
 Bittner, Amanda. and Thomas, Melanee.

Paris Without End
 Rosenthal, Abigail.

Parliamentarians’ Appeal to Interest Groups: Patterns of Signalling Interest
 Bailer, Stefanie.

Parliamentary Oversight under Autocratic Rule
 Dwinger, Felix.

Parochial Terrorism
 Shaul, Smadar.

Parochialising Europe: Aurobindo Ghose and the Long Arc of Human Evolution
 Marwah, Inder.

Part Time For All: The Care Manifesto
 Nedelsky, Jennifer.

Participation, Legitimacy, and Effective Conservation: Evidence from Brazil
 Schultz, William.

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Qualified Inclusion: Islamic Education and Immigrant Integration in Germany
 Triadafilopoulos, Triadafilos.

Quality as Quantity: Medicare Reform and the Quiet Politics of Measurement
 Rocco, Philip.

Quality of Governance and Health Outcomes in Developing Countries
 Hiroi, Taeko. and Schober, Gregory.

Quantification and Critical Junctures: Evaluating New Quantitative Studies
 Munck, Gerardo.

Quantifying Racial Identity: The Identity Point Allocation Approach
 Davenport, Lauren. and Lee, Taeku.

Quantitative Content Analysis in Political Analysis
 Bartee, Michael.

Quasi-Facts and Public Opinion
 Hubbard-Mattix, Laci.

Quebec Women and the Decline of the Liberal Party
 Brie, Evelyne. and Teele, Dawn.

Queen of the Campaign: Deracialization in a Southern City
 Benjamin, Andrea.

Queer Monsters and Colonial Fantasies: Fantomah at the Dawn of the Superhero
 Plencner, Joshua.

Queering Hamilton: Pop Culture and LGBTQ Civil Rights in U.S. Law and Politics
 Burgess, Susan.

Questioning Scrutiny: The Effect of Question Time on Citizen Efficacy and Trust in Government
 Convery, Alan., Parker, David. and Haines, Pavielle.

Quick Immersions: Fieldwork in Authoritarian Conflict Zones
 Wheeler, Deborah.

Quota Quotients: Alternative Measurements of Women’s Legislative Representation
 Nielsen, Rebecca.


Race and American Democracy: From Racial Division to Democratic Rupture
 Lieberman, Robert.

Race, Belonging, and Coalition: Examining Afro-Caribbean Intergroup Attitudes
 Gooding, Cory.

Race, Partisanship, and the Construction of the Legislative Agenda
 Bucchianeri, Peter.

Race, Party, and Representation in the Politics of Policing
 Eckhouse, Laurel.

Race, Sexism, and the Second Amendment
 Huckle, Kiku. and Mayo-Adam, Erin.

Race/Gender Appeals?: Candidate Discussion of Identity in the 2018 Midterms
 Brown, Nadia. and Gershon, Sarah.

Racial Barriers to Citizenship: Internal Migration and Voting Rights, 1787-1965
 Colbern, Allan.

Racial Capitalism, Articulated Systems of Domination, and Democratic Crisis
 Dawson, Michael.

Racial Caste, Abolitionism, and Democracy in Charles Sumner’s Political Thought
 Ramesh, Hari.

Racial Conservatism and Turnout: Divergence of Non-White and White Evangelicals
 Chan, Nathan.

Racial Disparity Among Women and Men
 McCall, Andrew.

Racial Diversity, District Representation, and Polarization in Congress
 Hansen, Eric.

Racial Justice in an Age of Finance
 Katzenstein, Emily.

Racial Multidimensionality and Political Representation in Brazil
 Janusz, Andrew.

Racial Resentment Measures: Do Racial Attitude Psychometrics Really Matter?
 Wilson, David., Davis, Darren. and Fan, Meng.

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SCOTUS and The New Media Landscape
 Wedeking, Justin. and Zilis, Michael.

SOF’s Zone Warfare: A New Way Of Envisioning The Battlespace in Limited War
 Harrington, Anne.

S'occuper de ses onions: The Civic Virtue of Minding Your Own Business
 McGinnis, Briana.

Sacrificial Lambs: Female Candidates in New Democracies
 Warren, Shana.

Same-Gender Substantive Representation: Legislative Actions and Responsiveness
 Michelitch, Kristin. and Kim, Sangeun.

Sanctions Enforcement and the Costs of Economic Coercion
 Bapat, Navin., Early, Bryan. and Grauvogel, Julia.

Sanctions, Foreign Direct Investment, and Firms' Ex Ante Risk Assessment
 Cilizoglu, Menevis.

Sanctuary Cities in Europe?
 Kaufmann, David. and Räss, Nora.

Sanctuary or Noncooperation? Framing Effects on Immigration Policy
 Ramakrishnan, Karthick., Merolla, Jennifer. and Haynes, Chris.

Sandwich Strategy in China’s Environmental Governance: Top-down and Bottom-up
 Cao, Qingyang., Mei, Ciqi. and Meng, Tianguang.

Satisfaction with Democracy in Sub-national Undemocratic Regimes
 Lee, Helen.

Satisficing and Measurement Accuracy of List Experiments
 Kuhn, Patrick. and Vivyan, Nick.

Satisfied and Populist? Mass Support for Populism in Power
 Aytaç, S. Erdem. and Carkoglu, Ali.

Saviors or Slackers? Young People’s Preferences in a Not-so-Silver Democracy
 Steel, Gill.

Scaling Up and Down Truces and Negotiations with Criminal Actors
 Duran-Martinez, Angelica.

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TSCS Causal Inference Using Bayesian Dynamic Multilevel State-Space Models
 Pang, Xun. and Liu, Licheng.

Tabloid Media and Eurosceptic Attitudes - A Quasi-experiment on Media Influence
 Foos, Florian. and Bischof, Daniel.

Tacit Compliance: State Sovereignty and the UNHCR's Authority
 Abramson, Yehonatan.

Tackling Druglords in an Incipient Market: Police Raids & Drug Crime in Uruguay
 Bogliaccini, Juan., Monogan, James. and Pereira, Juan.

Tactics of Repression and Dissent in Jerusalem
 Finkel, Evgeny., Lupu, Yonatan., Miodownik, Dan. and Weiss, Chagai.

Take Back Control: Using OERs to Boost Faculty Autonomy & Student Engagement
 Baek, Kyeonghi., Sarwari, Mehwish. and Yacobucci, Peter.

Taking the Public Out of Education Politics: Off-Cycle School Board Elections
 Hartney, Michael. and Hayes, Sam.

Tale of Two Cities: Dangerous Times for Paul and Sophocles
 Miller, Char.

Talented Officials: Popular Dimensions of Anti-Colonial Imperialism
 Haskins, Alex.

Talk Authoritarian to Me: Measuring Authoritarianism Using Speech
 Wronski, Julie., Klingler, Jonathan., Ramey, Adam. and Hollibaugh, Gary.

Talking Across Boundaries: Intergroup Disagreement and Outgroup Attitudes
 Beauvais, Edana. and Stolle, Dietlind.

Talking In Slogans: Elite Contention in Communist Public Media
 Yuan, Yin.

Talking Points: A Bandit Theory of Political Agency
 Kocak, Korhan.

Talking Smack: How Congressional Candidates Frame the Opioid Epidemic
 Collens, Jack.

Talking Space: Negotiation Structure and the Rise of International Space Law
 Hagopian, Andrew.

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UI and Investment in Task-Specic Skills: Evidence from Experiments
 Ahlquist, John. and Ansell, Ben.

UN Peacekeeping Operations: From Mandate to Practices on the Ground and Back
 Blair, Robert., Di Salvatore, Jessica. and Smidt, Hannah.

US Democracy: Founded on Fear of People but Dependent on Support of People
 Slaton, Christa.

US Economic Policy Uncertainty is Presidential
 Duch, Raymond.

US Health Policy Expertise: In Keeping with the Pluralistic Democratic Model?
 Lepont, Ulrike.

US Legislators’ Public Responses to the 2017 Travel Ban
 Gause, LaGina., Garcia, Jennifer. and Stout, Christopher.

US Public Opinion on Improving Low-Performing Schools
 Schueler, Beth. and West, Martin.

US-Led Regional Banks and the Limits to Diffusing Environmental Policies
 Obydenkova, Anastassia. and Rodrigues Vieira, Vinicius.

Unbreakable Legacies? Redistricting, Political Capital and the Personal Vote
 Van Coppenolle, Brenda. and Velasco Rivera, Carlos.

Uncertainty Framing of Environmental Disasters and the Willingness to Protest
 Matejova, Miriam. and Merkley, Eric.

Uncle Toms & As-a-Jews: The Distinctive Political Status of Dissident Minorities
 Schraub, David.

Uncovering Bureaucratic Hierarchies Using Career Paths
 Keller, Franziska.

Undemocratic Regime Types and Immunization Against Extremism
 Leão, Catarina.

Undergraduate Field Research Model: Making the Most of a Government Internship
 Green, William.

Understanding American Attitudes towards Inequality: A Qualitative Approach
 Wager, Emily.

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Validating Survey Estimates of Split-Ticket Voting with Ballot Image Log Data
 Agadjanian, Alexander. and Robinson, Jonathan.

Value Diversity and Political Appointees
 Resh, William.

Variance in Media Trust under Populist Regimes: Evidence from Latin America
 Cronkhite, Amanda.

Variation in Medicaid Administration and Corresponding Political Attitudes
 Dost, Meredith.

Variation in Time Horizons in International Crises: An Experimental Exploration
 Dvir, Rotem.

Variations in Industry PAC Adaptation to a Polarizing Congress
 Larson, Bruce. and Heberlig, Eric.

Variations in the Motivations of Law Enforcement: Arrest and >> Torture Beyond the War on Drugs
 Barba-Sanchez, Daniela.

Varieties of Bureaucracy: Implementing Primary Education in Rural India
 Mangla, Akshay.

Varieties of Opposition: Regionalism and Populism in Western Europe, 1990 - 2010
 Kelle, Friederike. and Koch, Cedric.

Varieties of Populism in India: Concepts and Correlates
 Varshney, Ashutosh. and Ayyangar, Srikrishna.

Varieties of US State-Level Democracy
 Grumbach, Jake., Michener, Jamila. and Rocco, Philip.

Venezuela under Chávez – Sponsoring and Inspiring the Neighbours
 Kneuer, Marianne.

Vertical v. Horizontal Persuasion - A comparison of the IACHR and the ICC
 Garcia Iommi, Lucrecia. and Gonzalez Ocantos, Ezequiel.

Vianna, Freyre, and Voegelin on the Idea of Race and its Political Implications
 Schmidt Passos, Eduardo.

Victims or Perpetrators: Women in the Fight Against “Galamsey” in Ghana
 Asamoah-Gyadu, Griselda.

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Wages for Facebook? Feminist Perspectives on Valuing Data
 Weigel, Moira.

Waking a Sleeping Giant: How Anti-Immigrant Policies & Rhetoric Mobilize Latinos
 Valentino, Nicholas., Valenzuela, Ali., Wasow, Omar. and Barreto, Matt.

War Financing in Authoritarian States
 Cantelmo, Robert.

War and Social Hierarchies
 Webster, Kaitlyn., Torres, Priscilla. and Beardsley, Kyle.

War of Words: How Presidential Rhetoric and Anti-War Messages Compete
 Maxey, Sarah. and Roblin, Stephen.

Wargaming as a Tool for Theory Development: Missile Defense and Nuclear Risk
 Barzashka, Ivanka.

Wargaming “War Games”: Does Thermonuclear Cyber War Exist?
 Schechter, Benjamin. and Shaffer, Rachael.

Wartime Outcomes and Post-War Violence: The Case of Abkhazia
 Shesterinina, Anastasia.

Was the Dominion of Newfoundland a Rentier State?
 Kirkpatrick, Andrew.

Washington, FDR, and the Constitutional Limits on Presidential Power
 Cash, Jordan.

Watching the Waltz: Interstate Group Ties and Foreign Policy Protests
 McCulloch, Caitlin.

Watching the Watchers: Sources for Studying Cyber Operations 
 Buchanan, Ben.

Water Conflict: An Empirical Test for Neo-Malthusian View with Remote Sense Data
 He, QingQian.

Water Kiosks and the Profits of Government Distrust
 Teodoro, Manny. and Zuhlke, Samantha.

We Are Not Alone: Nonhuman Animals in Our Urban Spaces
 Reese, Laura.

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Xenophon’s Critique of Teleology
 Sebell, Dustin.


You Are Who You Recruit: Introducing Bottom-Up Organizational Transformation
 Foster, Margaret.

You Only Dissent Once: Re-Appointment & Legal Practice in Investment Arbitration
 Strezhnev, Anton.

You Win, I Lose: On the Spatial Interdependence of Lobbying Outcomes
 Egerod, Benjamin. and Junk, Wiebke Marie.

Young Mayors and Municipal Social Welfare
 McClean, Charles.

Young or New? A Temporal Approach to the Institutionalization of Party Systems
 Casal Bertoa, Fernando. and Enyedi, Zsolt.

Youth Bulges in Sub-Saharan Africa: Questioning Definitions, Change, and Usage
 Stanley, Aaron.

Youth in Eastern Europe: Transnationalism and Political Attitudes
 Sasse, Gwendolyn.
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