The 58th Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt 2007-Apr-18 to 2007-Apr-22

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"The Taking of Joppa" and Historical Fiction in the New Kingdom
 Manassa, Colleen.

2006-07 Excavations at Mersa/Wadi Gawasis
 Bard, Kathryn.

“Al-Ghazālī’s Misunderstanding of the Islamic Political Philosophy of al-Fārābī in The Deliverance from Error”
 Kleven, Terence.

“Brown Skin is Half the Beauty”: Conceptions of Skin Color and Beauty in Contemporary Egypt
 Poole, Maurita.

“The Coptic textiles in the collection of the National Museum of Ireland”
 Kadzik-Bartoszewska, Anna.

“The potter is covered with earth…” A ceramic workshop at Askut and the organization of pottery production in ancient Egypt.
 Smith, Stuart.


A Contextualized Typology for Predynastic Watercraft
 Lippiello, Lauren.

A Cylinder Seal with the name of Peribsen inside the cartouche
 Tiradritti, Francesco.

A Historical Analysis of Early Coptic Art
 Heikkinen, Deanna.

A New New Kingdom Representation of Reshep and Astarte from North Sinai
 Hoffmeier, James.

A Preliminary Report on the Old Kingdom - Early Dynastic Excavations at Mendes, the 2005 and 2006 Seasons
 Adams, Matthew.

A Royal Glass Head from the Corning Museum of Glass
 Shanley, Annie.

A Technological Evaluation of the Flint Blade Core Reduction Sequence at Wadi El-Sheikh, Middle Egypt
 Barket, Theresa. and Yohe, Robert.

A Tomb in Context: The Journey of Kagemni Though the Cosmos
 Warne, Daniel.
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A view from the outside: Jeremiah on Egypt
 Mittelman, Rachel.
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Al-Qaysar's Wine of Love
 Homerin, Thomas Emil.

An Egyptian Funerary Ritual of the Roman Period: Papyrus Stevens in the Toledo Museum of Art
 Wilfong, Terry.

An Innovative Long-Term Loan Project
 Scott, Gerry.

An Unusual Coffin from the Michael C. Carlos Museum
 Fitzgerald, Clare.

Aspects of life in a New Kingdom fort: Field II at Tell el-Borg, North Sinai.
 Mumford, Gregory.

aHa.n,, and the Second Tense, oh, my: Narrative and Descriptive Verb Forms in the Middle Egyptian Tales
 Jay, Jacqueline.
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Conflicting Reports and Function of a Miniature Mask allegedly removed from a KV- 54 Vessel
 Hoff, DeeAnn.

Conical Offering Vessels from Middle Kingdom Abydos
 Yamamoto, Kei.
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Dating Egyptian Statuary: The Meryneith dyad as a case study
 Kiser-Go, Deanna.

Demotic Graffiti in the Valley of the Kings
 Vinson, Steve. and Cruz-Uribe, Eugene.

Diachronic Study of Bird Representations in Marsh Scenes
 Bailleul-LeSuer, Rozenn.

Discovery of Ancient Amazonite Quarries in the Eastern Desert
 Harrell, James.

Domitian and the Contra-Temple of East Karnak
 Klotz, David.
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Dovetails or Lashings: A Case Study in Middle Kingdom Ship Construction (The Cairo Dahshur Boats)
 Creasman, Pearce Paul.
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Egyptian spirituality: a comparative study on saints' veneration in Ancient and modern Egypt.
 haikal, fayza.

Erotes, Victories and Angels Carrying Roundels. Iconography and Meaning in Late Antique Egyptian Art
 Auth, Susan.

European Royalty and Politics in Egypt in 1933
 Begg, D.J. Ian.

Evidence for Early Ritual Activity in the Predynastic Settlement at el-Mahâsna
 Anderson, David.

Evidence for the Impact of State Formation in the Late Predynastic from the Northern Cemetery of Ballas
 Podzorski, Patricia.


Feasting and Dance as Expressions of Social Interaction in Ancient Egyptian Art
 Green, Lyn.

From Tradition to Trend: The Development of a Tanite Repertoire of Mortuary Texts (21st - 22nd Dynasties)
 Wilson, Amy.


Gauguin and Egypt: Enkindling East and West
 Hedrick, Linnea. and Reyes, Dan.

Gayer-Anderson’s Egyptian Collection in Cairo
 Ikram, Salima.

Getting to the Bottom of the Bowl: An Analysis of the Ceramics from the City of Thebes, Behind the Mut Temple, Luxor
 Sullivan, Elaine.

Google Earth and Egyptian archaeology: not just another pretty picture
 Parcak, Sarah.

Granary Models and Household Storage at Abydos: Actual and Ideal Domestic Economy
 Adams, Matthew.


Heliopolis: Rebirth of the City of the Sun
 Dobrowolska, Agnieszka.


Interpreting the Decorative Program and Function of Tutankhamun's Small Golden Shrine
 Robins, Gay.


Johns Hopkins Expedition to the Mut Temple, 2006-7
 Bryan, Betsy.


Khepereru – Scarabs. Thoughts on the Examination of Egyptian Scarabs
 Schulz, Regine.

Kom Aushim, KomK, and KomW: Rescue Excavations, Preservation, and Site Management in the Fayum
 Wendrich, Willeke.


Magazines, Museums, and the Masses
 Bednarski, Andrew.

Mixed Media: Materia and Opus in Mamluk Glass Mosaic Decoration
 Kenney, Ellen.


Naming the demonic in the Egyptian belief system
 Kousoulis, Panagiotis.

Nephthys and Seth: Anatomy of a Mythical Marriage
 Levai, Jessica.

New Kingdom Equines from North Sinai
 Lim, Jessica.

New Light on the Joseph Smith Papyri
 Gee, John.

New Studies on the Mummies of Akhmim (2006-07)
 Elias, Jonathan. and Lupton, Carter.

News from Abydos South: 2006 Discoveries at the Pyramid Complex of Ahmose
 Harvey, Stephen.


On the distinction between hbsy.t and hm.t
 Davies, Vanessa.


Pacific Lutheran University Valley of the Kings Project: Report of the 2006 Field Season.
 Ryan, Donald.

Parallax in the Iconography of Akhenaten
 Angenot, Valérie.

Peace With Honor: Ramesses II and the Egyptian-Hittite “Peace Process”
 Brand, Peter.

Personal Names and Gender Identity at Deir el-Medina
 Lorenz, Megaera.
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Pinch-pots and Diaper Rash: Early Childhood in Lahun
 Szpakowska, Kasia.

Pottery as cultural manifestation of the pastoral nomads in the Eastern Desert in Late Roman times
 Barnard, Hans.

Preliminary Report on the 2007 Season of Oriental Institute Salvage Excavation at the 4th Cataract
 James, Justine.

Presenting Egypt’s Past: Archaeology and Identity in Egyptian Museum Practice
 Doyon, Wendy.

Proof of the True Use of "Cosmetic" Spoons as Funerary Ritual Spoons
 Kozloff, Arielle.

Ptah “Who Hears Prayers”: The Ramesside partiality for Ptah.
 Ausec, Cindy.


Ramesside Didactic Manuscripts – Their Purposes, Teaching Methodologies, and Copying
 Goelet, Ogden.

Reading the Regalia: A Contextual Study into the Variations and Significance of Royal Costume
 Calvert, Amy.

Revisiting Papyrus Turin 55001
 O\'Connor, David.

Ritual of Introducing the Multitude on the last day of Tekh
 Barbash, Yekaterina.

Royal Ideology in Ancient Egypt and Kush: A Comparative Study
 Revez, Jean.


Sanctioned Killing in Ancient Egypt
 Muhlestein, Kerry.

Saving Hibeh: A Report on Recent Preservation and Conservation Efforts at Tell El-Hibeh
 Yohe, Robert. and Morgenstein, Maury.

Sed Festival Reliefs of the Old Kingdom
 Richter, Barbara.
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Sex as a votive offering at the Osiris temple
 Marlar, Michelle.
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Sinuhe: What's In a Name?
 Meltzer, Edmund.

Some remarks about the religion of Persians in Egypt
 Mikolajczak, Tytus.
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Starry Savior: The Sacred Role of Nut in the Tomb
 Wade, Cory.

Survey of Geological Artifacts Encountered at Tell el-Borg, NW Sinai, Egypt
 Moshier, Stephen.


Ten Years of ARCE Conservation in Medieval Cairo
 Dobrowolski, Jaroslaw.

The Agriculture in Egypt During the Circassian Mamluk Period (1468-1517)
 Mujani, Wan.

The Archaeological Context of an Old Kingdom Bowl from Mendes in the Brooklyn Museum of Art
 Cody, Madeleine.

The Archaeometry of Painting
 Hartwig, Melinda.

The Beginning of the Empire: Viceroys, Viziers & the Amun Priesthood in the Early 18th Dynasty
 Shirley, JJ.

The Bible, the scribal tradition and some insects.
 Gillam, Robyn.

The Coffins of Iyhat and Tairy: a tale of two cities
 Dodson, Aidan.

The Cultural Significance of the Recumbent Lion in Ancient Egypt
 Kurth, Alison.

The Foundation Ceremony at Akhetaten
 Castle, Edward.

The Funerary Papyri of Hatnofer: Last of a Purely Cursive Breed?
 Dorman, Peter.

The Luxor De-watering Project

The Luxor Temple Roman Frescos Project
 Jones, Michael.

The Magical Stele of Moschion: the Cairo Lunette
 Butz, Patricia.

The Minufiyeh Archaeological Survey of the Central Delta, 2005 to the Present
 Rowland, Joanne.

The Mummy of the "Elder Lady" in the Tomb of Amenhotep II:Revisted.
 Harris, James. and El Nawaway, Ibrahim.

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Understanding the Decans: How the Ancient Egyptians Saw the Sky
 Conman, Joanne.


Valley of the Kings Tomb 63 (KV-63)
 Schaden, Otto.


Water Lilies and Lotus in Ancient Egypt: Iconographic Use and Expression
 Ossian, Clair.

What’s in a Name? On The Titulary of the God’s Wife of Amun (c. 740-525 BCE).
 Ayad, Mariam.


Yellow face masks from KV-63 coffins and the use of the 'eye with descending canthi'
 Ertman, Earl.
The 58th Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt 2007-Apr-18 to 2007-Apr-22
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