The 59th Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt 2008-Apr-25 to 2008-Apr-28

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"Music at Mendes - Songs of the Work Force"
 Poppe, Donna.

"Sitting among the Great Gods": Denoting Divinity in the Papyrus of Nu
 Aronin, Rachel.

(Re-)Visiting the Egyptian Memnon: Landscape and Memory in Western Thebes
 Westerfeld, Jennifer.

'It was the Decision of Ra'. Succession Patterns in First-Millenium Kush according to Cairo Stela JE 48866
 Revez, Jean.


A New Explanation concerning the form and function of Meroitic offering tables
 Cunningham-Bryant, Alicia.

A Preliminary Assessment of Human and Sheep Remains Recovered from a Shaft Tomb at Tell El-Hibeh
 Yohe, Robert. and Scheidt, Kristin.

ARCE's Architectural Conservation Training Program
 Johnson, Edward.

ARCE’s Luxor East Bank Dewatering Response Project
 Parsons, Fraser.

Amarna Royal Women Artifacts 1350 BC
 Amaral, MAT, Diane.

Amenhotep IV's Gem-Pa-Aten Colossi Unmasked as Usurpations
 Kozloff, Arielle.

An analysis of the Minoan character of the Tell el-Dabaa paintings
 Tiradritti, Francesco.

Animal Mummies: A Study of Wrapping Styles and Their Meaning
 Sauer, Erin.

Anthropoid or Bust! Thoughts on the Anthropoid Busts of Deir el Medineh and Elsewhere
 Keith, Jean Lewis.

Archaeological Evidence Concerning the Construction of the Ahmose Pyramid Complex at Abydos
 Kraemer, Bryan.

Aspects of the iconography of the goddess Hpt.t-Hr
 Swart, Lisa.


Cemeteries at the Gebel el-Haridi: A Preliminary Report
 Orel, Sara.

Cleomenes of Naucratis and Alexander's Organization of Egypt: A Suggestion
 Burstein, Stanley.

Conservation of Bayt al-Razzaz in Cairo
 Dobrowolski, Jaroslaw.

Conservation of King Khasekhemwy’s Funerary Cult Enclosure at Abydos
 Adams, Matthew.

Coup de Grâce Human Remains, Weaponry, and Medical Commentary Middle Kingdom - Late Second Intermediate Period
 Sanchez, Gonzalo.


Decoration and Identification of the site of the Kom el-Nana at Akhetaten
 Williamson, Jacquelyn.

Double shawabtis
 Angenot, Valérie.

Dramatic Rituals of Transformtion in Old Kingdom Funerals
 Boehmer, Jennette.


Egyptian Deities at the Nubian Termini of Desert Roads
 Dobbin, Tasha.

Egyptian Imitations of Mycenaean Pottery
 Ayers, Natasha.

Egyptian Stylistic Influences on Stoichedon and the Hekatompedon Inscription at Athens
 Butz, Patricia.

Egyptology in the Nazi Era
 Schneider, Thomas.

Evidence for "Ecstatic" Dance in ancient Egypt, Dance Vocabulary and Wenamun's Voyage
 Green, Lyn.

Evidence for Coinage in Ptolemaic Family Archives: A Comparison of the Greek and Demotic Documents
 Hayden, Brittany.

Expanding Egypt's Tourism Potential: The Little Known Coptic Monasteries
 Ismail, Shaza.


Faience and Glass and the Sincerest Form of Flattery
 Corcoran, Lorelei.

Further Studies in the 14th Upper Egyptian Nome
 Gillam, Robyn.


Gender, Age, and Literacy in the Mummy Labels
 Arlt, Carolin.

Genes Gone Wild? An Examination of the Genetic Load Factor in the Amarna Genome
 Young, Robin.

Gilbert Bagnani’s Role in Discovering and Excavating Medinet Madi
 Begg, D.J. Ian.

Gold Ore at Hosh al-Guruf, Sudan
 Meyer, Carol.


Head Case: An Examination of a Head of Amun, IEAA 1990.4.1
 Bozarth, Kelly.


Iconography of Sledge in Ancient Egypt: Interpreting an Unusual Statuette Base from Late Period Abydos
 Yamamoto, Kei.

Identities Constructions and Transformations in the Asasif Tombs of Dynasties 25 and 26
 Li, Jean.

Identity and Health of the Susidiary Burials from Aha's Funerary Enclosures at Abydos, Egypt
 Baker, Brenda.

Imperialist and Nationalist Contours in Egyptian Egyptology in the Semi-Colonial Age (1919-1956)
 Reid, Donald.

Imy-r3 Pr Wr The High Steward of the King in Eighteenth Dynasty
 Aly, Reham.

Intimations of Hellenism in Ptolemaic- and Roman-period Tombs in the Egyptian Chora
 Venit, Marjorie.


Journeys and Barriers: A Lynchian approach to the Ancient Egyptians’ perceptions of their Afterlives
 Robinson, Peter.


Karanis: the Virtual and the Reality
 Wendrich, Willeke.

Karnak Temple Reconstructed: A Virtual Reality Model of an Ancient Temple for the Digital Age
 Sullivan, Dr. Elaine.

Kathryn Bard-Boston University and the University of Naples 'l'Oriental'
 Bard, Kathryn. and Tate, Candy.


Lady of the Sycamore: The Goddess Hathor and Her Association with the Sacred Sycamore
 Norvell, Catherine.

Landscape archaeology of the western Nile Delta from the New Kingdom to the early Roman periods: preliminary observations
 Trampier, Joshua.

Language and Genre in Nubian Rock Inscriptions from the Middle Kingdom
 Hsieh, Julia.

Lintel Art of Tombs: Catch as Catch Can?
 Kiser-Go, Deanna.


Middle Kingdom Gold Mining in Nubia
 Brown, Marina.

Museum Visitorship from Alexandria to Aswan
 Doyon, Wendy.


New Discoveries at Two Dynastic Chert Quarries
 Harrell, James.

New Light on Late Antique Clothing From the Roman Wall Paintings in the Luxor Temple
 Auth, Susan.

Nocturnal Demons in Ancient Egypt
 Szpakowska, Kasia.


On the Practice of Sealing in the Book of the Dead and the Coffin Texts
 Gee, John.


Pa-Canaan in New Kingdom Texts and Reliefs: Gaza or Canaan?
 Hasel, Michael.

Pacific Lutheran University Valley of the Kings Project: Report of the 2007 Field Season.
 Ryan, Donald.

Patterns in Gestures of Offering in the Monuments of Seti I and Ramesses II
 Eaton, Katherine.

Pebble Averaging to Derive the 365-Day Calendar
 Lowdermilk, James.

Politics of Placement: The Theban Necropolis in the 18th Dynasty
 Shirley, JJ.

Politics, Discontent and the Rise of the Southern Question in Egyptian Art, 1938-1966
 Kane, Patrick.

Power, Curses, and Reality: Realities Behind Egyptian Tomb Threats and Many other Texts
 Muhlestein, Kerry.

Progress on the Pitch: Modernity, Race, and the Egyptian National Soccer team in the 1924 and 1928 Olympic Games
 Lopez, Shaun.


Queens of the Night: The Female Deities in the Solar Barque
 Wade, Cory.


Ramesside Royal Tombs: Placing Ramesside Queens’ Tombs in Context
 McCarthy, Heather.

Religious Syncretism in the Household: Egyptian and Egyptianizing Terracotta Figurines from Hellenistic Delos
 Barrett, Caitlin.

Representations of Pottery in the Middle Kingdom
 Allen, Susan.

Reused Pharaonic Blocks in the White Monastery of Sohag
 Klotz, David.

Ritual Use of the Underworld Books
 Manassa, Colleen.

Roles of Women at the Royal Jubilee of Ancient Egypt
 LeBlanc, Marc.


Scenes of Fish and Fishing in the Provinces: A Comparative Study
 Bandy, Kathryn.

Selected Coptic Textiles in the Collection of the University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee
 Podzorski, Patricia.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Ancient Egypt
 Harer, W. Benson.

Shedding Light on the Egyptian Collection at the North Carolina Museum of Art
 Rocheleau, Caroline.

Surviving "Bone Detectives:" Recent Investigations of a Byzantine Necropolis at Tell El-Hibeh
 Yohe, Robert. and Redmount, Carol.


Temple and Palace in Context: The “Cosmic” City Revisited
 O\'Connor, David.

 Favaretto, Monica.

Test TEst
 User, Conference Manager.

The "Misplaced Letter to the Dead," and a Stela, Found Again
 Meltzer, Edmund.

The "Petition of Petiese" Reconsidered
 Jay, Jacqueline.

The Amduat and its Relationship to the Architecture of Early 18th Dynasty Royal Tombs
 Richter, Barbara.

The Ancient Egyptian Dwarfs of the Walters Art Museum. Chahira Kozma.
 Kozma, Chahira.

The Astronomical Accuracy of Egyptian Lunar Dates
 Bennett, Chris.

The Coffin of Nes-Min in Belgrade
 Teeter, Emily.

The Egyptian Coffins in National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland
 Dodson, Aidan.

The First Aid Notes Of An Ancient Egyptian Combat Medic
 Burridge, Alwyn.

The Foreign Policy of Merneptah: A Reexamination
 Feinman, Peter.

The Historical Inscription of Khnumhotep at Dahshur
 Allen, James.

The Late Amarna Period on Egypt's East Frontier: New Evidence
 Hoffmeier, James.

The Letters to the Dead - An Ancient Egyptian custom of the First Intermediate Period
 Geisen, Christina.
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Understanding the Pyramids: The Meaning, Symbolism and Magic Behind Egypt's Great Monuments
 Sakovich, Anthony.

Use and re-use of tombs in the Theban necropolis: patterns and explanations
 Strudwick, Nigel.


Wadi of the Horus Qa-a
 Darnell, John Coleman.

Water Basins in Middle Kingdom Planned Settlements: an architectural feature of hospitality and bureaucracy
 Liszka, Kate.

Water Lilies and Lotus in Ancient Egypt: Iconographic Use and Expression
 Ossian, Clair.

What Inspired Seth’s Strange Head?
 Meader, Jonathan. and Demeter, Barbara.

White Slaves, Egyptian Masters? Race, Gender, and Interwar Sexuality
 Ruiz, Mario.

Widows in Ancient Egypt: A Look at Social Status
 Scherr, Katarzyna.
The 59th Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt 2008-Apr-25 to 2008-Apr-28
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