The 62nd Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt 2011-Apr-01 to 2011-Apr-04

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"Here's Looking at You Kid:" Can a Child's Age Be Estimated in Ancient Egyptian Art?
 Young, Robin.

2010-2011 at the Mut Temple: The Temple opening and back to mud brick
 Bryan, Betsy.

“Caught in the Web of Words” On the Imagery of Writing and Hieroglyphs
 Jasnow, Richard.

“Re-Reading Rabie: 40 Years of The Financial System of Egypt.”
 Schultz, Warren.

“We have come from the Well of Ibhet”: Ethnogenesis of the Medjay
 Liszka, Kate.


A Curious Gold Amulet from the Michael C. Carlos Museum
 Shanley, Annie.

A Report on the 2010 Season of the Joint Mission to Malqata
 Patch, Diana. and Roehrig, Catharine.

Al-Ta’iyah al-Ba’uniyah: A’ishah’s Ode Rhyming in T
 Homerin, Thomas.

Alexander the Great and Siwa: From Greek Monarch to Hellenistic God
 McCoy, Marsha.

Alexandria Re-Covered: Archaeology and Urban Change in the period 1750 to 1930
 Sandiford, Timothy.

Amulet Type, Placement and Significance in Late Egyptian Mummies
 Elias, Jonathan. and Lupton, Carter.

Amun Temple(s) at Meroe
 Grzymski, Krzysztof.

An Amulet Plaque from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
 Stuenkel, Isabel.

An Historical Critique of Pharaonic Memphis
 Adams, Matthew.

Analysis and Publication Giza Field-School 2010
 Tavares, Ana.

Ancient Coptic Chant Is Rendered Without Musical Instruments ‘A Cappella Style” Until the Present Time
 Moftah, Laurence.

Ancient Egypt in American Popular Consciousness: Examining Racial Geography in James H. Breasted’s Ancient Times
 Ambridge, Lindsay.

Ancient Egyptian Seagoing Ships: Evidence from Mersa/Wadi Gawasis
 Ward, Cheryl.

Archaeology of Alexandria: The Excavations of Alan Wace in 1947-1948
 Vorderstrasse, Tasha.

Architectural Syntax of Power Relations at Lahun
 Troche, Julia.

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Beyond Cleopatra: Mapping Ptolemaic-Roman period cities from space
 Parcak, Sarah.

Bookends: Early Dynastic and Ptolemaic remains from recent excavations of the Brown University Abydos Project
 Bestock, Laurel.


Capture, Co-optation and Pluralism: Navigating the Civil Society Arena in Egypt
 Yerkes, Sarah.

Classifiers in Hieratic and in Hieroglyphs: The implications of the Script on Categorization
 Allon, Niv.

Confusion or Consistency?: The Appointment of Chief Judges under the Fatimid Caliph Mustansir (1036-1094)
 Moore, Robert.

Conservation in Karnak's Khonsu Temple: ARCE’S Collaborative Work and Advanced Training for Egyptian Conservators
 Pohl, Christie.

Considering Third Intermediate Period Kingship through Visual Material
 Kreiter, Rachel.

Creation of an Animal Mummy Database for Research
 Sauer, Erin.

Current Epigraphic, Documentation, and Restoration Work of the Epigraphic Survey (Chicago House) in Luxor, Egypt
 Mauldin, Rachel. and Johnson, Ray.


Diet, Disease and Death in Dakhleh
 Lord, Conni.

Discovery of an Ancient Peridot Mine on Egypt's Zabargad Island (Red Sea)
 Harrell, James.

Draw What You See: tomb scenes and early nineteenth-century copyists
 Bednarski, Andrew.


Egyptian Cultural Identity Abroad: The Form and Function of the Egyptian/ized Pottery Assemblage from Jaffa
 Pierce, Krystal.

Egyptian Images of Death: A Reaction Formation
 Farber, Zev.

Egyptian Ritual in Romano-Campanian Wall Painting: Changing Perspectives
 Cole, Sara.

Egyptian and Greek Banking Traditions in Ptolemaic Egypt
 Muhs, Brian.

Egyptology in the classroom: teaching ancient Egypt in high schools using philology, history, and archeology.
 Robinson, Christopher. and Hunt, Kathryn.

El Hibeh and the Third Intermediate Period
 Redmount, Carol.

Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend: Cyril V of Alexandria's Relations with other denominations
 Takla, Hany.

Exploring Value Through Karanis Glass
 Susak, Angela.

Exploring the Osireion - Underwater Archaeology in the Desert
 Westerman, James.


Fabric, Form, and Function. Anomalous tempers in ceramics from el-Mahâsna.
 Peasley, Dustin., Anderson, David. and Kaercher, Kyra.

Falcons, Flagpoles and Seated Gods: Divine Classification in the Book of the Dead
 Aronin, Rachel.

Far Horizons: New Sites in the Kharga Oasis
 Ikram, Salima.

Field Report of the Documentation and Conservation Project of the Temple of Ramesses II at Abydos
 Iskander, Sameh.

Five Shabtis: A Study of Authenticity
 Anthony, Flora.


Hathor’s Festival of Drunkenness: Evidence from the New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period
 Sheikholeslami, Cynthia.

History as Festival? Reassessing an Egyptological Concept
 Schneider, Thomas.

How Names Do Things: Cursing in Egyptian Popular Literature
 Guo, Li.

How the Ancient Egyptians Thought the Sky Worked: Understanding the Decan System
 Conman, Joanne.


In Search of the Greco-Roman Harbor of Thmuis
 Morriss, Veronica.

International Influences in the Conception of Ptolemaic Trilingual Decrees
 Szabady, Mary.

Into the Fields of Malachite
 Bagoly, Maria.

Isis or Priestess: A Striding Ptolemaic Bronze
 Butterworth, Jennifer.

Islamic Egypt and West Africa, The archaeological dimension


Literary characters and characterization in ancient Egyptian and Greek narratives
 Lazaridis, Nikolaos.

Luxor East Bank Groundwater Lowering Response Project – 4th Season Update
 Shearman, John.


Material constructions of elite female identity in the Theban Necropolis of the eighth-sixth centuries BCE
 Li, Jean.

Milk Libations for Osiris: Meroitic Piety at Philae
 Bumbaugh, Solange.

Montuemhat's Semna Stela: The Double Life of an Artifact
 Pope, Jeremy.

More Montuemhat at South Karnak
 Fazzini, Richard.


Nabta Playa before the Dynasties
 Khalifa, Eman.

New Definitions of the Domain Terms grg.t and |n.t
 Wade, Janelle.

New Directions in the Study of Coptic Textiles
 Auth, Susan.

New Results on the Ramesseum Dramatic Papyrus II: The interpretation of the ritual
 Geisen, Christina.

Nile Inundation Theology in the Roman World: "Nilotic Scenes" from Campania
 Barrett, Caitlin.

No, not that Panehsy; University of Memphis work at TT16 at Dra Abu el-Naga
 Onstine, Suzanne.

Nubian pottery traditions and Nubian-Egyptian relations during the 2nd millennium BC at Tell Edfu
 Ayers, Natasha.


OB-GYN in Ancient Egypt
 Harer, W.

On the Meaning of Menkaure's Valley Temple Sculpture
 Friedman, Florence.

Once Again Initial Adverbials and the Standard Theory
 Meltzer, Edmund.

One Leonine Deity – A Multitude of Theories: Egyptian Feline Goddesses and Animal Mummification.
 Barbash, Yekaterina.

Origins of monumentality
 Davies, Vanessa.

Origins or Anomaly? Ali Bahgat and the Islamic Excavations of Fustat 1912-1924
 Treptow, Tanya.


Paper 1
 Novak, Jeff.

Paper 2
 Mauldin, Rachel.

Paper 3
 Saad, Dina.

Pattern of Ancient Egyptian Child Deities
 Yoo, Sung Hwan.

Planning the Past: Egyptology and Digital Cultural Mapping
 Wendrich, Willeke.

Precursors of Old Kingdom Funeral Procession and Interment Rituals
 Boehmer, Jennette.

Predynastic body wear: different types of animal skin penis sheath from cemetery N7000 at Naga-ed-Der
 Helmy, marwa.


Recent Investigations at the Old Kingdom Pyramid in South Edfu
 Marouard, Grégory. and Papazian, Hratch.

Recent findings at a late Old Kingdom fort at Ras Budran (South Sinai):
 Mumford, Gregory.

Recovering Christian Abydos: Coptic Graffiti from the Temple of Seti I
 Westerfeld, Jennifer.

Replicating the Mutilations of the Facial Skeleton of Djehutynakht in a Human Cadaver
 Chapman, Paul.

Reuse and Theft of Private Tombs and Coffins at the End of the New Kingdom
 Cooney, Kathlyn.


Sacred Power Networks in Early Islamic Egypt
 Mabra, Joshua.

Salvage Archaeology in the Luxor Town Mound
 Kamel, Mohsen.

Second Dynasty Economics in the Eastern Delta: Emerging Evidence from Tell Gabbara
 Rampersad, Sabrina.

See attachment
 Thompson, John.

Settings and Structures of Performance in Ancient Egyptian Ritual
 Hays, Harold.

She-Who-Hides-Her-Lord and Her Guardian Falcons: Some Religious Symbolism in the Landscape at Abydos
 Kraemer, Bryan.

Shenoute of Atripe and the Appropriation of Sacrifice
 Davidson, Elizabeth.

Some Social Aspects of Ramesside Votive Stelae
 Wells, Eric.

Spinning a yarn? Evidence for Predynastic textile production at the site of el-Mahâsna.
 Anderson, David.

Stacked Meat and Missing Clothes: Patterns and Anomalies in a Small Fifth Dynasty Mastaba Chapel
 Roth, Ann.

Strategies of Depicting an Abstract Deity at Amarna
 Winnerman, Jonathan.

Strictly Tabubue: Imagining Tabubue in J.H. Rosny’s Tabubu and Thomas Mann’s Joseph in Ägypten
 Vinson, Steve.

Sufis and Soldiers in Mamluk Cairo
 McGregor, Richard.


Teeth and technology: extending life after death
 Chapman, Sarah. and LoPinto, Andrew.

Textual Criticism and Textual Corruption in the Persian Period
 Gee, John.

The Narmer Palette; a New Interpretation
 oconnor, david.

The "Waddington Workshop" at Amarna: Its Layout and Products
 Thompson, Kristin.

The 2010 Season of the Metropolitan Museum at the Pyramid Complex of Senwosret III, Dahshur
 Oppenheim, Adela.

The Assessment of Smallholdings as an Index of Temple and State Interaction
 Katary, Dr. Sally.

The Canal of Darius Revisited: Social and Economic Implications of the Red Sea Canal
 Colburn, Henry.

The Concept of Sonship in Pharaonic Egypt
 Lorenz, Megaera.

The Cult of Menkaure and the Royal Funerary Workshop: New Seal Reconstructions from Giza
 Nolan, John.

The Duties of the Viceroy: Eastern Desert Inscriptions and the New Kingdom Nubian Desert Administration
 Brown, Marina.

The Egyptian Oracle Project
 Gillam, Robyn.

The Eton College Myers Collection comes to Johns Hopkins University
 Cobb, Catherine. and Fiutko, Ashley.

The Extent and Role of Taxation in the Old Kingdom
 Warden, Leslie.

The Hidden Role of Maat
 Wade, Cory.

The Iconography of Humiliation: An Introduction to the Depiction and Treatment of Foreign Captives
 Janzen, Mark.

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Umm Mawagir: A Middle Kingdom Center in Kharga Oasis
 Darnell, John.


Walking Through the Afterlife: A Study of the Scenes Where Anubis Leads the Deceased to Osiris
 Chandlee, Sarah.

Water Lilies in Ancient Egypt: Iconographic Survey of Use by Gods, Pharaohs and Mortal Men
 ossian, clair.

What Remains? Documentation Work at ARCE’s New Project near Esna Shown in Context
 Dobrowolski, Jaroslaw.

What Your Dead Relatives Can Do For You!
 Hsieh, Julia.

When a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Visual Poetry in the Ptolemaic Temple Texts
 Richter, Barbara.


xay ny-swt m ax=f: The Decoration of the Temple Palace of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu
 Emery, Virginia.
The 62nd Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt 2011-Apr-01 to 2011-Apr-04
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