The 63rd Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt 2012-Apr-27 to 2012-Apr-29

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"All that the Sun Encircles": Keftiu at the Edge of the World
 Judas, Beth Ann.

"Cyclops, you asked my name. My name is Nobody." Naming characters in Egyptian literature
 Lazaridis, Nikolaos.

2011-2012 New York University Epigraphic and Conservation Expedition to the Temple of Ramesses II at Abydos
 Iskander, Sameh.

3D Encounters with Ancient Egypt
 Serpico, Margaret.

‘Šrdn of the Strongholds, Šrdn of the Sea’: The Sherden in Egyptian Society, Reassessed
 Emanuel, Jeffrey.

“Given as a gift of the king”? Private sculpture and the assertion of royal favour
 Price, Campbell.

“Long Term Preservation-Recovering contexts: Roman mummies excavated by the Metropolitan Museum of Art at Dahshur”
 Cortes, Emilia.

“The deception requires a veil thrown over it” – Coptic textiles and Gender in Domestic Settings
 Stephenson, John.


A Case for Continuity: JPGM 91.AP.6
 Corcoran, Lorelei.

A City No Less than Thebes? The Ptolemaic Abydos Settlement Site 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 Excavation Seasons
 Sandiford, Timothy.

A Devastated Foreign Landscape Depicted in Luxor Temple
 Phelps, Danielle.

A Kerma Culture? Regional variation in the funerary practice of Bronze Age Nubia c.2500-1500 B.C.E.
 Humphreys, Ruth.

A New Look at the "Coronation Inscription" of Horemheb
 Bryson, Karen.

A New Map of Tanis
 Parcak, Sarah. and Mumford, Greg.

A Reexamination of Early ‘Sed Festival’ Representations
 Howley, Kathryn.

A Suggestion of Function Behind the Stele in Relief Depicting Weapons
 Westbrook, Timothy.

A Traditional King: Akhenaten
 Williamson, Jacquelyn.

ARCE Luxor APS: Qurna archaeological update
 Bednarski, Andrew.

ARCE's Advanced Conservation Training Program: Current Projects in Luxor, Karnak and the West Bank
 Pohl, Christie.

Agents of Construction: the Territoriality of Ancient Egyptian Graffiti and Modern Functional Parallels
 Brown, Marina.

Al-Shaykh al-Makîn (1205-1273): The Forgotten Copt Historian Whose Work Changed the Protestant Word Views about Islam.
 Hassan, ali.

Alexandrianism and Pluralism of Style in the Minor Arts of Ptolemaic Egypt
 Cheshire, Wendy.

An Offering of Cool Water
 Cobb, Catherine.

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Birds of the Eastern Sahara and their Exploitation by Ancient Egyptians
 Bailleul-LeSuer, Rozenn.


Cancer in Antiquity: Egyptology and the emerging field of Paleo-oncology
 Hunt, Kathryn. and Nelson, Eric.

Ceramics as an Ethnic Identifier: Libyans in the Eastern Nile Delta during the Third Intermediate Period
 Mittelman, Rachel.

Christology and Coptic Responses to Sectarian Violence in Revolutionary Egypt
 Pinault, David.

Collateral Damage: El Hibeh Middle Egypt After the 2011 Revolution
 Redmount, Carol.

Cultural Heritage Conservation Through Documentation
 Jones, Michael.


Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Forensic anthropology of one of Penn Museum’s oldest mummies
 Hill, Jane. and Rosado, Maria.

Demons in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
 Lucarelli, Rita.

Demotic Graffiti in the Valley of the Kings -- A Progress Report
 Vinson, Steve.

Demotic Votive Texts from an Ibis Sanctuary
 Scalf, Foy.

Diagnostic Use of the Uraeus-Combination by Queens and Goddesses in the 19th Dynasty
 Green, Lyn (Lynda).

Digital access to the Giza Necropolis: Past progress, future plans
 Manuelian, Peter.


Earliest Evidence for the Origins of Egyptian Mummification - Embalming ‘Recipes’ in Prehistoric Burials
 Jones, Jana.

Edwin Smith Speaks, and His Papyrus Lives
 Meltzer, Edmund. and Sanchez MD, Gonzalo.

Efflux of Abay: The Geography of Ancient Egypt’s Cultural Foundation.
 Abraha, Negussie.

Egypt as a Symbol of Peace in Flavian Rome
 Brinkman, Bryan.

Egypt's Foreign Relations in the Old Kingdom
 Schneider, Thomas.

Everything MOLD is New Again: Change in Ceramic Form
 Morin, William.

Evidence Suggesting Additional Menkaure Dyads
 Friedman, Florence.

Excavations at the Middle Kingdom Harbor at Mersa/Wadi Gawasis, 2001-2011
 Bard, Kathryn.

Execration and Execution: A Skeleton from Mut Temple Precinct
 Bryan, Betsy.


Fact and Fiction: Achaemenid Persian Perceptions of Egypt and Nubia during the 27th Dynasty
 Krebsbach, Jared.

Fit for a Queen: Experimental 3D Reconstruction of the Tomb of Meresankh III at Giza
 Aronin, Rachel.

For fertility now and hereafter: Bed figures and votive model beds in the Penn Museum
 Rose, Charlotte.

From Slave Girls to Wives: Black Sea Women in Mamluk Egypt
 Barker, Hannah.


Greek Stoikhedon and the Egyptian Canon : A Funerary Overlap at Naukratis
 Butz, Patricia.


Hermetic Philosophy and Kemetic Psychology:The Psychology of Ka
 Frazer, Ricardo. and Belcher, Robert.

Hidden Agendas: What statistical analysis revealed about the red looped sash
 Calvert, Amy.

High Cheekbones and Hidden Hieroglyphs in the Metropolitan Museum's Mastaba Chapels
 Roth, Ann.


Iconography and Epithet Plays in the Temple of Hathor at Dendera
 Richter, Barbara.

Identity, Commemoration and Remembrance in Nubia: Burials at Tombos during the New Kingdom and its aftermath
 Smith, Stuart.

Illuminating the Dark Side of Egypt: The First Tomb Photos.
 Mutter, George.

Images for Eternity: The Meroitic Offering Tables in the Egyptian Museum and the Nubia Museum
 Cunningham-Bryant, Alicia.

Immortal Visages in the Diniacopoulos Collection: A Statue Group from Theban Tomb 318
 McQuinn, Zoe.

In Search of the Kerman Queen: Using Modern Archival Resources to Investigate Ancient Nubian Women
 Minor, Elizabeth.

Introduction to 19th Century Commercial Stereophotography of Egypt: Images, Documentation and Practitioners (presented in 3-D projection)
 Fishman, Bernard.

Issues of Identity in Augustan Art from Roman Egypt
 Peters, Erin.


Laboratory Analysis on Additional Archaeobotanical remains from El Hibeh 1980 Excavation and Wetterstrom's 1984 Report
 Stegall, John.

Late Predynastic Period Ceramic Frequency Change and the Process of Cultural Unification in Lower Egypt
 Lorenz, Karl.

Left Behind: Abandoned artifacts and the priorities of earlier archaeologists in the Valley of the Kings.
 Ryan, Donald. and Campbell, Roselyn.

Luxor EAC – 5th Season Update and Description of the new APS Project
 Shearman, John.


Maat's Hidden Role
 Wade, Cory.

Manfred Bietak : „I brought a hand“ – Archaeological Evidence from Avaris
 Bietak, Manfred.

Misattributed Papyrus Fragments and the Fort at El Ahaiwah
 Knudsen, Joan.

Modeling the Giza Plateau in 3D
 gant, Rus.

More from Memphis: excavations at the Middle Kingdom settlement in Kom el Fakhry
 Tavares, Ana. and Kamel, Mohsen.

My love’s shiny red teeth: identifying the tree in the love song pTurin 1966/1
 Sheikholeslami, C.


Napoleon’s Description de l’Egypte: History of a Masterpiece
 Albin, Michael.

Natural Mummification and Questions of Preferred Ritual in Dynastic Egypt
 Elias, Jonathan. and Lupton, Carter.

New Light on Amenhotep, Overseer of the Builders of Amun
 Reeves, Nicholas.

New and Old: GIS Technology and the Michigan Excavations at Karanis (1924-1935)
 Wilburn, Andrew.

New light on Akhenaten at Karnak: The ARCE Talatat Project
 Gohary, Jocelyn.

Nut Before the Pyramid Texts: An Exploration
 Hollis, Susan.


Pain and Suffering as Punishment in Ancient Egypt
 Shalomi-Hen, Racheli.

Petese, Mythus, and the Jar Texts: Demotic “Composite Texts” and the Oral Tradition
 Jay, Jacqueline.

Pharaoh as Hunter: Micro- and Macro-Meaning in TT 143
 Kiser-Go, Deanna.

Pigeon Towers, Pots, and Fine Precipitation Spots: Recent Work of the North Kharga Oasis Survey
 Ikram, Salima.

Popular Visions of Egypt as a Tool for Teaching Undergraduates
 Levai, Jessica.

Preservation, Ritual and Memory
 Chauvet, Violaine.

Putting the Tomb of the Treasurer Khety On-line
 Kamrin, Janice.


Quesna: its sacred use and position within the socio-political landscape of the central Nile Delta
 Rowland, Joanne.


Ramesside Royal Women’s Tombs as Mortuary Trendsetters
 McCarthy, Heather.

Recent work on the Tell Edfu Ostraca
 Bandy, Kathryn.

Recovering an Ancient Egyptian “Best-Seller.” A Demotic-Hieratic Fragment of the Book of Fayum
 Jasnow, Richard. and Beinlich, Horst.

Replicating the Mutilations of the Facial Skeleton of Djehutynakht in a Human Cadaver
 Chapman, Paul.

Report of the 2003 and 2011 Seasons of the South Abydos Mastabas Project
 McCormack, Dawn.

Resurrecting the "Recipe For Transforming An Old Man Into A Youth".
 jacobs, stanley.

Reuse of Theban 21st Dynasty Funerary Arts: A Case Study of Coffins in Italian Collections
 Cooney, Kathlyn.

Reviving Harwa: Selection & Layout out of Opening of the Mouth Scenes in TT 37
 Ayad, Mariam.


Serdab placement and cultic practice in Old Kingdom private tombs
 Warden, Leslie Anne.

Shifting Representations: Images of the Tomb Owner in Ramesside Theban Tombs
 Fitzgerald, Clare.

Shifting Representations: Images of the Tomb Owner in Ramesside Theban Tombs
 Fitzgerald, Clare.

Snake Busters: Experiments in fracture patterns of ritual figurines
 Szpakowska, Kasia.

Study of a Baby Mummy
 Harer, W.

Succession within the Khnumhotep Family
 Nelson-Hurst, Melinda.

Suckling snakes! Why is Renenutet a symbol of abundance?
 Evans, Linda.

Syntax of Ancient Egyptian Rituals
 Hays, Harold.


Teaching Archeology at the ARCE/AERA Field School: Memphis 2011
 Mahmoud, Hanan.

Teaching of pottery at the ARCE/AERA field school
 Naguib, Mohamed.

Textual Criticism or literary Criticism? Rethinking Approaches to studying Egyptian Religious Texts
 Hussein, Ramadan.

The "Gum-Eaters" of Nubia
 Pope, Jeremy.

The Age of the Great Sphinx
 Wall, John.

The Akh as an Active Agent
 Troche, Julia.

The All-Seeing Eye: Carnelian as Solar Symbol in Egypt and Prophecy in the Greco-Roman World
 Hussein, Angela.

The Amarna Plague Revisited: War and the Epidemiology of Epidemic Typhus
 Young, Robin.

The Audience Hall of the palace , from the old kingdom till the 2nd intermediate period
 negm, mohsen.

The Awakening of Osiris: Interpretations and Observations on a Recalcitrant Sequence of Cryptographic Texts
 Roberson, Joshua.

The Burial Landscape of the Graeco-Roman Cemetery at Fag el Gamous, Fayoum: An Initial Synthesis
 Evans, R.. and Whitchurch, David.

The Design and Origin of the New Kingdom East Frontier Defense System
 Hoffmeier, James.

The Divine Gift Exchange
 Gee, John.

The Egypt Exploration Society's Archive and the History of Egyptology: a progress report
 Naunton, Christopher.

The Egyptian Coffins in the Provincial Collections of the United Kingdom (ECPUK) Project
 Dodson, Aidan.

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Unpublished Coptic Documents in Copenhagen
 Cromwell, Jennifer.


Vatican Coffin Project

Vibration Concerns in a Museum Environment
 Serotta, Anna. and Stuenkel, Isabel.


What Are Determinatives Good For?
 Goldwasser, Orly.

Wonderful Things: Toward a History of Egyptology
 Thompson, Jason.

Work of the Joint Mission to Malqata, 2012
 Roehrig, Catharine.

Writing Off Scribes: The Decrease in the Representation of Texts and Scribes at Amarna
 Allon, Niv.
The 63rd Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt 2012-Apr-27 to 2012-Apr-29
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