The 63rd Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt 2012-Apr-27 to 2012-Apr-29

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A Case for Continuity: JPGM 91.AP.6
 Corcoran, Lorelei.

A City No Less than Thebes? The Ptolemaic Abydos Settlement Site 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 Excavation Seasons
 Sandiford, Timothy.

A Devastated Foreign Landscape Depicted in Luxor Temple
 Phelps, Danielle.

A Kerma Culture? Regional variation in the funerary practice of Bronze Age Nubia c.2500-1500 B.C.E.
 Humphreys, Ruth.

A New Look at the "Coronation Inscription" of Horemheb
 Bryson, Karen.

A New Map of Tanis
 Parcak, Sarah. and Mumford, Greg.

A Reexamination of Early ‘Sed Festival’ Representations
 Howley, Kathryn.

A Suggestion of Function Behind the Stele in Relief Depicting Weapons
 Westbrook, Timothy.

A Traditional King: Akhenaten
 Williamson, Jacquelyn.

ARCE Luxor APS: Qurna archaeological update
 Bednarski, Andrew.

ARCE's Advanced Conservation Training Program: Current Projects in Luxor, Karnak and the West Bank
 Pohl, Christie.

Agents of Construction: the Territoriality of Ancient Egyptian Graffiti and Modern Functional Parallels
 Brown, Marina.

Al-Shaykh al-Makîn (1205-1273): The Forgotten Copt Historian Whose Work Changed the Protestant Word Views about Islam.
 Hassan, ali.

Alexandrianism and Pluralism of Style in the Minor Arts of Ptolemaic Egypt
 Cheshire, Wendy.

An Offering of Cool Water
 Cobb, Catherine.

An Unpublished Demotic Dream Book: New Contributions to the Study of Ancient Egyptian Dream Interpretation
 Prada, Luigi.

An Unrecognized Loan Contract From the Archive of the Choachytes, in Chicago
 Muhs, Brian.

Artists & Archaeometry
 Hartwig, Melinda.

Asiatic Musicians at Akhenaten's Court: An Amarna Relief in the Metropoliltan Museum of Art
 Saretta, Phyllis.

Ayrton’s Cemetery F at Abydos: A New Look at an Old Excavation
 Yamamoto, Kei.

The 63rd Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt 2012-Apr-27 to 2012-Apr-29
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